MMZ-kuch kuch hota hai retold with extra passion – OS

Im back with another os its a story i loved to watch n will love to watch its kuch kuch hota hai a classic with the hot couple of silver screen 😀

Hey guys this story is an extract from Kuch kuch hota hai i had fallen in love with the story and ended up watching it every day in my vacation until the cd got spoiled so i jus wanted to see how this story looks with our Aardhika and Nesam and ive added a passionate moment that din happen between our Star couple Srk and Kajol and ive also made changes to the climax were Salmans character ended up lonley, so have fun guys love ull 😀

and guysss befre going into the story read the above paragraph this is not my story but a creative extract with my fav characters….no tomatoes n shoes :p 😀

The story starts with Arjun standing near a fire mourning the loss of his wife Nikitha. A series of flashbacks is then shown with Arjun & Nikithas marriage, their honeymoon, Niki pregnant with her baby girl and, in a year of marriage, Niki gives birth to the baby girl. Niki was told that she would have complications in her pregnancy earlier but decided not to tell Arjun as she knew how much he wanted the child. Niki, who also loved the baby more than her life, has little time left, so she had previously written eight letters to her daughter (one for each of her first eight birthdays) and gives them to Arjun’s mother Nandhini so that she will know her mother. Before dying,Niki asks Arjun to promise her to name their daughter Radhika.

Eight years pass, and Arjun is a single parent living with his daughter Radhika Mehra and loving mother Nandhini. On her eighth birthday, little Radhika reads the last and most important letter that her mother left her; it tells the story of how Arjun met Niki.

We are then taken back in time: Arjun Mehra and Radhika Mishra were best friends in St. Xavier’s College. The college principal Mr. Sidarth had a beautiful daughter Niki, who came to St. Xavier’s from London to finish her degree. She became friends with both Arjun and Radhika. When Radhika realized that she was in love with Arjun, she was encouraged by her motherly guardian Paiyali Kannha to tell him so She also had a daughter Samaira aka Sam who was a Nerd and Radhikas Besti. Instead, Radhika was left heartbroken when Arjun told her that he loved Niki. Radhika decided to leave college and shared a tearful goodbye with Arjun, going away from Arjun and Niki’s lives forever. Niki then realized that she came between two best friends. Back in the present, Niki explains in her letter that Arjun always said that love is friendship, and without friendship there can be no love. Arjun is a single parent and lacks a friend in his life, so Niki gives her daughter the mission of reuniting Arjun with Radhika Mishra and bringing back Arjun’s lost love.

The next day, Arjun, little Radhika and his mom head to Faridabad where they meet Mr.Sidharth for Niki’s death anniversary. Radhika Mishra is no longer the tomboy she was in college; she is now more feminine, and is engaged to Neil Malhotra, an NRI living in London. However, she explains to her mother (Mala Mishra) that she does not really love him and is marrying him as a compromise as she feels she can never love again after losing Arjun. Neil also suspects that she does not really love him. Radhika Mehra and her grandmother Nandnini search for Radhika Mishra and soon learn that she is going to be working at a summer camp. Arjun tells Little Radhika that she is not going to summer camp and heads to a conference, only to find out that his mom and daughter went without telling him but Little Radhika left a letter. They travel there, with a plan to later lure Arjun to come as well, and the two Radhika’s meet each other. One night while watching television, Radhika Mishra realizes she has met her best friend’s daughter, and that Niki is dead. Arjun soon arrives at Camp Sunshine when his daughter Radhika fakes a cough, where he and Radhika Mishra are surprised and delighted to see each other again, sharing a sweet reunion. Throughout the days spent at the camp, Arjun and Radhika feel themselves falling in love. And one such it sudenly Rains cats and dogs Arjun takes Radhika towards a shed and suddely thers a thunder and Radhika hugs Arjun tight and after a sec realizes her position and moves away but he pulls her hand and she falls on his chest and her heart beat raises he cups her face and kisses her eyes and cheeks and moves to her lips and pecks it she shivers then he starts to kiss her passionately and she also starts to Respond and he bites a lil and she moans and he gains access to her mouth and he starts to unpin her saree and she unbottons his shirt without breaking the kiss and suddenly the thunder stikes(blo*dy villan :p) and Radhika jerks and realizes what she had done, and remembers that she is engaged and feels guilty and runs away from Arjun. Neil arrives and tells Arjun that he is Radhika’s fiancee. Arjun is heartbroken but congratulates Radhika. She takes this as him rejecting her again, so she leaves summer camp and decides to get married to Neil as soon as possible.

After seeing Niki in a vision, Arjun and his family go to Radhika’s wedding, where Arjun silently confesses to Radhika that he loves her, and watches in tears as she is brought forth for the wedding. Realizing this, Radhika is hesitant to go on with the marriage, and stands weeping. Neil notices the tears in her eyes and realizes and confirms that she has always been in love with Arjun. He releases Radhika from the engagement and tells her to marry Arjun. Arjun and Radhika have an emotional hug and as the two marry, little Radhika sees a vision of Niki, who is smiling and giving her the thumbs up. MR.Sid hugs Nandhini out of Happiness and they get embaressed.Neil walks alone in the street thinking about his love failure. Suddenly a car comes infront of him and it is Sam. She walks towards him and proposes her love. A small flashback is shown where Sam and Neil were college mates and Sam was in love with him. But he did not reciprocate and avoided her during college.

On the last of college, Sam told Neil that she will keep following him always and will never forget him. As she told, she kept following Neil and it was her who kept calling him and sent him frequent gifts which he misunderstood to be from Radhika. Neil realizes Sam’s true love and accepts it.The couples Reunite for a get together after a year Radhu and Arjun enter in with little Radhika lifting her baby sister little Niki Mehra and Neil and Sam seen with a baby bump….:D

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  1. S.v

    Awww kuch kuch hota hai in ardhika u made it joan. Lovely. Even I love that movie thank god neil got sam not the way of original veesion. I loved it. Superb lovely. Cute one. Thank u for making me visualise my fav movie with my fav pair sry pairs. Lovely.

  2. Awesome

  3. Rossy

    Nice dear..but no comments regarding k2h2..

  4. Brin

    I loved that movie it had magic and now Ardhika in it made it more special. 🙂

  5. Rg2015

    Hi i loved it . as i too love kkhh i enjoyed it to d core.

  6. Sammy

    Me too love that movie and love this os too Joan awesome dear 🙂 🙂

  7. Jara

    Aww much much hotha hai!! So sweet my fav one , u nailed it dear awesome

  8. Jara

    Kuch kuch hota hai ….auto correction…

  9. JoAn

    thank you guys 😀

  10. _Ritu

    awesome Joan..And I really admire that u unite NeSam at the end..really I also felt bad when Salman’s character was left heartbroken..anyways os was too good.. 🙂

  11. Jessie

    Wah.. u paired nesam.. no hrtbrk for our neilu…this movie is one of my’s nice joan

  12. One of my fav movies I loved the pairing

  13. Sreee

    Was so different…lovely..


  15. Jnana

    O have watched this movie around 50 times. Would always feel bad for salman but here this was awesome

  16. Wowwww joan…it’s really superbbbb near the parts u added were incredible. ..making it very beautiful. .love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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