MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 7)

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Shot 7

After Arjun’s confession Radz was avoiding Arjun like he has some contagious diseases. As Arjun knew already why she was doing this so he too didn’t tried to bother her. He decided to give her some free space to deal with the situation.

After a week…

Leaving late from staff room Arjun’s mobile beeped by messaged arrival, he swiped his phone to read the message which was from Riya. He was deliberately avoiding her as she always falling on him intentionally. He could sense her desires for him and that’s why spending more time in staff room just to avoid meeting her in parking a lot.

Arjun reads the message “ Arjun I need your help. My car broken down here near college campus.Area is quite secluded. Please can you drop me home…”

Arjun cursed his fate for this. He badly want to refused but as college campus was situated out of city it was not safe to leave Riya alone he thought and decided to drop her at her place quickly. He messaged that he was coming.

Arjun reached out to the place where Riya mentioned. She was sitting inside her car and as she saw Arjun’s car approaching her she got out from car. Arjun could see flat tier of her car.

Riya greeted him as he reached and hugged him. Arjun felt a bit uncomfortable when she came close to him, but he knew he had to bear it a little longer for his own sake. Just one week was left to finish his internship and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Arjun gave her forced smile and asked her to seat in the car.

Arjun started to drive towards her home. He was engrossed in his thought about how to avoid further conversation and escaped from her but her constant touches making him irked more. He remained silent and wishing to reach destination soon.

Riya even started messaging his thighs and rolled her fingers over his jeans which made him restless. He was about to scream in anger when Riya announced that they reached at her home.

Arjun took sigh of relief. But Riya has her own plans.

“Arjun now you have come to my home..let’s have a coffee together..My body is literally paining due to over work…As you help me its repenting for cup coffee will do na?” Riya said with wide grin plastered on her face.

“No Ms Riya..It’s okay….if anyone was at your place I would have help her..However I have some work around home to get better I should leave now” Arjun said while starting the Engine.

Riya realized that her plan was about to flop so she acted to fall on ground and screamed in pain. Arjun stopped and get down from car. He leaned and gave her support to stand but she holds his hand tightly and wraps another hand around his waist.

Arjun felt her touch disgusting but couldn’t help and somehow kept calm.

Once inside, Arjun make her seat on Sofa and was about to leave.

“Arjun please, stay for a while na..just gave me that pain relief spray…..” Riya said making her face like she was in deep pain. Arjun fisted his wrist to control his outburst.

“Hmm..where is first-aid box ? “

“Left drawer in that central cabinet..” Riya said smilingly seeing Arjun with desire filled eyes.

Arjun was searching the box and sighed when he found it but then suddenly he felt slender arm wrapped around him tightly from back.

“Riyaa…what the hell are you doing? You are getting on my nerves now…” Arjun jerked her hands from his body with force which make her step backward with force.

“Arjun I wanted to tell you from long but never get chance to do so…I’m sorry I lied to you my car wasn’t broken and I didn’t get injured a while ago…but my intensions are not wrong….” Riya said while unbuttoning her blouse.

“ you are getting me wrong Riya..i’m not that kind of guy..I’m a one women man… we shouldn’t cross our limits…” Arjun muttered

“why are you thinking about limit..I will love you limitless Arjun. Just make me I get to know you, I started day dreaming about us,holding hands, kissing each other, and doing everything that lovers do….” Riya said seducing tone

“Stop it Riya…i want to clear you one thing..I never seen you that way..i always respect you as my mentor…Please stop this…” Arjun said firmly.

“ Arjun look at me. Look at every inch of my body. Isn’t it curvy and s*xy enough to turn you on? If yes then let me hear it from you. I wanted to feel your touch on every part of my body and set it on fire…I wanted you to make love to me Arjun…” Riya went on and on….untill she came closer to him, so close that she almost fell on him.She moaned as she leaned on him.

“Sorry Riya….I can’t do’s not possible…I’m leaving…” Arjun jerked her away from and walked towards door.

“Arjun you can’t do this…since day one I wanted just can’t walk away shattering all my dreams and wishes. I can’t let you go easily…Arjun come close to me..feel me….feel my body….i have waited for so long….don’t break my heart…” She said and hugged him tightly

“Stop it..Are you out of your mind?I’m not at all interested in you..can’t you see it?” Arjun said raising his voice, but Riya didn’t move and inch;she rested her head on his chest.

“Arjun, don’t stop yourself. I’ll give you whatever you want. But don’t leave me like this..i need you…please Arjun…..i want…..”

“f**k off….you have lost your damn bullshit mind….” He shouted and pushed Riya so hard that she fell on sofa.

He continued “ how many times I should tell you I don’t feel anything for you? I’m committed….” Arjun shouted. Riya got shocked.

“Yess..I’m married. I love my wife too much.I thinks you won’t understand like this. Let me show you our pic…”

Arjun went closer to Riya and took out his phone from his shirt pocket. He opened his mobile’s gallery and showed her Radhika and his wedding pic.

The picture left Riya speechless. “ RADHIKA” she muttered.

“yess..We are married.i love her so much that no another person can come in my life. I never let yours hopes go up, but the way you are behaving is disgusting. There is limit to everything and you have crossed all limits. Do whatever you want, but I’m going. I can’t stay here even for a minute…”

Arjun didn’t look at her and left the place leaving Riya disillusioned and dejected. She couldn’t control her anger and broke some of the showpieces kept in the living room and screamed loudly.

As Arjun reached penthouse, he barged into his room and locked himself with loud thud of door. Radhika was studying in her room but actually she was waiting for him. She saw him in tension and loud thud of his door make her confirm that something had happened. She didn’t bothered him as she don’t want to make things gets complicated between them.

Next day

Riya was still fuming in anger due to rejection and she went to Principal and told about Aradhika marriage but Principal threatened her that to keep her mouth shut else she will lose her job.

During the lecture Riya was giving venomous glares to Radhika.on other hand Radhika was puzzeled what was going on around her. Arjun didn’t talk to her and left the penthouse early morning. She couldn’t figure out.

When lecture was about to end then peon came to give notice to Riya. Riya read it and decided something and smiled

“Attension Class..I want to let you all know that our college is going to celebrate 25th anniversary..means foundation day of our there are many programs held to celebrate it…So for that programs our class got opportunity to decorate the auditorium hall. So from roll no.1 to 30 going to decorate left wall, roll no. 32 to 50 right wall and Roll no. 50 to 70 going to decorate ceilings….so decides the theme and work according to it…” Riya informed the students

“Excuse me missed my roll no…I supposed to be in second group na..” Radhika stood up and asked puzzled as Riya didn’t mention roll no. 31 as it belongs to Radz.

Riya smirked and replied “ what so hurry radhika..i didn’t missed your no..I’m going to assign you very important you are sooo much talented Girl na…you have to paint Main display stage wall of auditorium…Alone…that anyone cant disturb your work….”

Radhika was shocked and dumbfounded. How can she paint that big wall alone..Her mouth was gasping open. Sam too was shocked with this task assigned to Radz. She felt pity.

“Is there any problem Radhika? “ Riya asked smirking.

“Umm..No No..Mam…No problem” Now Radz figured out what would have happened between Arjun and she too noticed Riya’s constant touching to Arjun..And she knew what Arjun have done. She know Arjun was true about his feelings for her and he defiantly would have rejected Riya.

Riya left the class room smiling, she didn’t noticed Arjun standing near the door who has heard all the things. Arjun felt to throttle Riya for torturing Radz but he was helpless.he realized he had done big mistake revealing to Riya about their marriage.

After college hours, Radz went to auditorium to plan how to decorate the wall with a theme. She drew some draft of natural scenery having mountains and tress. She climbed on ladder and was busy drawing on that wall.

“Can I help my Best friend Chashni? “

Radz turned with surprised and shock expression written all over her face and found Sam standing in middle of hall having remorseful expression like she had big fight with her heart and mind to come to radz.

“Ab mera muh hi dekhongi ya kuch Kahongi bhi? (Are you going to stare at me all the time or going to say something? ) Sam said with smile.
Radz blinked to confirm that it’s not her dream but reality. She got down and ran to Sam.

“Yeahhh…There is lot of works to get done by best friends….” Radz said with tears and hugged Sam tightly.

“If you done with this ‘Bharat Milap’…Let’s start the work” Sam chuckled

Radz was feeling extremely light like she got back her breath with Sam arrival.She herself was unaware that she would miss sam this much..That’s the love of Friendship..You need a friend to share your heart than anything in this world.

RaSa were painting the wall and gossiping about everything and anything. After few hours they done with painting the tree part and decided to continue further work next day.

Raz and Sam were busy washing paint stain from their hand under faucet in washroom sink.

“Chashni..I’m sorry being jealous b*t*h that time…I missed u..I regret what I spoke and did to you…..” sam said in guilty tone.

“Don’t say like that are not at all…It’s me….I’m the biggest b*t* can’t beat me in that…I’m ditching my husband over my Boyfriend and vice versa….” Radz said

They both giggled at her sentence..

“But seriously….Do Arjun knows about your affair with Neil…” sam asked

“Yess…he learned it before I could dare to tell him..but most amazing thing is he is supporting me..which making me feel more guilty….” Radz say in low tone.

“your love life is a complete mess..” Sam shakes her head

“yeahh..totally messed up when Arjun confessed his feeling for me….” Radz said pouting her face.

“Do you feel the same for Arjun? “sam said while her eyes searching for something in Radz eyes.

“It’s complicated..” radz said

“Okay my chashni..we will find out it soon..let get going to home…we will eat Golgappe on the way..what’s say? “ sam said to distract radz’s mind from tension.

Radz’ s face got lit up with name of Golgappe…” Ofcourse..lets go…”

After RaSa left three pair of eyes came out from behind the adjacent wall of washroom…yes its ENA MEENA DEEKA

“your life is going to become big mess soon radhika…you messed with have to pay for that….” Meena said with devilish smirk.

Next chappy: Radz gonna realized her feeling for arjun….Meena will reveal about aradhika’s marriage infront of whole school..

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Satz thanks for asking me to write more in this story….
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    Thanks for extending the story… waiting 4 nxt one…TC n loads of love dear

    1. Dipika

      jesss darling..muhhhaaaa…Thank you sooo much for this amazing words yar..ha main bhi use hi dhund rahi thi…n yess they r gng to play cupid…mere hote huye loi arjun ko molest kar sakta hai u ..muhhhaa

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    Well Coming to the Lil bride…. Ha what to say I wanna hit her on her head…. Why can’t she understand that Bechara…. I m feeling bad for arjun… Can’t see him like this. N thank u so much for extending it dear… U r my cute darling.. Love u

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