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Hello My lovely darlings..How you guys doing?? Great na?? Here Next shot for you all…Thank you soooo much for your amazing support. Every words by you meant very precious to me…

Rosie,Gauri,Satz and Jessie little bit surprise for you guys….For making me believe on myself…Love you all!!


Shot 4

A week or two passes having no improvement in RaSAm behavior. Being best friends since 8th this is the first time they were not talking for this much longer duration. Sam was completely avoiding Radz as she was not existed for her and its same from Radz side too.

One more week later…

Radhika finally reaches to home as she skipped last two lectures as she felt void as Sam wasn’t with her and Neil too was busy in his practice. She fiddled with penthouse lock for some time but then realized it wasn’t locked. Puzzled, as she pushed the door open the door and immediately a loud hard sound filled her ear. She winced and got confused as if she entered into wrong apartment.

Radhika wondered that Arjun isn’t the one who blasting their penthouse with this loud music bcos it’s the time he would be at gym.

She walked into the living room and got sure it was their apartment only. The familiar tone of the song “Love Me Like You Do” blasting from kitchen.

Radhika’s eyes popped out from their socket when she saw Arjun was in nothing but his low waisted jeans,his humming and dancing to the song. His back towards her and she can see the flex of his back muscles, staring at them in amusement.

When the chorus finally reached at its peak,he yelled in top of his voice “ Love me like you me like you do…..touch me like you do..tatata..touch me like you do…..what are you waiting forrrrrrrrr”

Radhika was standing there watching self-organized mini concert by Arjun. Arjun was completely unaware of his unexpected and uninvited audience. He was busy making some sandwiches for himself and when song hits it climax he stepped on one the dining table chair and closing his eyes he swiftly playing guitar and mimicking the song.
Radhika covers her mouth to stops herself from laughing but at the end she failed and started laughing uncontrollably.

Radhika tried hard to control but continue laughing about good 10 minutes and then saw Arjun’s face redden as tomatoes in embarrassment.

“OMG..Today is the best day of my life..Honestly…HAHAHA” She said between her laughter. Arjun spontaneously shut the speakers off and cover his bare chest by his hand and said “ you saw that…”

She nodded and continued laughing again. He frowned.
“you know this is bad to witness something like should have to knocked on the door….BTW what are you doing here at this hour? You supposed to be attending lectures, right??”
She laughed again on him as his slight blush covered his cheeks “Thank God luckily I bunked my lectures today else I wouldn’t able to see this rocking performance… You know Aru I was completely unaware of this talent of yours..BTW you looking damn cute….” She chuckled.

“ Now stop are hurting me…you should complement me as handsome hot s*xy guy instead of saying cute…It’s so girly…” He made pout face.

Radhika laughed again “ Don’t worry I will keep this secret…Now please give something to eat fast….”

Arjun jaw was about to touch the ground “ what kind of wife you are..ordering your husband to serve you…let me remind you since we moved here I’m the one who is cooking for us…show some mercy on me my little bad cook cum wife…though I stay at home these days this don’t mean you make me slave.”

“ whom you said bad cook? Me?..okay today I will show you my cooking talent….” Radhika frowned in anger.

She takes veggies to cut on chopping board. Arjun who came from his room wearing t-shirt and took carrot in his hand like a stick he poked it in left side of her stomach.

“Aucchhh..wht the hell you think you are doing Aru??” She said annoying rubbing her stomach

“Teaching you how to cook..and as a teacher I have to hold stick na…1st lesson while cooking you have to put your heart in cooking..and focused your gaze on veggies…” He said mimicking a teacher tone . She gave him death glare..

”not on me..i know I’m irresistibly handsome….” He said. She gave him unbelievable look.

He poked carrot again to her. She pointed knife toward him “ Do that irritating thing again and I will put your head instead of my heart..I will chop it into so many tiny pieces..n I will surely do this by very much concentration..” she gave him death glare..

“ ohhh..Its horrible….My Murderous little wife…see I poke you again…” He said with mocking tone and pokes that carrot again…
She irked and started to throw veggies and fruits towards him.

“ Bachao… wife abusing me…bachao from this domestic violence….” He yelled and started to run all over kitchen and started to defend himself by hiding behind chairs and returning her targeted veggies by tray like a shield.

Radhika peel off the orange and sprinkled the juice of Orange’s skin into his eyes…” you call me abusing wife na….”

Arjun covers his eyes by his free hand and started rubbing his eyes and screamed “what the hell Radhika…it hurting badly…”

At first Radhika laughed assuming that he was acting but then she noticed he was not acting and got hurt “ I’m really sorry Aru..i don’t mean to hurt you….Let me see…” She ran to him and cupped his face and started blowing cool air on his eyes.

Their faces were inches apart from each other. Arjun started memorizing her worried face for him. He tucked her free hair which disturbing his view ,behind her ear shell. He can inhale her rosy scent which teasing his hidden senses.

“Radhika..” He whispers her name with so much love and then her gazed fall on his eyes..they shared an intense and passionate eye lock. She too got drown into his eyes and touches his cheeks lovingly. She was ready for his touch. He leaned to touch her lips but suddenly reality strike to him and reminded his promise to Mala.

He grabbed Orange pile from table and squeeze in to her eyes. Then they continued running for hour and then after done with their fight, they cleaned the mess in kitchen. She cooked Maggie on name of food for them and they ate and enjoyed singing and dancing on the Same song with blasting sound.

Next day

Arjun was leaning over sofa thinking about their last night moment then he got idea of dinner date with her and wants to give her surprise. He got ready quickly and drove to her college to pick her up for dinner date.He brought a rose bouquet for her. As he pulled his car in front of her college gate ;smiling continuously and waiting for Radhika to came outside. Then he saw her but got shocked as she was sitting on Neil’s bike clutching her hands around his waist tightly and smiling. They drove Arjun passing without even looking at him.

Arjun fisted his grip in anger on driving wheel and drove back to home.Arjun researched about Neil and got to know that he is star football player of her college and dating Radhika. He cried silently for some time and slept on sofa waiting for Radz.

After two hour or so Radz came back to home and found Arjun slipping on couch.she felt something piercing into her deep inside her heart seeing he like this. She touched his shoulder to rise him up from his deep slumber.

He blinked for a while and adjust himself in seating position and saw Radz “ where you were? “ He asked

“umm…went with friend..” Radhika lied and continued “i brought food parcel for you…”

“Ohhh..Thanks radhika..but I lost my appetite…Good night ..” He said with cold tone and went into his room and locked the door without waiting for her reply.

As he entered into his room he started pouring his frustration,his anger,his restlessness,his hurt and his LOVE for her.. on punching bag and kept punching for quite long.

A beep sound of his phone caught his attention. He checked it and find out its confirmation letter for working as Intern in one the engineering college. He read the mail and got stunned because he got Radhika’s college for internship of Six months as intern lecture fortunately or unfortunately..

He screamed loudly in frustration. Radhika heard it and ran to his door to check on him.
“ Aru are you alright? What happen? “ radhika said worriedly

“Nothing…..I’m fine…You don’t need to be worried at all…Leave me alone” He replied coldly.

“what happened to this jerk to behave rudely…”She mumbled to herself and went to her room.

Next Day

Arjun got up early and decided to accept whatever happening in his life happily. He got ready in his formals. He called Radz and they leave from the penthouse.

They drove in silence but Arjun was in happy mood. But inside he was struggling how to tell her that he was joining her college. He pulled his car in front of her college gate.

Radhika was about to get down from her seat but stopped when he called her.

“Radhika I want to talk to you about something….” He said

“ Ohhh..but Aru sorry we will talk at evening na at home…I’m getting late…but at evening pakka we will talk..byeee..” She said hurriedly and got down from car without waiting for his reply.

Arjun sighed heavily and took deep breath “ Okayyyy…Now get ready to be surprised Mrs. Radhika Mehra…”. He smirked.

Arjun met to Principal of the college and he assured him that he will take care of their marriage secret.

Radhika was busy taking notes in her book which her lecturer Ms Riya teaching them and then she heard two girls gossiping about Ms Riya.

Girl 1 :“You know how flirt she is..i went clubbing with friends and I saw her throwing herself forcefully and flirting with guys…”

Girl 2 : “ oh really? I too heard how boys fears to attend her lectures…she is lady Shakti kapoor…”

Girls giggled. Radhika rolled her eyes.
Then the door of their classroom opened and principal and one guy entered into the class room.
Radhika got shocked and dumbfounded. As Sam too noticed Arjun with Principal she too gasp in shock and looked Radhika who already looking at her. Their jaw were dropped enough to touch the ground floor and looked like if they saw any ghost.

“Good Morning Students….Sorry to disturb your class Ms Riya but I’m here to introduce you all our new faculty cum intern for next six months…” Said principal introducing Arjun to class.

“Ohhh Goshhhh..he is damn handsome…” one of the girl said and Radhika shoot glare at her but then saw all the girls were gasping at Arjun. She rolled her eyes but got furious when she saw Ms Riya drooling and lust filled stare on Arjun.

“ Hello….I’m Arjun Mehra..We all will be together for next six month..i hope we will go along…” Arjun said with his signature smile and intentionally avoiding Radz furious draggers.

“Yesss Sirrrrrr…” All the girls cheered in enthusiasm..

“ Don’t play prank on your new teacher…” Ms Riya said eyeing girls and smiled towards Arjun “ This girls are little devils…”

After one hour of lecture bell rang for lunch break. Radz quickly moved towards corridor to search Arjun but then she found group of girls peaking from glass wall of cafeteria. Radhika went there to check what happened.
Radhika turned into bomb ready to blast at any time when she Saw Ms Riya and Arjun talking animatedly and enjoying, laughing and chit chatting. Ms Riya was blushing smiling and giving weird signals to Arjun. Radhika clutch her fist in anger then she heard gossiping of girls about Arjun.

Satz said “ He is handsome….ufff….”

Jessie said “He is so dashing…ufff….”

Dipika said “ He is so hot..uffff…”

Satz said “ Don’t glare at him..he is mine…..”
Jessie said “ Ohh hello…when did he became yours?? As He is mine already…”

Dipika said : “ Stop you both…Apane jiju ke bare me aise nahi bolate..he is mine from past births….I have claimed him already”

“Definatly in your dreams Dipuuuu…” Satz and Jessie said in chorus

Now this trio started fighting for Arjun…no one is ready to take back step.
Then Gauri came in between and said smilingly “ Whatever girls….He is nothing compared to Neil and My Neil is unbeatable….”

Now with Gauri’s word they all started fighting that who is more good looking Neil Or Arjun.

Rosie collided on this four and said “ Stop fighting…..With my one punch I can blow your Arjun and Neil in air….”

After that they continued their debate for some more time.

Radhika gawk at them and shooting hot draggers “ Are they really talking and fighting about my HUSBAND and my BOYFRIEND “
She tapped her feet in anger and went towards her class.

As day over with shock and surprises..Arjun was going towards his car then he got pulled forcefully by someone and got shocked seeing that someone is Radhika.

She was fuming in anger.

“Radhika….what is this ? if someone will see us like this then they will misunderstand about us…” Arjun said

“Ohhh..really…what about when you and flirty teacher enjoying your coffee date..” She shoots her anger

“Ohhh..that..she is really very nice….she was making me know I got nervous…” He winked

“aaahahhhaa..nervous and you? You seemed enjoying her company….and what about that bomb you dropped on me being here as my teacher….” She asked putting her hand on hips.

“ know I said at morning na that I want to talk to you but you don’t listen me and brought that surprise for yourself….” He said clearing her doubt..

“ i want detail about how you landed in my college..LETS HAVE TALK OVER CUP OF COFFEE MR ARJUN MEHRA….Lets go home..” Radhika said folding her hand across her chest and gave him death glare.

Arjun gulped hard seeing her redden face with anger and follows her animatedly.


How’s it guys??? “Love me like you do song” from fifty shades of grey is one of my fav song..usually I too found doing mini concert like Arjun..hehe..Tell me your feedback…Muhhaaa!!

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  1. Sathya

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    1. Dipika

      Satzzz just made my day..thank you for first comment.. U know at last minute i got this idea of putting our fight in it….lol…i want yo make it longer but u knw na we caneger enough of ended… Lol…we crazy girls…thank you soooo much..n don’t worry arjun will win hrr heart soon…. Love you so much…muhha

  2. Jessie

    Deepzzzz… u rocked it babe…bear hugs…am just rolling on d floor.. love me like u do and Arjun’s dance ???????. Ardhik a part the best…poking
    Satz.,me ..u fighting.. and Gauri’s Neil..hayye.. Rosie…comes to blow mere action pataka kudi..lal..mere love Rosie’s punch..????. Radz..jealous.. felt bad reading Arjun in tears.. Awww..Sweeto.. he is cute here..
    Arjun in clg n gulps seeing her anger…lol.. eager 4 d drama…love it.. to the core…love me like u do.. loads of love…

    1. Dipika

      Jess darling u knw na how stupidly we fought tht day for i want to make tht here…. Thank you soooo mych for your amazing words….listen tht song its awesome…. Don’t worry dear i will.make it for arjun….love you darling…

  3. Ommmgggg …..Di….wow…wowwww..wowww…yr…mai pagal ho rahi hun thinking abt arjun ‘s concert that WS…faduuuuu…ziordar…epi….Di….this tym I am reallyyy searching for block buster words for this block buster epi….Di u r…just amazing…. Yr..u don’t in wt to say…..hyeeee radz ka reaction WS killing… And that 1 when she said ..1 is my bf and another husband …maza aaya…bahut maza aaya….yeye….thaku so much Di….and pllllllzzzzzzz pllllllzzzzzzz and just pllllllzzzzzzz post soon…. And Di arjun is really realllyy sizzling… Offfff…bye..Di….love u lky anything ….incredible job yr….muaaaaaahhhhhhhh….lotss of hugsss and kisses fr u….

    1. Dipika

      Omg ana darling if u ask me what m feeling reading ur comment thn i can say m smiling wide n dancing like…Thank you soooooo much dear…u r the one who encourage me to do better every single time…i m so happy tht u enjoyed the epi….u knw i too was laughing whn i wrote thid..yess surely i will come soon…love u loads…muhhaaa

  4. Starz

    Super cute post di loved it….loved the debate who being the best arjun or Neil…love you and take care Di?

    1. Dipika

      Starz darling thank you soooo much..i m happy tht u enjoyed it…love u tooo..

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    Amazing chapter dipika… Loved it… Their fight and arjun’s concert were really cute. feel sad for Arjun… Radhika’s angry when she so her friends fighting for her husband and boyfriend that was nice part… Waiting for the next

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      Sv darling thank you sooooo much for this lovely words… You know i jst add this last part at last minute.. Depicting char of all..hehe…super funny..n yess..our rads gonna hear u jaldi…love u…

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