MMZ-Lost somewhere in the jungle (Prologue)


Okay I am new here a die heart nesam and mmz fan !! So here I will give a prologue for my first ff !! But in this ff ardhika are main pairs but nesam will too give equal importance ! I will soon start a nesam ff too after next week or next to next week !! becauz my exams will go on this month ( sa-1 idk)..!!
No proof reading plz bear with typos and grammatical mistakes !

MMZ-Lost somewhere in the jungle !
We see two person sleeping in the tent in the jungle !! side by side they both were fully naked!! The girl gets up from the sleep she scratches his forehead!! And sees her husband sleeping peacefully she pecks his lips but he captures her lips they both have a passionate kiss !! They kissed for 15mins after sometime they stop they were breathing heavily due to lack of oxygen!

Scene 2 !!
We see a person sleeping in the jungle near the well sun rays fall on him due to which he gets up from his sleep !!
HE: oh shit I slept here only I have to find her at any cost…!! she is my love I can’t take any risk I am finding her from past 2yrs but no sign of her in this jungle. I put many posters of her everywhere of her missing but no use!! Then I got to know she is lost somewhere in the jungle I have to find u radhika I will find u at any cost I can’t u lose even 15yrs more I will keep finding u in this deep silent jungle..!!

Scene shifts to husband and wife !
(She: for samaira He: for neil)
SHE (in angry tone): neil stop your morning romance okay we came here to find our radz my best frnd !
HE: okay my love my wifey don’t be so angry keep calm okay ! so our mission begins again to find radz okay now wear your torn shorts and blue crop top u look smocking hot and s**y in it !
SHE: urghhh u na will never change whole world change but the hottest and handsome boy neil malhotra will never change okay I will wear that dress only fine which u told now wear ur white top black blazer and blue torn jeans !!
HE: okay my wifey I love u !
SHE: I love u too !!
They both hug each other tightly with full of love they change into their dresses !
They get on their mission to find their radz their kiddo !!

Precap: sam neil and he ( u will get to know soon have patience) finding their love their kiddo their best buddy radz…!

Okay finished right ! Hope u appreciate my work and support me I m new here so if it is similar to any story please forgive me !

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  1. nice start ananya nice story too………..m also a die hard fan of nesam……update soon next ..

  2. Jessie

    hey ananya… it’s super.. waiting for next one..

  3. Brin

    Good start, continue with the story and welcome to MMZ ff. 🙂

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  7. Shubhadha

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    nice start next part soon

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  11. Very nice prologue. ..loved the dp of this ff……plzzzz continue dear. .. ♡♡♡

  12. _Ritu

    Nice start dear…He is Arjun I guess…waiting for nxt..loads of love 🙂

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