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Chappy dedicated to my dear abha. Abha first of all sorry. I couldn’t write anything about you. Haha. What will you write about one of the inspiring writers. I just want to say thank you for accepting me as a friend. Keep smiling. I know you are a true fighter. I hope you forget all the bad memories of past. Wish you a very bright future. And I wish you get your prince charming???(who in every sense is neil to you) soon. All the very best. Love you a lot. ???Thank you.

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Once a day comes which you are immensely waiting for all your life. The day on which you can take your revenge. Today is the day for neil. He was waiting for the day when he can torture arjun for his life’s content. Why?? You will know it later. But to his distress all his plans were unsuccessful. Poor neil.

Agarwal residence:

After the race and abrupt announcement by arjun and all the chaos all moved to agarwal residence. Actually they were forced to come as arjun ran away from their sight as soon as the matter finished.

Arjun was in his room busy flipping channels over the mounted television on the wall. He was grinning wide and it extended more when he heard banging on the other door. Neil was being restless and banging the door continuously calling arjun to come out of the room. Sam and sanju stood opposite to the door plastered their backs to the wall. They were rolling their eyes at neil. They too wanted answers but neil was showing his extra enthusiasm. Sid was nowhere to be seen in the site, he was busy playing X-box in the television of their living room.

Nandini was busy cooking in the kitchen leaving her kids who were grown up physically but not mentally. Finally she had enough of the noises and came around arjun’s room.

“ Arjun open the door. I wanted to talk to you.” Nandini said in her serious tone which held no further arguments.

Arjun opened the door with an innocent face, facing his aunt asked” what happened aunty. Any problem.”

Neil rolled his eyes at this act and said” yes there is a big problem. So if the prince has some time for these peasants it would be of immense help.”in a mocking and sarcastic tone.

Sam and Sanju giggled listening to this. Sid who was now standing in the end of hallway laughed hard. Nandini too let out a small laugh. Arjun rolled his eyes and said” of course your prince is highly courteous and kind hearted. So.. my slave what is your problem? I will help you.”

They all jumped into fits of laughter at that. After subsiding her laughter nandini asked arjun and others to follow her. Now they were all seated in living room. Arjun was the accuser and questions were posed on him without any break.

Arjun “ Stop it. just ask one question at a time. I cannot understand which language you are speaking.”

Neil was about to speak again but was cut off by nandini “ First tell me what the matter is and why all of you are creating chaos in my house.”

All went silent at the question. How were they going to tell her about the race. She will freak out definitely and what will be her punishment, it would a big surprise for them. Nandini raised her eyebrows questioning them and ask them to talk.
Sam “ Arjun participated in a race today.” On listening to her nandini stared at them with accusing eyes. Before she could say anything sam continued” sorry aunty. But let me complete. Arjun won the race but what happened next was a big surprise no not surprise, it was a shock.”

Arjun smiled. Nandini turned to arjun and asked” what was the biggest shock they received.”

Sanju “ He asked radhika to be his girlfriend.” Gesturing her fingers towards arjun.

Neil” And as a winning prize. We didn’t get a single clue what was running in his head. But I’m sure it was preplanned.”

Arjun “ hey don’t accuse me of preplanning. I was not the one who set the race nor was I willing to participate. It was you guys who forced me to participate.”

All shouted” what?” arjun raised his eyebrows and they shut up knowing he was right. They were the ones who asked him to participate. But the thing which went over their heads was about radhika.

Neil” then how did radhika enter into this?” he questioned impatiently.

Arjun gave a goofy grin and said” it was last minute change. Nothing more.” And shrugged his shoulders.

Sanju “ Nothing more. What do you mean by that?”

Sam “ And why did you ask her to be your girlfriend?” she stopped in realization and continued” Is there something which we are missing here and you are hiding from us.”

Arjun was about to speak but stopped when heard nandini mumbling radhika as if chanting her name trying to remember something. She had placed her chin on the palm of her hand and thinking deep.


Arjun came running along with riya towards nandini and sobha who were enjoying their coffee sitting on the chairs in the lawn. Riya was crying hard. Both the ladies left the cups on the table and ran to riya. Sobha embraced the little 3 year old girl in her arms. She pacified her and soon after sometime riya stopped crying.

Nandini “ Riya baby. Why were you crying? What happened.”

Riya in her baby voice” Arjun bhai was fighting.” Gesturing her hands as fists and throwing them in air.

Sobha” arjun why were you fighting ? and with whom?” Arjun had few scratches on his arms and is clothes were pretty dirty. Nandini who saw this pulled arjun along with her inside the house ignoring Sobha’s rant.

Nandini helped arjun clean his face and arms and applied the antiseptic lotion on his bruises. Sobha who was carrying riya in her arms“ if your check up is over. Can I ask him now?”

Nandini rolled her eyes and nodded her head. Sobha turned to arjun “ How did it happen ? why were you fighting?”

Arjun “ They were teasing and irritating Radhika and Riya. So I beat them.”

Sobha” who were they? And why should you be hero? You could have called us.”

Arjun “ Mom. What if they runaway and I’m big boy now. I can handle it.”

Nandini giggled at her sister-in-law’s distress in making her 9 year old son understand. Sobha rolled her eyes and asked Nandu to shut up by gesturing with her eyes. “ Ok. Fine. You are a big boy. But who is radhika and what were they doing to irritate?”

Arjun put his fingers at his forehead trying to think and answered” sorry I don’t know what they were doing? But a girl and boy from their group teased radhika and radz started to cry” and shrugged his shoulders giving his mom sheepish smile.

Nandini “ Oh my baby. See sobha how good and strong arjun is. “ with pride in her voice.
Sobha rolled her eyes at her bestfriend cum sister-in-law. She turned to arjun “ so you don’t know what they were talking? But you fought with them. Why?” in an impatient tone already fed up trying her son to understand that it is not good to fight.

Arjun “ mom you said dad support you and take care of you always. So it is my responsibility to take care of radhika.”

Sobha and Nandini shouted in unison ” what ? “

Arjun “ yep. Radz is my soon to be wife. So….”he left hanging the words. Sobha and nandini were baffled was an understatement.

By the time aarav and anil came into the living room. They noticed both the ladies were silent actually frozen. Aarav shook his wife and asked what is it.

Sobha “ Ask your son. He is talking about marriage and responsibilities now.”

“ actually mom. Dad knows it. and he was the one to tell me all these.” Arjun said in an nonchalant way and continued playing with riya who was giggling.

Sobha turned her murderous gaze to aarav. Anil and Nandini were laughing at his predicament. Aarav sighed” Sobha its alright. Please lets leave it for now. He is small kid now. He will soon forget it.”

Nandini nodded her head and sobha left the matter at the time.

Nandini came out of her trance when sid shook her. She jumped in excitement and hugged arjun” Is she same girl? When am I going to meet her?”

Arjun was stunned first at this but he soon recovered and said” soon aunty. Very soon.”

Nandini kissed his forehead lovingly and wished him. Neil “ what that’s it? what is happening here? Can anyone tell me?”

When arjun shrugged his shoulders, he turned to sid and asked” Are you with him in this? Do you know anything?”

Sid shook his head” I promise neil I don’t have any idea.” He continued” If this is what he wants. Then I’m with him.”

Neil “ yeah how can I forget your great friendship rule book.” And rolled his eyes.
Sanju muttered” well in that case I’m with him too.” Sam nodded her head at this.

Neil “ Of course you will be with him lollipop. Bhai ki chamchi jo ho”. He turned to arjun “ fine then. Who am I to oppose now. Let’s see what happens.”

And all soon left the matter and enjoyed the food prepared by nandini wholeheartedly. There was no say in it. if arjun wants to be with her. Then they will support him no matter what.


Sleep was no where near to the lover boy. He was continuously thinking about his love, his radhika. A small part of him was scared, if radz would never reciprocate those feelings then what will he do. But a part was happy that he can atleast get a change to be there with her spending the time of his life happily. He wanted to think positive and was determined to make her fall in love with him. The anticipation of tomorrow was making him restless.

He turned to the right side of the bed and glanced over the watch placed on top of the night stand. It read 4.00 in the morning. It was so early. But again he had a plan in his mind. And he had already formulated it too. Now he has to make last minute arrangements. He jumped up from his bed and got ready in a record time.

He took his car keys and phone and moved out of his room. He checked the materials needed which were present in the back seat of his car. Gripping the seat belt around ,he pressed the key into the hole and the engine roared to life. He drove away on the secluded road.

On reaching a white huge building he took his phone and dialed a number. After sometime Sid mumbled sleepily” Arjun my dear brother. What do you want this early ? please let me sleep.”

Arjun “ Sid I’m standing outside of your house. Come fast. “and hung the call.

Sid scowled at the phone, muttering curses he pushed him out of the bed and strolled to washroom. He moved out of his room in and made way to the front door stealthily. On opening the front door and moving out he received a message from arjun ‘ No need to bring your car. Just come out.’

He rolled his eyes at his friends urgency and came out. He sat in the passenger seat and asked what the matter is. Arjun “ First lets go wake up that morning person “in a sarcastic tone and laughed. Sid shook his head and laughed thinking about neil’s position now.

They both were seated in the car and the time read 4.50 am. Sid” from past 15 minutes we are trying his number. But he didn’t even pick the call.”

Arjun “ I know. He is a great man. “ sighing he dialed again “ let me try another time. Else we will go inside and wake him up.”

After several rings neil picked up the phone. Seeing arjun’s name in the caller id he slid the answer button and spoke groggily” What do you want now?”

Arjun sighed” Neil please come out of the house. We are waiting for you at the front door.”

Neil” why are you here this early. And sorry I cannot come out now. So just go away.” And cut the call.

Arjun was about to speak but stopped when he heard engaged tone on the phone. He turned to sid who just shrugged his shoulders.

Arjun again called him. This time when neil picked the phone he started “ Neil don’t you dare cut my call this time. And get your ass down now. Else forget about your date which you planned for next week. “

Neil started muttering curses under his breath thinking how did arjun knew about this. He wanted it to be a surprise so he didn’t tell to sam.

Arjun “ Stop straining your little brain. and come out fast.” And hung the call.

Sid raised his eyebrows questioning him. Arjun just shrugged his shoulders.

After a while, neil came out wearing his basketball shorts and a t-shirt on his shoulder flaunting his chiseled body. He was walking in his half asleep state Arjun and sid rolled their eyes. Arjun shouted” Neil come fast and please put on your t-shirt bro.”

Neil ignored him and walked fast to the car. Opening the door he sat in the back seat. “ Ok. Now can you tell me why am I seeing your faces this early in the morning instead of sleeping.”

Arjun “ we are going somewhere. Just relax for a bit you will know by yourself.”by saying this he reversed the car and drove to his destination.


The car halted at the long clamped metal gate which was securing the mansion painted in pastel colors. It had a beautiful lawn and pathway surrounded by small plants and grass. They were able to see every minute detail as the whole area was lit by illuminated lights. it was so bright that for a second we can forget it was still night.

There was a big board on which letters were engraved clearly stating Sharma mansion. Neil and sid glanced at each other and asked arjun “ Why are we here?”

Arjun without answering unbuckled the seat belt and got out the car. Neil and Sid followed him. Arjun moved to the back seat and took baskets which were neatly covered.

Neil asked “ what are these? And why are we here standing at the door of nick’s house.”

Arjun “ we are here because I wanted to see radhika. And these are gifts for her.”

Sid” Arjun really. You are turning out more dramatic than neil now. “

Neil scowled at sid and said” shut up you idiot. Every one is on my back always.” He turned to arjun “ How the hell are you planning to get inside?”

Arjun sheepishly said” well I had already made preparations for it. Now come on.”

Neil “ No way I’m getting in. You are here to meet your girlfriend so you can go.”

Arjun “ Neil please not now. Come fast. There is less time. We have to make lots of arrangements. And we don’t want samrat uncle to know about your weekend trip right?”

Neil” idiot. Just because uncle listens to you. You are taking advantage of me. Wait till my marriage with sam. Then I will tell you what torture is.”

Sid laughed shooking his head” Forget it neil. If you want to marry Sam then first you have to get permission from Arjun and me. And looking at your attitude it is no way near to be seen.” He high-fived with arjun.
Neil rolled his eyes and glared at them to shut up. They all moved in carrying baskets in their hands.

Sid” Bro why is the house so silent. And most importantly where is nick ?”

Arjun “ Nick is with victor. Victor told when I called him late night. so he is not our problem now.”

They were walking on the stairs leading to the hallway. Neil” do you know in which radhika will be? Or we are going to search for her.”

Arjun rolled his eyes and said” of course I know idiot. The last room at the end of the hallway. Now shut up and move fast.”

Neil and sid shared a look but didn’t say anything. They went to the room and stood at the closed door. Arjun was about to turn the door knob when neil placed his hand on his shoulder and asked” what if radhika wakes up and scream?”

Arjun ignored him and entered the room. There was a huge bed placed in the middle of the room, a couch placed in the opposite to the bed towards the end. There was faint light emerging from the night lamp. Arjun moved to the switch board and switched on the light and soon bright light appeared in the room clearly showing the girl who was fast asleep on the bed beneath the white sheets.

The walls of the room were white in colour so different from any girl’s room. There were no paintings or any art piece hanging in the room. Not even a single portrait of her family or her herself. Arjun shook his head and placed the basket on the coffee table which was present in front of the couch.

Sid” What are we going to do now?”

Arjun “ we are going to decorate this room.” Neil almost choked in his breath and pulled open the baskets to see there were various types of flowers in it.

Neil” what the? Flowers . But why ?”

Arjun rolled his eyes “ As I already said to decorate this room .” in a nonchalant way.

Sid “ but how can we do that?” clearly irritated with his friend who woke him up at 4 in the morning for decorating. This is insane.

Arjun “ We can do that . See I even bought the pictures. I know I was dealing with dumb people like you.”

Neil and sid scowled at his remark. Neil asked” From where did you get these pics.”

Arjun “ that is for me to know and for you to find out. But not now. Later. For now lets start our work.”

Sid” I don’t know why I’m doing this. And what If she wakes up .”

Arjun “ she will not wake up for now. So get going and lets complete the work fast. I need to take a nap after this. “

Neil and sid both muttered idiot under their breaths. All three started decorating using the reference of pics. There were so many variety of flowers. They all used them and arranged the flowers in various patterns. At the end the room was filled with flowers and looked like a flower garden. They saw their work and patted their backs feeling as if they achieved something big.

Neil pulled out his mobile and took some pics there along with arjun and sid. The room was slowly glowing with the sun’s bright red rays. It was not clearly morning but soon would be. so they agreed to move out of the house now before someone catch them.

Before going out arjun moved towards the bed, kissing her forehead lovingly mumbled “ good morning love. Welcome to the new world.” Neil and Sid just stood there seeing their friend. It was clear that he was in very much love with her. They moved out the mansion and sat in the car.

Sid” what are we going to do now?”

Neil” I want to sleep. Please drop me at my home. And I will be late to college. Say after 2 hours.”

Arjun “ Ok. I would be going to sanju’s house. As today I had to give lift to her. May be she would wake me up at college time.”

Sid turned to neil and said” then I’m coming with you. I don’t want to see my parents today.” Neil nodded his head.

Arjun dropped neil and sid at neil’s house and made his way to sanju’s house.


Radhika woke up immensely pleased and happy. It was after a long time she slept without even stirring in her sleep. that was new to her. However she felt fresh and the fragrance in the air just heightened her senses. The air around her was so soothing. Cool breeze blew even there was bright sunlight from the window. She sat on her bed and rubbed her eyes with the palm of her hands.

Opening her eyes, she saw her room was filled with different colors. When the bright light passed through the flowers they shadowed as a rainbow on the walls behind. It was a great sight to see. For a second she thought she was dreaming.

Soon she realized she was not dreaming and it was her very own room. She couldn’t understand who did this. The maids and workers of the mansion knew not to intrude into her room. So who did this?
She jumped up from the bed, turning around she noticed the room was entirely covered with flowers, the soothing fragrance lingered in the air. She shouted for the servants and asked who came into her room. But no answer came. They themselves don’t know how so many flowers came into the mansion without their notice. They were sure some one entered into the mansion and sneaked in radhika’s room. They were afraid if the matter gets to come into notice of the master of the house purab Sharma then all their jobs were in danger. So they pleaded radhika to leave the matter and assured her they would find out who the intruders were.

She left the matter clearly ordering to clean the place fast. The room was cleaned and tidied in a matter of time by removing all the flowers which were plastered.

She came out of room and sat at the dining table for breakfast. Her phone rang clearly stating nick was on call. Nick came around the foyer when radhika moved out of the front door. He noticed she was back to herself giving blank face and he didn’t want to start the conversation regarding yesterday’s race but kept silent. He was sure arjun would not leave the matter. He was thinking deep and raking about the incident guessing probabilities. He couldn’t get what was there for arjun and what were his intentions. But he has a gut feeling that there was something going unnoticed. And he intended to find out for the sake of radhika. He couldn’t leave her with arjun if he imposed any danger.

They drove in his car to college. College was chaos after the news travelled. The news flew in the air like wild fire. It was bound to happen. Arjun was the captain of soccer team of the university and to their knowledge he never had any relationship for that matter not even a single affair. So it was hard to digest the news. But the most shocking news was that radhika was his girlfriend. They were allowing their brains to pass into the depths of matter but not even a single soul was able to find out what was this all about.
When radhika entered the front door of the college behind nick she knew the news has been heard by everyone and she was the centre of attraction now. Which she clearly hated. She always tried to hide behind the shadows but now suddenly she was thrown out in public. Everyone was watching her.

Radhika and nick entered the cafeteria and saw that arjun and the gang was already there. Arjun waved his hand at them which was clearly ignored. Arjun grinned when radhika stared at him for a while and sat in her chair beside nick.

Nick “ Radhika there is nothing to get worried. May be it was his prank and now he forgot about that .”

Radhika nodded her head at this and sipped her coffee which was brought by naina. Naina hold her hand and squeezed it.

Radhika excused herself to take her books from locker. When naina told her, she could give company she clearly declined and made way out of the cafeteria to the lockers.

Arjun who saw this excused himself and followed radhika to the lockers. While radhika was busy rummaging her stuff in the locker arjun stood beside it.

Arjun “ hi sweetheart. How was your day ?”

The sudden interruption startled radhika but she maintained her composure. Closing the door and locking it she asked” what do you want arjun ?”

Arjun smiled at her” ohh so you know my name. well I’m so happy on knowing this. I was pretty sure you didn’t knew my name.”

Radhika” yes I knew your name. so what. Everyone in the uni knows. Then why is it a surprise to you.”

Arjun sighed “ Ok. Leave that. How was my gift? Did you like it?”

Radhika said in a low voice” what gift ?”

Arjun “ Sorry I didn’t place my name there. The flowers were my gift sweet heart.”

Radhika glared at him after listening this “So you were the intruder? How did you do that ? and most importantly why?”

Arjun sighed” I thought you would love it and atleast I could get a hug for it. but see here you are interrogating me .”

Radhika rolled her eyes. He gave her a smug smile. She asked what. He said” nothing. You just rolled your eyes and I found it very cute.” And piched her cheek lightly.

Radhika pushed his hand and walked away glaring at him. she went inside the cafeteria and beside nick who was busy talking to victor.

Nick observed radhika who had a worried look plastered on her face. He shook her and asked” Are you fine? What happened?”

Radhika shook her head muttered nothing. She glared at arjun who entered the canteen grinning ear to ear. The gang noticed this.

Sam “ what happened? And why is radhika giving murderous looks?’

Arjun “ murderous look.” And laughed a little and continued” what will you do when you receive a thing which you hate the most?”

Sam “ Hate the most. Hmm. First I will throw the thing on his face and then beat him hard.”

Arjun “Exactly the reason of her glares.”

Sanju “ what do you mean? Who gifted her and what? Arjun grinned again. Neil and sid after watching this realized what the gift was.

Sid” are you saying she hate flowers?” arjun nodded his head.

Sam “ Oh. There is nothing to be angry. Sanju doesn’t like flowers. She starts some philosophical class on flowers if any one gift her flowers.”

Sanju “ I don’t give lectures to everyone. Only who are wasting them.”

Arjun “ Not like sanju . she atleast like flowers and like to see them. Radhika clearly hates them.”

Neil” And you gave her a flower garden as a gift. What were you thinking? What are you trying to do ?”

Arjun just sat there watching radhika glaring at him zoning out their conversation.

Hey my loveliess. How are you? Okay so here is the next part. Hope you all like it. I’m waiting for your reviews on it. how did you find this arjun ? do you like him? And what was the reason I just mentioned in the start. Can any one guess it? waiting for your lovely comments. Bye. Take care. Stay healthy and keep smiling.

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    Marvellous chapter dear… 🙂 Arjun nd d gang were too adorable today.. 🙂 ArDhika’s scenes were fantabulous…Well regarding Neil’s part …I will wait for u to disclose it..nd about Arjun…u know how much jealous I m from Rads 😉 😉 don’t u…all curious for soon… Loads of love 🙂

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