mmz love for eternity (Part 2)


4 girls are sitting in a living room of a big house with tv running showing jab we met movie. the movie is at climax. Kareena comes running to shahid n expresses her love by kissing him. The 2 girls sitting on couch were biting their nails in anticipation. ( if u know what im talking). ??. One girl sitting on a bean bag was seeing anywhere else than tv. And swigging coke which is in her hands. then the last girl who is sleeping on sofa watching the movie and these girls reactions suddenly rolled her eyes n turn off the tv. And the girls who were so immersed in the movie just cursed her.
One of the girl sitting on couch blurted out ” i want such proposal n agar shahid ho toh baat hi kuch aur hain”. The girl sitting on bean bag spilled out the contents of coke which she was drinking n said” shahid. Naina really?? Just wait till this words reaches sid. He will be freaking n may be u can never watch another movie”. The other girls just laughed and agreed with this. Naina says ” yaya. I know.”. Then suddenly remembers and asks” hey sam what do u think about that. Not shahid part. But proposal part”. Sam thinks for sometime and says” Hmmm. yaa it will be gud. But what im thinking is if i dont want to be unmarried for this life. I should be doing what kareena has done. If i leave it to neil then im dying a celibate. Thats for sure. ”
The girls laugh at sam’s answer. Radz says” common sam. Why r u saying like this. Dont worry neil’s proposal will be the most romantic one. Im sure of it”. Sam says” k then. We will see. Im waiting for the day eagerly.” They all spent their night talking n laughing n enjoying.
Sam comes out of her trance n the tears were unknowingly rolling from her eyes. The day she has been waiting has finally arrived yet she is not able to answer neil. She is just standing mum n tears were flowing. Neil who senses her situation embraces her in his arms n tries to calm her by moving his hand on her back n saying ” i know sam. I know. U dont hav to answer it now. Just remember to give me ur answer when i make everything right.”
Sam ” do u think everything is going to be alright”. Neil says” i dont think. I know sammy. N i will make it happen. Now plzz give me ur heart warming smile. How many days i hav waited to see u smiling.”. Sam chuckles n says” ok enough of ur flirting neil. We r not in high school that u r trying to impress me”.and smiles.
Neil ” thats my girl. Now do u want to eat here or want to meet ur future MIL. She will be making chaos at home waiting for us”. ” then lets go meet aunty. Im dying to see her too”.
neil says ” then lets go”.
A girl sitting in a bar drinking her lifes content. She is breathtakingly beautiful in her red capri dress. men who r present in that bar are just ogling her. One man comes to her and says” hey beautiful. Wanna enjoy the night”. the girl then turns towards him, gives him a cute smile and says” oh yeah. Definitely want to enjoy. But not with u. N just get lost from here”. The man is too persistent and tries to touch her. Suddenly his hand is caught from behind and he is pinned to ground. The girl see this, rolls her eyes and says” oh common mark. Do u want to kill the boy. Leave him and u know that i can take care of him easily. So just chill dude.”. Mark who is her bodygaurd leaves that man, comes to her side ” mam. It is getting out of control now. You cannot just drink like this entire night. So i suggest we should move before ur father finds out”. The girl chugs another drink and says” father. Really mark. He will be enjoying dinner in a grand place with his partners and celebrating for ruining my life”. She again continues drinking suddenly a thought occurs n she stands up n says” mark lets go. I have to talk to that jerk who is responsible for my state. N bring some more men with u. May be we can threaten him to just backoff” and laughs. Mark just smiles at her antics n goes out of the bar with her trailing behind.
A man is sitting on his chair in his office n trying to concentrate on the files that are spread on his big mahogany table infront of him. But his mind is not helping it keeps on wandering n he is cursing his fate for such distress. N he has no one blame, he himself was responsible for his state. At night 10.30 he is still in his office n trying to die of exhaustion with no food n sleep for 2 days. The merger taking place is important for him and is highly profitable yet he is not happy with it. He is going to trade himself for the project and he has no will to stop it. He is hoing for it as if assuming it was a punishment for all his work.
His eyes glances a photo frame on his table with laughing faces who has no worries in this world. Who were leading a carefree life. His lips quirk up into a smile by seeing the frame n it disappeares as fast it reached and a scowl appeares n keeps the frame on the table, leans back im his chair and closes his eyes.
A girl is beating him frantically and screaming” u were responsible for this. U killed her. I will never forgive u for this”. ( u killed her. U killed her)
He jerks from his seat and screams ” no no. I didnt kill her. I didnt. I didnt kill. “.
Suddenly the door of his office opens and a girl enters stumbling with a bottle of beer in her hand. And two bulky men trailing behind.
The girl sees the person in her front n sees his green eyes which r soulless saying there is no life present here. He is handsome, manly, his botton up shirt is crumbled and sleeves r folded upto elbows. He maybe exhausted but looking handsome in this distressed state. Muscles hiding in his shirt . U can say he has abs may be six pack. high cheek bones. Chiselled jaw line.
N she thinks “ok he is handsome. n may be every girls dream. But whats with the proposition. No i cannot risk my life for just looks. Im too young for dying in worry n unhappiness”.
She was in deep thoughts n not speaking anything for long time. Irritated with an intruder sid growls and says ” to what i owe u this presence ms.aishwarya chandran”.
She comes out of her thoughts n says” its ash. Just ash. No less. No more.”
“N honey. Common cant i come n meet my soon to be fiance who is also soon to be husband”.
He ignores her sarcastic comments n says” get straight to the point ash. I have much work to do than to talk with a drunken girl who doesnt hav brains”. He mumbles the last part yet ash heard it.
Ash says”Mr. Siddhart kapoor. I too hav much works than to waste my time with an arrogant, bullheaded jerk whos new quest is to make other peoples peaceful life a disaster. So plzz save ur remarks to urself”.
” And im here not to fight with u but to talk. So can we have a civilized convo like two adults.pleaseeeee. ( sarcasm)”
Sid rolls his eyes at her ” very well. Plzz take a seat. N lets talk like adults”
Ash takes her seat n watches the photo which was on the table and observes keenly the persons in the photo. Sid snatches the frame from her n says ” now tell what u want n move ”
” Why do u want to marry me???”
Sid is taken back from her ques n asks ” so u r here for asking this. Well here is ur answer im just marrying u for this merger n i hope all the details r given to u by ur daddy dearest”
Ash says” yes i know whats the situation is but why. Why do u want this loveless marriage when u cant stay 5 min in my presence.”” Why make my life miserable with this”.
Sid” thats not my problem ash. Ur dad came up with this proposal. If u have any questions u can talk with him. “.
Ash looses her cool n says” common sid. U could have easily said no for it. Dad would be happy doing business with u without this marriage. Why make our lifes more miserable”
Sid” plzz leave ash. u dont know anything abt life n miseries. If u r that against this marriage. Go talk to ur dad n stop it. But im not going to say anything. So leave now”
Ash stands up ” well i was thinking it of just loveless marriage n thought may be i can give it a try. But this a lifeless marriage n now im full on confident that this marriage cannot happen n i will do anything to stop it. N i will do it.”
” u just wait and watch mr. Siddhart kapoor”.
Sid” all the best ash. But make sure u do it in 2 days. once official announcement comes out u cannot do anything. Now leave”.
Ash leaves his room, stands in the hallway ” just see sid. I will stop this marriage at any cost. Even if needed i will bring all the demons of ur past for it”.
She turns to mark n gives her phone” check out who r these people n what importance they hav in his life. Every single detail. And i want it by tomorrow morning”.
Mark says” yes mam. It will be done. Anything else”.
Ash says ” nothing. Just want a gud sleep. Before that lets give a gud appearance to my daddy dearest. Common lets go meet him. Without giving him trouble i cant hav a gud sleep. .” And laughs. ” daddy here i come”
A couple is strolling in a park. Park is full of children playing n screaming. Suddenly girl pours water on the boy which was in her water bottle n runs. The boy moves aside n says ” hey. Why did u do it. ”
Girl says ” just like that”. Boy ” what just like that. Oh radhika u just wait till i catch u then i will tell” radz ” common arjun. First catch me then we will talk and i highly doubt u can catch me”.
They both r running in park n radz moving towards the big trees. ” radhika come back. Dont go there. Its dangerous. radhika plzz stop. Radhika”.
But radz is moving fast into the forest full of trees n suddenly arjun lost her.
Arjun searches for her in every direction n screams” RADHIKAAA”.
He jolts awake from his sleep. Sweat forming on his forehead n neck nape. He is breathing jeavily. It was his nightmare. He turns towards his left and sees a photo frame. He takes it from the lamp table which is ( a couple moving on the sands of a beach holding hands and at the bottom it is written ” Arjun and radhika forever ??)
A smile crepts on his beautiful face by seeing love of his life. Arjun is disturbed by a phone ring. He picks it and talks with the person. Its peter his secretary.
Peter ” sir. Did i disturb u. It was important. U r about to be present here tomorrow. The ceremony is tomorrow.”
Arjun ” its no problem peter. Ok so the event is tomorrow. Dont worry i will be there.”and hangs up the phone.
He makes another call to his bodygaurd” jack get ready the plane. We will be moving now. I will be there in an hour”
Jack ” yes sir. It will be done”
So my dear sweet n cute loveliees. Thank u very much for ur love n support. For a novice writer its like a huge hill. And comments coming from all my inspirational writers im sooo happy. Happiness has no bounds here. Thank u thank u thank u soo much.

Credit to: who am i ???

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  2. Hi loveliees. sorry i know. It doesnt have much of ardhika scenes. But plzz have patience. The story is just building. i promise u will see a new arjun n new radz in this one. Till then take care. Sayonara.

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