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Chappy dedicated to my rose. Happy birthday to you girl. you are a inspiration here. Love you. Wish all your wishes and dreams come true and you lead a happy life. Love you a lot.

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Kapoor mansion

The day started with screaming and shouting of two people. Sid felt irritated with all the fighting. He thought it would be peaceful if they left him alone. They were good when they were on business trips enjoying their life and let him enjoy his own. It is a habit. An old habit. They were very much in love and got married but everything changed. His mom and dad whom he always wanted to be with him, but now his only wish is they should him alone. They drifted away with him when he was a child. His parents gave his responsibility to the caretakers and nanny and left him.

He grew up like a nomad. He didn’t have friends in his school. His classmate used to bully him no matter how rich and powerful they were. He grew up alone, used to cry all the time. He wanted them to be close to him, wanted to talk with them. It was like a distant dream. Then he started hating everyone. He always thought he would be alone in this world. Without any friends, without knowing affection. But it all changed one strange day. He gained friends that day, a true family, love and affection. Whatever he craved for as a child it was granted that day when he met the four angels. Yes they were angels who took him from his loneliness and gloominess and filled with their love and affection.

If not for his friends and their parents he would have already been died. It is as if they are his life line now. But sometimes he used to crave for affection and attention of his parents in his teen life. Then again he knew it was impossible. So he left that and started living on his own. Now his parents wanted to be part of his life. They were being informed of his studies. When he wanted them they were not his life and now he didn’t want to glance at them. they were the reason for which he hated love and relationships. If he had not seen and met his friends and their parents he could have sworn this world is deprived of love. Arjun and nandu were asking him to forgive his parents and start afresh. He opposed them as he knew they only were showing fake affection as they were worried about their fortune and company nothing else. As a sole heir of their property he will have to take the responsibility in near future.

With these thought she jumped out of his bed to notify his parents his presence. He sauntered out of the washroom after a quick shower and wearing his all time favourite black shirt accompanied with dark blue jeans. It suited his mood. Grabbing his jacket he moved out of his room and descended the stairs. On reaching the dining area he cheerily greeted his parents who were throwing daggers on each other.

On hearing sid’s voice they quickly wiped of their scowling faces and plastered a smile which sid was sure a fake one.

His dad Rajeev kapoor cleared his throat and said” Good morning son. Come lets have breakfast. “ his wife ambica kapoor caught along saying” Yes today all your favorite dishes.”

Sid snorted” really my favorites. Lets see then how much you know about your only son.” In a mocking tone he completed and took a seat on the opposite side of Rajeev in the end. Ambica’s smile faltered at his son’s discompassionate voice but shooed it off shaking her head.

“ I know you love pancakes. I specially told martha to cook them for you.” Ambica excitedly said.

“ how sweet of you mom. But sorry to end your bubble of happiness as I despise them a lot. “ he mocked at her and shouted” bring my breakfast fast Martha. “

Martha a lady in her fifties entered with a plate of bread toast and a small portion of boiled egg with a glass of orange juice. “ thank you Martha. “ sid muttered happily at the old lady who was taking care of him since he ever know.

Rajeev started” Sid I wanted you to know we have been thinking of giving you the position of CEO this year. And we are sure you will be taking good care of the company.”

Sid” hold on dad. who said I will be taking over this year. i will only take that when I wish not before that.”

Ambica” but you should atleast know the basics of the company. And CEO is a big position, you will need lot of experience. It will be useful for you sid.”

Sid snarked” useful for me or useful for you. Just for your kind information mom, I have been thinking to take up raci ng as a profession. May be I would completely leave the company forever.”

Rajeev” you wouldn’t dare doing that son.”

Sid” why wouldn’t I dare do that ? “

Rajeev” you should by the time know the position is only because you are my son.”

Sid” so you remember I’m your son now. this calls for celebration. right my dear mom and dad.” he completely it in a mocking attitude. Without listening to them he jerked of his chair and strodded out of the mansion.

Climbing on his bike he raced it at maximum speed and drove away to the racing tracks.


Naina was seriously going to have panic attack. She was sweating. It was 4 still she was contemplating whether she looked good or not. it was unusual for her. she always wore what she felt comfortable and didn’t care about others opinions. It was always like this. But now situations have changed. She wanted to impress amrit. It was more than 5 months she came to Newyork but the engagement seemed to be dangling and it was worrying her as her grandfather was having high hopes on this relation. He wanted to announce he date as soon as possible but there was no word from jaiswals. But that was her least concern. It was her parents will and they had chosen amrit as her groom to take their friendship into another level and she wanted her parents last wish to get fulfilled.

Tanisha her cousin entered the room and gasped after seeing the clothes which were spread out on her bed. “I thought you have already decided the dress the night before.” She questioned eying the clothes.

Aditi “ talk about that. She is having second thoughts on the date now.” she snickered.

Tanisha “ oh right. How did I forget her soon-to-be fiancé is the popular douche bag.”

Aditi “ tanu language.” And threw a pillow at her.

Tanu chuckled” come on di. Don’t tell me you know nothing about that. It is as true as the fact that I’m beautiful.” And flipped her tresses around her shoulders.

Aditi rolled her eyes.” attitude problems.”

Tanu smirked” any problem with that.” Turning towards naina” what the hell are you wearing ?”

Naina eyed her dress which she chose yesterday, parrot green top and jeans. “ what is problem with this?”

Tanu rolled her eyes” everything is a problem. don’t tell me you are attempting to make amrit go suicidal.” And laughed. Aditi grinned at her statement. But both of them stopped themselves whne they saw hurt look on naina’s face.
Tanu “ Sorry di. But seriously if you want to get that ass…. Clearing throat your amrit’s attention you should wear…” and went rummaging her closet.
Naina raised her eyebrows at aditi who shrugged off. After taking good time tanu mumbled perfect and raised a brown color half sleeved lace dress with bodice hugging her body and the lower part from waist on in frills. It was looking stunning.

“ now go and change before that douche bag come here.” She placed the dress in naina’s hands and pushed her into the washroom to change.

Radhika was pretending to be busy with a voluminous book in her hands which would definitely take two days to read and the fact that she had not even turned from the first page. Time and again she would glance at the wall clock, sighing she would again try to focus on the book. It was happening since afternoon. She thought whether he would come or just forgot about that. She wished the later to be true. But once again she has underestimated arjun as when the clock strike five her mobile blared with the ringing sound. She hastily answered without checking and made a promise to herself that she would never answer phone call without checking the caller.

It was arjun on the line. Talking as sweet as he can to raise her irritation. “ baby I know you will be thinking of ditching our hangout but you should have known me better by now. I would even kidnap you if I want. So be a good girl and get ready.”and with that said he hang the call.

Radhika scowled at the phone. How the hell did this man get her number firstly? Then how can he order her? Oh she was going to show him today she would never succumb and he better know not to order her around.
Neil was in his kitchen preparing coffee. He moved out of the kitchen with two cups of steaming coffee and passed the hallway. On reaching her parents room he announced soundly” chef neil is here with your coffee mother.”
Prerna laughed at his antics and asked” thank you but are you sure it is edible.”

Neil gasped and placed his hand on his heart feigning hurt and said” mom you hurt me. If I open a restaurant this will be heighest paying coffee one could drink.”

Prerna “ yes. That’s the reason your dad is opposing the proposal.”

Neil frowned a ther. Prerna chucking moved towards him grabbed her coffee mug and hugged hi sson.” My son is the best. And I love you so much.”

Neil reciprocated the hug “ I love too mom.”

They soon starting chatting some or other thing. Laughing and savoring homemade coffee. This was their weekend get together. Their convo interrupted when neil’s phone rang loudly. After seeing it was kaira he answered the phone.
“ hi whats up.”

Kaira answered in a low murmur” neil can you please come here. Its very urgent.”

Neil placed the mug aside on the table. Standing up from his chair he shook his head to prerna who asked him whats the matter. “ kaira what’s the matter?”
Kaira sighed and started” It is sid. He is here from morning. He is just taking laps after laps without break. And has warned the staff not to call anyone. “

Neil” what is he doing there? what the hell happened now? “ exhaling a deep breath he continued” fine. I’m on my way. don’t tell anyone about this . I will handle him.” and hung up the call after bidding their bye’s.

He turned to prerna and uttered” Sid”.
Prerna complained” I guess Rajeev and ambica are in town now. why can’t they give him some time.”

Neil continued” don’t know mom. I’ll be going now. lets see what is the problem now.”

Prerna nodded her head “ inform me after reaching there.”

Nodding his head Neil stuttered out of his room after placing a jacket on hi shoulder and grabbing his car keys.

He reached the racing ground. Sid was taking laps on the car racing track. Neil walked directly to the stands and signaled sid to stop when he saw him approaching. Sid exasperatedly pulled the car at the side of the track and jumped out of the car. stretching his confined muscles he moved towards neil who stood scowling at him.

Sid turned to kaira and shouted” I said don’t tell anyone. Then why is he here.”

Kaira heaved a sigh and answered back in same voice” Don’t you dare shout at me. Do you even know the time now? so I was left with no other option other than to call someone. First I thought of calling Arjun but then I called Neil knowing arjun would beat the shit out of you.”

Before sid could counter her Neil placed his hand on his shoulder stopping him and signaled kaira to leave them. After kaira left the stands Neil asked” what happened now? “

Sid” nothing happened. I wanted to practice. this race is important so I wanted to prepare for it. “

Neil” bullshit. Just shut up Sid. I know that’s not the matter.”

Before they could continue their bantering Neil received a call. seeing the caller id he pushed the phone in sid’s hands and said” it is for you.”

Rubbing his forehead sid answered the call. before he could utter a word sam’s voice boomed “ Come home now. Don’t even think to ditch.”

Neil chuckled noticing Sid’s frown. “ Come lets go brother. Today is your lucky day.”

Shaking his head sid moved out of the tracks and followed Neil in his bike and raced towards his destination khanna mansion.

Okayyy my dear lovelies here is the half part of this update. Next will be soon. This day hasn’t ended yet. This is just the starting. Many things are there. you have to wait for it. im still writing it. but as a good girl I’m and you know me so well here I’m giving precap or rather the plot of the next part.

Precap:::::::::::::; Arjun and Radhika landing in carnival. What for??? Arey yaar hangout hain. Many things will be there in their hangout. Then after that there will be surprise ardhika scenes which you will kill me after that . and I’m sure of it.

2) arjun and Nikhil relation. Some past of Nikhil. What he is exactly?
3) sam and sid’s relation. The bonding.
4) Naina and Amrit date????
5) after effects with Sid and Naina. Yep there will be scenes of Sid and Naina.
6) radhika innerself. First time e ver she would speak her heart out
7) arjun and Sid irritating neil.
8) Nikhil and Sanju’s relation
9) chaos in College canteen

Okay here are some points. The rest you will see in the update. Love you all. byeeee.

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