MMZ – My Lost Love (Two shots – Part 2)


Thank you all for your comments…and yes Today is my sweet sister Nitu bday. I wish her all success in her life. This is the last one for this shot. Hope you all like it and enjoy.

MMZ – My Lost Love (Two Shots – Part 2)

Radhika is dumb and shocked seeing the person on top of her. She just whispers “Arjun”. Yes it’s Arjun. He also stares her but his eyes does not have any shock, no surprise and specially no happiness too after seeing her. He immediately gets up and helps her too. She is still in shock seeing him and did not notice that she is not properly dressed. Arjun’s eyes scans her from top to bottom and turns his eyes to otherside saying, “Sorry, i thought it is my room”. Once he turns then only radhika realises that she wore only towel. Quickly she covers herself with her hands and picks the dress which she kept in the bed and runs to washroom.

She locks it and breathes heavily. She couldn’t believe her eyes that she saw Arjun here. She pinches herself once to understand that it is not dream and winces in pain. She rubs her hand once and starts wearing her salwar suite. She hesitates to open the door now and thinks whether he still there or not. She peeps her head out and looks for him, but finds the room empty, she gives a sigh relief and thinks,”What is Arjun doing here?”. She hears dadi is calling her name..she replies, “Coming dadi”.

She looks at the mirror and starts combing her hair properly, puts the kajal in her eyes, having the matching earrings for her dress and at last she looks at her once and finds herself new and starts going down.
Actually after she lost her parents and her property….she lost interest in herself…but today unknowingly she did all these and she itself did not know the reason for it..but her inner soul knows the reason is one and only ARJUN.

She goes down and finds Dadi, Samaira and her Mother Nandini sits at the dining table and waiting for break fast. Dadi looks at her and gets surprised seeing her and says, “Radhi beta…what happened today? Anything special? I never seen you this much beautiful. You are looking so good”. She praises her beauty and even Nandini and Sam too praises her. But she felt incomplete by their sayings and she looks tensed. Dadi notices her face and says, “What happened Radhika? You look so tensed”

Rads, “Nothing dadi…i am alright”

Dadi, “I am seeing you for 2 years and i know each and everything about you. Tell me na what happened?”

Rads, “Seriously…i am alright dadi. Come i will serve you break fast.”

She takes her and makes her sit in her chair and starts serving the break fast to all the three. Sam, “ too sit and have with us na”

Radhika nodded like a kid and is about to sit in the chair near to Dadi, but stops hearing a voice, “That’s my place”.

She knows who it will be and she did not even look at him and moves behind the chair to give him place. Arjun, the 6 feet handsome hunk, walks like a king and when he is nearing, her heart beats skips and it starts beating faster than ever. When he comes near her, she just raises her eyes and glances him but he did not even look at her and sits in the chair nearby to dadi.

Dadi finds radhika upset and asks her sit next to Arjun. Radhika thinks it will be more awkward if she sits next to him, so she replied, “No dadi…its ok. I am not feeling hungry. Actually i forgot..i have to go to temple and after that i will go to my home and come. Anyways today u will not need to spend time alone here. I can come slowly na” she winks at dadi and gives her signature smile. Dadi understands that she is upset but still she nods and smiles at her.

Radhika quickly goes to get her purse and leaves from there. She walks to the temple, she did not know how far she walked but she does not feel tired also after walking so much. After praying, she sits near one pillar and lost in her own thoughts. 2 years back incidents started rolling in her minds.

Two years ago,

Radhika is in her final semester and all the final sem students has been given a project assignment. She gets the project from one of the growing IT company “Mehra Infotech Pvt Ltd”. She got the internship also from there and is very happy to do her project. More than that she is happy that her best friend Sanjana also going to do project in the same company. They both are in cloud nine and jumps in excitement. Radhika’s family is not so rich but still they have their own small scale business running successfully at their level. Her’s is a very happy family Father Dilip Misra, Mom Mala Misra and she is the only child for them. They pampered her like anything but at the same time they brought her as a well mannered girl who respects everyone. She always kind to everyone and ready to help at anytime.

So Radhika and Sanjana joined the Mehra company for their projects and they have been called to meet the Project lead first. They both go to his cabin and greets him. He gives a welcome smile to them and says, “Hello…Pls take a seat”. They both gets little relaxed seeing a smiley face of him and gets ready for his questions.

Arjun, “So, May i know who is Radhika Misra here?”

Rads, “Its me Sir”

Arjun gives a glance to her once and says, “Just call me Arjun. So your academic records are good and i have put you in the currently running project which is very critical and costly project which we won recently. You have to work with your senior and get to know the requirements as fast as you can to start your work. Ok?”

Rads gets happy and says, “Ok sir..”

Arjun lifts his eyes and looks her again, immediately Radhika stammers, “Ok Arjun”. He just gives a cool smile from the corner of his lips and takes another file. He then looks at Sanjana and tells the details about her project. Sanjana somehow felts inferior but does not show it anything and nods to him. But she notices onething is that Arjun stares radhika often but it unnoticed by radhika.

Both leaves to their respective place and gets them introduced to their teams and starts their work. Radhika sincerely does her work which gives her a good name in the team and everyweek Arjun gets the status of the project and gets surprised seeing radhika’s improvement on understanding the requirements so fastly and withing 3 to 4 days time, she starts her work. She gets a good impression from Arjun and he starts admiring her talent and simplicity. Radhika also rarely gives him a glimpse and slowly she too likes him but she did not show it to anyone except sanjana. Soon her like turns to a love on Arjun but she did not tell it to anyone not even to sanjana.

And this is just opposite case with Sanjana. She couldn’t concentrate on her work and spends her time in chatting with the people there and stares Arjun whenever she sees him. And she gets jealous hearing everyone in that office praising radhika’s hardwork and smartness. She forgets her friendship in jealous and starts hating her. Radhika who is not aware of all this, everyday tells to sanjana about her work, her team’s confident on her, Arjun’s appreciation and all. Sanjana always gives a fake smile to her but inside she is burning in atmost jealousy.

Its about the end of their journey in that office, and they should get the comments from Arjun about their works and this will get added into their marks for their final sem. Arjun gives radhika a very good feedback and adds that they are ready to recruit her in their company after her semester. Radhika is jumping highly and expresses her happiness to Sanjana.

But they did not offer for Sanjana, since she was not good at her work and the feedback also very low for her. Now she got worried about her marks and with that, her jealousy now goes on high level and she couldn’t take it more and thinks to spoil her happiness. She forgot everything that their frienship is from past 4 years and just like that she is ready to break it just because of the jealousiness. And moreoever one day she heard tht Arjun talking to his friend in phone about radhika and tells him that he will propose her on the last day of their project and she knows if Arjun proposes radhika , definitely she will accept it and Sanjana does not want that to happen. She thinks to spoil their happiness together.

On the last day, Radhika is busy in chatting with her team members and everyone says they are gonna miss her a lot. Sanjana comes there cryingly and calls radhika out. Rads gets panicked and goes with her. She holds her shoulder and asks, “Sanju, what happened? y u r crying?”

Sanju, “Radhu…i dont know when it happened but…i lost my heart to Arjun. Yes Radhu… i love him. I can’t live without him”

Radhika feels bad hearing her best friend loves the same person she loves. She did not show the pain in her face and sadly says, “If you love him, then go and tell him Sanju”

Sanju immediately says, “But he loves someone else Radhu”

Rads shocked and says, “What r u saying? Whom he loves?”

Sanju turns to her and says, “It’s you”

Radhika’s face starts glowing and she expresses her happiness also but soon changes it seeing Sanjana’s sad expression. Sanju, “Radhika…seriously i know i am doing wrong but i can’t live without him. I am mad about him yar”

Radhika, “What you want me to do Sanju?”

Sanju, “I heard he was talking to someone that he thinks to propose you today. When he comes to you, you have to reject him”

Radhika is unbelievable now seeing her and keeps silent. Sanju gets tensed and says, “Why Radhika do you also love him?”

Radhika sees her crying face and decides to do anything for her friend and accepts it. She goes from there to join with her team and Sanju smirks at her.

After sometime, Arjun takes her alone and proposes her but Radhika rejected him and insults him. Arjun felt bad and is shocked too seeing a new radhika infront of him. Radhika just walked off from him without even waiting for his reply. She runs to washroom and cries silently and apologise to him heartily for hurting him. She composes herself and comes out from the washroom and mingles with her team. She notices all day Arjun stares her but either she nor he speaks a single word after that. And that was the last day she saw him and after that when she gets the job offer also she rejected it and saying to her parents that she is not interested in working. They also agree and starts searching a good alliance for her. Its been around 6 months from that time.

One day Dilip and Mala goes in car to their relatives house to discuss about radhika’s marriage met an accident and dies at the spot itself. Radhika feels that her whole world is turned upside down and nothing is left for her. Her property and money all have been settled for the loans taken by Dilip for Business and finally she got something extra in which she saved her house which is the only remembrance of her parents which she never wanted to give it to anyone. Now she needs to work and starts searching for job. One fine day, she met her ex-team mate and they spent quality time in talking with each other. Radhika tells about her situation and asks some help to get any job and she too replied positively. The very next day, radhika gets a call from her team mate and gets to know that there is a job to take care of an old lady who is alone in the big mansion since her family is overseas. Radhika initially thinks a lot to take that job but finally she agrees for it and gets the job. From that day onwards, Dadi becomes the most important of her life and she is ready to do anything for her.

Fb over.

@ Present,

Radhika’s thoughts gets disturbed and wipes her tears who frozed a long time back. She goes to her home and spends some time there and comes back to mansion in the evening. She hears Arjun’s voice when she enters inside. He stops speaking after seeing her and looks somewhere else. Radhika feels bad seeing his ignorance and thinks he is still angry on her.

Dadi, “Radhi beta, why so late today? Did you think that i will not remember you when i find my blood?”

Rads, “No dadi…i dint think like that. Actually i remember about my parents a lot today and i forgot the time also. Sorry dadi”

Dadi goes to her and cups her face says, “I told you so many times, i am there for you na..if you feel bad just come and sleep in my lap. you will feel good”

Unknowingly radhika cries hearing her and hugs her tightly by closing her eyes. Tears are flowing like anything and she did not notice that Arjun stares her continuously.

Radhika runs to her room and falls on her bed. And soon she slept off without closing the door. After sometime, Arjun is going to his room and stops seeing radhika sleeping in the bed by shrinking her body like a kid. He enters inside the room and thinks, “I still don’t know why you rejected me that day but i am sure that there was some reason behind it…because when you rejected me i saw the pain in your eyes instead of hatred. I am still waiting for answer from your heart.”
He covers her with a blanket and goes out by locking the door.

Next Morning, Radhika wakes up and finds herself inside the blanket and gets confused. Then she gets freshen up and goes down to look for the break fast. She finds no one in the house including dadi. She searches them everywhere and finds no one. She gets tensed and is about to go out but stops seeing Arjun coming inside. She gets tensed seeing him and hesitates to ask him. In these 2 days, both did not talk to each other and not giving the glances also.

She stands at the same place and when Arjun is about to cross her, she stops him and asks slowly, “Where is dadi?”

Arjun did not stop and while walking only he said, “Everyone went to temple and they will come late today”

Radhika feels bad seeing him avoiding her, she gets angry also and decides to asks him. She too runs behind him and enters inside without knocking it.

Arjun turns and finds her in his room and asks, “What?”

Rads, “I need to talk to you”

Arjun turns to her completely and ties his hands across his chest and looks at her to say. Radhika gulps seeing him standing like this, she did not get words to open her mouth. She stands dumb there for a min by starring him.

Arjun stands at the same place and says, “Is there anything on my face?”

Radhika comes to sense and stammers saying, “”

Arjun, “Sorry? For what?”

Radhika rolls her eyes here and there and for a sec she closes her eyes,takes a breath and says, “Sorry for insulting you 2 years back. I don’t know whether you remember or not, probably you would have forgot that incident and me. I..i..dint really mean to insult to you that day. I am really sorry that i hurted you. Pls forgive me..but pls don’t behave like as if you don’t know about me. Just talk to me in a friendly manner atleast…i feel good”

Arjun, “I cannot talk to you in a friendly manner and of course i did not forget you and that day”

Radhika is speechless and is about to cry hearing him, she felt devastated and turns to go but stops hearing him, “I need an answer for my rejection”

Radhika is tensed and thinks for a while. She turns to him and says, “I told you that day only na. That..that..i..don’t like you”

Arjun, “I know it is a lie and i need the true answer”

Radhika blinks at him and gulps her saliva in a tension. He scans her and says, “Radhika, i know you are hiding something to me. Tell me the truth..y u rejected me”

Rads remembers the fb and says, “My friend Sanjana loved you”

Arjun is little surprise and asks, “What? So you rejected me for ur friend is it?”

Rads bows her head down and keeps silent. Arjun in a intense tone, “If i ask something i need an answer radhika”

Radhika gets scared hearing him and says, “Actually..she..she cried and said, she cannot live without you…i did not think anything that time other than rejecting you…and thought that if i do so, you will forget me and Sanju told me that she will propose you soon and make you accept her.”

Radhika cries silently and tears dropping in her cheeks. Arjun, “Did you meet your friend after that?”

Rads nodded as no and said, “I tried to reach her, but i couldn’t meet her and talk to her”.

Arjun, “Do you know why?”

Rads, “Probably she would have got some work”

Arjun smiles faintly and says, “It is because she was not able to face you…coz she lied you. She never loved me and she did not want your happiness and that’s the bitter truth”.

Rads is shocked and says, “ cannot be like that. you are mistaken”

Arjun, “You are mistaken radhika. I loved only you and how can you think that i will forget you and accept your friend so easily. DO you think i am not that strong in my love?”

Rads don’t know what to answer except blinking at him. Arjun continues,”She came to me and proposed me as you say but i did not accept it. You know why, because i was sure that you were not in your senses when you rejected me and will come back to one day for sure. Like you i rejected your friend’s proposal and do you know what she replied..she started cursing you for blinding me in yours. I was shocked seeing your so called friend abusing you and your character badly. That time i was pretty sure that you were forced to say like that. I gave a nice reply to your friend and warns her not to meet you in future also. She did not listen me initially but i used my power then she obliged me.”

Radhika gets confused and looks at him. He continues, “Why r u looking like this? Oh oh..u think what power i had right? Ok now it is time to reveal it. The company which you worked for your project is none but mine. My dad is the chairman for the Mehra Infotech. I finished my masters and taken charge as a normal employee and i don’t want to use my dad’s name to raise myself. I earned myself in my hardwork and proved my dad that i am capable enough to take over the charge of our company. And there i met you.”

Radhika is stunned thinking that she is talking to the CEO for one of the top most company in india. He smiles seeing her shocking face. She bows down seeing him smiling and gets tensed.

She gets jerked and lifts her head hearing a voice so close to her, “So you are not rejecting me by your wish right?”

Radhika looks at his eyes and starts moving back…Arjun also follows her steps and moves forward till she hits the wall. But Arjun continues moving to her until she stands on her toe tip. She is struggling a lot of his closeness and holds the wall for her support.

Arjun, “Tell me Radhika? You are not rejecting me your wish right?”

Rads moves her head left to right and looks at his eyes straight. Arjun cups her face and asks, “Now tell me radhika…nobody is forcing you anything. Open your heart and say…Do you love me?”

Radhika looks straight into his eyes and whispers, “Yes….I love you Arjun”.

Arjun gets happy and touches her forehead with his and smiles cupping her face. He kisses her forehead and moves down to her eyes, cheeks and finally reach the point where he can feel her taste. He looks at her and asks, “Shall i?”

Rads closes her eyes smilingly and gives her acceptance to him. He happily grabs her lips and tastes it as much as he can. Both stands at the same position for sometime and don’t know how long they are kissing each other. Arjun’s mobile disturbs them and makes them comes to sense. He seperates her from him and attends the call by seeing her face. Radhika gets shy seeing him and is about to go but arjun holds her hand and continues his talk.

Arjun on call, “Yeah Sam. Come home fast. Everything is on right track now. She accepted. Come soon”

Radhika s shocked and asks him, “Did sam knows about us?”

Arjun side hugs her and makes her sit in the bed and he too sits with her and says, “Not only sam…everyone in my home knows about us..including dadi”

Radhika is now breatheless hearing this and asks, “What you saying?”

Arjun holds her hand and says, “Do you remember that you spoke to one of your ex team mate for your job. She only told me about your loss and your job search. Till that time i was alteast in a hope that you will come to me one day but after seeing your situation i couldn’t stop myself in helping you. I only told her about this care taker job and asks her to tell you and make you accept this. before hand, the first person i informed about our matter is dadi..and she really supports me in my love. Before you came here i make sure that you should not know that it is me who given you this job, so i ran from here to Singapore to my dad and i worked there with him for these years. But i always have an update about you from dadi.”

Radhika is speechless and says, “You hidden this much big truth to me but y u behaved rude to me like as if you don’t know me”

Arjun, “Actually i thought that if i avoid you then you will feel bad and directly will come to me to talk and that’s happened now. Moreover i was thinking to take some more time for you to make you accept your feelings but yesterday you hugged dadi and cried right…i tried my maximum to stop myself…i was urging to take you in my embrace and wipe your tears…but controlled me a lot. But decided that today i should make you blurt out the truth…and that’s y i sent everyone out today.”

Radhika smiles and says, “Pakka planning”. Both laughs and hugs each other tightly.

Soon everyone comes home and radhika gets blessing from nandini and dadi and hugs sam happily. His father also came from singapore and the elders decides the marriage date in the nearest muhurtham.

One fine day, Ardhika gets married with the blessings of elders and starts their new journey happily and excitedly.

“If you are destined to be matter where you are and how you are …you will reach the right person at the right time…u just have to wait for it and here it happens”


So that’s it from this episode. I am done with my Two shots of “MY LOST LOVE”. Hope you all like it.

Nitu dear…i know you will be enjoying your bday today…once again i am wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear.

I read the quote in net and thought of sharing it here


I think the above lines matches to this shot. Pls let me know your comments below….thanks a lot for the support dears.

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  1. Myra

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra ??? ha ha ha… Not immediately dear…but I will try for sure… Thanks for ur support dear

  2. Sathyaaaa… this is outstanding.. so crisp n it had everything.. enaku romba piduchiruku.. Arjun took care of her even after touching.. loved ur words on destiny n that quote.. sema.!! Those lines nt oly matches it complimented ur story.. he built d walls with Windows.!!. enama yoschrukanga! Super ya.. idhu pola neraiya few shots ezhuthunga.. Lots of love..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear Jessie ??? arjun is a gem… ??? after seeing ur comments vaanathula parakurra maathiri irukku… Thanks a lot dear

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    1. Sathya

      Oh my dear radhu…. See finally I got u… ?? u r destined to be with me…. Kidding… ha ha my brain…. Yeah sure..

  4. Dipika
    .I am amazed.. No words…really no wirds coming frm me to praise u Satz darling.. You are really amazing person.. Just in two shot only this story touched my heart deep down…aradhika past..arjun love n care..woooooo…m sooo in love with this Arjun….u going made me crasy someday….love u..n tight hug for u for this extremely beautiful

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dipu darling….. Yeah we both r crazy about arjun… My ffs are arjun r my dream boy…. Who should have all these capabilities but the truth is we can have our arjun only in dreams.. ???love u dear

  5. Beautifully written two shorts n the quote really suited it well. Thumbs up girl for this sweet story

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      Thank u so much dear ???

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      Thank u dear

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    1. Sathya

      Ha ha ha Rosie only u can think and ask these kind of questions… Well we can write another shot in that angle if rads parents r alive.. What will happen to ardhika… Whether arjun be able to get her… How rads will react… Wow.. Good point Rosie… ??????

  10. Shree

    Omg!! Akka!! Semma… It just fell in the right place.. Loved it to the core!! Flashback semma… Present.. the way he made her speak out was amazing.. planning!! I loved the kiss!!

    Ammadi!! Ungla madri mulai yarukum irukadu… The quote just synced with this part of the story

    Come back with a new one ka

    Love you ??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much shree ???.. Ur comment made my fly dear…. Romba romba Nandri….will give another for sure

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    Ahhhh wish I have my birthday soon ? can get lots of os?

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      Let me know ur bday joan.. U will get a gift for sure…

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    1. Niki hiii. First write ur ff in word file n save it. It will be easy for u. then u see there is menu button on top. Press it. It will show drop down menu. There u can see submit article. So fill in the details. n enter submit button. ur story will be posted. Hope i gave all details. Enjoy dear. N waiting for ur story.

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    Sathya dat was just a superb pleasant epi… good ……n so considerate n pland arjun……n osm quote ….loved it….tc buddy…..

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      Manu darling… Thank u so much. ??? yeah we can get this kind of arjun only in our ff…. Our dream boy.

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      Wow nitu kutty… I am so glad that u liked it. Don’t worry one’s end is the start of another…. ????

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