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This update is dedicated to my three musketeers Sweetie , Manha and Shree….

Sweetie swtheart u asked me to meet arjun in first shot na..from tht time i was planning…then Manhu n shree to demanded the here is small surprise for you guys…..Tell me hows it…


Shot 6

Day passes like months; it’s been five months that Aradhika’s parents got to know about Raneil. Radhika somehow managed to convince Neil about her weird behavior stating the reason that she wasn’t ready for kiss and as her parents got to know about her affair she needs time. She told him half of the truth. Neil like a good person understands her feeling. Though he was hurt by her strange behavior but still was trying to understand their relationship.

Five months later
It was a Sunday night…

Radhika shuffled her movie collection on her laptop for good movie to cut the time. She thought to check with Arjun once so they can watch any good movie together. Trudging his bedroom she found it empty then she heard the sound of faucet from washroom so she sat down on his bed to wait for him to come outside.

His room was typical boy room painted in blue and white combo having numerous posters of cars and bikes. On one of the wall was his pictures from his camping were proudly hanging showing his adventurous trekking tours..Yess Arjun is member of trekking group and had conquered many mountains.

Then her gaze falls on his study table, a book caught her attention; as she went to see that book ,sound of door opening came and she turned to look at him and found him in low waisted blue faded jeans and bare torso. He came rubbing his wait hair by towel; few droplets of water on his bare torso making him look incredibly s*xy. Her gaze travels to his upper half, lingering on his stomach…perfect abs embedded on his stomach. No doubt that he has worked hard in gym to get this Greek god body…This was second time she witnessed his bare torso and enjoying watching it more than she should.

Arjun saw Radhika standing in front of him….”YOUUUU…..” he screamed and turned…

With that she closed her eyes with her hands and turned to opposite direction

“ I didn’t see anything…..” she whispered

“Don’t you have manner’s to knock…This is second time you braking my privacy….and heyyy don’t look here…huhhh…” Arjun said pulling his white T-shirt and wears it.

“HAHAHA..very funny…Don’t worry I’m not going to rape you…..if you have done getting dressing up..should I turn now…..” She said while opening her one eye….

“Yeahhhhh….What are you doing in my room, your Excellency??? ….” He said with sarcasm while pulling his jacket on….

She turned and got seated on his bed folding her legs….

“I came here to ask you that if you are free then we can watch movie together….” Radz said biting her lower lip in hesitation.

“ohHHH…sorry..I’m going out….Had some plans already…” Arjun replied while applying gel to his perfect hair.

“Plans? With whom you are going out..” She asked in little interrogating tone.Arjun thought to pull her leg…

“ to say…I’m going with your Ms Riya..On romantic date…” He said and gave her a winked smile.

“What…..” She almost screamed and gawked at him.

“Have you lost your mind to go with that flirt teacher….” Radz somehow hide her jealousy and hissed

Arjun controls his laughter somehow.

“why not..though she is flirt..but she is good looking too na..As I don’t have any GF..then I can enjoy with benefits u know…..” Arjun smirked

Now she wants to throttle his neck with her bare hands. Her hands were itching to do that….but she kept quiescent as she know he was taunting her for being with Neil at his back.

Arjun turned to her after wearing his deo and walked to her.

“what happened that you went on silent mode suddenly? “ He asked placing his hand on his hips.

Radz turned her gaze to look at him….OHHHH this Devil is looking so handsome…She looked from tip to toe. He was wearing white T-shirt with naïve blue blazer and blue faded jeans with his motor cycle shoes. His after shave smells clouded her mind as he came near to her.

“Do you enjoying what you see, my dear wifey?? “ He said with signature smirk

As he caught her ogling at him openly she hit herself in mind for doing so….

“I don’t know what are you talking about? “ she said playing naive..He chuckled.

“Okay..i’m going clubbing with childhood friends of mine..they forced me to come…” Arjun informed her

“Ohhhh…” she said in little disappointment that now she has to spend time alone their penthouse…

“why don’t you care to join us…they won’t mind if you came along with me….at first place they wanted to meet you since they got to know about our marriage…” He said

Her face got lighten up like thousand volt a small kid who get his candy for which he was craving..

“Ohhhh..why not…give me 10 minutes to get ready….” Radhika said and rushed to her room without waiting for his reply…
He was expecting her denial but to his surprise she said yes…He smiled as he reminded that his friends asked him to take her with him to the party..he know if he asked her straight she would refused to come with him…

“Tadanggg…M ready…..”Radhika said making Arjun’s eyes pop up in amusement. She had worn shiny black knee length one piece which was hugging her body perfectly. She set her long black hair free. Her kohl filled black eyes shining with excitement having subtle makeup. She was looking like a hot summer day that will make anyone to sweat…

“This girl would see death of me….” He muttered


“nothing…” Arjun shrugged “ Let’s go….”



As Aradhika entered into the disc, which was full of chilling youngsters dancing on peppy numbers were played by DJ already pissed drink.

Teji and Zubin waved them to catch their attention…Aradhika went to their table located on one side of dance floor. Arjun started to introduce Radz to his friends….

“Guys meet my wife Radhika…. Radhika meet my friends Teji, Zubin and this is…..”

“Stop…let me introduce myself….”

Radhika shake hands with Teji and Zubin and then her gaze falls on a beautiful girl standing wearing violet colored party dress…

“Myself Sweetie..Arjun’s classmate cum best friend….” Sweetie said offering hug to Radz.

Radz felt good to meet her but in deep down her heart felt jealous as mentioned of Best friend word…

“ You are so beautiful….” Radz compliment Sweetie

“Thank you so much Radhika..but you are more beautiful….” Sweetie said smiling

As they were busy chit chatting Radz felt jealous seeing Sweetie and Arjun’s friendship bond and then Radhika heard a tap on her folder and turned to find two girls looking at their best wearing gorgeous shiny party dress smiling at her which makes her smile wide..

“What a pleasant surprise….Manha and Shree…I never expect to meet you two here…” Radhika stood and hugged Manha and shree..

“We too…But as I see you here….we can’t hold ourselves back….” Manha said

“Can we know who is that handsome guy sitting beside you Radz…” Shree whisperd in Radz ear.

“You will never change na shree..Let me introduce….He is my husband Arjun and Arjun these are my old friends Manha n Shree….” Radhika introduce Arjun to both of them. Arjun got little bit surprised as Radz mentioned husband to him to her friends; he thought she would lie to them.

Arjun greeted them and asked them to join with them.

“Thank you Arjun..but we are with our whole gang so..but next time sure…hey Radz why don’t you join us for while…just for few minutes? “ Manha asked

Radz looked at Arjun for answer but she doesn’t want leave Arjun….

“ jiju..dont worry we will not keep your wife for long time…” Shree said mischievously

Now Arjun can’t deny..”Sure..she is all yours….”

Radz went with Manha and Shree to bar table where other group were hanging. All greeted her and started chit chatting.

Arjun’s eyes were never leaving her for a moment.

“You really Love her, huhh…?” Sweetie said with that his stance broke..

“Umm…No NO….i was just….” Arjun said but sweetie cut him off

“ Don’t lie..i can see love in your eyes for her..from our always love her….then why are you hiding?? And why don’t you tell her that…Now she is your wife…” sweetie asks in demand

“Sweetie….yess I love her..but she don’t….and I don’t want to force my love on her just because we got married..i know she is not happy with me…..she loves Neil not me….” Arjun tells Sweetie about RaNEIl

“You are mistaken…she loves you..and I have seen that..she was jealous when you introduce me to her…and whatever with Neil she shares that is just her infatuation not love….” Sweetie said


“Arjun….You have to make her understand difference between Love and infatuation. Its high time to show her grand gesture of your Love..buddy…” sweetie said encouraging him

“But how? “

“Let’s just make your wife jealous. She too was looking at you..pretend that you are enjoying dancing with me…let’s dance….” Sweetie offered her hand

“Are you sure? Will it work?? Cos I know her…Radz head run anti clockwise …she will dance with other guy to make this plan reverse….” Arjun said

“it will also fall in our favor…it will give you that opportunity to show your Love to her….i think you understand what I mean….” She winked and pulls him on dance floor…

On other hand Radz was not enjoying herself and her gaze fully on Arjun …Her temper reach at peak when she saw Sweetie and Arjun dancing.

“What happened??? You are looking distracted? “ Manha ask offering radz coke

Radz can’t hold it back and tell Manha n Shree about her jealousy and her confusion

“Don’t be jealous radz..He is totally into you…he loves you….” Manha said

“Yess radz..when you guys entered in disc, we observed him giving hard looks to the men who were staring at you….” Shree added


“No but..Go and dance with him….show him that only you have rights dance with him” Manha suggested

“No….i will not ask him to dance..i will make him to ask me…Let’s see…” Radz smirked

“One Tequila shot please….” Radz asked to bar tender

“ What are you doing? You don’t drink na….” Shree asked in bewilderment

“Need….” Radz gulped that shot in one go and stiffed when liquid went down from her throat..

Marching towards dance floor Radhika pull one guy to make dance with her. She was dancing crazily with him.

That’s it…Arjun turned into live volcano which was ready to bust anytime…

“Go…snatch your wife…” Sweetie chucked

“Remove your filthy hands from her or I will tear apart you right this moment….”

Radhika heard harsh voice came from her right side and found Arjun staring at that guy with murderous look. He pushed the guy away from Radz like insect and pulled Radz towards him pestering his front to her’s.

“I was just supporting her…” That guy said

“I can take care of MY WIFE very well..” Arjun said stressing last two words with passion making her gaze lock in his.

Sweetie asked DJ to change the song to romantic number.

Arjun wrapped her Arm around her waist with firm grip and they started to dance..Radz lost herself in his black orbs and can feel her emotion as song lyrics falls on her ear.

(Guys listen this song once if you are not heard till now…I became diwani of this song…n imagine Arjun always whenever this song get played…haha)

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Ho ho….
Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaqi hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chuke

Meri nigaahein hain
Teri nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya be-khabar

Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar
Teri aankhen padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Ho ho….

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sirphire
Hathon mein aate nahi
Udte hain lamhe mere

Meri hansi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya be-qadar

Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Ho ho….

With ending of the song Aradhika lost into each other. As Teji called Arjun their eye lock broke with that.

After some time all started to leave.Radz was standing outside, waiting for Arjun who was supporting zubin who was pissed drink.

“ You two look made for each other…” Radz heard melodies voice from her left side.

“Thank you….” Radz said with forced smile

“Don’t be jealous..I’m just his friend..he loves you from are his first love..dont miss him Radhika..True love is hard to find..You are lucky..Treasure it….” Sweetie said with content smile and hugged Radz who was dumbfounded with this new info about Arjun

“Good Luck radhika…take care….” Sweetie said to the frozen Radz and leave for her home.

Atmosphere inside the car was thick with silence.Arjun was driving in silence. Radz decided to broke it.



“you were jealous when that guy dance with me, weren’t you? “

“Ofcourse radhika…..You are my wife..How can I let any one touch are mine….” He blurt out spontaneously and then he realize what he said “ I mean you are my responsibility…I have to protect you…”

“Okay…but when you saw me with NEIl..did you felt jealous? “

Arjun clutched the wheel with so much rage..did this girl lost her mind he thought..dont she feel how much he was jealous and wanted to burry Neil 6 ft under the ground that he won’t come again in front of Radz.

“radhika….Your happiness matters to me the most….Whatever you will choose I will support you at every point…So Neil Is your choice….So I will respect your choice…” He answered without stating the straight answer

Again they drove in silence until reached to penthouse. Arjun unlocked the door…

“Last question Aru…..” She asked heritably

“what is that? “

“Do you love me? “

“ Panoti…..”

“Don’t Aru…I want staright answer..Yes Or NO? “ she asked looking straight into his eyes

Arjun paused and took deep breath…. “ Yes…I LOVE YOU….” He said confidently

Radhika was shocked though she was expecting the same answer and her heart was immense happy with that but…..still ‘but’ was lingering in her mind

“Don’t worry radhika…you don’t need to answer….I love you..but this is my problem..and I will deal with it…You don’t worry….relax…and sleep well….Good night….” Arjun said smilingly and unlocked his room door leaving bewilder radz behind.

Precap: Riya will try to seduce arjun..n got to know Aradhika are married…N Sam will came to Radz….

YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Finallyyyy Arjun confessed…I’m happy..what about you guys???? Plaese let me know what you guys thought abouthtoday’s update???

Sweetie, Manha n Shree….please don’t hit me with rotten tomatoes…Tell me how much I able to justify your characters here….Fingers crossed…

Rosie, saritha Asked me to add some more shots so I added this one….Thank you soooo much guys….

Love you..Stay Khush…

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