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Hello my darlings!! I know it takes a whole week to come with next shot..Sorry guys..Maaf kardo…lil bit busy with festival days..In today’s shot I choose maharashtrian style wedding…So tell me hows it? I’m damn excited…

“Marriage, ultimately, is the practice of becoming passionate friends.”
-Harville Hendrix

Shot 3

As Aradhika agreed for marriage their families started preparation for their wedding in full swing. Though Dadaji wanted it to be simple as radhika requested him to keep it secretive from outer world. So only close friends and families are invited

Wedding Day

Radhika was sitting in her bedroom all dressed in beautiful royal magenta saree with a golden border, her hair tied in bun and decorated with pearl ornaments and Gajra. She was looking gorgeous Maharastrian bride. Paithini (Wedding saree) was draped around her body elegantly. Nath (Nose piece ) adding spackle to her beautiful cute face. Green Chuda (Glass Bangles) which is the sign of fertility, new life and creativity embedded with golden bangles in between tingling circling her hand making a sweet musical sound as she raises her hand time and again for anything. Half Moon shaped bindi stating that she was going to be better half-soul mate of someone. She was staring at her reflection in mirror.

She was nervous and anxious feeling butterflies in stomach by fear. After this day her life gonna change for forever. She was not ready for this change in her life this early. She was hell worried if anyone found out about her marriage in college. How she gonna stay without her mother. If something happened or needed to her who will care for her.If she fall ill who will gave her medicine. If she wanted to sleep for more time in morning will anyone permit her to sleep for late hours…She didn’t know how to cook how she gonna deal with it..though sonali aunty is more like mother to her but still the alliance with change everything.she engrossed in deep thinking.

A small tweak on her shoulder made her come to reality from her reverie.

“ Sissyyy…looking Sad..but I’m very happy that finally you are going to Arjun’s home” Ankush said playfully with mischievous grin on his face.

Radhika gave him I’m-so-irritated look.

“ You better get out from here Ankky or gonna badly beaten by me n I will turn you face like monkey….” Radhika said

Ankush laughed a little at her .
“c’mon sissy You know Na how badly I wanted your room from our childhood. Now you are going this room will be mine..” He said happily and looking around the room

“I will changed this girly pink color and will paint it blue..And first of all I will rip this Varun Dhavan’ s posters….” He said evilly

“ Don’t you dare to touch my room..This is my room now and always get lost from here…” Radhika said irritably and throws pillow on him. Ankush missed the pillow but Sam catches it.

“ Don’t you dare to tease my best friend Ankkyy or I will beat you black and blue…” Sam said and hit pillow on Ankush’s head.

“Ohhhhoooo..Stop you two Mogambies..Alright I’m going now…” Ankush said and came to Radhika and pecked her forehead “ I’m gonna miss you and our fights….”

Radhika smiled and shocked that her little brother showed his love for first time. She hugged him tight and a tear dropped from his eyes. After that he left to look after wedding arrangements.

“ Your groom is arrived..and you know he is looking incredibly handsome and hot in his silk sherwani with velvet red pagadi….so if you are willing to marry him my offer of swapping the brides is still ON” Sam winked at Radz to make her mood light and erase her nervousness.

“Sammmyyy……” radhika said in mocking tone and giving her stern look.

“OK baba..” Sam said in defeated voice and raise her hand in surrender “ BTW you are looking extremely beautiful..Seeing you like this I too want to be a bride and get married now….” Sam said teasingly.

Radhika stare with unbelievable look and started laughing their heart out.

Then they stopped laughing when Mala enters into room

“Choti…Are you Ready……” Mala stopped in middle when she sees Radhika in bride attire. She leans and pecks Radz forehead with love and care.

“ OMG..My daughter looking words best bride…..” Mala cupped Radz face and caressed her face.

“Maa I don’t want get married..Please stop this marriage. I want to run from this marrige” radhika said with irritation and in crying voice

“Choti do you want to get change this wedding into funeral..Your dadaji can bear this shock? You remember na what Doctor said about his fragile heart? “ Mala said warning voice

“ Maaaaa…M nervous” radhika hugged tightly to her mom and started crying

“Don’t cry beta..Arjun is very good guy..You knew him from childhood…Sonali and Raj is like me and papa na to you..They loves you more than Arjun…And Think that you are going to become his best friend who will help you in all phase of life..This change will bring happiness and stability to your life..Dont know you might forget being with us too” Mala console her softly

“ No way Mom….Never ever I can forget you guys…” She hugged tightly

“ Me too wanna join…” Sam squealed and joined in group hug

“ Ok..Now you are ready…Time to tie this…” Mala said and shows Mudavalya ( its basically a string of two pearls tied horizontally across bride and groom’s forehead from the temple. There are two more pearls lines that drop from either side of the forehead to the shoulder, beautifully framing the face. The ‘Mundavalya’ tied after the bride is ready to walk to the Mandap. This means she is ready to get married.)

Mala tied the mundavalya across radz forehead and Sam holds her by side made her walk to the Mandap. As Radhika walked to the Mandap all gasp and praises her beauty.Radhika looked at Dadaji who was happy like anything. Seeing him happy and smilling Radz face automatically lighten up with smile.

Arjun couldn’t see her as he was standing otherside of the Anatarpat ( a silk shawl used to separate bride and groom so they can’t see each other in Maharashtrian wedding). Radz mamaji brings her to the dies and make her stand at other side of antarpat. Panditji recited Mangalashtaka (Holy marriage mantra). Then the shawl is removed and Aradhika can see each other. Arjun got mesmerized after seeing her. She was true she is looking world best bride he thought. He was frozen and line of cute smile started to play on his face. Her beauty enchanted his heart..Most beautiful girl to whom he loves from his childhood is her bride..only his…On other hand radz to get lost on his looks..He was looking dashing and handsome hunk. Her signature dimple smile playing on his face in his glory.

They exchange garland and that moment people showered unbroken rice with flower petals on them. After that Mala and Dilip perform Kanyadan ritual and then Arjun ties mangalsutra around Radhika’s neck and applies vermillion on her forehead. Following this they performs Saptpadi rituals, wherein Aradhika takes seven rounds around the sacred fire,taking seven vows.

Wedding comes to its end and Aradhika takes blessing from ganesha and elder people to bless the wedlock.

After Radz Gruhpravesh to Mehara Mansion, Sonali walked her to the Arjun’s room.Sometime later Mala went to Arjun he saw him heading towards his room.

“Arjun Beta…..” Mala called him. Arjun turned and found Mala standing behind him in worried face like she have something to say but hesitation written all over her face.

“Haa Maa…what happened you looking worried..Dadaji is fine na? “ He asked
“ I wanted to talk to you about something important beta….can we talk beta..” Mala said

“ Ofcourse don’t need to ask me for anything ma…I’ m your Arjun beta for all my life…” He replied smilingly

“beta..i…..i don’t want you to….umm…..i mean….Radhika is just 18 and….” Mala hesiteded to speak further but Arjun understand what she wants to say. He hold her hand and said

“ Maa..I know what you wants to say..I promise you I will not touch radz until we both gets settle in our life and she gets ready to complete our marriage…So don’t worry….” Arjun said firmly

Mala gets overwhelmed and all worries got flew in thin air with his words “ Thank you beta..I’m happy and lucky that I got such best son in law…”

“Just best..not handsome? “ Arjun makes fake pout face.Mala laughed

“ohh Yess…Most Handsome and Dashing son in Law..Choti is very lucky to have you as her life partner. I hope she will realize her love for you soon….” Mala pecked his forehead and goes downstairs and left bewilder arjun by her last words.

After recovering from his stance Arjun headed towards His room.

Radhika was standing at window staring at the dark blanket of the stars. She was worried about their first night. She thought she would have to Arjun beforehand..what if he won’t agree and force himself on her. Then she heard an opening sound of the door and tapping sound of feet entering into the room. She clutched her saree tightly as Arjun closes the door slowely.

He saw her nervlousness from her standing form. He moves slowly towards her and thinks to tease her more.
As he stood behind, she feels his hot breaths on her bare porcelain back, she shivers.

“ Radhika” Arjun said seductively making her goose bumps and hold her at her shoulder and turned her to face him.

Radhika turned but could able to see in his eyes so she look at the ground.

“ Look in to my eyes Radhika….” Arjun said huskily

Radhika lifts her eyes to meet his black orbs. There is something in his eyes that she couldn’t able to move her eyes from he locked her eyes in his.

Arjun was standing very close to her so that she could smell his cologne. Its woody and tipsy.
That scent started to cloud her brain.

“You are looking gorgeous…” He murmured huskily and started dipping his head towards her. She instantly close her eyes shut and clutches her saree more tightly.waited for a sec or two coming onslaught. But then she heard a roaring laughter.

Radhika opened her eyes and stunned seeing him laughing holding his stomach.

“ Panotiiiii…Your expressions!!! Hahahaha…..” He spoke in between laughter.

“You jerk…..” She started to throw pillows on him and running behind him all over the room. Soon that coughing and catching turned into pillow fight of both beating each other with pillow which makes their room mess with torn pillows. They slept peacefully after exhausting pillow war.

An Extra Ordinary First Night!!!

Next Day Aradhika gets ready and came down in living room. After their breakfast Raj came to them.

“ Radhika beta take this..this your wedding gift…..” Raj handed a small box to Radhika

“ But papa..what is this….” She said confused and opened the box and found a key

“ This the key of your new penthouse..A gift by me and sonali to you…” raj completed

Aradhika remain shocked.

“ Why??? We are living with you and mom..then why the need of you new apartment for us….” Arjun asked

“ Beta now you guys entered into new phase and in this phase you hace to understand each other..your like dislikes, flaws n all the things….So its better you spend time with each other..and this your home always welcomes you can meet us on weekends..Now don’t say no…” Raj said and leaves from their.

After packing their stuff Aradhika shifted to their new penthouse. A week passes arranging the things and groceries by Sonali and Mala for them.

Sonali framed their wedding picture in which Arjun holding her hand and looking lovingly at Radhika and Radhika reciprocating with blush on her face.

After a week
Numerous fight for fav food,tv remote, who will-use-bathroom-first-mission, yelling for wet towel and making mess in kitchen counter Aradhika got used to of each other habits. Started living QUITE peacefully.

Radhika resumed her college after fifteen days leave. As principal of her college is friend of Raj so he allowed her that much leaves without any problem and promised to take care of to keep secrete about her marriage thing.

One Day

Radhika was busy writing her assignments in library as she was lacking behind the routine. Sam was not around as she was in different practical batch.

Sudden Tap on shoulder makes her startled in silent library. She turned to find smiling Neil.

“Hey where were you been these days??? I searched for you in whole college but you were nowhere to be found…” Neil said and pulled chair and got seated beside her.

Radhika was surprised and got crimson with this much proximity of him.She somehow comppses herself after she found that he was waiting for her answer and she was staring him like dumb.

“umm…I was sick…..” She lied and turned her gaze from his constant stare.

He touched her forehead with his palm “ Are you okay??? “

Radhike experienced goose bumps in her stomach with his touch.Her face turned red again.

“ No No..I’m okay now….” She somehow answered
They both talk for our hour about anything and everything in particular and enjoyed laughing spending time.

Three girls form final year watch them with rage in their eyes. Ena, Mina and Dica (LOL.I didn’t find any rhyming names so I choose these) are from high profile families from the city and also flaunts there money and branded things. They consider other as there servants and never lose any chance to humiliates any one. Mina is bossier, stubborn and spoiled brat.

After Neil left from library, bell rang for recess so Radz to come out to headed to her classroom. But that Ena Mina Dica stops her middle way and start questioning her.

“ Hi…whats you name…umm..Yess radhika right???”Ena said

“hiii… Yess I’m radhika mishra…But sorry I don’t know you…” radhika said with little smile

“ After today you will properly know us…and never would forget…” Mina said pushed radhika with jerk on ground. Radhika fell on her face with this unexpected move of Mina and when she tried to stood up Ena and Dica holds her tight.

All other students gathered around them. Radz felt humiliated infront of whole college and thin layer of tears started forming in her hazel eyes.

Mina came forward “ what are you doing with Neil?? He is mine..You don’t match his standards…stay away from him…far away….” She said pointing her manicured finger at Radz.
Sam saw this and started to save radz and defend her but stopped by seeing someone else and gets shocked.

Yes It’s Neil..

Neil offered hand to radz and make her stand.

“ are you fine…” He asked as softly as he can. Radz nodded.

Neil turned towards three b*t*hes with anger welled up in his eyes.

“ dare to humiliate her next will not afford the consequences? “ He said fuming in anger
Ena , Mina and Dica got shocked and frighten by his words but still with little courage Mina ask “ She is not your Standard Neil..Why are defending her? who is she to you….”

Neil couldn’t able to control more and burst “ Don’t teach me lesion about whom I should hang out…and for your information she is my GIRLFRIEND…You got that…I LIKE HER….”
Whole college got shock and stunned with Neil’s sudden confession. Radhika too stood frozen.

Sam feels immense pain in her heart after listening his confession and she ran from there as she couldn’t able to control her streaming tears.

Neil looks at radhika and take her to cafeteria and consoles her. Neil told her how he bowled by her beauty and started liking her. Radhika couldn’t understand what was happening around her. she smiles that’s what she wanted for her. To became Neil’s Girlfriend is her little fantacy..But she was not happy from core..Something was wrong she thought. But then she composed herself and accept Neil’s proposal..They spend quality time with each other.

When college bell rang to stats the day was over. Neil left her as he had football practice. Radhika started missing sam and searched her everywhere and found her heading towards exit of college Gate.

Radhika ran and hold her wrist to stops her. she was very happy and wanted to share all the things with her best friend. But Sam jerk her hand spontaneously as she burned with Radz touch.

“” What happened Sammy??? Why are you behaving weird??? “ Radhika ask in bewilder.

“Really?? Do you really asking me what happened or playing dumb in front of me…” Sam spoke in anger

“ Sammy..please talk straight…I don’t get what are you talking about??? “ radhika said in annayonace.

“ want a straight answer.. then listen..I thought you as my Best friend Forever and you cheated me by hiding your so called secrete affair with Neil….” Sam frowned

“Sammy you caught in misunderstanding…Its he proposed me now and I was about to tell you about my f’ship with but didn’t get the time…” Radz tried to convinced her.

“ are goint to tell me..okay…but do you slightes idea about what are you doing?? You are married..Remember?? and all this with Neil is called as Extra marital are getting this…what happenbed when Arjun or your family found that you are betraying them…I didn’t think that you are over smart behind this innocence….” Sam said acidly..she was hurt and unaware of what she was blurting.

Radhika too gets angry with Sam’s word “ Ohh..So now your jealous with me…You are jealous because Neil choose me rather you…I didn’t think you will do this…and please don’t pretend to care about me.. I will handle my personal life well..No need of your not-wanted suggestion Samaira khanna” radhika replied with same poisonous stone..

“ We are through Radhika Mishra…I hope you can handle this well in future..Good Bye and Take Care…” sam said with teary eyes. She thought Radz will understand her and pacify her but opposite happened

“Okay I too don’t want jealous Friend.Good Bbyree..” Radhika said
And they both left in opposite direction.

How’s it guys??? Let me know your reviews..silent readers I want to know your thoughts too. Love you all!!

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