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Hiii my darlings…Here your Deepu with SS…Having only 3-4 shots…Its based on one of my fav Korean movie..maybe some of you have been watched it already..Soooo tell me hoes it..

This update is dedicated to my sweet and cute Gianna…

Belated Happy Birthday dear…Wishes you a healthy , long and happy life…Stay as you are and make every day shines with your bright smile…..

shot one


My little bride

UK airline’s Flight

A boy had shown wearing grey color sports T-shirts and blue faded jeans, sitting on his passenger seat, staring at pic having a cute little girl who is in her school uniform. A sweet smile was playing on his face remembering the girl… He was tall, handsome, dashing and having well-built body and that dimple on his cheek with that smile adding sparkle to his personality…He was fitted for any GQ magazine’s cover page….

“ She is cute!!” A sweet voice came from his left side. He turned his gaze to find out a sweet and beautiful girl. She was smiling at him.

“ Hi…I’m Gianna..” She said….

“ Arjun….She is my childhood friend Radhika..” He said and showed her a pic.

“ Ohhh….She is lucky….you truly loves her….” Gianna said handing him back the pic after admiring the pic.

“Love…” He chuckled “ are mistaken..She is not my GF…I don’t love her..our families are we are…” Arjun added..

“And it was her pic old pic when she was in 9th, when last time I saw her four year back…” Arjun said still smiling..

“The way you are staring at her pic and smiling continuously..Tht’s enough for anyone to predict that you are in Love with her….” Gainna said

Arjun left speechless. He didn’t responded to her..He remember his childhood with radhika…playing..pranking on her..teasing her all the time…..After few minutes when flight attendant announced that they were going to land in few minutes which made Arjun to come from his reverie.

“ Hope soon you realize your love..Byeee…” Gianna said as she got up from her seat..

“ Thanks….Nice talking to you..Byeee..” Arjun said with smile…

Mumbai Airport Lobby..
Arjun was standing on elevator with luggage, descending towards lobby…Girls around him busy checking him out and he was enjoying drooling stares of girls on him and throwing his flirting signature smile.

As he got down from elevator and proceeds towards the exit Gate, searching for familiar face.Soon a devilish smile crept on his face as he saw a girl who was busy smelling and smiling at rose bouquet at flowers shops wearing ankle length skinny blue denim and peach color casual top.

He went there and tapped on her left shoulder and stood at right side of her. She turned at her left and then right as a voice came from her right side.

“ Panoti…M here….” Arjun said smirking at her.

“ Jerk…finally you arrived…” She said in mocking tone and gives him sarcastic smile…

“ You have grown into a big girl..huhhh…” He said staring her head to toe.

“ Means…having nice curve……” He added playfully and drew waves describing her figure by his hand.

“ You are still the Same Jerk Arjun..some ppl never changes…” She said and hit him at his stomach by her elbow and proceeds towards the Exit gate of airport.

“Radhika..listen na…Give me a break yarr…” Arjun said laughing and went running behind her “ My little girl…..”

They got in to the rented cab..

Arjun was busy staring at airhostesses who were getting into their buses. Radhika gave him unbelievable look..

“ Arjun your eyes going to strain…..Have you done with NayanSukh (eye-pleasuring)” She said giving him mocking look.

“Ohhhh…..I am just looking at natural beauty of know na how I missed Mumbai for four years being in London…” He said

“ Anyways how come you came here to receive me? You took leave from your college for me??Seriously???” Arjun said smiling wide

“ Don’t flatter much in happiness…I had Annual day so got holiday today..and moreover mom insist me to come here….” Radhika said while he was searching in his luggage for something

“Ohhhh….That’s great…so I can give you your special gift now….See I brought you gift from London…” He said and handed shopping bag to her

“Really???? Not bad…You still have some manners left in you…“ radhika said excitedly and opened the Bag in curiosity

She got stunned as she saw the gift…

It’s a Bra. Colorful one. Having floral print….

“It’s padded little girl…” He said as he saw her fuming by her facial expression and started laughing vigorously.

“ You pervert..jerk….” She threw the bag outside the cab and started beating him badly with her fist.

As their cab proceeds towards radhika’s home , they were busy teasing ,beating and pulling each other’s hair.

Cab halted at Mishra residence…. Aradhika got down from cab..

As Arjun got down from cab His mother Sonali rushes to hug him tight.

“ Oh..My son….After almost four year I’m seeing you…see that hostel food made you weak….” She said in worried face.

“ Sonali…don’t you see his abs..he is grown to a man..he is my strong boy…” Raj Arjun’s father said and pulled him into hug…

Mala and Dilip to hugged him and inquired him about his whereabouts

“ How’s dadaji???” Arjun asked he didn’t find Radhika’s dadaji outside.

“ A little health issues..He is waiting for you inside…let go….” Mala said

Arjun turned to see Radhika who was rolling her eyes at him for all the pampering he was getting from all.
She is still little, Arjun thinks to himself..

As they got in, Arjun went to Dadaji’s room and leaned and touch his feet for blessing who was leaning on his bed and busy reading book.

Dadaji gets very happy seeing him and took him in to his embrass.

“ You look exactly like your Dadaji..Like My best friend…..” Dadaji caresses Arjun face.

All the family members came into dadaji’s room. Arjun told them how was his life and graduation days back in London.

Radhika made soup for Dadaji and make him eat by feeding him.

Dadaji smiled as he stared Radhika who was sitting on his left side and arjun who sitting on his right side of bed.

“ Choti…..You are like you dadima…took care of me…you are big now…make me reminds of her…” Dadaji said

“ Papaji..She is little girl….” Mala said in unpleasant tone..hiding her worry

“ No maa..M all grown up..don’t call me little girl…remember at my age you got married to paa….” Radhika said

“ Seee Bahu…she is saying it right…Arjun and Choti I want to discuss something with you….” Dadaji said hold each hand of radhika and arjun.

Arjun and radhika said “ haaa dadaji “ in union…dadaji smiles

“ You both know na..I and Arjun’s dadaji are best friends from our military days….So at war time we promised each other that we will give further step to our friendship by marrying our children….”

“ But you two have son’s only..then you guys couldn’t proceed that preposition na dadaji….” Radhika said innocently.

“ You are right Choti…so with that clause this preposition pass on to next generation…If that promise will not get fulfill how I will face my best friend there….” Dadaji said signaling his hand towards sky.

“ He will not forgive me for not fulfilling our promise…” Dadaji stops for a second or two and speaks again “ So…I want you two to get married and fulfill our dream to unite our families by making this alliance….”

Aradhika gets stunned and dumbfound..They look at each other.

“ No DADAJI…” They scream in union

Aradhika looks at their parents to convenience dadaji but they already looking helpless.

“ dadaji…..i’m just 18….in first year…I can’t ger married “ Radhika said and ran outside the house

“ Dadaji..i too don’t want to get married..I just completed my graduatiuon..and wanted to stand on my feet and enjoy my bachelourhood…I’m just 21….” Arjun said and he too left the room..

Arjun comes outside house and collided with radhika who came from opposide side..

“ Don’t talk to me..I don’t Want to get married…” radhika said left with tapping her feet with annoyance

“ I too don’t want to get married to you…” He screamed at her…

Next day

Sam was waiting at college gate for radhika and impatiently trying radhika’s phone.

“ Heyyyyy sammmm…” radhika said huffing as she came running to sam…

“ If you came late for another more would miss our hero’s look “ sam winked

And then a boy on his sports bike wearing aviator glasses enters and brownish leather jacket enters from the gate..All the girls including RASA were busy gasping and staring at him…
He passed them.

“AAAAHHHHA…NEIL…..” rasam gasped in union..and they laughed

“ OMG..he is so handsome…I love him yar..” radhika said with wide smile…

“ Yeah..he is sooooo hot..I too love him….When he spread his magic on football ground..ufff..main to marjava…” Sam said

They both laughed on the infatuation on Neil ..

Neil is one of the most handsome and dashing guy and captain of football team of their college..Radhika and Sam both are in love with him for his look…matter of fact all the girls are mad about him.
But radhika and Sam never misses his any match and never tired staring at him..but they do all this staring thing in union…As they both are best friend..

Mishra Residency

Dadaji’s phone was buzzing…He picked up the call and placed it on his ear

“ Namaste Dadaji..I’m Ritvik.your doctor…..Your reports came..You are fit and fine…and going to live healthy for next 20 years…” Doctor said

Dadaji cursed under his breath…This foolish guy going to throw water on my plan..

“ Beta..don’t you dare to share this news with my family…..say them that m very critical..and few days are left with me…” dadaji said in threatening tone..

“ But had just acidity problem…then how could i….” doctor said but dadaji cut his off

“ beta you are good boy na and calls me dadaji..then listen to your dadaji and do as I say….” Dadaji said smiling mischievously.
Poor doctor had to listen dadaji…

Dadaji smiled as he got a plan in his mind to unite aradhika..” see your dadaji’s new Nuska…”

Sooooo how’s this?How dadaji will unite them?? If he succeeds in uniting aradhika thn how things gonna workout between aradhika…. First time m tried for SS..I wan’t your support..Please drop your precious reviews….

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  1. Sathya

    Dadaji is really dangerous person to tackle…. How cutely he convinced the doctor… Oh ho…. Dipu…. It s a
    ” PULCHRITUDINOUS” EPISODE…. and a very cute bday gift to gia…..

    I just loved the intro specially…. U post next one soon dear….

    I put a new word now…. Find the meaning dear… Lol… Love u ?????

    1. Hai sathya…
      Wen u r posting ur made for each other second short
      Im eagerly waiting for that…update soon dear

      1. Sathya

        Hi faima… Made for each other will be tomorrow n today I posted dbl…

    2. Dipika

      Satzzzz darlingggggggg Thank you soooo much for this pulchritudinous comment…hehe..having great physique…. I m so relieved whn i read ur first comment here…Thank u shooo much dearryyy…next one will b soon…love u janeman..muhha

  2. It is my favourite movie…radhika as kid who dont understand her feelings..its difficult to imagine…

    1. Dipika

      Sarswati dear thank you soooo much for support dear..yeahhhh..thts y i crossed my fingers tht i m tensed abt i can portrait their feelings properly or not…love u..muhha

  3. Sammy

    girl that was awesome ..i am rolling on the floor now …superb …post next soon deepu …really mindblowing ..i loved it

    1. Dipika

      Sammy darling thank you sooooo much for this lovely cimment….m on moon now….waiting for ur ffs…loads of love… Muhhaa

  4. Rossy

    I saw it…saw it…saw it heroine…but why pride was there instead of bride…and to the truth I like that heroine only in that movie…but I liked that hero in other works of his…and u wrote it beautifully…one change…can u do??? My request make brides mother a bit sensible,not like movie…n who is. Gl gonna play that lady teacher role who is after hero lyk despo…so Neil will be after rads for now…yipeeee….bring it on

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhh rossyyyy darling… My action queen thank you sooooo much yarrr…i too like that heroine in this movie bt i didn’t see any other works of both of them….i can’t express how relived m now….n i think bonnie will b good for tht teacher role..wht say?? Suggest me something… N yess yar how can i make mala like tht movie wali mother..i will make her loving…. Loads of love my shona..muhha

  5. Brin

    Awesome Dadaji playing the matchmaker, can’t wait to see how that turn out for Ardhika, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling Thank you sooooo much fir ur love..haha..yeahhh..dadaji is ultimate matchmaker….will post soon nzt u…muhhha

  6. Jewel

    deepika, my little bride is one of my favorite film… and now i am imagining each and every scene of that film with mmz actors wow… i never imagine that we can replace the actors like this…. this suits very nicely. this thought is superb deepika…. is this story completely based on film?? then who is that teacher behind the hero?? bonnie??… now i am waiting for the cute scenes between ardhika…. come with the next soon…

    1. Dipika

      Hey jewel darling thank you soooooo much for ur love n amazing support… Yess i hav watched tht movie n no. Times..i was tensed tht i would justify they well or not but ur comment relived me..i too thinking of bonnie..but suggest someone new…hope u will lik the nxt too…love u tooooonsss…muhhha

  7. Jessie

    Deeeppzz… am just rolling reading Arjun’s antics.. lol.!! 1000 watts shock!!dadaji..nt1 less in mischief..rasam starring in union..reminds me of my bestie!! Neil d dashing hero! Am all eager n curious 4 nxt chappy.. haven’t seen d movie though.

    Gianna.. u got to meet Arjun!! Hay..hayye..u make him realize his feelings too.. kya baat !! Birthday gifts hai to aise..everyone is in a competition 2 give u d best.. .am enjoying 2!! Deepz.. am am curious yaar. . Reading rosie’s comment..whoa..teacher behind neil..?? TC n loads of love

    1. Dipika

      Jessie darlie you knw m on moon dancing full heartedly…haha…Thank you soooo much for this amazing words n love….n yess dadaji is match maker here..haha..yeah i too add tht line..vis i n my bestie used to do the same… not behind neil she will b behind arjun..haha…love you dearryyy…muhhhha

      1. Jessie

        Guess wat deepz.. I was asking d Korean movie story frm my gym mate today..I was like tell d climax alone.. all were like wats wrong with this girl..Lol.. over curiosity.. !!

  8. Mica

    even me.. drooling on neil.. but nomore than arjun…
    luv it Dipika… juuust love it soo much

    1. Dipika

      Mica darling thank u soooo much…haha..yeah same with the end..apana arjun hi…love u..muhha.

  9. Meen

    oh yes i too hv seen that movie……i loved it….dadaji rocks…..& my god gianna…got to meet arjun…..she is so damn lucky……waiting for d next……..loads of love dipika

    1. Dipika

      Meen darling thank you sooooo much…yess it my fav movie..n u knw our dadaji suited best for the role thn actual dadaji in movie u dear..muhha

  10. Sooper dear…always u r rocking
    Luv u

    1. Dipika

      Thank you soo much Fatima dear…love u tooooo…muhhha

  11. Myra

    uffff….deepu di… you yaar…..amazing concept…..naughty dadajii…, he is gonna unite ardhika…..amazing……neil doesnt know sam? woah…harsh!
    love you so so much…..update soon 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Myra darling Thank you soooo much..n I love u three four much…haha..yess our dadaji rocks always…yuo neil.don’t knw sam..but anyhow they will get unite at the end..haha…love u dearrrryyyy….muhhha

  12. Wow i loved ..cute cute..they r very young so no marriage now lol but lot of romance can happen..haha lol..but i loved the 1st chappy to the core
    Post soon 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Neetz darling thank you sooooooo much….you r cute yarrr….yup they r too young to get married so their bal vivah will fun to read haha….soon come with next… Love u sooooo much dear…muhhhhhaaa

  13. Sweetie

    Haayeee sweetheart,I don’t watch any korean films yaar sadly.. 🙁 But gonna read and will know right.. 😉 Lovely chapter.. 😀 Dadaji and his nuske,lol,laughing hard by reading how he threatened the doctor sahab.. 😀 Arjun gifted Rads inner wear,lol,naughty boy,haha.. 🙂 Neil,handsome hunk,I’m fanning myself now.. 😉 Waiting for next,love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Gianna got to meet our handsome hunk..Mujhe bhi mila deti sweetheart.. 😀 Just kidding.. 🙂 Gianna b’day surprises are giving us nice treats.. 😀

    2. Dipika

      Ohhh my sweet heart…haha..u made me smile as always by ur super words….tht movie is one my fav..n i feels relived tht u didn’t watched it yet…so u can njoy my writing.. Haha..n ofcourse i will make my sweetie darling also to meet arjun soon…hehe….loads n tons of love darling… Muhhhaa

  14. by hook or by crook dadaji wanted to take Arjun and Radhika’s independence/free lifestyle away from them….:)

    1. Dipika

      Hahaha..kk ur exactly right..haha. He was on full mood to snatch their freedom.. Hehe..Thank you sooio much darling.. Love u..muhha

  15. piku di ss is amazing
    i luved it
    omg tat gift it is really very funny
    u got magic in ua fingers di i am jst in luv wid ur writings nw
    will w8 fkr nxt update
    bye tc
    luv u

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh my swt lil sis…magic in my finger… Omg..its biggest compliment i ever got yarrr….thank you sooooo much loving me n my work this much dearrryyyy….love you dearyy..muhhha

  16. Hi Sweetie… one thing is I am going to enjoy reading this as it started with masti and dadaji going to add more…tc

    1. Dipika

      Chandana dear thank you soo much..i m happy very much tht u enjoyed reading it yarrr..dadaji is very cool ……love u…muhha

  17. Jnana

    Awesome….. Waiting for the next….

    1. Dipika

      Jhana darling thank you sooo much…love

  18. S.v

    dheeps (im gonna call u that dheeps) dadaij ki jai ho so for acidity problem to life threating situation lol dadaji always rocks im laughing imagining dadaji’s face when he was thinking and ardhika were so cute and lovely love you so much . MUhhhaaaa

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh S v thts cute name u newly gave me..haha..i liked it..haha. Yess dadaji is very dramatic n match maker for aradhika…lot more masti to come to its way..loads of love

  19. Gauri

    Dipu so nice to see your OS….and dadji is seriously dangerous …bechare phas gaye ….Sam Radhika fida on Neil OMG too much…waiting for the next loads of love stay blessed 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Gauri darling i was desperately waiting for ur u knw i akways eager to read frm u..n u knw whn i wrote tht rasam fascinating abt neil i was thinking abt u .hehe..meri neil diwani…love u dearryyy…muhhha

  20. Dear…
    Sorry yaar for late. …
    Very sweet and nice story. ..
    Dadaji is very naughty. …
    When ‘ll b next epi. ..

    1. Dipika

      Savera darling thank you sooo much for lovely words of urs…soon i will write for nxt u..muhha

  21. Awwwwwww am so happy, I love this so much. This is an amazing bday am just getting after gift and I love it that u all make me talk to Arjun ?
    I love the concept of the story, naughty dadaji, Sam n Rads staring at the college’s most handsome guy in unison, these girls r crazy but u love their craziness.
    Love u so much sweet Deepu n thank u a lot for this beautiful gift. ??????

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh gia darling m soooo on moon now tht u liked my gift…..thank you soooo much darling for awesome words…love u..muhhhha

  22. Dips awesome start. Lol. Ardhika toh superb hain. All the playfulness, banter was so cute. And sam n radz drooling on neil. Kya baat hain…. waiting for dadajis nuske.

    1. Dipika

      Haha…manhu m soooo eager to read from u…thank you soooo much darling for this lovely words… Love u..muhha

  23. If i was not wrong itz my little bride nt pride

    1. Dipika

      Yeah amee its wrongly published over here….will correct it in nxt shot..thanks ton u..muhaaa

  24. mindblowing……eagerly waiting next one…….

    1. Dipika

      Thank you sooo much subha…love u..muhha

  25. Oooooo…my darling dips….this story is really outstanding n stupendous. …ardhika were fantabulous. ..n rads sam both lattoo on neil….Gia’s entry at plane was very cuteeeee. …now dadaji’s plan to unite ardhika should be mind blowing. ..poor doctor. …lol…loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. …I want gia’s bday everyday…so I get to read lots of lovely lovelyyyyyy stories. …wowwww. ..once again Happy belated birthday Giaaaaaaa. …love you loads dipssss. …muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Dipika

      Thank you soooo much Roma diiii….i thought u forget to read it….but now m all happy happy..dancing…. Thank you soooo much di for ur love…love uuu..muhha

  26. _Ritu

    Dipika…it was fantabulous dear:) loved ArDhika’s pranks on each other 🙂 Dada ji a match maker here…he is always cute in dat role…ask him to find a match for me nd for u too 😉 😉 Gianna met my Arjun…now m really jealous from her 😉 😉 Neil all dude type.. 🙂 loved every character here…waiting to read soon…loads of love 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh thank you soooo much ritu darling for this fabulous words… M so smiling wide..haha..n yes dadaji will definitely find match for us..thanks a ton babe…love u shooo much..muhha

  27. Plz update nxt part….

    1. Dipika

      Hey ure dear m posting it tomorrow.. See u there.. Love to hear frm u..muha

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