MMZ – KUSHI (OS – Ardhika Version) Shot 2



OKAY…i supposed to write this last week itself, but couldn’t write it. With no more delay, lets go into the today’s chapter.

Radhika stands beside Arjun while he is on call with someone, Rads smiles seeing him and adjusting her dress and hair to appear good in his eyes but her excitement

fades away when she hears Arjun syaing, “Nandu, what’s this? I told you na, i spent my holidays with my friends. They forced me and i couldn’t say no for i

stayed here. Nandu, pls don’t cry darling. You are my sweetheart na. You very well know that i don’t like you crying. You love me? Hmm, then don’t cry. Achha ok…I

love you so much and miss u so so much. I promise you that i will be with you in next semester holiday. smile…Nandu i love you so much. Ok i will

disconnect the call now. Bye”

Radhika stands shocked hearing him and she couldn’t even believe her ears. She is about to go from there but unfortunately Arjun finds her behind him and greets her.

Rads just give him a fake smile seeing him and looks here & there. Arjun also finds her behavior weird and initiates the talk, “What happened to you? You are not

looking good at all?”

Rads looks him angrily saying, “Now you will feel like that only”

Arjun smirks saying, “No no..actually Radhika, i suppose to say that you are looking beautiful i changed the words”

Rads glares him saying, “You always like to change everything right”

Arjun gets into thinking seeing her reactions and asks, “What happened to you? Why are you not speaking normally?”

Suddenly his another friend meets him saying, “Hey Radhika was searching for you…good that she found you.”

Arjun looks at her asking, “Were you searching me Radhika?”

Rads, “Mm..yeah..actually..i..i thought of telling you something…but..but i forgot”

She still maintains the anger on him and Arjun finds something fishy in her behavior and smiles seeing her. Rads gather some courage asks in a choking voice, “Arjun”

Arjun turns to her, “What?”

Rads, “Who?”

Arjun exclaimed, “Who?”

Rads rolls her eyes, “On call?”

Arjun, “Nandu”

Rads gets tensed again, “Who is Nandu?”

Arjun, “My Mom”

Rads is shell shocked, “Mom?”

Arjun, “Haan Mom”

Rads, “Then you called her as Nandu?”

Arjun, “Haan, that’s her Name. I used to call her by Name. She was missing me and cried, so i spoke to her and consoled her”

Rads facepalm herself and she don’t know how to react and infact she feels immense happy hearing it.

She smiles seeing him, “Mom?”

Arjun too smiles, “Haan Mom”

She again smiles raising her eyebrows saying, “Mom”

Arjun stares her smiling face and he too smiles seeing her, “Yes…MOM”

She blushes seeing him starring her, she turns to crimson red coz of his look and she moves her gaze here and there to avoid his, and she bids bye to him saying,

“Getting…late for class. C u later. Bye”

Arjun too smiles and bids bye to her.

Their friendship grows day by day with the flavor of love whenever it is needed.

At the end of their second year, they college management arranged for a Annual celebration and Ardhika gets ready to give a dance performance.

Both gets a break for sometime from the practice, Arjun comes to Radhika to give the letter from Neil to Sam. Radhika happily gets it and is about to put inside her

bag but gets shocked seeing it as open screams, “Oh God”

Arjun panics, “What happened?”

Rads, “It’s opened”

Arjun, “Oh..i thought something else. So what?”

Rads smiles saying, “Good. I appreciate your friendship. You gave this letter to me without reading it though it is opened”

Arjun casually said, “It doesn’t matter. You can open and read it”

Rads panics, “No no, it is very special. Moreover, your friend believed you and gave this, you are believing me and gave this letter to and My friend too believes me.

So i will keep it safe and give it to her” she turns to her bag and is keeping the letter inside while Arjun makes faces saying, “Nothing special in that. He mentioned

that he is feeling sad of unable to see her coz of the study holidays, and he said that without seeing her, he is not able to sleep, not able to eat and…” he

abruptly gets stopped by Radhika’s shout, “Shut up”

Arjun stops instantly and blinks at her, and she continues scolding, “What kind of a man you are? You read your friend’s love letter. Do you know how precious it is?

It should between the two lovers and you just opened and read it everything. What a cheap fellow you are? Will you see everything whatever it is opened? You are just a

povert, cheap, lofer, stupid, idiot. You don’t have manners at all, how could you do this? Your thought itself is wrong. What your friend will think about you when he

comes to know this? This is so personal and”

Arjun initially tried to stop her but her scolding was going on continuously and he silently listened everything but at one point he couldn’t hear anymore and stops

her, “Stop”

Rads stopped her scolding session and stares him angrily. Arjun looks her calmly saying, “Neil’s thumb finger got injured and bleds so much. So how can he write? I

wrote this letter while he dictated me.”

Rads feels ashamed listening him and says, “Sorry sorry sorry…” but he did not listened her and continues giving his lecture, “Before knowing all this, you scolding

me badly, and what did you say? Povert, cheap and my thoughts are wrong?”

Radhika keeps on saying sorry holding her head of unable to listen him and he stops his reasoning at once and looks at her embarrassing face and smiles, “Do one thing?

Better record your Sorry for 1000 times and plays it. It will be easy for you in future”

Rads hides her face by her hands and finally said looking at him, “Really SORRY”

Arjun laughs seeing her and both gets into a cute eyelock between them.

Soon the Annual day comes, Arjun excitedly introduces his father to his friends. He gets his father to them and introducing them, “Dad, he is Neil my friend studying

Maths, He is Vivek my friend studying studying Maths, He is Jana, my friend Studying Maths and she is…”

His turn comes to Radhika and he gives a pause for a second and continues, “She is Radhika, studying Physics and she is…” again he paused looking at her and she too

looks him expecting something from him. His Dad reminds him, “SHe is?”

Arjun smiles saying, “She is MY FRIEND”

Rads lets out a sigh and feels some unknown happiness and tries to avoid looking at him but automatically her vision gets stuck with him only and he too looks at her


Ardhika did a great performance together and rocked the stage. All praises the partnership and they gave a blockbuster performance on the Annual celebration.

Next day, Arjun casually sits inside his car and enjoys his smoking and suddenly gets scared hearing Rads voice. He makes faces saying, “Don’t scared me like this”

Rads chuckles seeing him and gets inside in his car and makes her comfortable beside him. Arjun looks at her while smoking, “What’s up sudden visit?”

Rads, “Nothing simply. Came to meet my friend and thought of surprising him by my gift”

Arjun, “Wow…gift? Show me”

Rads gives him a gift box, he opens the box excitedly and immediately his face fell seeing the gift.

Rads chuckles seeing him,”How is the gift? You like it na?”

Arjun makes faces, “What’s this Radhika? ASHTRAY? Looks like costly”

Rads, “Yes, Ashtray. It is made up of Waterford Crystal Cigar Ashtray”

Arjun, “Oh god. Y u bought ashtray and for it is too costly yar. I seriously cant put the ash in this beautiful tray”

Rads, “That’s what i want”

Arjun, “What?”

Rads, “I want you to stop smoking. When you feel to put the ash, you should remember my face seeing this ashtray. So ideally you should stop smoking”

Arjun panics, “Hey Radhika. Very bad yar. I can’t stop. Please ask me something else”

Rads lets out a heavy breathe and says, “Arjun, if you really…” and she pauses for a sec to observe his reaction and he too excited expects her to say but she says,

“respect me as your friend then stop smoking”

Arjun sighs and says, “OK this is the last puff. Only for you. OK” he then have a very last puff and throws the cigar outside and looks at her asking, “Happy”

Rads smiles happily and rubs his front hair by her fingers saying, “So cute. Ok c u later bye”

She bids bye and leaves from there where in Arjun just stares her lovingly and enacts the way she did to him rubs his hair himself saying, “So cute” and smiles seeing


Soon their sememster exams came and both gets involved in their studies. Since Ardhika stays in the same apartment but differnt building, they could meet often. Arjun

finds a way for him to the open terrace thinking to study for sometime but there he meets Radhika who is already studying there. At first he gets mesmerized seeing her

in full netted black saree. He finds so much of contrast between her skin and the saree. The pure black saree compliments her milky skin so much.

He gets a tough time to concentrate on his studies having her sitting beside him. He losts himself seeing her and says, “Hi”

Rads, “Sssshhhhh, exam. Study”

Arjun keeps quiet and sits beside her and tries hardly to concentrate on his book but he gets distracted by the mild breeze and his eyes falls on her face who tuckles

her hair flowing on her face, and slowly his eyes drooling over her from face to bottom and it stops where he finds her bare waist which is visible clearly to him and

makes him tempt to see it again and again. Rads looks at him and he immediately moves his gaze to his book.

It lasts for few seconds only, the breeze gets distracted him again and he moves his gaze to radhika and obviously to her bare waist. He stares her milky skin with

lust on his eyes, again Rads too notices him and he again moves his gaze to his book. Rads gets doubtful and adjust herself properly and continues her study.

Again it lasts for another few seconds, he again turns to look at Rads and her waist, this time Rads found him luring at her waist, she gets angry and covers her dress

properly and says, “Arjun, it’s not good”

Arjun acts as if he is innocent, “Studying is good only right”

Rads gets furious but controls her anger atmost extreme level saying, “I am not saying about your study, i am saying about your stare”

Arjun, “What are you saying? I don’t understand”

Rads, “Don’t act to be innocent. You…you were leering at my waist”

Arjun, “What…No Radhika. I am not”

Rads, “You Saw”

Arjun, “No, i did not see”

Rads, “You Saw”

Arjun, “I am saying na..i did not see”

Rads, “No, You Saw” and looks at Arjun and she continues, “I caught you when you were seeing”

Arjun maintains the silence for a sec and says, “Might me, while reading and turning page to page, my eyes would have fallen on you…but not intentionally”

Rads gets more furious, “Don’t lie Arjun. It’s not even been 10 minutes you came here and did not even turn a single page till now but you looked at me for ten times”

Precap: Arjun drinks and smoke badly, and crashing his cigarette on the ashtray gifted by Radhika and it is noticing by her.

—————————-End of second shot———————-

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    1. Sathya

      Lol..jaaazzzziii sathyama naa antha paata podanum nu nenachen…but enaku proper translation kidaikala athan podala..aana semma songla….paaapuuuu…paaapuuuuu…paaappuuu…paaapppuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu : P 😛 😛

      i am crazy about the movie and songs…my fav is megam karukuthu and mottu ondru song. But second one i will put …m thinking about it. ha ha ha am too still in kushi trance. Arjun nee en idupa paatha..nee paatha..nee paathatha naa paathen…cha tamil la iruku effect english la ilaa…

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much for ur comments on dp and FF 🙂 love u too. come back soon

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Chashu 🙂 that’s a great word dear 🙂

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      Thank u so much Sundari 🙂

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      Dipu darling…yiiiiiiippppppiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..yes am gonna kill you by my writing. lol 😛 actually that scene is my favourite scene in that movie where Jhothika simply nailed that scene showing her jealousiness and relaxation after knowing her mom…but the main part is her acting on saying the word Mom repeatedly is an exceptional one. lol this will make them dosh 😛 love u too 🙂

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      THank u so much Brin 🙂 lol thank u so so much 🙂 all thee scenes you mentioned are the main plot of this movie too

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