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Chappy dedicated to my dear ritu. Thank you so much dear. For your constant support and lovely comments. And your dp with smiling emoji is so cool. Wish you always has a happy smile plastered to you. All the best for your future.

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Arjun was sleeping peacefully on his king size bed after a long night of party which was organized on the occassion to celebrate their victory. It was a blast. Every one from their college attended the party except some noted members.

He was restless on not seeing radhika at the party, but it was usual she never attends parties. If anything nick will be accompanying her everywhere.

His deep slumber was disturbed by a phone call. It was unusual for anyone to call him that early in the morning. He stretched his hand and picked up the phone which was settled on the night stand.

Without checking the caller, he placed it at his left ear still sleeping with his front attached to the bed. He was greeted with his gummibear’s sweet voice.

” Arjun. ” But he noticed it was sad and not her usual chirpy voice.

He woke up , rubbing his eyes with his hand sat on the bed and answered ” What happened sam??”

“Sanju is nowhere to be seen. We were sleeping but when i woke up this morning she was not beside me. I searched her in the whole house. I even contacted Girish Uncle to check if she gone home.”

Arjun ” Its ok sam. Where are you now?”

Sam” I’m still in my home. Neil is here making some calls. Sid is on the way.”

Arjun sighed knowing how easily sam got worried ” Okay. Give phone to Neil. I want to speak with him.”

Sam got up from her seat and moved to neil. Neil took mobile from her hand and placed his other hand around her bringing her close to him. Sam leaned on his shoulder.

Neil placed the mobile at his ear and listened to whatever arjun said and cut the call mumbling “Fine. We will be there.”

Sam raised her head to see neil. Neil smiled at her placed a soft kiss on her forehead and said ” Dont worry. Nothing happened.”

Arjun strolled into washroom, changing into white t-shirt with blue jeans with a hooded sweater came out. He moved out of his room with keys and mobile in his hand. He knew sanju will not pick any calls now so it would be waste to call her.

He made his way out of the front door , opened his car and drove away fastly. After covering a long distance, he came to the place. It was burial ground.

Taking a deep breath he moved out of his car. Walking on the pavement he saw a petite figure sitting on the ground at the cemetry which was clean and decorated with fresh flowers .

He moved towards her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Sanju jerked up at the sudden contact and turned to see arjun standing with glossy and concern eyes.

Arjun noticed that sanju was crying by seeing tear striken face. It was their secret place whenever they feel low or want some peace. To be alone. They used to come at his mother sobha mehra’s cemetry when they were still young and wanted to runaway from problems. Now it has become their solace.

Arjun moved to sanju, placing his hand around her sat beside her. She moved close to him as arjun stroked her hair slowly and affectionately. She would be ever grateful to all these people who adored her so much and made her part of their families. Arjun was her brother who knows all her small things. He can read her soul. He asked her quietly ” What happened?”

Sanju rubbed on her cheeks to clean the dry tears with the back of her hand. She said “Nothing. I wanted to see Mom. But cant see her. So i came here.”

Arjun understood what she meant. Sanju’s mom died after giving her birth and she never saw her. Girish was an employee in mehra industries. He was a hardworker. But after his wife’s death he couldn’t stay in india. All his relatives began to force him for re-marriage. But girish couldn’t do that.

So he asked aarav, arjun’s father to transfer him in another branch. But aarav treated him as a friend. Sobha after knowing about the newborn child and his condition asked aarav to bring girish to newyork.

Sobha took care of sanju as her own daughter and arjun loved her as his own sister. Sanju became family. And they always behave as brother and sister.

Arjun wanted to change her mood and his. So he started ” It is good you came here. But sam is freaking worried. She is going crazy thinking something bad happened to you. You should have informed someone.”

Sanju sat up straight and said ” Sam was sleeping. How could you expect me to wake her up and make her worried? And i couldn’t sleep all night. So i came here early. ”

Arjun now got serious ” You couldn’t sleep. Why didnt you call me?”

Sanju rolled her eyes and said ” It was your party arjun. And it went late night. So i didnt want to disturb all you people.”

Arjun sighed knowing there was no way to win against her. She was one stubborn girl. Infact all girls in his life are stubborn headed.

” Ok. But pray that this news doesnt travel to nandini aunty else no one can save you. ”

Sanju ” Nandini aunty. Why her. Uff this sam got me in real trouble now.”

Nandini placed an important role in the friends lives. She was their mother in every sense. The gang spend all their time in agarwal residence rather in their own houses. She was youngest sister of aarav mahra and prerna malhotra. So arjun and neil were her god sons. But she loved all 5 as her own. Their was no partiality in her love. So whenever a problem arises they knew where to go.

But after sobha’s death. She was more concerned for sanju. Sanju barely make any contact with others. She grew closely attached to sobha and her death made her silent and distant.

But she came out of that by efforts of her friends. She always had a smile plastered to her lips and tries to hide all her worries and sorrows in it. But the gang knew her better. So never leaves her alone and are constantly worried about her.

Arjun chuckled listening her ” Hey dont worry. I was just guessing. Sam called sid and neil. So it is obvious prerna aunty know about that. And knowing prerna aunty im sure she will contact her sister first. ”

Sanju laughed a little after listening to arjun’s explanation. She was lucky to have such friends and their parents who treat her as their own.

Arjun ” Now get up. We have to move now. Sam will be waiting for you. Be ready.”

Sanju ” Haha. Very funny. I know how to handle sam. She will never do anything to me. ”

Arjun ” Yaa. I know. So brought extra daisies. ”

Sanju gave him a bag which was beside her. There were colourful daisies. ” I know you would come for here. So i brought some more flowers. ”

Arjun ruffled her hair playfully. They moved out after placing the flowers and praying for her.


Sam, Neil and Sid were eagerly waiting for arjun. They were standing at the side walk beside the parking lot.

Arjun arrived with sanju. He parked his car and moved out. The passenger door was opened from outside, sanju knew who it was. She moved out of the car. Before sam could shout on her she hugged her tight chanting sorry.

That was enough for sam, she reciprocated by hugging her tight. They pulled away when heard yelling. They know it was sid.

“ how can you easily forgive her sam?” he turned to sanu “ and you my dear are not allowed to go out without informing me. Am I clear?”

Sanju rolled her eyes at him but nodded her head. After greeting and hugging each other they went to canteen for breakfast as suggested by neil.

“ common now. Stop the drama. Lets go grab something for breakfast. I’m tired of the parade I did from morning.”

They sat in the canteen in their designated table. (What can you say. Special table which is labelled for them. Lol . I know but you will find this in colleges.

Sam and sid were standing at the food counter to bring the food. Sanju was talking to elena regarding some classes at the middle table. Arjun and neil were busy with their phones playing games.

Arjun raised in his head, his eyes searched for the one when he sensed her presence.
There stood radhika hiding behind nick. It was a daily routine for arjun to watch his love from afar. Nick and Arjun have some kind of student rivalry from childhhod and it continued till now. It was more than 7 years now.

Sanju turned around and collided with nick who was irritated by this. He scowled at her and yelled” watch where you are going.”

Sid came running to her side in seconds. Arjun n Neil were also standing now flanking around sanju.

Sid glared at nick and his gang. Both may be team members but can barely hold their presence and company. Arjun had hard time in training and while playing games.

“ why should she watch. Can’t you go other side” shouted sid at nick.

All the canteen was now silent watching their favourite game where no team back off easily. The whole football team were seated too watching it intently. It was the best if you sit and watch rather than taking sides.

Alex stood beside nick along with victor. Alex was the reason nick got into habit of illegal boxing matches. Arjun can see minor cuts on nick’s face some turned black and some purple which indicated he had participated a match last night. He was taking it really hard and always keeping his life in danger.

But no one can make him realize. He hated women. It was only radhika whom he talked with. Don’t know what relation they have. But he never left her alone. He was like a bodygaurd always around her.

He glanced at radhika who had a blank look on her face. Her eyes showed no emotion. She always maintained stoic face. Barely had interraction with anyone. He craved for her smile but it was never there. She was a lively girl but something changed her into this emotionless. And the bitter truth is no one know what the reason is.

His thoughts were distracted when neil nudged him indicating to stop the fight now.

Rolling his eyes, he moved in between and told “ Nick we are sorry dude.” Turned to sid and motioned him to keep quiet. That’s all was needed. The fight abruptly stopped and all carried on with their works.

Nick moved to their table with alex. Radhika and Naina trailing behind them. Arjun and the gang went to their own table.


Victor went to the table and sat down to discuss. Victor was a good singer. He was the college DJ. He had a rockband which held concerts.

Arjun saw victor and asked him what is it.

“ arjun you know I have a concert next month.”

All nodded their heads and arjun asked victor to continue. Victor said” so I asked dean for permission. For using west side college premises and back garden area for it. It is superb location. But that stupid man is not listening to me.”

Neil” so. How can we help in this.”

Victor” after lot of bargaining he agreed to give a small performance in assembly hall. If it good then he may consider my request.”

Sam” is he insane. You are the best. And he wants proof. That dean is really something.”

Victor “ I know sam. So im here to ask you guys to come to hall sharp 4. It will be only 15 minutes. And if any of you want then they can sing too. It is like an interaction program as no one will come if I say it is going be concert promotion. They will decline my wish saying ‘we will only see main concert’ stupid friends. “

Sanju and sam giggled listening to it. Sid “ why stupid. Se we are buying tickets and watching your concert. You idiot. You should be actually happy about it.”

Victor” I know. And I’m happy. But I want it to be in this college this year. And this is my only chance. I already told nick and he promised he will be there.”

Arjun “ so everyone are invited and all are coming.”

Victor” yeah I guess. I even invited staff so all students can get leisure from classes. And juniors were so happy for this they instantly agreed.”

Neil” intelligent boy.” And patted victor on his cheek. Victor scowled at neil.

Victor was the only one from nick’s group who talked with them. He always acted like mediator between them. So they are friendly with him and his band reputation helped him a lot.

Arjun answered that they will come and gestured him to tag along him. They moved to the side corner. After sometime arjun returned to their table with a smirk on his face.

Neil questioned him ” What is the smirk all about. And what did you talk to him so privately.”

Arjun shrugged his shoulders mumbling nothing. But they know there is definitely something and waiting to see what it is all about.


Okayy. First im extremely sorry. Im not well. Got sick and tiresomeness is breaking me. so i couldnt update early. And this too is not full chapter. There is lot more to it. But couldn’t write it. It is like a filler on their lives. So plzzz read and tell how it was.

I will be updating soon. Im excited for next chap. There are lots n lots of things happening in that. Waiting for your comments my dear loveliess.

Loveee you all. Thank you so much.

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