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A girl paced the room impatiently. She was growling on her subordinates, frowning time and again, giving orders continuously in her bluetooth which was attached to her left ear. She is beautiful, in other words looking like a fashion diva in her peach button up shirt and white skirt which ended below knees. She wore her two inch black heels to go with the dress, little make up and hair circled into a tight bun to avoid falling. She looked stunning yet professional.

She was going crazy with all the stuff. She moved out of the room and made way to concession stand to check everything is in place. It was first solo project. She wanted it to be the best. But there was a problem.

It was the finals of collegiate soccer games. They are held in NYU in this year and to add more it was an important game for their college as they are in the finals against their very old rivals. The dean strictly ordered all the staff and students, about the rules and regulations and they are bound to follow. Else their would be serious consequences of it.

” Why Now. Why did this idea enter that stupid dean’s brain.” She muttered to herself while observing all the arrangements.

” Its because you are the best sam. Why are being nervous. Everything will be alright.” Came a voice from behind.

Sam turned around to see her best friend sanjana in her usual wear, basketball tee and faded blue jeans. She rolled her eyes at her friend. It was impossible to believe she was a fashion designer by seeing her. With no make up and the boyish dress with a hooded jacket that she wore.

” Sanju. Thank God you are finally here. I was going all mad.” She squealed in happiness seeing her friend.

Sanju went to sam’s side smiling and said ” Just calm down. All arrangements are superbly done. ”

” I just hope so. I will kill that dean if he give me any changes now.”

Before sanju can answer, they were stopped by a voice ” Hello Ladies. Do you need my help.”

Both the girls rolled their eyes as they knew who it was. Sanju muttered ” Neil. Yes we are in great need of your help. Can you please carry this basket of cool beverages to the waiting room.”

” What!!! Now this is not done. Iam the Student Body president yaar. Atleast show some respect towards me.”

” Oh yeah. Mr. President. Who was the one that asked if we need any help in first place?”

” Ok. Madam. Sorry.” turned to sam and scowled at her worrying face and asked” Sam why are worrying baby. You are the best. So take a chill pill and take rest. ” moving to wards the girls.

” Neil not you too. What do you people want. I can seriously not relax till this game is over. ”

” Oh baby. Dont worry we will terminate the dean next year. But i dont understand one thing. How did he give this responsiblity to you. He dont trust anyone at all. ”

” How else. The great Samrat Khanna was behind this. Last night mom and me confronted him then he accepted it.”

” And when i questioned him why. He said ‘Bachhu it is for your best. This is a super oppurtunity.'” Air quoting her dads words.

” Well we agree with him. This is really a great oppurtunity to utilize your talent and a great experience too.” Neil said and Sanju agreed with him.

” I know it is. But this is freaking final game and added to it A match between Knights and Assasins. If anything goes wrong that dean will never let leave me. ”

Their discussion halted when sam clicked the button to hear sia’s voice clearly” Yes sia. What is it?”

” Sam. There is a problem. Please come to the west wing near the boys locker room.”

” What happened? Why are sounding low.” Asked sam in panic.

“Sam please come fast. And bring Neil along. ” sia spoke fast and cut the call.

” Oh God. What happened now. ” sam exclaimed. Sanju and Neil shook her ” First lets see what it is. And dont get worried on. Nothing will go wrong.” And the trio moved to the end of the hallway leading to the locker room.

When they reached they saw the team members standing out of the room, Coach paced frantically and Dean kept on ranting which was hard to interpret.

Neil signalled Evan to come to him. Evan sneakily moved and came to them who was hiding at the corner.

” What happened Evan. What the chaos is all about.” Neil questioned.

” Team has not arrived yet. 5 members are yet to come. And the main problem is captain is missing too. They are not picking up calls. Coach is being bombarded with questions by Dean. And Dean i dont know what to say about him.”

Sam gasped hearing this. Sanju asked him ” Who else has not arrived?”

Evan shook his head and gave the list of members not made their presence yet. Neil thanked him and turned to sam who has turned pale. ” Sammy baby. Its alright. We still have an hour before the game commences. So please stop panicking. ”

” Calm!!! How could i be calm. First this is my big and important project. I was worrying all the time about the arrangements. And now these idiots are not here making it more difficult for me. Did they really have to do it now. They are giving me heart attack now.” She ranted.

” Ms. Khanna. I will be the one getting heart attack with all you people.” And turned to Coach ” How can be this irresponsible. Where the hell is your team?”

Evan and Adam came forward ” Dean it is not coach’s fault. And we still have time. They will be here soon. ” spoke defending their coach and remaining nodded their heads in agreement.

” Do whatever you want. I will not speak a word now.” Dean spoke venemously to the students.

” Oh that will be very helpful.” murmered sanju who was standing beside sam. And all snorted.

” Ms. Kumar. Will you stop being sarcastic and find out why your beloved friends are still not here. ” Dean spoke in a stern voice and moved from there.

All exhaled a sigh. Coach leaned back, he was in his casual self with papers in his hand.

” Coach we are sorry. ” said the students surrounding him not appreciating the fact that dean spoke such words to him.

” Its fine. Arjun said he will be in 10 minutes. And im sure all others will be coming soon. But Mr.James is an impatient man. I cant blame him. It is an important match for him too. He dont want any troubles now. Actually he is worried about Mr. Mathew Anderson.”

” Oh yes. How did we forget the cunning fox. Both dont worry coach. This time our boys will beat his college easily.” Told sanju aloud.

Coach nodded and asked Neil to contact remaining members and made way to changing room with the remaining team.

” I hope you are right sanju.” turned to sam ” Baby please stop worrying. Go and check the arrangements while we contact others.” And kissed the top of her head.

Sam nodded and went along with Emily who came searching for her. After sam left Neil said ” Lets do it sanju. Mission Finding Idiots start. ” Sanju laughed hearing to him nodded her head muttering” yes sir. Mr. President.”


Sid was in his drivers seat of his car and David accompanying him in passenger seat was scowling. They were stuck in traffic as a red light glowed.

They startled when they heard mobile ringing violently. It was sid’s mobile and a familiar ring tone came making sid realize it was a call from his gang members. David shook his head after seeing neil’s name in the caller id.

Sid placed the phone near his ear and spoke without even listening ” The caller you are trying to reach is unavailable at present situation. Please try after sometime. Thank you for calling.” and almost hung the call.

But stopped when he heard laughter from the other end. Neil rolled his eyes at his stupid friends and said ” Sid. Dont you dare cut the call. Listen carefully. Sam is going all wild now. If you are not here in 10 minutes, consider yourself dead . And from tomorrow i will the one saying those lines whoever calls you.”

This time sanju laughed harder. David too chuckled listening to neil’s threat. Sid ” What!!!! What happened to sam. ”

” Well i can give you the details. But you see im not in mood for that. I have other works to do as well. And the most important thing you have to do now is come as fast as you can.” Told neil in a bored tone.

” Ok fine. I will be there in 10 minutes sharp.” Sid groaned and cut the call.

He saw that the light has changed into orange now. He told David to be ready and as soon as the light changed into green, the car flew away.

” Do you think he will arrive in 10 minutes?” Daniel who was sitting beside sanju voiced his worry.

” Oh i dont think. I know he will come before 10.” Answered Neil noncholantly and dialed another number.

Daniel turned his head to sanju and asked her ” How can you be so sure? I know he is a champion but.. ” trailing off.

” He is a racing champion. And the best. He will be here in 8 minutes. Wanna bet?” Sanju boasted.

Neil ” Sanju stop playing with the poor boy. And go search for your dearest brother. Dont know in which corner he is.” mocked her.

Sanju pushed him to the side warning ” Oh hello. Dont you dare speak about my brother. I will be going now”

” Well . All the best Lollipop. Aur bhaiyya ko pranam kehnna mat bhulna.( Dont forget to convey my greetings) ” neil murdered sarcastically.

Sanju stormed towards the classrooms present south side after giving a glare to neil.


Arjun sat in the last bench in a empty classroom with his wallet in his hand. He was staring it lovingly with eyes teary and longing.

” Hey mom. How are you? As you already know that today is a big day for me. So bless me like you always do and be with me” brought his wallet near to his lips which has his mom Sobha Mehra’s beautiful pic.

After sometime he turned the wallet to other side ” Hey love. Please come infront of me before going to the game. ” pushed his head up slightly ” Please God grant me this wish.”

He was disturbed when heard a knock on the door. He knew it was sanju as she is the only one who knew where he would be. He rubbed his hands on his face, stood up from the chair and opened the door.

As expected sanjana stood leaning to the side of the wall with arms folded infront. She gave a smile to him and asked ” So Mr. Hero. Spoke to your lucky charms. ”

Arjun shook his head smiling. Shrugging his shoulders murmered yes. Before sanju could say anything her phone started ringing. She almost rolled her eyes when she saw sam was calling.

She cut the call. Arjun raised his eyebrows giving her ‘ what happened’ look. Sanju shook her head ” Your Gummibear is going all crazy. I have to go now. Come fast.” Without hearing him ran away.

Arjun smiled at her and made way to the changing room where his team will be there. He turned to the corner and was collided with someone and stumbled back. Before he could say anything that person whispered sorry in a soft voice.

The voice was like music to his ears, turning his head he saw that the person he collided was none other than Radhika.

He mumbled ” Its alright.” And stopped speaking further when he noticed she was walking away with another girl beside her. He stared at her retreating form long enough, shook his head grinning from ear to ear. Moved forward turning around, ran in the empty hallway making his way to changing room to meet his team mates when he realized it was late. Thanked God for granting his wish this fast.


Arjun reached the changing room, all his fellow mates exhaled a breath seeing him already dressed and ready for the game. He moved forward and stood beside coach. Coach smiled and patted his back. He noticed all his team members are present except sid, david and nick.

Coach left the room after giving instructions to them and ordered to be ready as the game will start in no time.

Neil came running to the room. Arjun asked him about the remaining. Neil said” Sid and David will be here soon. But the problem is….” and stopped when he saw arjun was already on the phone.

” His phone is not in reach arjun.” Daniel who was behind neil spoke.

Victor who was in deep slumber woke up startled and scowled at his phone. He took the phone sleepily, sliding the call on placed at his ear and mumbled hello.

” Victor. Where is nikhil?” Arjun yelled from the other side.

Victor swore under his breath, jumped down the bed and ran out of his room. He saw nick sleeping peacefully on the couch. They had partied all night after their victory.

” Shit. How did we forget. ” he muttered when he realized why arjun had called him. ” Arjun Im sorry. We will be there in 10 minutes. No delay i promise.” in almost straight and stern voice but it betrayed by the heavy dose of alcohol he consumed last night.

” Only 10 minutes. I wont call you again. Be here in time.” Arjun warned in a clipping tone knowing full well what their deal is.

Victor hung the call and shook nick with force knowing they can’t be late. Nick sleepily pushed his hand and hissed at him ” What do you want victor? Dont you see im sleeping.”

” Nick just get up already. You can sleep later but for now we have to move bro. The match is about to start in 30 minutes.” Victor rambled at his friends sleeping form.

By listening about the match Nick jumped down the couch rubbing his hands on his face. He saw the time in his mobile which was placed on the table and missed calls from neil and danny.

” Why is my phone silent. How can i not wake up? Coach is going to kill me today.” He started moving to the kitchen. Took water in a glass and aspirin tablets to reduce the effect of hangover. Pour some water on his face and head to get rid of sleepiness .

They both started running to the back door of the college from victor’s dorm room hastily. He reached there in no time as it was little distance. He sighed when saw his team mates staring at him.

After changing clothes, he joined the team. No one said a word against each other as they know they all were same. They all shook their heads at one another and Arjun started revising their strategies and boosting their confidence.


Sam was now relieved and took a deep breath after hearing that everything is in its place. But she was not going to leave them for almost giving her heart attack by their stupid stunts. She stood now in the corner of concession stand.

Neil and Sanju were standing beside her. Crowd started forming, students and viewers started pouring in rapidly. In no time the stadium was full packed. There was no single space left.

The teams entered the ground. The knights entered first and Dean made his way to the benches along with Coach Martin and his team which consists of the psychian and assoaciate Coach.

Dean cleared his throat ” Boys win this game and keep your heads high. This is an important match for all of us. And we have to win it at any cost. All the best.” concluded in a stern voice.

After he was gone, Evan uttered lowly ” Was he warning us, pleading or ordering. I couldn’t understand clearly.”

All the team laughed after hearing evan’s words. They all shook their heads. The crowd started cheering again intending that the opposite team was entering the field. They were brutal and violent. It was a known fact they never played fair.

The horns blazed aloud in the air when Edward the assasin captain entered the field with their best centre forward Louis. Edward blew flying kisses to the crowd especially girls, he was the most popular player around.

When he saw he opposite team looked deadly with their personality. Half of the crowd cheered for their favoured team and horns blazed when captain of Assassins Edward entered the field. He blew flying kisses to the crowd especially girls, he was the most popular player around. No girl can get away from him if he was interested.

He smirked when he saw sam and sanju at the top. Both rolled their eyes at his audacity. The NYU team members glared in his way when they saw this. Sid fisted his hands in a tight grip.

Neil who was gone from his place when he received a message that Dean was asking for him, returned and saw scowling faces of both girls. He asked” what happened to you?? Why these sudden change in mood??”

Both shook their heads mumbling ” Nothing.” He was about to speak but stopped by the announcement that game is going to start now.

Both the teams entered the field stood on their respective positions. Arjun’s eyes searched through the crowd and landed on the person. Radhika was talking animatedly to Naina. Angelic face, beautiful eyes with no expression on her face and missing smile.

He came out of his thoughts when he heard Referre blew whistle. The ball came into the knights possession. All the players started running across the field trying to make gial. They dribbled the ball, passed to others who were present in open position.

The game was interesting as no team was backing off, the assassins has the best defense mechanism and with their built bodies no one had a chance infront of them. They tackled the opposite team players by trapping them and stealing the balls from their possesion easily.

But today was different, the offense team Knights were playing sharp and speedily giving no chance for them to steal the ball. Half of the time has passed but there was not a single goal on the board. The crowd cheered for their favoured teams. But nothing can be heard in particular with all the sounds.

Some were standing at the concession stand buying eatables and bevarages. A variety of handy junk food was put on. Coaches started shouting instructions at their teams. All were in pressure.

All the crowd gasped when they saw chris falling on the ground by Greg assassin wing forward. All circled around him, Referee showed yellow card to Greg as it was foul. And now time to throw-in.

The ball was now in Assassn’s possession. Naina ” This is going to be touch game. Hope our team wins” said to radhika who sat beside her watching the game.

Radhika nodded her head. Now every one’s attention was on the field. No one dared to turn their heads, their eyes were glued moving along with the ball.

It was getting hotter not due to temperature, it was all about the game now. Both teams were not going to make it a tie, they wanted to win. It was neck to neck competition. As time passed by it was really hard to make a goal under a lot of pressure.

There was only 12 minutes left and the ball was with Andrew Assassin best Mid-fielder. There was no way he would leave possession of the ball. David Knights Mid-fielder tried to tackle him but andrew made a fake shot and changed the direction of the ball in opposite way dribbling using his insides effectively.

There was only 10 minutes left, nick moved forward signalling chris and evan, they tried to tackle and steal the ball from Andrew who was sheilding the ball. Atlast the ball came to Knights when Andrew made a fake pass but nick expected this and stealed the ball by using his left leg and dribbled the around.

There was only 7 minutes left. Nick moved around the field but he knew he was soon going to be trapped when he saw Edward and Louis making his way and Andrew was behind him. He passed the ball to Sid who was in open position by using long shot at the opposite corner of the field.

There were no players aside him, so he has to lead the possession of the ball to the goal line moving fast. He was near the goal line but goalie of Assassin’s was in form to tackle and place the ball on ground. He has to take the risk. He faked a shot, turned the ball dribbling around and passed it to Arjun who was in center forward position.

It just happened in a lighting speed. Arjun tossed the ball through his toes brought it above the ground striked it to the left corner side of the goal post using his knee and kicked hard. It made contact with the net and it was a GOAL. The first goal of the match. There was only 2 minutes left now. Sam, Neil and Sanju blew vevezuela with force and it roared throughout the stadium. They were hugging each other.

Supporters of The Knights cheered roaring loudly. They were sure that they won the game as they knew it was difficult to make a goal in 2 minutes. But Arjun didnt want to take chance, it was not wise to underestimate the opposite team. He changed the formation by placing 5 midfielders this time. It was impossible to make a goal with 5 midfielders around.

And whistle blew, indicating that was the end of the game. All the players retired and sat on the ground feeling tired. Their bodies covered with sweat and dust emerged from the ground. Sam and Sanju ran into the field crossing the fence, tackling arjun and sid into hugs. The face of The Knights glowed, spreading their smiles. It was the Winning Smile. They pulled Arjun, lifted him in the air yelling congratulations. He was their captain and the goal scorer. All hugged each other patting their backs. It was a team’s effort. And today they proved that they were best.

Neil hugged each of the team players. Dean was giving his million dollar smile and nodded his head to the players. And they shouted PARTY TIME in unison.

Arjun’s eyes found radhika clapping her hands at their win. She was pulled in a hug by Nick who left the field and was in crowd now. All the boys went to changing room.

There was no way to reduce their happiness. Aarav Mehra called his son to congratulate him. ” I’m proud of you my son. So are the celebrations on?”

” Yes dad. We are going to Agarwal residence from here. You be there in time. ” Arjun said to his father.

” Aye Aye Captain. I will be in time.” said aarav and hung the call.


Nick and Radhika reached their home. When Radhika get down the car, she noticed the engine was still on. And Nick was in no mood to move out.

She moved around the car, tapped the window of the driver. Nick rolled the glass down and Radhika started ” Where are going now? Please get down the car. You are not staying in the house since a week.”

Before Nick could answer his phone rang ” Hello.”


“Ok. ”

“Fine. ”

“I will be there. No need. ”

He gave laconic replies to the caller and kept the phone down after disconnecting.

Radz understood what was that all about ” Another Match. Till when are you going to risk your life like this. Please leave those. They are hurting you. ”

” What to do radhika. Nothing is bringing peace. Let my life end like this. I’m happy in one way or other. And who is their to worry about me.” He spoke with a painful voice.

Radz stepped back keeping the usual stern face and told ” You have me Nick. I will be waiting for you at dinner table. It’s all your decision now.” And moved into the house without looking back.

” Radhika Dont wait for me. Im not coming again.” He yelled loudly to make radz understand, but she didnt turn around to see or hear.

Nick rolled his eyes, shooking his head pulled the ignition on and drove on the road. Muttering ” What will happen to you Radz? When will you change?”


Ta-daa . Im back. Ufff this chapter really made me think about my memory power. So many names. I dont know whether I placed them correctly or not. So sorry if there are any errors. How was the chappy. Good. Boring.Cool. Dragging. All your suggestions, views and scoldings are accepted without hesitation. Tell me frankly. I reintroduced all the characters.

Now important question Whose intro did u like most? Whose was cute? Are you satisfied with this?? Sorry about the football game. I know only some. If there are any fans Im extremely sorry. If you dont find it gud. I tried my maximum to make it look gud.

Waiting for your comments. Next one Radhika Becomes Official GirlFriend of Arjun. How??? Thats the suprise. Stay tuned. Signing off now. Sayonara.


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