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Hello My darlings!!! Here i’m knocking again in your lovely hearts..tuck tuck….sorry its almost a week I took to upload next shot cos don’t know why i couldn’t able to concentrate on writing. i wrote this in installments…so please let me know hows it…


Shot 5

Glancing at Radhika’s room, Arjun saw her engrossed in study. This was nth time he was peeping into her room and lingering back and forth around her room as she wasn’t talking to him and pissed off for keeping his joining secret from her. He wanted to resume their talk. He was biting his nails in restlessness and walking to and fro.

“ what do you want, Aru?????” Radz asked without raising her head from books

“nothing….if I want anything I will get it by myself” He said in cold tone quickly to give reply to her annoyance but then he realize he making situation more tough.

In restlessness and irritation he turns on the TV but his mind was occupied by RaNeil thoughts though how hard he tried to forget that but continuously RaNeil’s image dancing in front of his eyes. Instead of pressing off button, he unknowingly pressed sound button which makes their apartment bust in loud sound again.
Radz who heard this outburst of music which was disturbing and added more irritation to her not-so-okay mood. She barged in to living room and found Arjun sitting frozen like ice statue. She takes remote from his hand and turn off the TV and called him but he was still deeply engrossed in his thought that her voice wasn’t reaching to his ears.

“What the hell…is he became deaf??might be…serves good….” Radz giggled then an idea stuck to her mind; she removed her hair pin from her hair.

“ Mr. Arjun Mehra be ready to pay poked me by carrot na..Now I will show you what is the real poking called…” She tip toe to him and poked sharp end of pin on his bicep. He screamed loudly and started rubbing on his skin.

Radhika laughed uncontrollably “ Wakey wakey……..Welcome from your day-dreaming of Deepika Padukone(Okay..I mentioned it’s Padukone huhh…not me….pls satz n jess don’t give murderous looks..hehe)….” She said blowing air from tip of pin like gun.

Arjun scowled at her.

“You lost your mind..on mother earth which kind of way is this to wake a person from his reverie….UN should declare this pin as Dangerous weapon and should ban on his production.” Arjun growled

“ are such girl…scared of this tiny pin….” She chuckled

“I’m not scared of that pin..its just you caught me off guard…”Arjun said still rubbing his shoulder.

Sighing she sat on sofa next to Arjun “ I want your help….”

“Oh..Really…The Attitude girl wants my help…Breaking News..i should have record this for future reference….” Arjun mimic the action.

“You are exaggerating Aru….i want your help in study” she said with puppy dog eyes…Man couldn’t say no to that look in whole would…

“okay..i will help you..but I want compensation….if you are agree then deal done..what say? “ arjun said

“ what compensation? “

“you have to wash utensils on tomorrow as it’s my turn…” arjun said

“Ummm..okay..done….” she made face but then agreed.

Then next half hour they spend studying together. As Arjun was a bright student he make understand the concept by easy way..Rads enjoyed studying.
Arjun was reading on behalf of her who was leaning over his head listening but when turn his head he find her sleeping peacefully.

She looks so angelic he thought to himself. He softly picks her up in his arm and put her on her bed and covers her.

“One day you will surely fall for me my little bride.” he said caressing her face and removed some strands from her face and gave peck at her forehead.

Next morning

Radhika wake up with cold breeze and shiny sun rays. She got up and freshen up and went to kitchen..As she went to the kitchen she saw plate full of sandwiches and glass of juice with note “ EAT ME” and “ DRINK ME” respectively..
She searched for Arjun but he was nowhere to be found.
Then she checked her unread messages and saw a message from him which reads

“ Radhika I will be at papa’s office whole day as he need my help..see you at evening as mumma called us for dinner…Be ready….”

Radhika sighed and went to washroom to take shower. She turn on Tv to pass the time..She was feeling void without Arjun. Some unknown feeling making her restless. Some strange feelings were engulfing her. She was terribly missing Arjun his teasing, their fights.

Then her phone beeped. She excitedly open as she was expecting it from Arjun but soon got disappointed as she saw Its from Neil.

“ Radz, Movie Date!! What say…”

Radhika was about to refuse but then she thought as Arjun was not around she will get bore whole day so it’s better to indulge herself. She replied okay to Neil.

Radhika met Neil at PVR mall. As there was some time to start the movie they decided to spend some time in mall.
As she roamed with Neil invading store after store, she recalls her grocery shopping with Arjun; his fuuny antics, their fighting for which item should buy. She was still missing him.

As they RaNeil entered to authentic restaurant and they order for some Indian foods. As they started to devour the food Radz again lost in her memories.
She got remember when she and Arjun went for dinner as they both got tired to cook anything for them. They ordered indian,chinesse, continental and at the end they didn’t like anything and went to nearby small restaurant and ate homemade food. Then she release it’s not the food that kept them going but it’s their company. Automatically a smile lingers on her face.

“What’s brought that sudden smile? You are not present here I guess…” Neil asks raising her brows.

“’s nothing..just a what’s app joke I got reminded….” She lied and Neil resumes his talking about his new plan for their team.

Radhika threatened herself “ Radhika stop comparing everything to Arjun..You are with Neil…Your Love”

She feels torn off between Arjun and Neil.

Radhika forcefully turned her mind towards Neil’ blabbering and make herself enjoyable in his company that he couldn’t suspect her diversion of mind.

As they finished their lunch, they went to theater and watch the movie. As Neil chooses action movie that she doesn’t like but she don’t want to hurt him so keep it to herself. She leans her forehead against his shoulder and closes her eyes, and for a flicker of a moment, she thinks that it’s Arjun’s arm she was resting on.
She gulped hard as Arjun again sneaked into her thoughts. Neil notices her anxious face.

“Are you okay, Radhika? “ Neil squeezes her hand for assurances.

“Nothing…..just got scared with that stunt….” She lied and smile forcefully which didn’t reached her eyes.

“Come here” Neil coils an arm around her shoulder and she pressed her face against his chest.
He presses a small kiss on her forehead then on her cheeks and then he was looking towards her lips..

“Ohhh god I don’t deserves his kisses…” She muttered

He looked down to her, his eyes filled with passion and love. As his hand on her back made her come closer to his, she feels electric shock and if he would touch her he would get burnt.

She gasps and scramble away from Neil. He looks at her with confusion.

“I’m sorry” She squeak and tears threatening to swim in her eyes “ I..I can’t. it’s not right…I need to…..”
She stood up grabbing her purse abruptly.

“Radhika?…” Neil reaches for her but she doesn’t let him and ran towards exit. People gave them weird look for disturbance.

Radhika make her way to the door of elevator. “I’m sorry..i need..i need…I’m sorry..Neil…”

Elevator door got closed and then she disappears from his sight.

Radhika ride back to their penthouse with emotion running all over her mind. She wasn’t identifying what was happening to her,why she behave this weird to Neil.

“Omg..I’m full mess right now…” she muttered under breath.

She unlocked the door and throws herself on Couch.her head was hurting badly. She closes her eyes and within a moment she falls asleep. After an hour later she move head and got wake up.she blinks her eyes and then saw a coffee mug looking up she saw Arjun with signature smile.
Automatically a smile crept on her face…reflection of his smile.

“ Are you okay??? You are looking exhausted?? “ Arjun inquired and place his palm on her forehead..she felt his touch soothing calm and wanting.

“I’m okay..just tired because of shopping….” She said and sip from her coffee mug “ when you came back? I didn’t noticed when you came…” she said

“Oh I just come few min before and saw you in deep sleep with tired face so thought to make coffee for you…” Arjun said. Then she noticed he still was in his formal suit, his hair was disheveled. He too was looking tired but still made coffee for her.

“ hows your day?? I think you did lot of too looking tired” Radhika said

“yup I did..but I enjoyed no tiredness..okay I’m going to get shower and ready to go for dinner…you too get remember na?? mumma calls us for dinner” He said and put his cup in was besin

Radhika completely forgot about it..
“ Ohhh..yesss…I remember….yess mumma too called me…I’m too going to get ready…” She got up and went to her room.

“Radhikaaaaa” Arjun called her from living room as it was past still Radhika didn’t came from her room..He was calling her from past few minutes.
“Radhika if you didn’t came from your room till I count up to 3 n I’m gonna barged into your room…”




“Enough…” Arjun entered into her room and saw her sitting on floor sitting on pile of saree.
He laughed alittle.

“mumma asked me to wear saree as m visiting my in-laws na…but I miserably failed in wearing it…” She said making pout face.

He chuckled…
“Don’t don’t know my problem…” she said

“yup..its really very serious problem..i can see that….” He chuckled again..she gave him death glare

“Okay..can I help you..” He said

“You…” she said with wide eyes.

“with closed eyes….” He said calmly.

She nodded.

Arjun closed his eyes and helped her tuck her saree around into skirt.She fliched with his touch on her bare waist. She can feel several butterflies dancing into her stomach and red stain spreading over cheeks. She saw Arjun was sincere he was closing his eyes..Though inside a fire burning in him. Every muscle in his body stiffened. His heartbeat was thudding inside his ribcage.

Finally they finished wearing saree..Both sighed and they didn’t even realize they were holding their breath all the way.

They drove to towards the Mehra residency.

Aradhika’s parents welcomed them. Arjun got busy with his both papa’s and radhika too got busy in kitchen helping her two Mumma’s.

“Beta, My son is taking good care of you na???Is he troubles you so much??? “ Sonali asked her

“Maa don’t worry..your son is best husband..he is taking good care of me…more than my mom…” radhika said smilingly..

“” I’m so happy for you both”
Sonali pecked Radhika’s forehead….and headed towards dining table.

Within a minute all make up on dining table and enjoying chit chatting.

“choti…arjun…how’s your life going on? “ dadaji asked

“good dadaji…its going well…” arjun replied

“Good to hear…Cherish your love and your marriage I can see face of my great grandchild in a year…” dadaji said mischievously
With that aradhika spilled whatever they eating and started coughing badly.

“ Dadaji……” Radhika said in mock anger and hide her face

“ always says na that I can’t impress any I’m going to show I impress a girl in book shop and make her my GF..” Ankush said and he jumped and attached his phone TV set.

As video played all can see Ankush was trying hard to make a conversation with a girl in book shop but she wasn’t giving him penny of attention.. All started laughing on him but suddenly in video camera’s focus shifted to other couple who were laughing and enjoying but with that all gets stunned…because that couple is none other than RaNeil who were enjoying their shopping.

Radhika froze and unable to say anything, she was wishing that earth tore apart and swallows her that she couldn’t have to face her parents. Radhika got up abruptly and ran out of house.

Arjun composes herself “ He was her friend..just friend…don’t worry she had told me about her shopping trip with me….”

All looked at him with pity but they all know that this marriage was forced on them and they can’t say anything to radhika.

Arjun got on in his car as Radz was already sited in. they drove in silence. No one spoke. Arjun was time and again looking at her but she was completely avoiding his gaze as she was not turning her head from window.

As they reached to their apartment building she got off from the seat and Arjun drives towards basement to park the car. When he came back, radhika wasn’t there; he searched and saw her in garden area.he smiles.

Radhika was sitting on swing hanging on garden area. She thought that this day was miserable for her. then she realize that her swing was taking speed and soon she felt she was flying with swing up and down. She turned to found Arjun pushing and supporting her swing to move.

“Radhika you remember in our childhood whenever you got upset or felt your mood down u used seat on swing….” Arjun said

“Yeahhh..that days were magical na….nothing was there to worry about….” She said

“yesss…but I was there to give you support and I always will be there for you…..” arjun said

But Radz feels lighten only with those words. She smiles .

Arjun unlocked the door of their penthouse and got in followed by radz.
Arjun was about to enter into his room but then he heard her saying
“Aru, I’m not good wife and daughter na?? I’m betraying all….” Radz said as a hot tear drop from her eyes.

“Shhhhh….” He cupped her face and wiped the tears in from her cheeks.

Suddenly she drew herself into his embrace and clutch the back of his shirt like a lost child, he stiffen but then pat her back.

“You are not at fault Radhika..don’t blame yourself…” He said

He led her to her room and make her lie on bed “ Sleep need it….don’t worry….i will not let anything happen to you…”

Arjun got up to headed to his room but then he felt tight grip on his wrist and turned

“Thanks Aru….” Radhika said with smile.

“Night Radhika…..”

“Good Night Arjun….”

Next shot : Riya will try to seduce Arjun and get irked and blurt out truth of his marrige..Riya planned to reveal it..and THE END

Yes I guys..I promise with next update i will try to finish this story…Already i molded this story 180 mind is keep giving me crazy ideas for this story.. i have keep in pls do share your precious reviews..Love you all..Muhhaaa

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    Outstanding OS, can’t wait to read how Neil will react when he fines out the truth, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Brin darling thank you soooooo much..yeah neil’s reaction is reserved for you tons…muhhhha

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    Don’t know how rads will face Neil..n what about sam?? Will Neil fall for her..

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