mmz love for eternity (Part 18)


Chappy dedicated to aastha. Sorry dear for late update and not a big one. But next one would be as promised abig update. Sorry. Maaf kardo meri jaan. Wish you all the very best in your studies and wish you reach heights in your chosen field. Love you a lot.

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After the little encounter with arjun, radhika was totally drawn with the thoughts of him completely. She knew arjun used to see her all the while, but she held her façade and didn’t let him know that she observed it. it was clearly not necessary on her part. But now it seems her ignorance made him more determined. She could see emotions brewing inside those black orbs, and she was afraid they will take away her as a storm and she was not anticipating this.

She knew nick told about arjun forgetting about the bet was a complete lie. When deep down nick too knew that arjun will never backoff when he started something., he was just comforting her and trying to secure her. it was funny how he wanted to be there for her but he doesn’t expect or wanted her to be there for him. it was as if he closed all the doors and windows and compressed all his feelings tight in his heart and locked it.

She was worried about nick, she was accustomed to living with him as she returned to newyork 5 years ago and she was staying at his house with him. but no initative has been made between them to know about each other. It seemed like they were afraid of themselves that they didn’t want other to find out their vulnerabilities. But now she was more scared with arjun. the look in his eyes told that he was not backing off and he willed to do everything to make her comeout of her shell.

She was thinking deep with these thoughts , she didn’t notice arjun entering the class tagging behing ms.jane stone. Ms. Jane was the best student of this university regarding marketing which was most important topic here in NYU. As most students had background with business either from family side or any other circumstances. So marketing is considered as an important subject and dean personally adviced the students to attend ms. Jane classes every last day of week. Today was the first day. But she couldn’t understand why arjun and the business graduate students were filling up in the classroom.

Radhika turned to left when she felt naina nudging her. naina raised her eyebrows questioning the same which was on her mind. There turned around when ms. Jane cleared her throat to get the attention of the class.

“ well I think you may all know me by now. And I speculate there is no need of formal introductions. We will know about each other in this 2 months and we have many classes left. “

All the students cheered for her by clapping their hands. Radz turned around to see arjun was still holding a smug smile and it defiantly screamed danger. And her guess came true when jane announced the class to mingle and disperse into pair where one student will be from graduation and other would be from business. She was about to understand what was all this but to her luck arjun had already made place beside her announcing them as a pair.

So she kept her head low and was thinking how to change the pairs and she got an idea of pairing with nick. She moved her head slightly to see how the pairings are.

Sid and sam were seated but were dispersed when neil came and dragged sam with him. Sid was about to stand with sanju but stopped when evan stood beside her. so sid and naina were paired. But by seeing sia alone evan jumped in the opportunity and joined her. now after all the pairings only sanju and nick were remaining. They were not moving from their places but jane ordered them to move fast. And soon she gave a topic on which some case studies were to be held and they should present an idea which can improve the business on regard with the case studies.
She was busy observing all and was startled when she heard him whisper.

Arjun “ Hi. How are you my sweetheart?”

Radhika turned back into her seat rolling her eyes at him and said” Arjun its been an hour since we met. “

Arjun was about to answer but radz cut himoff saying” don’t you dare try any cheesy stuffed lines with me.”

Arjun smirked noticing her scowl. “ sorry princess can’t do. I love irritating you. Why should I stop when I can clearly see how much you are enjoying.”

Radz with confusion asked him “ I was enjoying? When “

Arjun “ Now. “

Radz still wore the confused expression. Arjun shook his head and answered” See you are talking with me. Like you are actually talking. When you barely speak 10 words a day. So this is change and c’mon I deserve atleast thanks for this.”

Radz about to retort but was stopped by some shouts and screams across the room. All turned to the voices, they were none other than sanju and nick who were fighting with each other like school kids.

Sanju “ I’m telling you this is best.”
Nick “ oh yeah. How do you know this is best? “
Sanju “ I know. That’s all. We are doing this.”
Nick “ like hell we will be doing this. I disagree with you. We will do the first plan.”
Sanju “ who are you to decide? This is team work and we will do only this.”
Nick “ where is team work when you decide which plan we should follow.”

Sanju scowled at him. nick was glaring at her. by now entire class was watching the ordeal. No one dared to move. Not cause they were afraid but because they were in shock. Nick was not the person to rile up and who easily loose his cool. So it was really a shock to see how he was fighting with sanju like a kid.

The gang was watching with smirk on their faces. Sid moved forward but was stopped by arjun. they wanted to this to happen.

Sanju” oh why are you so difficult to manage.”
Nick “ well I can ask the same question. “
Sanju” Don’t copy me you copy cat.”
Nick “ who is copy cat. Let me think you are talking about yourself. Am I right tommy. ”

Sanju frowned at him. she was not expecting him to say that. By now everyone was trying hard to control their laughter.

Sanju “ just shut up. Nicky mickey.”
Nick “ dare you say that name again.”
Sanju “ oh yeah . I will say as much as I like. Lets see what you will do mickey.”
Nick “ you…”
Sanju “ what me. Cat caught your tongue nicky mickey.”
Nick “ oh shut up. I don’t want to waste my time with you. “
Sanju “ oh really. I didn’t notice his highness was wasting his time. Sorry about that but clearly not sorry.”

Nick “ sanjana will you please stop it. “
Sanju “ no way I’m stopping it. and don’t call me that .”
Nick smirked” oh I wonder why so. Ms. Sanjana .”
Sanju “ I’m warning you now. “
Nick “ oh I’m afraid now. oh yeah how did I forget you are tigress.”
Sanju “ haha. Yeah like you forgot you are a dragon.”
Nick shouted “ sanjana.” And stepped forward. Sanju flinched a little at this but she screamed “ Nikhil” in an equal tone and moved forward.

By the time their fight ended some students were frozen with shock , some were laughing like maniacs holding their stomach. The gang was having hard time controlling their laughter. Ms. Jane was baffled by seeing this but was clearly enjoying the show. Radhika was watching it in shock, she never expected that nick will talk with a girl like this let alone fight with nicknames and all. There was more than what an eye catches.

They both look each other scratch that glared at each other. Nick shook his head and moved to radhika pulling her hand called her to follow him.

arjun tugged her other hand and said” Nick she will stay with me.”

Nick “ Arjun please not now. “
Sanju came forward and stood beside arjun “ why should she go with you.”
Nick “ it is none of your business.” Turning towards radz said” Radhika come lets go.”

Sanju “ she is not going with you. She is my arjun’s girlfriend. So it would be better if you leave her hand.”

Nick “ she is my radhika first then ‘your’ arjun’s girlfriend.”
Radhika was having a déjà vu. Why were they always fighting for her and forget that she was present there. she thought to herself.

She turned to arjun who had a mused expression. She wouldn’t understand this impossible man.

Nick “ fine. Keep her with you.” And she left radhika and moved out of the room not before listening to sanju saying” good for you.”

The whole class bloomed with laughs. After sometime evan came to sid and neil who was watching this standing at the table and said” whoa that was… something. I assume if I just would have paired with sanju. This fight would have never happened.”

Neil” its nothing evan. Don’t feel responsible for this.” And moved with sid towards arjun where radhika and sam was standing. Sanju excused herself.

Neil “ I think it went well.”
Arjun “ really well.”
Sid” lets say really well , than expected.” And they laughed seeing each other leaving radhika and naina puzzled.

Sanju was very silent after her bantering with nick. She didn’t expect such outburst but it was really a surprise to her too. She avoided her friends for the next classes’ as much as possible and spent time with her sketches and paper which is her escape from the real world. It was her dream to become a fashion designer and introduce a label of her own. It would be a tribute to sobha mehra. She was her biggest inspiration. When sobha expired arjun and sanju wanted a memory of sobha to be with them, so sanju had chosen fashion management and designing. She was a bright kid and creative from the start and with the help of nandini it became so easy. A deal was made where arjun would be the money investor, maker behind the label and sanju would be the official designer.

She was sketching up , mixing colors, choosing patterns apt for the design. It was her favorite past time too. Nick had gone out of college after the incident. Now it was time for lunch break and as expected Sam came in search of her.

Sam” Oh dear designer. If you leave the paper for some time and concentrate on your alone female friend, it would be highly appreciated.”

Sanju who was standing behind the table where her sketches were scattered rolled her eyes at sam. Neil was rubbing off on all of them. Everyone was turning into some drama guy lately. ” Sam, just 5 more minutes. I will have to tag it and we are free to go.” Sanju answered without lifting her head from the sketch papers.

Sam ” Whatever girl. It’s already half an hour late. And you are asking 5 more minutes. Just let’s go. ” and pulled her along. They both moved out of the room after sanju safely kept the papers in a file and dropped it in her bag.

On reaching cafeteria they saw that neil and sid were busy conversing with each other. Arjun was nowhere to be seen. They reached their table and sam tapped neil on his shoulder.

Neil turned to her and asked ” what”

Sam ” where is arjun and what are you so deeply discussing?” And raised her eyebrows taking seat beside neil.

Sid” The new romeo went to her juliet for inviting her to lunch with us.”

Sanju laughed at sid’s words slapping on his hand. Sid ” Sanju you are not 8 anymore. It hurts yaar. ” and started rubbing the area where she slapped.

Sam ” Really sid, then what’s the use of those abs and muscles when you can’t even bear a slap from that little girl. ”

Sid ” Little girl!!!! Who is little here” and started moving his head left and right.

Sanju ” Haha. Very funny. ” and picked up a fry from her plate and chucked it at sid.

Neil ” Ok. Fine. Now be calm. Sid what are you telling she is not 8. Like you have grown up. You are still that 8 year old stubborn kid. ”

Sid scowled at neil and sam and sanju laughed at them. Sam ” Ok. Now. Seriously where did arjun go?”

Sid ” sam i said already na. ”

Sanju who saw arjun coming towards their table tapped sam and motioned her to see on that side. There was arjun moving towards them in fast strides with radz behind him. Actually it will be better to say he was pulling radz.

They came to halt at the edge of table. Arjun said his pleasantaries while pulling a chair for radhika and pushing her on the chair. Before she could get up he sat besides her pulling her hand into his. Naina who was standing behind them didnt know what to do now. Sanju called her and asked her to sit beside her by slapping sid and pushing him on the next chair. Sid glared at sanju but she could care less.

Radz was as usual silent and kept her blank face but her brown orbs were turned into deep chocolate brown which was a indication that she was scared, afraid and fearing something. No one took notice to it and involved themselves into conversation and eating their food.

Sam was the first to speak to radhika, if she was to be with their group then they should be acquainted as well. And basically she would be forever stuck with them after seeing arjun’s determination.

” Radhika how are you?” She asked very unsurely.

Neil chuckled and answered” sam please. You daily see her and have same classes almost all.”

Sam slapped him on his right hand scowling at him ” Shut up neil. I’m trying hard to start a conversation here. And you are ruining it. ”

Radz nodded her head and said ” Yes sam. Dont be formal. I came to know today that some people thing i dont even know names.” Glaring at arjun.

Neil chuckled ” Oh yeah. I know who that great person is. ”

Arjun ignored his comment. Sid was silent all the time. He don’t have a problem with anyone but with relationships. It was hard for the four to befriend him and make him open up. He had a bad past and it clearly affected his present too. Nonetheless he was a great friend if he befriends them. He is the best friend one could ever wish for.

Sanju ” Naina so tell us about yourself. We know radz from our childhood but you are new here. Have you settled here?”

Naina smiled at her ” It is really a big problem for me now. The difference in weather, people , environs and surrounding affects me more. I was brought up in a cozy environment so i guess this is totally new to me. ”

Sam ” Oh. But i think you wouldn’t have that big problem. We apparently had heard that there is some engagement going to take place. Is it true?”

Naina nodded at her. But there was some uncertainity in her and uncomfortable with the question. Sam “Sorry if it is so personal. I just thought whether it was correct or not. ”

Naina ” Oh dont be sorry. It is true. Amrit and i would be engaged in some time. Actually the decision was so quick i dont know….” and trailed her words. It was clear that she has much more to say but couldn’t come up as they were still strangers to her.

Sam and sanju nodded their heads and left the matter sensing her awkwardness. Sam ” Radz where do you think nick went? He was nowhere to be seen after the class. ”

Sid ” Dont ask about that stupid class. How did she come up with a idea liked that. It is beyond my imagination now. ”

All laughed at that. Radz answered ” I think someone helped her, sorry brainwashed with the brilliant idea. ” eyeing arjun.

Neil ” Dont tell me. Arjun are you involved in it. ”

Arjun shook his head and said ” No way. I’m nowhere in that circle. ”

But neil knows it was clearly arjun’s idea and after radz accusation it was confirmed. But he opted to leave the topic for time being.

Naina ” Yes. I think she gave case studies and expects that we should submit it before next week. That is may be thursday or friday next week. ”

Sanju ” What!!! No way. How can us in such short time. ”

Naina shrugged her shoulders because she was worried for herself as her partner is sid. And he was clearly not initiating any talk. It would be so difficult. But she kept that matter at the back of her mind and wished to enjoy her weekend where amrit would take her on a date. She was highly anticipating it as they had no time for themselves and she atleast wanted to give a try in understanding him.

They all pulled themselves in eating with their minds revolving on various issues which were going on in their lives.
Sorry dearies. I know I’m late scratch that very late. Festival, then health all the energy drained out. Tired and weak. So sorry. Actually I was not expecting to update today also. But the super friends I have in my life keep on pushing me. So here is a small chap. Thank you satz, abha, dips,hari, jess, deepu , sree for pestering me. Lol. Tumhare bina mein kya karoongi. ???. Hehe. Keep smiling and stay healthy . love you all lots and lots. Muahhhh.

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