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Opening the polished wooden beige door Sam shook her head at Sid who now stood in the balcony gazing at the skyline of Newyork. His tense shoulders were now starting to relax as the cool breeze passed. The twinkling of stars and the moon hue was the only source of lighting apart from the fluorescent bulb which was in the corner of the door. He never liked to switch on the lights. He never liked to share his problems. Those were the first thoughts of Sam as she sauntered across her room towards the balcony. She was angry when she learned that Sid had a fight with his parents and moved out to the practice grounds. Now that he was in front of her, she has no idea how to initiate the talk.

If it was not for Riya, Sid would have never changed. The little angel changed him quite effectively. It was Sam’s idea to make Sid comfortable around them and the result was their sweet friendship which lasted this long and they swore it will last till their very breathe.

Sam cleared her throat trying to notify her presence. She stood beside Sid rubbing his arm attempting to relax him as he clutched the railing tight curling his fingers around it. He loosened the grip on the banister and looped one arm across Sam’s shoulder hugging her to the side relaxing a little. They both stood in silence, a comfortable silence. The friends know when to speak and when to give them space. They sometimes behave telepathic as if their minds can speak to themselves without the other expressing with words. He reminisced how arrogant and stubborn he used to be when they tried to talk with him. But in his defense, it was not his fault. The time they offered their friendship to him they were inseparables. The Fantastic Four as they themselves liked to call. Blame it to the fantasy movies and the immature adventurous childhood. Arjun and Neil were cousin brothers, the strongly bonded among all. They were partners in crime. Any plan or prank has to travel from their minds. Arjun was the silent killer while Neil the charmer. Sanjana Kumar, the lovely cite girl who was like a sister to the group. Mainly Arjun. He would bring sanju to his mother to doll up her. As Girish Uncle had no experience how to get her daughter ready and knowing Sobha Aunt’s persistence has no bounds, it was easy. Sanju had lived almost all her childood and early teenage years in Mehra mansion. Neil had brotherly feelings for Sanjana, but lollipop was closer to Arjun. He would turn like a beast if anyone eyed his lovely sister.

Samaira Khanna, the heiress of the Khanna Media, world’s largest media corporation. Daughter of two masterminds Samrat and Piyali khanna. It was no secret that Neil and Sam liked each other from the early age. Arjun was close to the khanna’s as his mother was Samrat’s little sis. And it became our advantage. Arjun never allowed Neil to get close to Sam. He would always threaten that he will complain to Samrat uncle and Neil would glare at him. Neil still held the grudge against Arjun that he was the reason he couldn’t court Sam early. If left to Neil, they would have already happily married. He had no doubts on his love for Sam. When Sam accepted on being his date for the Annual Ball in their senior high, it was the time they knew they couldn’t come in between them.

But the main reason for his change was Riya, the sweet little angel can melt any hard stone just with her smile. He raged at them when he came to know that the stupid people have used her to bait him. He always liked to spend time with the little girl, as he thought her as his sister. He may have been angry on them but couldn’t stop falling deep for their love and affection they were showing at him. It always brought a smile to his face when he remembered their childhood days, their antics and pranks which always landed them in trouble and the only one who saved them was Nandini. She was like a god mother to all of them. He could never repay the affection and love he got from her when his own parents estranged him basically. The other person who was close to him was Sam, they were a team in everything and after Riya it was always been Sam.

His thoughts were halted by the question sam asked. ” What are you thinking so deeply?”

Shaking his head he answered ” I was thinking about you and neil. The time of our Senior high.” Sam knew it was not the thing that was bothering him and he was trying to change the topic so she too played along. ” How can I forget? Neil always called you Roadblocks, Obstacles in his happy love story.” Sid laughed heartily at that and his eyes danced with mirth ” He always thought of new names for us. It was his way to show his anger. ” saying this he laughed again this time few drops of salty liquid fell from his eyes with the immense amount of laughing.

He cleaned them with his palm and sighed ” But seriously I’m so happy for you sam. ”
” Hmm. If that is the case I’m happy for myself. ” Sam answered making Sid chuckle.
Suddenly they stopped talking and silence prevailed making the atmosphere tense.

” So?” Sam cut the silence with her one word question. It was just a simple and single question but the two letters weighed more and Aid knew he can’t escape it forever.

” I hate my life Sam, I hate it with passion. ” He chuckled dryly and his eyes showed the pain and hurt in their swirling depths. ” I just wanted a simple life. Where I would live with my Mom and Dad happily. But it seems that love was forbidden for me. They had left me for all the time of life as for as I remember. for what? Just because they cannot afford their company with each other. But in between their differences they forgot I was the one who suffered. They could have spend time with time. I was willing to forget evetything. I just wanted some hours of their week not even day. To feel that I too have a family. All my childhood ended being aloof and pushing away people cause I thought I was incapable of love. That I don’t deserve it.”

His words were cut off by sam ” Please Sid. Its not what you think.”

“No Sam. How do you think I cope, when all my friends families took them to outings, when they would wait at the school gate to pick them. And me, I was just a responsibilty for the Drivers and the nanny, who were trying hard for their pay. I was a liability Sam. How do you think I would have felt when I knew that no one would come for me to pick, when no one would be there waiting for me when I reach home. Home??”

Sid laughed sadly” I can never call that place as my home, it was a punishement for me. I can never forget you all in my life. If not for you, I could have already died with all my depression and suicidal thoughts.”
Sam was in tears, she knew how Sid felt. They knew the extent he hated his parents but it was a different when spoken, the words which he was speaking as if they were just words but she know how hard they were cutting his heart and making holes in his already broken heart.

Sure they were best friends but some things are left to be unsaid. She was the apple of the eye of her parents, his dad’s princess. She never had to crave for their love. She got more than she ever want. But Sid had always been single; he used to be highly bothered when someone asked him about his parents. When they befriended him on that day he accepted them as friends but kept his distance. He didn’t want to mingle; he used to scowl at them when they tried to talk and glared when they tried to share their food with him.

And he had attempted to commit suicide as many times as they couldn’t remember. The doctors never knew how a 10 year old boy wanted to end his life and from where he was getting such ideas. Sobha and Nandini fought with his parents and brought them to Agarwal House. He would stay in his room never talking to anyone. Only Riya can make him smile and he would talk with her endless, always carrying in his arms, making her eat with his own hands. Soon he opened to them and the rest is history.

One thing she knew was he could never forgive his parents. He lost the trust in love, family and relations and he swore he would never fall in love. His parents had a love marriage. But no one knows what the cause of the drift was but either way Sid was the one who suffered. He didn’t want the suffering again in his life.

She has no words which can soothe his blazing heart, the rage and fury he buried deep in the confines of the beating heart will swallow him if they jutted out.

” Now they want a happy normal family. And want me to be a part of it, start talking as if nothing happened. To respect them, to love them and live my life as they willed and wished. What a joke?”

” I don’t know if I should cry on my situation or laugh at my fate. When I wanted it was forbidden and now when I’m happy with what I have, the little amount of happiness is threatening to leave me.”

” Sid, It’s fine. I’m with you. We are with you. We are your family. You don’t have to worry about them. Please don’t take any harsh decisions which you would later regret. We can’t afford to lose you. Please. ”

Sid embraced her placing his head on shoulder, the tears were falling continuously and there was no way it would stop at any time now. He exposed his heart this time. The feelings which he buried deep now was out and it brought more pain than intended. He pulled away from her, placing a kiss on her head ” I’m good now. Nothing to worry. ” and turned around leaving the room.

The door opened and he came face to face with Neil himself who stood at the door all the time and from his face Sid knew he had heard everything. Neil hugged his friend tightly patting his back. ” I know. I’m fine now.” Sid answered the unasked question at the same time trying to pacify his own rage.

” Where are you going now?” Neil asked when Sid trudged the hallway.

” Just a walk outside. I will back soon. No need to worry.” Sid left giving Neil an assuring smile without listening to him.

Neil entered the room and saw Sam seated on the bed clenching the sheets in her hands crying silently. He sat beside her and pulled her in his arms rubbing her back as she looped her arms around him.

” Everything will be fine. I promise you. I will make everything fine.” Neil promised her with conviction in his words. Sam nodded her head laying her head on his beating heart still crying at the inner turmoil which was going on in their friend’s life.


Naina waited for Amrit sitting on the bed, it was already late, and she thought he would ditch her. She wouldn’t be shocked if that would happen but something told her tonight is going to be good for her. It was intuition she trusted. And with that she waited as her two cousin sisters were trying to cheer her up with their ridiculous talks which actually brought a smile to her face and eased her senses.

Her phone blared with the call and upon noticing the caller id her smile grew widely. Picking up the call she opened her mouth to answer but shut when she heard his order to come out as he was waiting in the car and hanged up the call. She ignored the hurt and turned to her sisters who were eyeing her cautiously. She smiled and said” He is waiting outside. I better move now.”

Her sisters nodded their heads mumbling all the best. She moved out of the house and slid into the passenger seat and buckled her seatbelt. There were no pleasantries nor do compliments not even a single talk except Amrit telling that they will reach the destination in half an hour.

After the deafening silence and gruesome travel they reached at the lavish hotel The Royal Flush. The colossal structure stood in front of her rendered the richness and magnificence. She didn’t have the time to eye her surroundings or the imperial splendor of the establishment, Amrit ushered her forward. They entered the garden area which was on the side of the hotel with a pretty view of the large swimming pool and several tables were across it. She was glad they had the privacy as their table was in the middle of the large bushes acting as a cover. There were two more tables along with theirs.

The waiter came as they made themselves comfortable at the table and handed the menu. Naina sat silent as Amrit gave their order and motioned the waiter to leave. Now that they were alone she thought to start a conversation or else she would go mad with all the silence. She opened her mouth to say but he beat her to it by saying “ The dress is good.”

Was that supposed to be a compliment??? She thought to herself. The dismissal of him brought anger to her by the amount of time she took to get ready for this date. She thought to ask him but stopped herself and looked sideways as an attempt to get something to talk to him. She knew nothing about him. And the sole purpose she agreed to this date was to get acquainted with him. But she was having second thoughts about her decision.

“ Tell me about yourself?” she asked him directly after a lot of thought. If he thought she was desperate then so be it. At least she was making some attempt to hold a conversation between them unlike him checking the stupid phone from the time they arrived. It’s as if saying I’m a busy person and you are eating my precious time. How she wished to throw that phone out or better pull her own phone and start some game to let the time pass.

When she received no response from him she looked up and saw he was smiling at her. Not a usual smile but smirk. He was smirking at me. But why?? She thought to herself. But turned around only to catch Stella standing beside with some person whose name she had no idea.

Stella walked towards their table and was embraced by the royalty himself, Amrit Jaiswal pulled her in his arms and hugged her tight placing his hands on her hips. Despite her attempt to look away she cannot handle the mortification and for a brief second she noticed the guy who accompanied Stella was grimacing at the sight in front of him too. Okay, she was not acting as weird then. She thought to herself.

“ How are you baby? Long time no see.” Stella asked in her saccharine sweet voice which had turned out to be husky.

Baby. Oh god. Why me?? And what is long time. She is his bench mate for God’s sake.

She pushed aside her thoughts and waited for the answer which the jerk would give but she got nothing just a smug smirk and glint of mischievous in his eyes.

Okay, she will official lose her mind today. But may be God has other plans. The waiter approached with their order and started placing the dishes on the table. As if Stella remembered that there is another person she turned around and smiled at Naina.

Finally she acknowledged.

She thought she would leave now. But to her horror, Stella squealed in delight “ Oh my God, Are you on a Date? “

No darling. I’m here for viewing wild animals and if wished to shoot them. Naina thought to herself in grimace.

“ Oh I forgot to introduce. This is Ben. Ben, this is Amrit and she is his date, Naina.” Oh poor soul, she remembered him finally, Naina thought while nodding her head and smiled at Ben who acknowledged with his own bright smile and extended his hand towards her and Amrit.

“ Why don’t you join us?” Amrit said brightly.

Oh my god, he can talk. I thought he lost his voice today. Wait. He was inviting them without even asking her choice.

Before she could ask the same, Stella squealed and looped her arms around Amrit and mumbled “ It is a great idea, like a double date.”

Naina eyed Ben who scowled at this. If anything she was not alone in this. By the sight in front of her, she thought she would die of anxiousness; at least some one was there to give her company.

They all sat at the tables and the couples were opposite to each other as Stella insisted if their respective should be before them and thus they ended Naina and Ben on one side and Amrit and Stella on other side.

Hell with the date at least let me have my food. Naina thought and placed a portion of chicken br*ast and veggies on her plate. Ah how I wish now to be at home and eat aunty’s handmade food while listening to Tanu’s gossips. Naina silently pondered.

Naina ate her food silently and for her so-called date, he was busy entertaining the queen bee who forgot she had a date to entertain. Oh the irony.

Her thoughts halted when Amrit’s phone buzzed and he stood mumbling important call and moved out of the place. As if the chatting was less he got a call now. Naina mused berated.
Soon Stella jumped out of her seat and muttered to touch up before eating the dessert. Now it only made her left with Ben who was pressing his fingers on his forehead.

“ Are you alright?” Naina asked hesitatedly.

Ben chuckled and answered with her question” Are you alright?”

She scowled at him for which he shook his head and said” Sorry, you don’t seem to understand that is going on now. “ to which Naina answered truthfully” what is going on now?”

“You are a good girl Naina, but your date is a complete bastard. Why did you actually agree on a date at the first place. “ now that she heard Ben she was utterly confused.

“ I don’t think I understand you. “ she answered truthfully.

“Come, let’s see the reality. You need it.” Ben stood from his seat and placed his hand for Naina which she accepted hesitatingly.

They both reached the corridors which led to the hallway which was tunneling inside to the hotel. They were still walking forward and soon Naina’s steps faltered when she heard voices from the closed door. She put her head on the door and listened to the words which actually broke her heart in several pieces.

“ Why did you bring her? are you actually dating her?”

“Don’t be stupid Stella. I don’t date. Of all people you know that. She was clinging all the time and Dad thought it would be good if she would be on our side. She is very important for the business.”

“ So the rumors are true. You are going to married to that girl.”

“ Yes. But it will be only for business. I don’t have any choice. How I hate her only I know.”

Naina had listened more than she intended and it broke her completely. She was now an asset. A business deal. Not even a person. She didn’t know she was crying till Ben handed her his hankie which she took reluctantly.

“ Are you fine?” Ben asked concerned.

Naina nodded her head and tried to smile but that was impossible now.

“ Would you like to freshen up?” Ben took her hand and pulled her with him without another word. He knew she needed some lone time and being in front of complete stranger it would be harder on her. He ushered her inside the washroom.

Entering inside she slid to the ground sobbing quietly. She had no idea what to think at present. Why was this happeneing with her? how her life turned out to be where it was? These questions swirled around her and as usual she has no answers for them.

She pulled herself up clutching the knob and stood. Turning the faucet she splashed water on her face and tried to stop the never ending tears.

After a while she walked out and saw Ben still stood outside with palms on his face leaning on the wall. She cleared her throat and smiled at him. They both moved to their table with slow steps. She needed this day to end and come to home then rest for the next day. That was the only thought for her at present.

Amrit and Stella were seated at the table talking. They made their way to the table and sat in their places. Soon the desert was placed in front of them. It was Pista flavored ice cream which she hated and the a*sh*le had ordered that for her. And now he had the nerve to tell her it is the best. How she wished to pour the ice cream on his head. But she pushed the cup and said” I don’t need anything now.”

Stella rolled her eyes while Amrit shrugged as if it is not at all important. Ben may have noticed that so he acted on impulse “ Naina are you alright? “ and winked at her to make her understand which she understood quite well and played along.

“ Actually Amrit, I think I should leave now. I feel nauseous.” She said slowly and stood up from her chair.

“Okay. We can go if you want.” Amrit answered ruefully as if leaving with her would be gruesome.

“ No need. You enjoy the DATE with your friend. I would take a cab home. It’s no problem at all.” She answered stressing on the word distastefully.

If he noticed the coldness in her voice he let it pass and shrugged his shoulders mumbling bye.

She couldn’t withstand it for a second more. So she left the place without a goodbye and walked out as fast as she could. She was pondering to call home and ask for a car when she noticed Ben stopped in front of her in his black Mercedes.

“ Come fast. We don’t have whole night. You will be freezing.” Ben said and opened the passenger seat. When she did not move he continued” Don’t worry Naina. I won’t try anything. I can’t leave you here after all happened.”

She dragged her feet slowly making the heels screech on the asphalt road still contemplating on her decision. But once she saw Ben giving her a genuine smile, she knew this day was not that bad. She at least got a friend while stayed in the disdainful affair and wasting her 4 hours.

Ben started the car and pulled the car on the highway while she placed her head back on the seat and closed her eyes muttering” Leave me at the park.” to which he nodded.

Arjun stopped his bike just a few blocks before the Sharma Mansion. Radhika snuggled closer clutching his jacket in her hands. She opened her eyes when she noticed the lulling of breeze has stopped and the road was no longer moving. Then she noticed they still didn’t reach home.

“Why did you stop the bike here?” She asked groggily still blinking her eyes due to sleep.

“Get down. We have something to do.”Arjun answered in a calm tone.

“ cant it wait for tomorrow. I’m sleepy.” Radz sleepily murmured.

“Baby if you want I will not leave you tonight. Why meet tomorrow again?”He cheekily answered while Radz mumbled some curses under her breathe. “ please Radhika this is important. You can sleep all you want after that. So please get down the bike.” He added and waited for her to jump down.

Now they both stood in front of each other. Radz leaned on the bike for support and waited for him to talk something but it seems that Arjun has forgot what he wants to say. He stood there staring at her. Radz puffed out in restlessness.

Finally after some minutes of silence Arjun started” just listen to me what I want to say. and don’t disturb. Either way you will never disturb.” He shook her head chuckling and continued” I know you find all this so fast and you don’t trust me. I agree it is fast but I have waited for this for long time than I think. And I don’t want to lose you. It was never my intention to drop a bomb on you and forcibly making you my girlfriend. But if I can chance I wouldn’t want anything to change. I want to you and I accept any thing that can make you mine. To be with you. To be with the real you. To be with my radhika. Not this radhika who barely speaks. Who always covers all her emotions and bottle up feelings and show a stoic face. no that’s not my radhika. I want my radhika back. whom I have fallen in love the second I saw her. The girl with expressive eyes and cute smile which can bring smile to others. Please give me my girl back. I want you to trust me, to feel safe when you are with me. the trust where you can share all your problems without any qualms. I want you to feel my love and want to be loved by you. That’s all I want. That’s all I ask for. It is fine by me if you don’t want to reciprocate my feelings now but don’t run away from them. try to embrace them. please. Can you do this for me?”

Radhika has no words which she could say and sooth his hurting heart. she could listen the hurt and vulnerability in his voice. She had no idea how much pain he was bearing and how much love he carried. She thought it was just a crush or infatuation and when it subsides he will leave but she was wrong all the time. she opened her mouth to speak but her throat clogged and words lost.

“ You don’t have to answer me now itself. Take time. Think about you, me and us. I will never force you. I can wait for as long as possible for you. “ saying this he moved towards her and pulled her in his embrace hugging her tightly, mumbling I love you and placed a kiss on top of her head.

“ Enough of this. Let’s go. You have sleep to catch on. Don’t want my sleeping beauty to lose her sleep now.” radz smiled genuinely at him but still cautiously and both jumped on the bike and reached her home.

Dropping her, Arjun quickly moved from there without even saying a good bye. Radz watched him driving fast and disappear in the fog. If anything she was disturbed with her thoughts. She couldn’t remove his words from her mind, it felt like they were etched in her brain. They flowed around her. Repeating like a recorder. He gave her a reason to think and wished that she would have a sound sleep. What an irony?

She entered her room and for the first time in years she took an old album and opened it. As soon as, she opened tears found its way and fell from her eyes without her knowledge. She had locked all her memories and kept safe for all and her own eyes. they were her only memories which can bring smile and tears at the same time. there were pictures of her parents and herself when they were a happy family. When she was a normal girl, eyes full of dreams, laughing without any worries of the outer world. Living in her own den happily and dreaming of a future. As every dream has to end it ended and left her with never ending tears. Life is a b*t*h which made her think she was unwanted. The only thing she learned was to never show her emotions. It was such a lesson she would never forget in her life. But now some one wants her to forget all those and live again. She wanted to live, live like a free bird. But afraid that one day the wings will be torn from her and she would again land in the dark abyss of darkness.

For once she wants to live. Not for her. but for Arjun. To show that his radhika is still there. But the question is can she do that? To which she has no answer. She wanted her mom to be there with her now, needed her to tell the right and wrong. But now it is impossible. Clutching the portrait she laid on her bed with tears still flowing and soon drifted in darkness into a deep slumber.


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    Sid-poor guy…..he didn’t get the love and affection he deserved when he wanted it….and even now when they say they want to spend time with him, they are fighting…..I loved the bond of all friends…..ardhika….I love that couple……Arjun’s words…ah soooo heart touching…..why did Radhik shut herself of emotions???? what happened to her parents??? Manhuuu what was Rads’s bro’s name??? y is there no bro-sis relation btwn them????

    plzzzz update soon…… u……tc……muaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh…….

  15. Shree

    I love you for this!! Sorry for the late comment…

    Tu ate my comment.. it’s the fifth time ??

    Pity me TU.. pity me

    Can I kill Amrit? Sad of Naina.. Sam and Sid.. he has gone through a lot… Ardhika cute.. his words… Looks like they hit me more than her.. hehe… Album.. aww.. ok.. come on Radhika do it.. show him his girl is alive..

    Now pity me.. don’t say I don’t comment.. fingers crossed.. hope this gets posted

    Love you ??

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