mmz love for eternity (Part 11)


Chappy dedicated to shri aka s.v .. My dear thank you for your lovely words and your atmost support. I sincerely thank you for all your love. Here i have re-introduced radhika. Hope you enjoy it.

Ritu dear i have given ash a partner. Hope you like it.

Sammy sorry baby, there is no ash and arjun. It was always ARDHIKA. And hopefully it will always be.

Enjoy reading……………..

Arjun drove his car as fast as he could, he was feeling guilty on whats happening with ash, may have been probably his fault. He knew he was hiding the real truth behind his marriage from the world. Everyone kept on asking where radhika was. But he averted the topic and hinted them that it was forbidden topic. So the curiousity levels were so high regarding his personal life. And now may be because of all this ash has to suffer.

He exhaled a deep breath while parking the car in the lot, moving his gaze to the left at the cafe; he could see everyone has already arrived and they were scrutizing her with their questions.

He moved out of the car, made his way to the cafe entrance. Immediately , ash spotted him, rushed towards him and said ” please help me. Im dying here. All these are interrogating as if im a culprit.”

All rolled their eyes at her drama , neil came forward, crossing his hands over his chest questioned ” Now arjun is here. So tell us What happened? And what exactly you are thinking?”

Arjun mumbled ” Ash, It is because of the incident and probably me, Isn’t it?” with guilt covering his eyes.

Ash took a deep breath, sighing she said ” Arjun please. It is not because of you. Stop being guilty on others actions. I just want sometime to explore my strengths and myself.”

Sid ” So what is the need to leave. You can do it here. We will help you. ” Neil and Nick nodded to this.

Ash ” Sid please. Not you too. You know me well. I was least interested in business. But now i knew it is important. There are so many persons and their lives linked with this business. And i cannot disappoint all of them. ”

” Do you want me to be a failure. Because i dont want myself calling a failure. ”

Everyone was silent listening this. Ash was determined and she was as stubborn as she could. Even after knowing her for small time , they knew her pretty well. If she has decided something, she will be rooted on it.

Arjun “Do you really think moving out is the only best thing? ”

Ash cracked a smile ” Yes arjun . I’m perfectly sure about this. I have studied business and it is in my blood. I know you all can help me. You are the successful businessman. But i’m not going for business purpose. I’m going for knowing life.”

Neil ” What is this philosophy class. What is happening here?”

Nick slapped on neil’s head. Ash continued ” See there was always a protective shield around me. Dad after mom’s death changed alot. He made sure i was always assisted by mark. I didn’t have friends all along. But it never bothered me. But before joining my business, i want to explore myself. To know how much im capable of. My every decision can affect thousands of families. So i should be sure if i’m taking the right decision. Thats what i’m doing now. I want to live my life alone without the surname i carry around. I want to know the real ash. Not some aishwarya chandran , who is the heiress of a fortune. ”

Arjun nodded his head, he knew how difficult it is to survive with your legacy and prove yourself. And he also knew at this point ash was right. She has to learn way more things. And being around a protective cover, she will never able to learn. It will affect her future. He signalled neil to keep quiet, who was about to protest.

Sid moved forward, looped his hands around her, pulled into a hug. ” We will be with you ash. Just give a call , whenever you feel the situation is out of your hand. Ok. ”

Ash nodded her head mumbling yes. Neil ” Though i highly detest this idea, if it gives you happiness then so be it. Be in touch regularly. Once you reach, call us. Dont forget about the wedding. Be here before the wedding. You are incharge of all the arrangements. ”

Ash put her hand at her head as a gesture of salute and said ” Yes boss.” Soon she was embraced into hug by all the remaining people.

Nick ” So does your father know about your little adventure Or he is in surprise ?”

Ash gave a sheepish smile and shook her head left to right. Sid ” What?? He doesnt know about this. Do you think he will leave you? He will search for you. ”

Ash grinning replied ” Well. Thats already been taken care of. I would have written him a letter. ” Nick ” And Mark.”

Ash ” Mark knows i’m leaving. But doesn’t know where. It should be a secret else he will fly there in instant. ”

” Ok then. Its time a say goodbye. ”

All hugged her last time. Ash strolled out of cafe recognizing mark standing at the car, she ran towards him; hugged him tight mumbling ” I will miss you uncle. ”

Mark reciprocated her hug and said ” Uncle. So im uncle now. ”

Ash laughed with tears filling her eyes ” Yes. You are my uncle . Aren’t you?”

Mark ” Yes my princess. Please be safe. Whenever you feel terrible of the surroundings, ring me , i will be there. ”

Ash ” Yes i know. For that purpose i’m not telling you where i’m going .”

Mark rolled his eyes and said ” Common princess. I would know it in seconds if i need it. So don’ t worry. ”

Ash ” Yaa i know. You are the best. But dont tell dad about it even if you know. ” ”

Mark promised ” Yes i promise. I will not tell your father and i will make him understand.”

Ash ” And if time permits, Go on vacation. If i’m not here. You will be bored with the great Mr. Chandran. ”

Mark shook his head laughing and said ” Will see. Now time to go. Good bye my princess. ”

Ash nodded, wiped tears with back of her hand and said ” Yes. Its time to go. Thank you for everything. I will miss you. ”

Mark ” I will miss you too. ” and kissed her forehead lovingly with concern.

( you will be thinking why mark and ash scene. Well thats a story for another time. )


Radhika was standing with her back to the railing of the balcony after eating her food. She was smiling at the view infront of her. Arjun always surprise her. Today he brought her to another date. He cooked all her favourite food. Her gaze travelled moved to the person who was her happiness.

Arjun sensed her eyes on him , turned to her smiling. ” What are you seeing so intently?”

Radhika ” I was seeing my hot and s*xy boyfriend. Do you have any problem ?”

Arjun grinned ” Ofcourse not ma’m. I’m all yours. You can do whatever you want. ” and moved towards her.

Now both were standing infront of each other. Arjun bend his head forward, touching her forehead with his, said ” I Love You Radhika. You are the best thing happened to me. ”

Radz shook her head and said ” No Arjun. You are the best thing happened to me. I Love You more. ” by saying this she put her lips on his. Arjun deepended the kiss by placing a hand on her waist and around her neck. Radz clutched his shirt tight with her trembling hands. After sharing a long passionate kiss , gasping for air pulled back. But kept his forehead intact with her. Arjun opened his eyes, placed a lingering kiss on her forehead stepped back.

Radz opened her witnessing arjun with a sweet smile etched along his lips on his beautiful face with love filled eyes. She moved her gaze shyly to other side and turned around. Arjun hugged her from behind placing his head on her shoulders and arms cocooning her, pulling her into him.

They stood for sometime, living their moment. Radz moved her head up and gaze the sky filled with stars which were twinkling. She shrieked ” Arjun look shooting star. ”

Arjun beamed at her as she was watching. She closed her eyes praying. He too closed his eyes. Radz opened her eyes after her wishing. Arjun asked ” What did you wish??”

Radz ” I wished to stay like this forever in your arms. With you always .”

Arjun turned her towards him ” I promise you love. We will always be with each other. FOREVER. ” and pecked her lips ,hugging her tight to his body.

( sorry for another dream. It will be the last one where arjun is living in his memories. From now on you will see real radhika)

Arjun squinted his eyes to adjust the brightness of the light. That was a lovely dream he had. It was the first time he had this dream after that night. He had a smile plastered on his face. But his heart was beating unevenly. He placed his right hand on his heart to calm it. But it beat faster. He couldn’t understand why he was remembering that date particularly now. There has to be something , but he cannot place his finger at the exact point.

He turned his head to see the alarm clock placed on the side table next to bedlamp, it said 7.00am. Jerking away the blanket from his body , strolled towards washroom.


Arjun was in deep thoughts. He was unable to forget the dream. It was something he couldn’t ignore. He had number of dreams about them, but this dream and that day was so memorable. So it was hard for him.

He was sitting in his office. The peach coloured walls with various portraits hung on them. The widened wooden floor, there was a large mahogany table with two chairs infront of it. The table was stacked up with the files he has to sign. But now he was in no mood for it. There was a coffee table a far from his swinging chair in which he was leaning accompanied with a brown coloured couch. It was well polished and sophisticated personal office which was situated in the top floor of the building.

The empty hallway soon echoed with sounds of two men shouting. It didn’t take him a minute to guess who the men were. He was thinking ” Of course these idiots should pay him a visit now. Dont know what they upto now. ”

Soon his office door opened and entered Neil and Sid in their usual wear. Sid was wearing a button down brown shirt folded upto the sleeves with beige coloured cotton jeans. Neil was wearing red t-shirt paired with black rugged jeans. Arjun rolled his eyes by the sight of his friends with pizza boxes and a cover tugging on neil’s left hand.

Neil moved the files to one side of the table and placed the pizza box infront of arjun, taking one black leathered chair. Sid took another chair and put one pizza box infront of him and another one infront of neil on the table infront. Both wished him good morning.

Arjun rolled his eyes, raised his eyebrows questioningly at them. Sid shrugged his shoulders opening his box, turned his head indicating towards neil. Neil gave a sheepish smile before grinning and said ” We thought to have breakfast with you. See we even brought pizza for you. ” gazing towards the pizza which was infront of him.

Arjun shook his head opened the pizza box, taking a piece of his pizza demanded ” So now tell me the real reason for coming here. ” and took a bite of his crunchy yet soft pizza which was filled with olive and vegetable toppings.

Neil taking a bite of his own pizza filled with tofu topping, answered ” Ok. Now there is no way we can hide. So sam, naina and sanju left to shopping or you can say for having girls time. So we thought..” Sid interrupted him ” Not we. Its only you. ”

Neil rolled his eyes and continued ” Ok. I thought why not we have our boys time. So here we are with pizza then we will be going to club and enjoy our day there. How is the idea??”

Arjun ” But why are you here. And why are not in office. I’m so busy so i can’t help in your little adventure time. ”

Neil shrieked ” What!!!! Arjun you cannot ignore your buddies like this. You are taking off now and it is decided. ” Arjun ” What !!! How is it decided without my consent??”

Neil ” Please bro. Only a month is remaining for my wedding. And i want to utilize this freedom fully. ” Sid laughed at his friends antics and asked ” Neil if you want we can postpone the wedding date. You will get more ‘freedom’ ” stressing on the word freedom.

“what say ” and placed a hand infront of arjun , which he clapped with his own hand. Neil scowled ” Haha. Very funny sid. I didn’t know you were this good with jokes. ”

” But on serious note. Dont even dare to suggest this to sam. Else there will be deadly consequences. ” Sid nodded his head muffling his laughter.

Neil turned to arjun ” So arjun. It is set. You are in. Right?” Arjun exhaled a breath, sighing agreed ” Ok. Fine. Do whatever you want. ” remembering he asked ” But where is nick. How did he go missing and I can’t ??” furrowing his eyebrows.

Sid munching french fries asked ” Do you really think Neil will leave him. He was not taking our calls, and neil being the genious, threatened him…..” and trailed laughing loud.

Neil too joined him , arjun gave him a bewildered expression and asked him to continue. Sid stiffled his laughter and continued ” He messaged him that if didn’t take call, he will not be able to see sanju for next month till the marriage. ”

Arjun laughed on hearing, and the three continued laughing. After sometime, Arjun composed himself asked ” So what did he say then ?”

Neil answered turning laughter into chuckles ” What else would he say. He told he will come here without any delay after the meeting is finished. ”

Arjun and sid both mumbled ” poor nick.” Neil agreed to it nodding his head. Soon they drowned themselves into discussion eating their pizzas.


A man in his fiftees was seated on a black leather chair with papers scurried on the table infront of him. He was looking lost reading the papers, they were his hotel property papers. It was his sole bread and butter. But now he was on verge of losing it. It was hard to negotiate with the buyer. He stood up with teary eyes, without saying he left the room

The men wearing black uniforms were on his trail , but stopped themselves when their boss signalled him not to follow the old man. Old man rushed out of the room. The boss was standing at the window of his office gazing at the city filled with lights. It was probably late night by seeing the dark sky. He turned towards his men signalling him to leave him alone.

The man now was left alone in his office, strolled towards his black high leather chair. Removing his coat, placed it on the chair and sat on it. He leaned back on the chair, closing his eyes to relieve the tension and headache forming.

But he was interrupted by a phone call. Without opening his eyes took the receiver of the phone , placed at his ear mumbled hello.

The caller started yelling at him ” Where are you? Why was your mobile switched off?..
…..” and continued her rambling.

The young man frowning , opened his eyes asked lazily ” What do you want now?? Why are you calling me ? Who was the idiot that gave phone to you? I swear i’m going to kill that bastard ”

The girl ” oh stop with all the swearing you fool. And i have more important work than talking to you. I just called you to inform luke took her away. He was angry. ” and hung the call.

The man scowled at the phone, muttering curses took his coat placed it on his shoulders and stormed out of his office. He hurriedly sat in his acura and presssed the key. Soon the car roared to life and sped into the traffic on the road.

He tried to connect a call through bluetooth , but it was soon killed as the receiver phone was switched off. He was going frantic. He drove as fast as he could , soon the car entered a driveway of a big mansion. He pulled the engine and car halted at the front door. Without wasting time, he removed his seat belt and jumped out of car. He pushed the door and ran towards the basement.

He yelled at Tom who was busy guarding the door to open it. He entered the room with long strides, stepped infront of luke who was asking questions. All the three men who was present in the room were startled at the sudden entry of their boss. Luke jumped from his seat and stood infront of him. ” Yug. When did you come. ”

Yug ” It is not neccessary now. Why did you bring her here? I gave my orders clearly that no one will question zara. Then Why ? ”

Luke noticed yug’s green eyes filled with anger, said ” We didnt bring her to interrogate. But we need to know the answers. We cannot leave this matter alone. ”

Yug pushed him aside ” No one has a say in my decisions. So step back now before sonething bad happens. I dont want to injure my friend now. ”

Luke without any arguement stepped back , and turned to other side. Yug glared at his men before he turned to zara who was sitting at the corner of the room placing her head in between her knees sobbing. He strolled towards her, crounched down on his knees and put a hand on her shoulder.

Zara who was terrified at the events taking place, jerked with the touch; but as she saw yug jumped into his arms. Yug patted her back whispering soothing words to her. She was snuggling into his chest crying. He stood up, placing his hands under her knees cradled in his arms. She clutched his shirt tight and snuggled more into his chest.

Yug gave another look to all his men and moved out of the room. He sauntered the hallway with a sobbing and trembling zara in his arms. He walked up the stairs and before entering her room, his gaze fell upon the subject of all this chaos.

He scowled at her when she came forward moving her hand forward to touch zara. Yug murmered wait before opening the door and entered it. He placed zara on bed tugged her in blanket, strodded out of room in anger.

His anger went a notch higher when he saw radhika out side the room. He shouted ” First answer me who gave you mobile??” and called arthur.

Arthur ran upto him, stood infront of him , head bowed down. Yug questioned him ” So can you please explain how did she have access of mobile in this house and whose mobile was it ?”

Arthur ” Sorry sir. It was completely my fault. She was worried about zara, so i have to give her mobile. ” Yug ” Arthur, this is the last time i’m warning you. Whatever happens she will not have access of mobile. Is it clear ?”

Arthur nodded his head and scurried away. Radz ” Why are you bothering all? I promised you i will never call arjun. So believe me. ”

Yug ” Ha. Believe you. After the little stunt you pulled today. Why did you move out of the mansion. And you even had the nerve to appear on t.v”

Radz rolled her eyes and said with equal tone ” It was not my fault that the channel people were in the same place as me. And i’m sure you would have already taken care of that. ” with a smirk on her face.

Yug ” I don’t understand how arjun bore with you. You are one handful of a person. ”

Radz ” Hey. Dont you dare say anything about my arjun. He is a gem of a person. ”

Yug ” whatever. And why the hell did you tag zara along with you. ”

Radz ” C’mon yug. She is not a prisoner to be imprisoned here. She has the right to see outer world. ”

Yug ” Don’t impose all your views on her. She is happy here. If she wants to go out , she can. I’m not stopping her with anything. But you. You are not allowed to be seen in public. Am i clear with it ?”

Radz ” Just wait yug. Once my arjun knew about me. He will take me away from this hell. And you wouldn’t do anything then. ”

Yug ” And i will be sure that he never knew that you are still alive. Now go into your room.”

Radz ” Never say never yug. You never know what will happen. I have faith in my love and my arjun. He will come. ” and turned around to go into her room.

Yug glared at her back while she was mumbling curses under her breath. Soon she disappeared in the hallway and he went around to his room.


Ash was standing at the shores of beach. The water was splashing around her and it soaked them. She was enjoying the calm sea before her while the beach was illuminated with lights. She turned around when her name was called.

A small etched at the corner of her lips when she saw raj running towards her. Raj was her new friend, she made when she first arrived in italy. He was a jovial person to be around. He made her smile, laugh at times forgetting all her worries. It has been two weeks since she left newyork bidding goodbye to her friends and family.

She didn’t notice she was staring at him till he asked ” Hey. Why are you staring at me? ” she shook her head and whispered ” Nothing. ” But raj can see something was bothering her. He didn’t pry more about it and left the matter.

Raj ” So wanna eat dinner before moving to room.” Ash ” Dinner and turned her head gazing at the sky, it was dark black with stars twinkling. ”

Raj chuckled at this ” Yes madam. Dinner. It is exactly 8.00 pm now. And it will take 2 hours to reach our room. So we need to go now. ”

Ash nodded her head and soon they move to their favourite restaurant cum cafe on the opposite side of road. It was a cozy restaurant filled with teenagers who were enjoying with their friends. As it was a friday night, the rush was more than usual.

They entered the place, and gone to meet the owner of the restaurant, toby. Toby was a fifty year old man running the restaurant with her wife, maria and daughter. His daughter, sophia was same age as ash. They soon clicked with each other and became friends. Sophia tagged along with ash and raj most of the time showing the place. Consequently the restaurant turned out to be their favourite spot.

Ash ” Hey toby. How are you. Cafe seems so full today. ” Toby nodded his head before pulling her into a hug.” Yes. As you can see.”

Raj moved into the kitchen area to bring her some food which they can take away as there is no place to sit. Ash was standing at the counter checking the people around her. Her gaze turned to the t.v set placed at the corner next to the door.

Toby brought her chilled water, which she happily accepted and sipped while watching some program which was airing on t.v. It was so difficult to understand what the program was all about as she knew nothing about italian. But she was stopped in her actions when she saw a scene.

The glass lost contact with her fingers and dropped on the floor , crushing into pieces making a loud crash. She placed her hands on her mouth without blinking her eyes. Raj came running towards her, placed his hands on her shoulders, asked ” What happened?”

Her voice was muffled, she barely made any word forming from her mouth. She moved her finger towards t.v. Raj followed her finger, but he couldn’t make what shocked her.

Soon ash composed herself, saw that the program was finished. She ran to toby asked his mobile. While toby went to take mobile, she asked the teenagers who were watching her intently probably assuming crazy ” Do you know which channel is that. And who the anchor was?”

Toby came with his mobile and handed it to her. She took it, turned to raj and asked him ” please gather all the details of the show, anchor and the place. Please it is very important. I have to make a call. ”

Raj stopped her from trembling by placing his hands on her shoulders, asked her to calm down. After a while, she took deep breathes calming down.

Raj ” Ok. Now go make the call. While i gather information. ” nodding his head. Ash hugged him tight , pulled away and strodded out of the cafe clutching the phone in her hands dearly.

Ash was constantly trying arjun’s number from past half an hour. She was now angry on arjun for not receiving her calls. After dialing one more time, she placed the phone at her ear and listened intently at the dialer tone.

Soon it was lifted and she yelled loudly ” Arjun what the hell were you doing. I was trying since 30 minutes now. Do you know how crazy i was going here?”

Arjun scowled at the phone on the other side and asked ” Ash. What happened? Why are you shouting ? Did anything happen to you ?”

Ash rolled her eyes and spoke ” Nothing happen to me. Just listen carefully. I have seen radhika here. She is very alive. ” as soon as he heard radz name , arjun felt numb. He was drifted in his own thoughts and started rambling ” what is she saying? Radhika is alive. But how can it be. No. It can’ t happen. ”

Neil and sid were seated infront of arjun witnessing his words. They too were startled on listening those words . Ash ” Hello. Are you there arjun. Hello. Arjun. Hello. ” she was continuously shouting at the other side.

Neil took the mobile from arjun’s hand who was not in any position to speak. Neil ” Yes ash. Tell me what happened. What is arjun telling?”

Ash ” Neil. Thank god. Its true. Listen carefully. Just call mark and ask him to reactivate my sim fast. Now i have to go. I need to find what this is upto. But trust me neil. It was radhika. I have seen her with my own eyes. And i can never go wrong in identifying her. ” and hung the call when raj was calling her to tell the information he gathered.

Neil upon hearing ash’s words couldn’t speak anything. Sid shook his shoulders and asked what the matter is.

Neil ” I dont know. I seriously dont know. But ash is sure that she has seen radhika. ” took the mobile and dialed mark’s number not before he heard arjun saying RADHIKA.


Finally my lovely deariesss. Here i brought radz back in action. And along with her some new characters too. Now i end all the introductions.

I solemnly welcome you to the rollercoaster ride of friendship, love , action,.chase, revenge and lots of drama. Stay tuned to know more. See ya. ??????.

I will be waiting eagerly for your shocks, scoldings and suggestions. Make sure to comment your views on this.

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    u shitty girl cum out of ur shitty bubble and apologise her for ur shitty comments . we really didnt want to be rude wid u jst tink twice before u badmouth or discourage a person tink wat kind of effect it will leave on ppl wen u hurt them . tis is a request frm me never ever discourage ppl. learn basic manner
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