mmz love for eternity (Part 13)


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Ash after a long trail of futile efforts seems to lose hope, but she was not ready to give up yet and accept that the scene she saw was just a fragment of her imagination. She knew how hard it was to just know radz was dead while the investigation. ” It has to be something big. But what??” with this thought she fallen into deep slumber.

Arjun and the gang were going frantic all over. They could not believe what ash said. One part wants it to be true just for a while. Ash ignited a small hope of light in their hearts which are in deep darkness. They have locked that matter very deep preservedly, it became such a sensitive issue that no one dared to speak on it.

It was nothing but a blow to them. They were there when the accident befalled. And they have seen radz burnt to ashes. Then how can ash see radhika that too after such a long time. They have glued their eyes to mobiles without a blink.

Nick ” Neil are you sure this is what ash said?”

Neil sighed ” Yes nick. She was so sure of it. She said in clear words that she has seen radhika in flesh. ”

Sam who was beside neil, placed her head on his shoulder and rubbed his back. He calmed instantly brought herclose by placing hand around her. Naina was in shock, she cannot believe it. Many thoughts were flowing around her mind ” How can radz be alive? If she is then why didnt she meet me. If she was alive how can they not know till now. It was impossible”. But more than these questions she was happy, if it is true then nothing matters.

Sid was silent all the while after listening to ash. He has lived these 2 years with guilt and despairity , losing his best friends, away from his love, living in solitude. His heart was at peace, wished it was true and his long lost friend come back.

Arjun… the most affected one. He didnt speak a word after that, standing at the window of his office, seeing into oblivion from the glass. His heart stopped a beat when he heard radz was still alive. His emotions were out of control but maintained a stoic face to hide them. He wanted only one thing now. His love, his angel , his radhika. All other questions how. Why. When. They are not neccessary. Her embrace was most needed thing now. He needed to touch her, feel her, believe that she is alive and with him.

Sanju asked in low whisper, her voice hoarse with all the crying ” If it is true then why didnt she come to us. Why is she hiding.”

Silence prevailed. No one knows the answer. Only radhika can give all the needed answers now. One single sentence brought a new hope for them. No one is showing it on their faces but they all want it to be true. Their hearts leaped with happiness. That their friend is alive and will be back.


Raj moved towards ash who was sleeping on the couch. She opened her eyes which were still wary of sleep, when raj woke her up with his charming smile. Usually it brings a smile to her face but today she couldn’t smile , her face pale, tear stricken cheeks, eyes blank.

Raj shook his head, she was not the ash he used to see. Just one news devastated her to this extent. He couldnt believe it. But not anymore, he searched for any clue which will lead to radhika and he succeeded in it.

Ash sat on the couch leaning her head back for support, rubbing her eyes with back of her hands. Raj took a paper from his pocket placed it infront of her face. She raised her eyebrows questioning what is in it.

Raj took her right hand placed the paper in her palm and asked to open and see by gesturing with eyes. She opened the folds of paper, there was a address and name of a person. She couldn’t decipher who’s name it was.

She squealed in happiness, jumping up and down when realization hit her. It was the address of the reporter. She jumped on raj entrancing him into a tight hug. He reciprocated it with equal fervour. He was glad seeing the old ash.

Ash picked up mobile, saw that there were more than 50 calls and 80 msgs from the gang alone and 10 calls from mark. She was not in mood to talk to anyone except that one person now. She dialed the number and waited till he answered.

It was midnight, after a long tiring day arjun and all others retired in arjun’s house. They didnt want to leave him alone now. Arjun couldn’t sleep a wink in present situation. He sat on the coach with his mobile on the coffee table and was staring it intently.

After some time the whole gang came into living room, no one can help sleep now. They were feeling excited to know the depth of the news. Without knowing sleep will not come. So all settled in the living room.

Arjun’s mobile rang, he immediately jumped from the couch took a deep breath when realized it was from ash. Placing phone near his ear answered with a hello. Every one was staring him raptly.

Ash spoke ” Arjun. Im sorry i couldn’t talk to you. But now i got the address of the reporter. I will tell you the good news soon.”

Her rambling was cut by arjun’s question ” Ash Are you sure it was her”

Ash ” Arjun i know it is hard to believe. It is not possible practically. But believe me arjun it is true. Im dead sure of it. I will tell you all the details after meeting the reporter.”

Arjun ” Ok. I believe you. But where are you?”

Ash ” Rome, Italy.” she continued ” Arjun im going now. I will call later. Bye” When she saw raj was calling her.

Arjun removing phone from his ear, turned to see that his friends were watching him keenly for answers. He smiled seeing them and told ” She will call later. Going to some reporters house.”

All released their breaths which they were holding till now. Arjun gazed neil and said ” Im going to Italy. ”

Neil and sid shouted at a time ” I’m going with you. ” and stared each other.

Arjun ” No. No one is going with me. I will be travelling alone. ”

Neil ” Yaa like we will leave you. There is no chance Arjun. Sid and I are going with you and it is final. ”

Sam ” But i want to come too. Why will only you three go.”

Neil ” Sam please. I promise i will bring radz back. But you are needed here. Nandini aunty and mom needs you more.”

Sam nodded her head knowing it would be best if she stayed. Their families will be shocked when this news reach them. She has to take care of them.

Nick nodded understanding that they are trusting him with the girls and their businesses. They were not sure how many days they will be going. It was not a planned trip. They were happy that they will see radhika again.

In their happiness they forgot the possibilties and consequences. Little did they know that this trip will change their life forever and they were going to encounter the most dreadful person.


Radhika entering zara’s room saw that she was wide awake and sitting at the edge of the bed in her own thoughts.

She said sorry by placing her hands over her ears like a kid. Zara shook her head standing up from the bed. ” Radhika you dont have to say sorry. It is not needed.”

Radz ” No it is neccessary. I was the reason for all the chaos. If not for me you would have never gone out. ”

Zara cut her out saying ” See. If not for you i would have never moved out of this mansion. So i should be saying thanks. ”

Radz ” But… but what happened to you was immoral. Luke didnt have to be so harsh with you.”

Zara ” You know it is not the truth. They wanted you to be in my place. But they cannot touch you. So….” she trailed off not knowing anything else to say.

Radz laughed meekly ” I know. But im feeling horrible thinking you were atoned for my behaviour.”

Zara ” Please radhika. You are the only i have. I can do anything for you. And see nothing happened to me.” Whilst turning around showing she was alright.

Radz wrapped her in a hug, she was lucky to get zara as a friend. she could have died yesterday but the stupid girl was thinking of me instead of herself.

Radz pulled away and said ” Ok enough of all our drama. Lets eat something. Im hungry.” Both ate their breakfast happily talking endlessly about their outing.


Yug and ethan were seated in yug’s office which is located in the mansion. Ethan was tapping his fingers on the glass which was placed above the four wooden legs. Yug sat on the opposite head in the high leather chair leaning his head back piching his forehead at intervals.

Yug stopped rubbing and said ” Ethan will you please stop doing that. I’m seriously suffering with headache now. I will chop your fingers if you dont stop right away. ”

Ethan placed his hands up in surrender and said ” Relax bro. Why are you hyperventilating? Its alright. Radz just took a tour of the city and nothing else happened. ”

Yug opened his eyes ” Nothing else happened. Do you want me to wait to see something happening. ”

Ethan ” Yug. Please calm down. Nothing will happen. No one will know about radhika. I assure you. Everything is been taken care of. The channel people has received warning along with a huge lump of sum. They will never open their mouth.”

Yug ” And the reporter. I dont want any loop holes.”

Ethan ” Yes. That also has been taken care of. She has been offered promotion and transfer to headquarters. And she happily accepted. She will leave the country today. So now just relax.”

Yug nodded his head knowing ethan would have done his work perfectly.

Radhika you are dead for the world and i will keep it like that. No one will ever know about you.

Little did he know fate has written something else and he is about to witness the power of destiny and love. His whole world is going to shook with the effect. He will no longer be the ruthless and demonic person.


Raj and Ash now stood infront of the door, pressing the door bell. It buzzed throughout the house. It is their last hope. She was the only one who can help them to find radhika. But they were worrying , if she denied then what will they do.

Ash shook her head kept all the negative thoughts at bay. The door opened revealing a old lady probably in 65. She has an motherly aura around her.

Raj ” Excuse me mam. We are here for Victoria Fernandes, Is she here?”

Ash was holding her breath crossed her fingers waiting for the old woman to answer. She exhaled a deep breath when the lady nodded her head answering ” Yes this place is hers. I’m her granny. What do u want?”

But her questions were cut by a girl’s voice from inside the house. ” Granma who is that?”

Raj ” Tell her we have important work. We need to talk to her immediately. Please mam.”

The old lady saw the desperation in his voice and pleading in their eyes ” Vicky there are guests for you. Please come down.”

Vicky approached fast listening to her granny and saw raj and ash at the door standing impatiently. ” Sorry i am unable to recognize you. Have we met before. ”

Raj ” No mam we didnt meet previously but something important information is needed. Can we go into house to discuss it. ”

The two ladys made their way into the house with ash and raj trailing behind. Once seated in the living room. Vicky asked ” So what is that you need?” with questioning stare.

Ash observed there were suitcases and boxes in the hallway depicting someone was leaving. She asked ” Are you going somewhere. Sorry i saw your bags, so i asked. ”

Vicky nodded her head ” Yes. Granma and I are moving out of country. ”

Ash nodded at her. Raj put her hand on her thigh stopping her from further questioning and asked ” We are here to know about your program which was aired yesterday. Actually my sis is a big fan of your show. She follows your every episode. ”

Vicky nodded her head to continue. Raj ” But she missed yesterday’s episode and was desperate to know the places. So we are here. ” he concluded hoping it would bait her.

Vicky ” But there was no episode aired yesterday. ” she said cooly. It was all needed for ash to outburst ” Bullshit. Why do everyone keep denying? I have seen the program, i have seen you. Then why. Why can’t anyone tell the truth. It is a matter of life and death and here everyone is playing. ”

Raj pulled ash back on the sofa, placed his hands around her trying to calm. After sometime ash eyes welled up with tears and she spoke ” You know there are so many lives waiting for her. The hope which i ignited. They are wishing to meet her just once. But here everyone keeps on denying. Please help me. ”

The old lady brought glasses of water for them, patted ash’s shoulder showing concern. Vicky knew it was something big. All the staff were strictly orderded not to leak any infirmation of the show. And she was transfered to other place with promotion. There is something happening in the background which is going unnoticed.

She got up her chair placed a usb device on the coffee table saying ” I dont know what you are searching. But it may be useful. Take it. It will have the recorded video. I store all my videos in it. The channel has deleted yesterday show entirely and gave strict warning no one should know about it. ”

Ash gave her a tight hug, burrowing laptop from her placed the device in the respective socket. The three saw varioous folders and clicked one which vicky recommended.

The video started playing and they were watching keenly.


Nandini was packing bags for arjun pacing around the room. She was shocked on hearing the news from them. Arjun saw the worry lines etching on her forehead, moved towards her and helped to sit on the bed.

” Aunty please relax. We are going na. Will see what the matter is. ”

Nandini spoke but her voice in low whisper ” But arjun. How can it be? Do you believe it?”

Arjun turned his back to her and said ” I dont know. I dont want to know and i dont want to think anything. I had made up my mind that i will be living without radz for rest of my life. I always had lived with her in my memories and dreams. But now there is a hope. And i dont want to regret for my life that i should have gone there. If i have been there radz would have been back. If.. if …”

” I dont want my life in thinking of all possibilities. I want to try. I want to believe that my radz is still alive, waiting for me. I want her back. And if this is the chance i dont want to waste it. ”

Nandini patted his back ” Arjun i believe you. Go bring my daughter back. ”

Sam sat on the couch in deep thoughts. Neil saw this and said ” Sammy if you keep on thinking about me. How will i go?”

Sam blinked her eyes listening to his voice and his presence beside her. She shook her head giving him a sad smile. Neil placed his hands on either sides of her face pulling her to see his face and said ” Sam I promised you happiness. But i know your happiness lies in radz. May be God gave me this chance to bring complete happiness. Do you trust me?”

Sam ” I trust you neil. Bring her back. I really miss her so much. ”

Neil ” I will sam. Its time for her to return.” and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.


Ash, Raj and Vicky watched the whole video many times but to their dismay radz was not to be seen. Ash was getting impatient. They have imprinted every person present in the video but radz was not there.

Vicky ” Sorry guys. This is the only video present with me related to yesterday’s show. Why dont you go to city mall. Maybe you will get something in the CC TV footage.”

” But im not sure you will get anything. It seems the person who is responsible has cleaned everything perfectly. I can only wish you luck if you could find any clue.”

Raj ” Thank you vicky. You have helped us a lot. Now we know there is something happening. We can find it out soon.” Shaking his hands with her.

Vicky ” If you want you can take this video. May be it will be useful to you. I have to move now. I dont want anyone to sense anything. ”

Ash ” This is my num. Call me after you land there. And i can be in touch with you. Thank you very much. ” shaking her hand.

Both raj and ash moved out of vicky’s house with dejected expression marring their faces but there was still hope. And they will not stop till they find out what exactly it is. With the determination they walked to the road leading to city mall.


The plane was ready to take off. Arjun and Neil stood at the entrance waiting for Sid along with Nick, Sanju and Sam. They were checking time intently.

Sid and Naina were in the back seat of car. Both were silent and has not spoken from the time they heard the news. Sid at times turned to see naina watching outside the window
fiddling her fingers. She was nervous, he wanted to comfort her, talk to her but was afraid of her reaction.

He turned his gaze to the window he was leaning on. They soon reached the tarmac and driver moved out of the car leaving them alone, bringing bags from the trunk . After sometime he sensed her hand on his. He turned to see that she was staring at him. She suddenly said ” I will be waiting for you sid. Come soon.”

He pulled her into his lap, hugging her tight mumbled” I will bring her. Its a promise naina. I will come soon with her.”

They pulled away when a loud knock was heard. They both moved out of the car. Neil stood between them in the gap, wrapped his hands on both said ” If your love birds sweet time is over, we are ready to move.”

Sid rolled his eyes saying ” I’m ready neil. Just go.” and pushed him forward.

Nick hugged arjun, patting his back whispered ” Bring my sister back.”

Arjun pulled away from the hug nodded his head. The three entered the plane after bidding goodbye to all. Jack asked arjun ” Sir. Are you sure to land in venice first?”

Sid and Neil yelled ” Venice” Arjun nodded his head and gestured jack to start on. After he left neil asked ” But arjun Why venice. Why not directly to Rome?”

Arjun ” To meet someone important. I have to get my answers.” turned to the window seeing outside thinking deeply. Both sid and neil nodded at him and soon silence falled upon.


Hey deariessss thank you soooo much. Your comments and all the lovely, motivating , inspiring words did their magic. Lovee you all. Here is the next part. I dont know how it is. But from next part we are time travelling. In simple words flashback. How it all started?? Their friendship, their love stories, college, masti time and all stuff. So stay tuned. Will update soon. Thank you once again. Waiting for your lovely comments.

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