mmz love for eternity (Part 4)


Chappy dedicated to kavina , my very first reader. Thank you so much kavina for ur comment. Loveee u. Wish u support me till the end.

Arjun enters the already crowded assembly hall where the event is being held, everybit professional, oozing s*xiness, radiating power. He was looking impeccable in his Armani suit and black pants with a white prestine shirt underneath the coat which fitted him with perfection hiding all his hard muscles and packed abdomen. Girls fanning themselves seeing him was enough to say he was handsome who can clearly resemble a greek god by his looks. Wearing a noncholant attitude with hardened jaw and impassive face. He can be easily categorized into ruthless and very authoritative businessman. yet his eyes saying different story. They r looking as if they lost life n not capable of showing any emotions. Those black orbs can drown any person in its darkness.

A lady enters the hall regally and with elegant confidence in her stature. There is some airiness in her aura which is showing she is very excited for the upcoming event. She is immaculately dressed in her strapless white evening gown with blue lace and blue ribbons flowing through the entire length of the dress which perfectly fit her curves which simply enhaces her porcelain skin. With a beautiful diamond necklace which completed her royal look. With her perfect bright smile and her hazel eyes she was every bit ready to take the breaths away of men present in the hall. She is accompanied by her father who was looking quite handsome and every bit intimidating in his black suit even in his late age with his grey hair. He is the founder and president of ASH enterprises and owner of Malschez estates n resorts Mr. Nandeesh chandran. The lady is his one and only loving daughter Ms. Aishwarya chandran, the perfect heiress for their family legacy.

After all the invitees has arrived and they had settled down. The event is started with the presentations of awards who gave their best in their own fields and has achieved the best results for the year. Now the presenter has started inviting the next awardee n the most prestigious award of the night.

” Here i welcome Mr. Arjun Mehra to come and receive the award. He is awarded the ultimate accolade– Businessman of the year for his accomplishment in being the C.E.O of the biggest profitable organization Mehra Enterprises. ”
” The award is being presented by none other the renowned businessman Mr. Nandeesh chandran. Every debute business officials role model. ”
Arjun receives the award and convey his thanks to all the persons attended in the hall” Thank u for this honour. I wanted to share this award with all my employess who have workedhard to make the company reach at the top position. Thank u one and all. I dedicate this award to my beautiful wife, love of my life mrs. Radhika arjun mehra. I hope u enjoy the night. ”
Time 1.00pm

Everyone present has clearly n immensely enjoyed the award function which is followed by a high edge elite lunch especially organized for the gracious people who attended the event. Ash along with his father comes to the table where arjun is being seated. Arjun after viewing both gets up from his seat and exchange pleasantaries with them. Nandeesh was arjun’s mentor in business but he has never met ash as she always studied outside of newyork. And very people know about her. The media too didnt have a single idea where she has been all these years as they cant have a single pic till she arrived newyork after completing her studies and nandeesh announced her as the future heir of all his businesses.

They were having a pleasant conversation. Where on other hand ash was being bore of the event and she just want to leave the place. But she cannot go until her work is completed.
**fb*** morning 6.00

Chandran villa, a beautiful and elegant construction of its own which resembles a castle.Ash gets up from her bed by hearing her fathers voice. She puts on a robe on her tank top and pajama shorts and moves out of her room. She enters the living room present in the down floor and she is wished by all the servants while coming there. Once she sees her father sitting in the couch with a newspaper in one hand and drinking his special coffee cup in other hand.

She moves towards her father greets him morning and takes the opposite chair. Mark arrives and wishes both good morning. He comes beside ash and places a mac tablet in her hands. Ash opens the tab and checking the contents present.

Nandeesh” ash we are invited to the award event and all our business partners are eager for ur presence there and form a amicable relationship with all the contraries as it will be gud for you when you take over the company .”
Ash just rolls her eyes at her fathers business request and asks” is it that neccessary. Why dont u understand dad i dont have interest in all these business meets as they are gruelsome and every ounce boring.”

Nandeesh ” please beta i would have never asked to if it was not important”
Ash simply nods her head and asks what is the event all about.
Nandeesh gives her a brief on the event and tells that arjun is going to be awarded businessman of the year. ( at the same time ash is moving her fingers on the tab scrolling the pages trying to get any information which can be in her favour. As soon as she hears arjun’s name. She stops her movement of fingers and raises her head to see her father)

Ash covers her anxiety and asks” so arjun mehra is being awarded. Its cool. What time should i be ready then??”

Nandeesh just stares at his daughter who is willing to go where she was clearly not interested just a minute ago and replies” just be ready by 10. It is more than enough. Do u think u can get ready by the time”

Ash calls mary her maid ” call frank, ask him to select a perfect dress for the event and all the neccessities and tell him he should be here in an hour”. She scrutinizes her father and continues” ask him to select a perfect suit for the old man too. It should be suited with my dress. I just want to look the best for this event. Call him now. We dont have time.” And gets up from her seat asking mark to follow her.

Nandeesh rolls his eyes n raises his eyebrows with a questioning stare towards mark who inturn just shrugs his shoulders , turns to ash asks her to be calm and dont go into any trouble.

Ash ” dont u worry dad. I will give my word. Today i will show u a demo of all the etiquette lessons i have taken. Bye dad. Go now u should be ready too.” And runs towards her room.
**fb over******
Presently she is just staring the duo who are very busy with their business talks. She moves towards arjun places a hand infront of him asking him for a dance. Arjun who didnt expect this was clearly taken aback by her request but takes her hand moves towards the center of the dance podium where already some couples r having their time.

They starts dancing rythmically to the song playing. Ash asks arjun” Is ur marriage love marriage Mr.Mehra”. Arjun just nodded his head. Ash then continued” so what do u think about love and friendship”. Arjun ignore her but his jaw tickled for this sudden abrupt convo.
Ash” what no answer. Its alright. But dont u agree that marriage should be based on love not some propositions or any other reasons.”
Arjun nods his head but asks her” what is with all the questions ms.chandran. U can directly come to the point. I dont like to beat around bush. ”

Ash ” very well then. Im going to be bethroted to sid in less than a day. And i came to know that only u can change his mind. So im here for asking u a favour. Plzzzz help me.”

Arjun got restless listening to her, eyes showing concern, panik, jaw tightened but he quickly changed them to normal as if they were not present a minute ago and replies her” sorry i dont know what u r trying to say. But im not that close to Siddharth. And i dont have to do anything with his personal matter. ” And shrugs his shoulders.

Ash just gives him a sad smile” arjun plzz cut the crap. He is ur best buddy. And u hav all the say in his matters. He is going to be tied in this unwanted relation only to reduce his guilt. And u can chance that. Plzz understand me”.

Arjun” ash u dont know anything. So please stay out of it. And i’m not responsible for his state. I didnt do anything to impose guilt on him. ”

Ash” but arjun u can atleast talk to him. U can stop this from happening. I dont want to be bounded in a loveless marriage which is wrong in every aspect. He is just making terrible mistake of his life for just reducing the guilt. It will give nothing except dreaded awful life for us both. ”

Arjun ” its none of my concern ash. And i cannot help u. And please can we change the topic. I dont understand why u thought i will be helpful in this matter.”

Ash” so the great arjun mehra doesnt know why im here. Ok. Its fine. Sorry for wasting ur precious time. But listen one thing clearly arjun, im not going to leave u so easily. U will help me and i will make sure of that. Just wait for it. ”
” Now bye. I enjoyed very much talking to u mr.mehra. Sorry we cant continue our sweet talk. I have so many works to do.” And she left arjun in the middle of the dance.

Nandeesh who saw the whole ordeal between them turns to mark and mumbles” so much for following etiquette. Now go ur madam is on new mission. U dont want to be missing that.”
Arjun comes out of his office. He was called an emergency at the office, so he has to leave the event early. He is about to enter the road leading to his penthouse, he gets a call, he slides the answer button with a smile on his face brings the phone to his ear “hey sweetheart. How r u. I missed u so much.”
Other line———————

Arjun” im sorry. I know. I was so busy. Please forgive me. ”
Other line——————
Arjun” ok. I will be there in half an hour. Is it ok with u?? Im coming.”
Hangs his phone turns to jack his chaffeur and asks him to go to home.

Arjun sitting in his car seeing the endless road suddenly wind breezes slowly. Its starting to rain. He closes his eyes with a slow smile reminiscing beautiful memories.
Arjun and radz going in a car to his penthouse. Suddenly rain pours. Radz asks arjun to stop the car to enjoy the rain. Arjun says” no chance. U r trying to get hospitalized again. U just came from hospital yesterday. Im not taking risks.”

Radz puts a pout face and pleads him for just 5 min and she is now very healthy. Arjun shakes his head as no. Radz just turns her face other side staring outside the window and not talking with him. Arjun chuckles at her childish acts and stops the car, only for 5 minutes and opens the door for her.
Mujhko barsaat banalo song playing in fm.

Mujhko barsaat banalo.
Ek lambi raat banalo.
Apne jazbaat banalo jaana.
Mujhko alfaaz banalo.
Dil ki awaaz banalo.
Gehraa sa raaz banalo jaana.
Nasha hu main mehek ne do.
Mere kaatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do.
Mujhko barsaat banalo.
Ek lambi raat banalo.
Apne jazbaat banalo jaana.
Radz is enjoying rain dancing her heart out. Arjun mesmerized by seeing her in white salwar dress drenching in rain , moves towards her, stands behind her.

Arjun twirls radz around and they both started dancing together.

After sometime they enters car fully drenched. They r laughing, arjun moves towards radz , rakes the drenched hair strands on her face , tugs at the side of ears. He moves forward cups her face and they share a passionate kiss. The kiss was suddenly disturbed by a ring.

Both r startled by this disturbance. Arjun curses under his breath picks the phone without checking the caller. He just rolls his eyes and replies ” yes.yes. im on my way. We will be there fastly.” And hangs the phone.

He turns to radz who was seeing him asks who was that. Arjun ” who else. Tumhari do sautan. Neil aur sid”. Neil n sid just wait till i reach there. U r dead today.
Time evening 6.00 pm
He is jerked awake by the stopping of car. Jack says ” sir we reached destination”.

Arjun thanks him and enters the house, moves to living room and yells ” im home”.

A voice is heard behind ” arjun gud to see u again.”

The owner of the voice is sam. Arjun just stands there frozen, changing his smile to a scowl.

Nandini comes to him, places her hand on his shoulder and asks” how r u arjun”.

Arjun turns towards nandini and asks” why did she do this”

She just stood there blankly not knowing what to answer him. Neil comes forward and says” we asked her to do this. So that we can meet u. ”

Arjun shouts ” there is nothing to talk.”.” Why cant u ppl just leave me alone”

All r taken aback at his sudden outburst. Sam, nikhil, sanju, ash, neil, nandini and anil just stood there calmly. No one knows what to say. They are presently in Agarwal villa. The cozy home of Mr. Anil agarwal and his wife Nandini agarwal.
Sorry my dear loveliesss. Got immersed in festive celebrations. Didnt have time. Got so tired. But here is the next update. The day is not complete yet. Drama bahut hone wala hain. Stay tuned for it. Next update tuesday. Pakka. Lovee u.

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  1. Awesome 🙂 but pls dont tell me that Ash is in love with Arjun I will kill her 😉 waiting for the next 🙂 loads oflove

    1. Gauri thank u my lovely for the comment. Hmmm ash in love with arjun. Noooo way. Im die hard fan of ardhika. If she thinks like that i will kill her first. For more u have to be patient and see what is in mystery box. ????. Loveeee u.

  2. Jessie

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    1. Thank u jessie for ur constant support. Haha im also very curious abt the story. Loveee u. Pakka next update tuesday. if not a big one it will defo be small one. Thank u once again.

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      Thank u so much for liking it. Registration i have to see. Thank u. Loveee u. Bye. Tc.

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    1. Thank u s.v for liking the story. U dont have to say sorry dear. Marriage is a biggg secret. Lol. Itni jaldi u will not know. Sid n arjun problem u will know in next part. Lovee u. Thank u once again for the comment.

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