Mmz Locked (Prologue)


The room was dark without any lights. A girl was sitting on the floor clutching a photo and was weeping continously. The darkness of the room was nothing compared to the darkness of her life. She had never expected that life would take such a sharp turn. Its been 4 hours since she has entered the room. Many were banging the door and asking her to come out. But she could hear nothing. Only one image flashed in front of her eyes – the image of her DAD. She could not imagine her life without her dad. She was not ready, not yet ready to face this world, not yet ready to take up the responsibilities of her dad, not yet ready to step into her dad’s shoes and carry his legacy forward. She still had to learn so many things from her dad. But he had left her midway in this journey. Now she had to travel alone. She had made up her mind. She had to face this all alone and for that she needs to change.

Finally she came out of the room. But she was not the Radhika everyone knew. She has locked herself from the world. She is a new Radhika. Only a miracle can bring the old one back but do miracles happen?

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  1. Jnana

    And the miracle should be written soon without making the readers wait….. Am I right? If so pls….. Post soon………

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much jnana. U r the first commenter on the prologue of my first episode. So u will be spl for me. Yah i will post soon.

      Thanks for ur amazing comment

  2. Arshi

    Wow… simply superb yaar….

    Radhika… a new look… waiting to see taf

    And and… each and every words u used is really awesome… to portray a charactr…. all the very best dear… also congrats for ur new ff…

    Pls pls… do send me message.. once u post next part… ???

    1. Fanficoholic

      Hey arshi di. Thank u so much for ur very valuble comment. Actually i hav posted the same thing with swaragini’s characters. I hope it gets uploaded. It was just fr swasan fans like u. And yah i will sure send u a msg once i post the nxt part.

  3. Jessie

    Yea.. Miracles do happen.. and I know you are gonna make it happen here..!!! Hey..wats ur name?? Eager 4 nxt one..!!

    1. Fanficoholic

      Hey jessie. Though u may not know me i knw u. U comment on gauri di’s ff, on shree di’s ff and also on some manmarziyan ffs which i read. So i do knw u. Thank u for ur compliment.

      My name is vaishnavi.

  4. Shree

    Vaishu!! Too good!! The prologue was rocking!! Ok.. so what happened? Please do reveal soon.. will be waiting.. study well

    Love you ??

    1. Fanficoholic

      Shreee diiiiiii. Thank u soooooooo much. I am really happy seeing ur comment. I hope i wont let u all down. Yah i will reveal. Bt u need to wait. U generally make us all wait na. So its revenge tym???????????

      Love u toooo

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u. Hope u will lik the story and plz keep commenting

  5. Brin

    Good start, continue with the story, eagerly waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much. I jst hope i will meet ur expectations. I will post the nxt one asap

  6. Gauri

    Awesome dear πŸ™‚ eager to know more ….pls post soon πŸ™‚

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much for ur comment di. I wll post soon dont worry

  7. Aadia

    Hi dear…interesting start…something new,isn’t it? Please update ASAP…☺☺

    1. Fanficoholic

      Yaa tis is something new. I am trying tis out. I dnt knw hw tis will come out. Thank u so much for commenting

  8. Myra

    Hey author! πŸ˜‰
    Glad, you started your know ff vaishnavi!
    Update soon… πŸ™‚

    1. Myra

      Own…i have no clue where my brains are these days.. ?

      1. Fanficoholic

        I am sorry but i did not get u

    2. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much myra di. I thought of telling u whn i comment in ur nxt epi. Yah i wll update soon. Thank us o much for commenting. I am waiting fr ur ff also

  9. Starz

    It’s very different and interesting…loved next one ASAP

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much starz. Yah i will post soon. I hope i will meet ur expectations

  10. Nice start vaishnavi…. Eager to know how that miracle going to happen in rads life… Is that miracle is Arjun?? Waiting for next update…

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much for commenting jewel. Well u need to wait for sometime to know about the miracle.

  11. Sangee

    Super prologue vaishu…. Miracles do happen but we shud meet the right person who are capable of doing that ? just my POV waiting for the next epi congrats for ur new ff post the next epi ASAP take care

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u soo much sangee. Yah ur POV is absolutely right. I will post soon. Dont worry

  12. Good start :-)post soon

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much. Plz do keep commenting like this. I will post the next one soon

  13. Anaya

    Nice prologue.. I’ve not watched manmarziya but was planning to watch it soon as everyone praise it soon much.. I’ll surely follow your story..

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much anaya. Yah do watch it. Its really amazing. Keep commenting like this. And thank i so much fr ur comment. I even have to thank u for notifying me whn u hav posted the episode. Thats so sweet of u.

  14. Rossy

    Superb intro dear…very nice…i always look forward to see different shades of mmz characters…especially girls in a strong zone…miracles do happen…nice concept dear…update soon ??

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much rossy. Well u and i are in the same boat. Even i like strong girls and i aspire to be one. Thank u so much for commenting and plz do keep commenting

  15. Ashu

    Nice start vyshu!! Interesting prologue…
    Miracles do happen, and waiting for one such miracle to happen here!

    Pls send me the links whenever u post it! As you knw, i have become an infrequent visitor to this page!!
    Love you!!!❀

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks akka. Actually swasan characters tho kuda submit chesa akka. Its not been posted. I wll surely send u the links dnt wrry. And thank u so much fr commenting.

      Love u toooo?????

  16. Sweetie

    Nice plot dear.. πŸ™‚ Please do continue.. πŸ™‚ Waiting for the next.. πŸ˜€

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thank u so much swwetie. I will post soon. Plz do keep commenting like this. I will post soon.

  17. S.v

    super start dear really a super start eagerly waiting for the next part hats off to u update soon

    1. Fanficoholic

      Hello s.v. I was actually waiting for ur comment. I see ur comments in gauri di and shree di’s ffs. Glad that u have commented. Plz keep commenting. I will post next one soom

  18. _Ritu

    Amazing dear πŸ™‚ I lyk d intro…Rads character seems to be strong her nd I love dat.. Waiting for nxt…loads of love πŸ™‚

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks ritu. Yah rads character is a strnd one and even i love strong girls.

      Loads of love to u too

  19. Awesome wowwww. ..very lovely. ..keep it up honeyyy. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Fanficoholic

      Thanks roma. Love u loadss too❀️❀️

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