mmz love for eternity (Part 5)


Chappy dedicated to my lovely hari. Thank u so much. How u found out its me, its still a mystery to me. Thank u for ur support dear.

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Nandini gives a hug to arjun before he looses his calm and says” please arjun. They just wanted to talk to you. Its been a long time. Please just listen to them. Only once. For me. Please.”

Arjun” Aunty please why are u making me do this. You know i cannot say no to you. But this im sorry. I can’t do it”.

Neil” Arjun please. Only once.” and places his hand on his shoulder.

Arjun closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and says” ok. Fine. Only this time. Tell me what u want to. After that i dont want to see anyone here.”

Sam moves forward trying to speak something but arjun raises his hand indicating not to say anything. Anil seeing this says” So kids. Can we please sit so that we can talk. Arjun my son please come n sit. ” And please listen calmly what they have to say. Ok.”.

Arjun ” chachu please. Not you too. I will try to be calm for your sake. I just want this to end once and all.” By saying this he turns to see all those who are present there. He notices ash, stares at her. Turns towards neil and nandini and asks why is she here.
Time 2.10 pm
After talking with arjun, ash was antsy searching ways for solving this mystery. She checks her tab thinking who could help her out of this problem. A ray of hope arises after seeing neil’s name. She met him at a event and was friendly , maybe he can help. She is praying god for help and dials his number.

At the same time
In nick(nikhil) and sanjus residence. Neil n nikhil are sitting on sofa watching tv. News is being telecasted on the ongoing event and arjun is awarded with businessman of the year title. Both r so happy seeing this. Neil hears footsteps coming towards them, turns off the tv. Sam and sanju are coming from kitchen.

Sam says” Neil you don’t have to hide it. I know arjun is the winner this year and he will attend the event. And i also know it is the reason you are not at the event now.”
Nick” Neil we have do something. We cannot just leave him like this. Someone has to make a move first.”

Neil” Im trying but unable to understand how to approach him and get to talk.”

Their convo interrupted with a phone call. Neil receives the call.
Phone convo::::
The girl on other line ” hello. Can i speak to neil malhotra. Please”
Neil” yes. Speaking. ”
Girl” Neil. Thank god. Im ash. U dont know me well. But i need your help. Its very important. Please dont say no.”
Neil mumbles ash and raking his brain who this girl is.
Ash” please neil. I will explain everything clearly once we meet. Where are you. I can come there and meet”
Neil” sorry . Im at some friends house. But i will call u once im free. We can meet then.”
Ash ” No.No. It is urgent. Friends house. Sanjana. Are you at nikhil sharma’s place. I can come there”.
Neil just stares at his phone thinking how do she know but replies” yes we are there. U can come.”
Ash ” Thank you so much. I will right there asap.”
phone call end::::::
Ash enters the living room of their house with mark trailing behind. Neil, sam, nick and sanju are waiting for the stranger. Ash introduces herself. Neil and Nikhil recognized her instantly as they have already seen her in some business event.

Ash ” sorry for this sudden visit guys. Im aware that u dont know me. But i need help. I asked arjun too but he is not listening to me.”
As soon as they heard arjun’s name. They stared at ash and ask to continue.

Ash tells all the details and things happened from sid and her relationship to how he try to convince sid and arjun. They just listened to her in silence.
After a long silence ash continues” I know sid is doing this for repentance and as a punishment for his guilty conscience. But he is not understanding it will just make his life more miserable.”

Nikhil asks her why is she so against marrying sid. Ash ” Coz i know he hasn’t forgot his love yet. So how do u think he will love me again.”

Neil ” Then why can’t you just go to ur dad and stop this. It is so easy without all these prblms.”

Ash” Do u think if i have that option, i would wait this long running after strangers whom i didnt even met once before. My dear daddy has used his triumph card and made me fall in this loop.”

By seeing their blank faces she continues” sorry. I will explain clearly. I was acting as a brat n dad thought i cannot handle all the business on my own. He selected sid as his son-in-law who was son of his friend cum business partner. Dad asked sid for his view n he said yes. Then he put on a fake drama of heart attack, made me promise on my mom. And i have to accept this proposal. He knew i won’t go beyond my moms promise. So here im stuck with all this. And it is getting on my nerves now. Please. Please help me. ”
So here they are at Nandini’s house expecting nandini can change arjun’s mind.

Arjun ” So what do u want to talk.”
But everyone is silent. After sometime he glares n asks” neil u asked me to stay for talking. So what happened now. Is it about sid”. At the silence he continued ” Hmmm. I guessed it would be about that matter. So what now. What do u want me to do. ”

Sanju ” Arjun please just be calm.we know u dont want to talk but it is really important. Till when do u not want to talk to us. Im fed up of being a stranger to u all. I want my friends back.”

Arjun ” lo… sorry. Sanjana im not a friend of you. Why just u people understand this. N leave it. And please let me live too.”

Sam ” Arjun please. you cant just say we r not friends like that. We can solve the matter. Please talk to us and try to see through our point too.”

Sanju moves towards arjun trying to touch him. Arjun just places his hand front stopping her attempts. Nandini who is watching all this couldn’t bare anymore yells to stop all this. And asks arjun” please arjun. Why cant u just let it go.”

Before arjun can say anything nick speaks ” Arjun i know. You are not ok with this. But please we dont want to loose you my friend.”

Arjun chuckles and says ” Nick bro. How are you. Oh god i missed you so much.” With voice laced with sarcasm.

Nick ” please arjun not today. We just complied what you wanted at that time. See where we are standing now. I would have never listened to you first.”

All are just staring at nick and asks” what are you talking about.”

Nick thought it would be better to just tell truth ” Actually arjun was never out of this place. He just wanted to be alone. And i thought he would feel better. So i lied to you all that he moved to london.”

Sanju ” How could you do this. You have seen me break down but you didnt tell me his whereabouts. Just dont talk to me nikhil.”

Nick ” what did i do. He made me promise. So i left it. Please dont be angry with me sweetheart. Please.”

Arjun” so if everything is cleared can i move now. I have much works to do.” turns to ash and says” what did u achieve doing all this.”

Ash was about say but neil cut her ” It has nothing to do with her. we especially I do u hear me. I wanted to talk to u. So i came here. But after coming here i just realized it is one of my most stupid decisions ever made. I thought u have changed arjun. But u are the same arrogant, rude person infact u just improved to be better rude now. Do u have any idea how we felt when we heard u left. No. U were always thinking about urself. What about us. We just lost our best friend coz of ur stubborn head. Do u know how guilty sid felt. No. How guilty sam felt. No. U never thought about us. We used be unbreakables. But u just scattered us all. I didnt see sam for 2 years. Now i dont even know she ever wants to get married or not. But what is there for you. Right???. Sid . You both used to be shadows of each other. Now what happened to that relation. It faded away. Right??? Ohhh arjun how easy it is for u to just forget our childhood friendship. Did u even think of aunt nandini and uncle anil. They always thought u as their son. But u didnt give ur whereabouts to them too. How could u do this arjun. How could u. And what are u saying to sanju about fake concern. Do u even know she is pregnant. And she is carrying baby for whom u would be god father n radhika god mother. All the promises we made. How could u easily forget. I thought i can change.But i was all wrong. We all are repenting for that single mistake. But it seems you are not concerned anymore. Do u have any idea how much we suffered just coz u dont want to talk with us n left us without any word.”
( ufff neil. Emotional kar diyaaa)

Arjun was just staring at everyones teary faces with his own glassy ones but quickly turned aside masking his emotions and replies” so im the culprit here. Then why do u want to talk with me. Im the same arrogant, obnoxious, stubborn headed arjun. There is nothing i can give u. Im happy with my life. I dont want any problems now. ”

Nandini breakdown sat on a chair holding her head in her hands. Anil stood beside her placing his hands on her shoulders providing support.

Neil ” You are right Mr. Arjun Mehra. Sorry for wasting ur precious time. We will now leave you now. Just wish we can get our old friend back” saying this he left.
Sam, sanju, nick and ash followed him outside. Neil was standing at his car, placing his hands on bummer, eyes full of tears. Sam moved towards him and places both her hands around his body as a back hug and cried her heart out.

Nick was holding a vulnerable sanju, trying to console her. But she was not stopping crying.
Ash eyes were welled up too not able to speak anything. After some time she found her voice and asks” so what we do now”.

Neil was the first to answer” Nothing can be done now. Im sorry ash. We couldnt help u. Just pray for a miracle to happen.”

Mark comes to ash saying they are getting late for dinner. And her dad is calling. Ash just nods her head. Turns towards them” Thank you so much guys. U really tried ur best to help. Im sorry for all that happened. I have go now.”and bids her bye by giving them hugs.
Time 10.00pm
Ash,sid and nandeesh were having dinner, discussing the details of the press conference where they are going to announce the merger and their engagement.

Ash asks her dad “sid should announce the engagement. It will prove that the announcement is true without any hurdles. What say dad??”

Sid just glares at ash with his jaw tightened containing his anger. Nandeesh nods his head and say “its a good idea. Sid.”and turns to sid.

Sid just mumbles a yes.
After the dinner. sid drags ash with him outside at the car parking and asks” what are u playing at. What do u want.”

Ash gives him a sweet smile ” what am i playing at?? I dont have any idea what u r talking.” and turns to go.

She turns again to sid and says” I warned u. But u didnt pay any heed. U r hell bent to make me suffer. So you need to suffer too. I would love to see u going through all the heartbreak . Good bye.”

She goes to mark and says something for which he nods his head.
Hello my deariesss. Finally the day completed. Ufff. Another day remaining. Thank u for your support. Waiting for ur lovely comments. Take care.

Credit to: M

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    1. Thena my honey. Thank u sooooo much. Awieeee im flattered with all the lovely comment. Feeling overwhelmed. Lol. Thank u for reading n liking. Ohhh next part will be full on masti . Loveee u.

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    Apne roothein, paraaye roothein
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    Ho.. apne roothein, paraaye roothein
    Yaar roothein naa..
    Khwaab tootein, waade tootein
    Dil yeh toote naa..
    Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
    Saath chhoote naa..
    Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
    Saath chhoote naa..

    O Allah waariyan
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    O Allah waariyan
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    Udte patangon mein
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    Udte patangon mein
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    Ho.. apne roothein, paraaye roothein
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    Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
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    Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
    Saath chhoote naa..

    O Allah waariyan
    O main to haariyan
    O tooti yaariyan mila de oye..

    O Allah waariyan
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    Reh bhi na paaye yaar
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    Reh bhi na paaye yaar
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    Ho.. apne roothein, paraaye roothein
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    Saath chhoote naa..
    Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
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    [O Allah waariyan
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