MMZ – Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan (Shot 8)

Hello Lovilies….Brin Darling…….This is for you….
Wish you a verryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happieee Birthday Brin Darling!!! I wish all the happiness and good health to you…may almighty god showers his blessing on you..
You asked for Arjun’s POV…But this story don’t have His pov…So in today’s chapter you can see glimps of his feelings….I hope you will like it…


That was my phone.
“Howz the cheat-meal day going?”

Arjun’s WhatsApp message interrupted my reading Sunday afternoon.

I was pleasantly surprised . in the past four months, his only reason to text me was to confirm my schedule for the next day.

Most of the trainers do this messaging to their respective clients to ask confirmation for next day schedule..But he had never reached out to me like that this before. Not Arjun..Not on Sunday Afternoon, which was my off day. Even though his massage was related to his profession but I find a casual touch in it. It was refreshing change from his routine one liner message Plz-confirm-your-session in the history of my WhatsApp chat. Instead of replying As Yes Or No..i replied

“Had Aloo ke parathey for breakfast  “

The emoji reflected the smile on my face as I sent the reply..

“and what’s for lunch?” his reply came back rather quickly

Usually, we would discuss this after our workout in Monday..for some strange reason, Arjun chose to have it on Whatsapp. I was happy to write back “Mix Veg!! but including different its not cheat-meal”

“That’s nice…” he wrote back…

I chose yet another smiley face and sent him as an acknowledgement. And then grey ticks turned blue.

I thought he would write something again in reply. I wanted him to do.

But he didn’t ..not for the couple of seconds after which his online status vanished.
That’s the thing with sending smiley face. While it fills the void when you don’t have anything to say, it also marks the end of the conversation..

I wanted to write back..something!Anything!! but I don’t know what to write. I dropped my phone on bed and resumed my reading..

I read a paragraph or two, but couldn’t focus. I was curious to check my phone again. And so I did though there was no new notification.

Arjun’s status appeared: Online…And that made me soooo happy…And I become even more happier when my phone showed he was typing again..

This simple status- typing…… felt nice to look at. There is so much hope embedded in it..i realized how much mystery there is in someone typing…..of course it depends on the person you are in convo…it sets some sort of curiosity that you would get to know it…its makes you joyful about the idea that person wants to talk to you and you are in his mind that moment…I don’t know why I thought all this when I was staring the phone.

Strangely, the next moment from typing….he went back to online..

He too would have seen me online..i realized..I think..should I write something?

Once again I saw him typing and then he again seconds later went to online…it was weird..Arjun never behaved this way erlier..i could sense that he wanted to talk, but could not figure out what to talk…

He was again typing Something!!

But this time I couldn’t hold myself back, before he could change his mind…..I quickly messaged “ Not sure about dinner yet!!”

Just then his messaged arrived “ what are you doing right now?”..he had sent the msg at the same time as me..

“Oh!! You can afford to have dessert after dinner…” he replied for my msg..

But then I hadn’t replied to his..

I wondered how to react this new way arjun reaching out to me…since when he did interested to know what I was doing at a particular point of the day?

At the same time, I thought why I was thinking so much as we always talk like this in gym..casually..though its our first time talking on Whatsapp privately..
There wasn’t anything wrong in what he had asked??? No..Not at all….

“Reading book”

“what is about?”

“Its love story…” I replied back…even though I was actually reading mystery thriller,,,

“Okay “ he wrote back

I expected a longer response like he would asking about the book…

“Do you read?” I asked him

“Nothing beyond fitness magazine..” he answered and then “At a times newspaper…”

“Haha…Well if you are not reading books , you are missing something incredible in your life…”

“hmmm….” He wrote back

Just like smiley face, ‘hmm’ also indicate the end of the convo…but I didn’t want to end it..

“I like the book that I am reading..”


Damn it!! Ask me something about the love story…

He sent the next text “ here I am getting bored.. ”

I imagined his face..

“why so? Where are you?”
“at the gym..a client cancelled his session after I reached to the gym..Nothing to do…”

“well go home then…”

“I don’t have a family at home..its boring out there as well..besides I hv to collect supplimets from delivery boy who will come in an hour or so…”

Arjun’s family was in Delhi and he lived in a rented apartment in Bandra..he had told me long back.

I was about to type something but change my mind at last time…..” Call Sam to the gym…she is usually free on Sunday noons…”

“Of course, when you are busy enjoying reading….”

What!! Why was he being sarcastic?

“what do you mean?” I asked

“I would have enjoyed your company more than Sam’s..” he was even more direct than I was!!

This isn’t the Arjun who was training me!! Since when he did start feeling he needs me?? Is there someone else using his phone??

That he needed my company was a joyful realization..there was strange excitement in me made me even more happier..
“I’m not that busy reading….” I replied

“then come down here…” arjun wrote

“ Give Me 15 mins..”

I felt genuinely nice when I confirmed that I would meeting him…there was some kind of thrill to it that I had not experienced for many years in my life..everyday I crossed the road in front of my society to go gym but that day it felt I was breaking the rules and ready to fly…

In short while I was with Arjun..we sat at our usual – the juice counter…it was perfect place to catch up..there were few people working out in the gym..Arjun placed an order for two pineapple shake…my mind was occupied with various thoughts..why he suddenly want to be close to me?

“cheers!!” he said raising the glass.

We smiled at each other and started devouring the taste of our shake..its my favorite…he ordered it without asking me…it felt nice that some one knew my likes and cared about it…I recalled how Saral always wanted me to do what he liked only…Never cared about what I wants…

“so?” he said as soon as he took big sip

“so?” I raised my eyebrows

He didn’t like my look and he asked “ why are you making this face?”

“nothing..” I replied

“but still?” he insisted

So I asked “All ‘s okay with you?”

“And why do you feel that its not?”

“because till date you have never asked me to join you…” I paused for a second and added “ not when I am not in gym…”

I knew I was putting him in a spot..but I enjoyed doing that..

Arjun kept looking into my eyes…

“Did I trouble you by asking you to come here?” he enquired

“No..” I said staring back into his eyes

And then after a silence moment…..” Even I was wondering about this…”

“wondering about what, Arjun?”

“why did I call you? I have never called any of my clients ever…” he confessed innocently

I looked at his face and could sense that he had more to I kept silence..

He looked away from me, somewhere into the depth of his shake and said “ I felt like…like….i needed your company…so I asked for it…”

Then he looked back at me, his eyes boring into mine..i couldn’t say a thing. My heart was beating fast. I could almost hear it..


“initially , I was hesitant about asking you…” with the innocence of a schoolboy, he had charmingly admitted to everything..

“I could sense that…” I said

“you did?”

“you kept writing and deleting those messages,,,I could see that and make out…”

A hesitant smile appeared on his face and then vanished in a split second..he looked like he was thinking about something..
“you must have found it awkward?”

“I did..”
But I didn’t want him to overthink so I said “ but I liked that you reached out to me…you have called anyone…so chill!!”

That boosted his spirts..his face relaxed

“I wouldn’t have called anyone else….” He said with confident smile..

I laughed “ why?”

“hmmmm..i don’t know…..” he shrugged his broad shoulders “ I guess I find you more interesting than others…” he chuckled

“Arjun!! Are you flirting with me?”

He shook his head..we both laughed ..Wasn’t this flirting??

“If being honest is what you call flirting then….”

“Ummm….” I pretended to think

“It takes guts for a man to be this honest..i mean..openly honest…” he added

Now this convo taking different was beautiful, refreshing and funny!!

“hmm..i will take your words on face value…” I said..

I was feeling light and happy and something inside me wanted this to never end.

His eyes were still on me..there was something deep in them..why I couldn’t I just look away?

“by the way, if you had a girlfriend, you would have impressed her with this lines…”

“Did I?”


“Impress you?”

“I said Girlfriend, Arjun”

“But you did impressed me..a bit….”I said with was fun to tease him as he took everything seriously what I said..i watched him as he again slipped to the thinking mode

“so why don’t you have a girlfriend ?” I asked inturppting his thoughts

I knew it was quite personal question.but I knew I could afford to be this straightforward with him..

“should I have one?”
“of course..”

“And what makes you think like that…”
“You are a good human being..A gentleman!! Handsome!! fit and attractive!! I’m sure lot of female population in gym would be interested in you…”

The praise didn’t move him even a bit.his expression didn’t changed.

“I had one when I was in college..i’m a software engineer by qualification…” he recalled

“ohhh really..what happened then?”

“she broke up…”


“she wanted to be with someone who aspired for a 9 to 5 white collar corporate job..i was more interested in fitness as my career..for her my job was that of keeping used dumbells back in the rack..”we are not fit for each other” she said..she moved on…I moved on…”

“was it difficult to move on?”

“ start…But later I changed the perspective and it helped..”

“what way was that…”

“Oh that..well…I realized that break up isn’t the end of the world. I am not only dealing with it..billions have had a break up..trillions are yet to have it.i had a life before she moved into that she is gone, all I need to do is go find that life back…”

I couldn’t help but to clap for the Arjun’s way of motivating to wonders he motivate so many clients on the gym floor.

Then I asked him “ what about now? I am sure a lot of females here in the gym would be interested in you”

“it is also important that I should be interested in them…” he said and looked at me..he didn’t appeared arrogant..he was just being honest

Referring to his collegue , he mentioned “ on weekends my friends regularly visits the high end clubs here in Band stand…in those late night parties single women shows interest in them..that’s why they wore skin fit t-shirt….” He laughed

“you don’t go with them?”


“and the idea of dancing with those pretty ladies doesn’t excite you?”

He smiled. A momentary shyness twinkled in his eyes..and he looked here and there before resuming our eye contact.

“Aaaaa…not the unknown ones..not when they were too drunk that they wont even remember my name once they are out of their hangout…”

“Hmm….I see!! So what kind of woman would intrest you?”

“your kind..”

I caught my breath..had he just said that?

I had heard it clearly..he had just said that…there wasn’t any hesitation in Arjun when he said that..he meant it..

In a single second he stole my all thoughts from me. I didn’t know how to react. I shifted my eyes to the glass which was rather emptied by do I react? When I didn’t know what to say or feels exactly at that moment? I couldn’t identify whether it was something to worry about or to feel good as compliment?

Should I bothered about it or should I get happy??this definatly can’t be both…..
Our chat had went into dangerous territory…we could both sensed that..but neither of us wanted to back out these convo…
It was getting addictive…

He didn’t point to me exctly. He said my kind…he meant like me…not me….but what should be my response now???? Think radz!!

So I looked at him and ended up stating the obvious. “I will take that as compliment…..” I smiled

Arjun nodded his head slightly. Certain despair loomed in between the lines on his forehead. I sensed he was quite.

“and if I may ask, what exactly do you like about my kind?” I said to take convo forward

He smiled bit at the glass.Next moment he looked in my eyes…with seriousness…what had gotten into him today?

“Everything about you, Radhika….”

Radhika….. he made it sound sensuous…Arjun never called me this way!!! He called me by his heart….since I insisted him to call me by my name, he called me very rarely…

“…………..I mean your kind….”he corrected himself abruptly but the damage was done already..

I secretly enjoyed his mistake and continued with my questions…

“Alight..Point taken My lord” I chuckled “ so what way you will define my type….??”

“ I may not be able to define your kind…as I have rarely come across someone like you….i can tell you what I admire in you….”

There was no way I gonna deny..i would love to know “ which is ?”

“your simplicity..there is innocence in you…which is so attractive and rare to find these days….the grace with which you carry yourself doesn’t come across as attitude….”

“that’s it?? What more?” I laughed

“hmmm….you are not pretentious. You are not don’t throw tantrum, you don’t b*t*h about the people behind their backs…these are common traits in most of the women and also in men I would are good human being at heart..and of course you are beautiful…”

That afternoon, arjun opened up to me like never before..At times, he paused to frame his words to find the right words…I looked at the black deep eyes of his; how they frequently moved when talked…. I obsereved his facial expressions. The little smile on his lips played hide and seek on his lips…how unconsciously he ran his hand from his dark locks…which was hidden under his cap usually…At times I made the convo casual to make him enabled to speak…

I wasn’t sure if he needed me..but I know it was me who needed him…he was honest in being upfront about everything..Yet, he didn’t cross the lines….Perhaps he spoke his mind and not his heart…he didn’t want to change our status…he didn’t want put any expectations…but I could read between the lines in the way he said..

I thought if wouldn’t meet in these circumstances it would have been different scenario…after all I too was human, with his own mind and with heart of my own…

So how’s it guys??
satz u asked for longer one na… i hope it was that longer..hahaha…

hows newyear celebration guys??? mine was simple….with my family…
see you in next…

link for WOS next chapter on watty which i didnt post here….
Read n let me know hows it….

love you..xoxo

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  1. Dipika di.first of all happy New year .I loved this shot a lot.I loved our ARJUN ‘s CONFESSION.Feeling very happy that he too have feelings for radhika.di I have one small doubt.I know POV means self explaning but what’s that fullform.I want to admit that a lot like love is my favourite story.I used to read that as a daily basis.and di don’t think me as a silent new reader.I m a new reader.I blabbed a lot.sorry di.waiting for next.take care di

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh my cutiepieeee chashni i couldn’t express how happy i m. Listening u.. I like ur blabbering darling.. Thank u sooooo much for loving me this much.. N pov meants point of view…. N u r tubelight whovh spread light by making us smile by ur lovely words.. Love u lots darling ? ?

  2. And my hobby is only reading ff.satya akka,Jessie,you ,sv and sulbhi are my favourite writers.if I find your posts my face will glow as much as tubelight .ofcourse I m a tubelight.once again thank you so much di for this shot.

  3. Brin

    Outstanding, I just loved it, finally got a little glimpse of Arjun’s feeling for Radhika, Dipika you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Brin

      Thank you for the birthday wish, you made my day. 🙂

      1. Sulbi

        Happy birthday dear sissy… 🙂

      2. Brin

        Thank you Sulbi. 🙂

    2. Dipika

      Brin darling thank you sooooo much.. I was so nervous yht u would get angry on me tht i didn’t write arjun’s pov.. But now m soo relax.. Don’t forgot to send me piece of cake.. Love u lots ? ?

  4. Aayushi

    Amazing wonderful yr loved it dear waiting for next and plzzzz post wos also soon on watty can’t wait for your both the ff

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh Ayushi darling thank you sooooo much.. Ur words meant a lot.. I will surely post mxt one soon… Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  5. Jewel

    Deepzzzz, this chapter is really really beautiful…. the first part that watsapp chat, her thoughts when she saw the msg, typing status and snding emoji part, i liked that part a lot…. his hesitation to chat with her, her confusion, everything u wrote beautifully….he only read fitness related things, arjun there r a lot of things other than fitness, in this world……. he knows her likes, and give preference also….their conversation, she know that it is going in a dangerous way then also she wants to continue….. he is really honest, i liked him a lot, sweet and cute arjun…. rads, break up with saral, and accept arjun, u r in love with him, first stage . Take that step fast rads, don’t waist ur time, that saral doesn’t even care about u……. deepz i loved this chapter, and i love ur way of writing a lot…. waiting for next one….
    wishing u a very haappy new year…..

    1. Dipika

      Jewel darling happy new year.. Wowwwwwww.. Your words made me jump hard n dance like crasy… Thank u thank you sooooo much for this lovely words yarrrr… I m so happy by ur every words… Yeahhh our rads is quite shy girl.. She will get herself together n will run away from saral…. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  6. Rossy

    Superb heroine….aaaah….narration….WOW…WOW…WOW…mesmerized by reading it…u know it’s like that line of urs…no pretence , no blabber, beautiful yet simplicity holds the charm….i loved the whole conversation…and the way u depicted both inner turmoil…plus Arjun ‘s little open up…yeah…you are right…he opened up his mind, his heart is yet to come…but still the charmness n smoothness in ur story….mash Allah…only that’s I will never let u go…or let u leave writing…then nobody can save u from me….i m…seriously in dreamland..Kisi e sahi kaha hai…saadgi me hi sundarta hai…u proved it……i can read it till the eternity…beautiful lovely mesmerizing chapter

    1. Dipika

      Awwwww my rose… God yhis is bigget compliment for me yarrr.. U still reminder never let u go.. N always makes me happy by making me remind it.. Thank u sooooo much for Queen for this lovely words.. N yesss i knw my rose will. Never lete stop writing. Hahan that sundarata wali quote.. Wow… Thanks for extra… Love u lots darling ? ?

      1. Gianna

        I second you in this Rossy, the simplicity in her narration is what makes us addicted with her story

  7. gosh that was so beautifull..i just wanted them to talk and talk and talk..

    1. Dipika

      Neetz darling thank you sooooo much… Love u lots ? ? ?

  8. arti viswanathan

    Dipika darling superb, fantastic, excellent, Outstanding and marvelous episode… I loved all… Omg arjun is in love with pov radhika….. And i think radhika is also loving arjun…. I don’t like saral… loads of love…..

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh arti darling thank you sooooo much.. Thts y i said this story doesn’t hav arjun’s pov.. We gonna find out only by radz n it will b fun.. Love u lots ? ?

  9. _Ritu

    Happy new year Dipika.. ? dear it was such a mesmerizing chapter.. 🙂 doesn’t feel lyk m reading an was so natural that I felt I was dealing wid my inner turmoil in place of Rads.. 🙂 dat what’s app is exactly what we feel when we chat with someone. 🙂 magical chapter.. 🙂 I really wonder how u handle weird customers in bank 😉 😉 nd about ur knowledge on fitness honestly tell me is there any of ur co worker in bank a fitness lover 😉 or our Jiju is a fitness lover 😉 😉 beautiful request..a double dhamaka of dis one 🙂 nd plz post WOS on tu as m not a wattpad user..desperate for nxt..loads of love. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Hahahaha.. Ritu darling m. Laughing n blushing hard by ur sweet words.. Hahah.. Thank u sooooo much for supporting me n loving me darling.. U knw how badly customers eat my brain.. Only writing return it me.. Haha.. N i go gym so i knw abt yhe fitness n gym terminology.. Hahah. N ur jiju bata nahi kaha chupe hai.. Mil nahi rahe.. Hahaha.. Ok darling i will try to post here.. I gave link for wos on watty dear… Hows u?? Love you loads ? ? ?

  10. Sulbi

    Dipu darling… it was mind blowing dear… atlast we came to know Arjun’s feeling…. sooooo happy…. Radhika also loved being with him…. Aww!!! So lovely…. waiting for more dear…

    and i read WOS in watty bt culdnt able to comment…. it was amazing… Neil was hurt bt culdnt find his feelings… and like a idiot he proposed Manya… i was fuming in anger… i would like to slap him tightly…

    Y dipu u are nt updating in Tu… both ff i loved it dear… Waiting for next update… Happy new year darling 🙂 mine went as usual dear nothing much… tc and loads of love… 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhj sulbi darling thank you sooooo much for this wonderful words.. U just made me extremely happy… U read wos on watty.. Thank u sooooo much for it darling.. Arey i want to keep one story only for watty thts y yarr.. Don’t worry nesam ginaa be seeing each other soon.. N here aradhika will explore thier relationship.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  11. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Dipika

      Kavina darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ?

  12. Happy New Year…
    Hello deepika…it was outstanding..Arjun’s honest confession was mind blowing….loved his honesty…

    1. Dipika

      Kk darling thank you sooooo much for sharing ur words.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  13. Gianna

    Dipu my darling, I read this chapter twice in watty n twice here, I think this is my fav chapter of this story so far, simply loved it. You make even the simple of emotions come to life n we get lost in your words, I didn’t want it to end.

    Happy New Year

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh Gia darling thank you sooooo much for supporting n lovely words yarrrr.. M so happy to listen from you.. Thank u sooooo much.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  14. Sathya

    Cheri cheri cheri… A tight peck on ur Chubby cheeks ????? you know what…. You just made a magic in today’s episode…. Can’t express how beautiful it is.. The way u narrated rads POV.. It just gives us the glimpse of arjun’s view on rads… You r a Clever girl… You just satisfy us by giving rads view which explains arjun’s interest on Radhika… That’s wonderful… The beautiful part is their what’sapp chat… Lot of hesitation.. Yet both want to chat… The impatience n rads mind to know what he is simply typing n deleting… Lol..its so natural yar… The duo conversation n arjun’s honest opinion about rads… His wish to get a girl like rads or rads type or… Rads itself… Ha ha ha… It’s so lovely yar…. I just wanna read it without having any ending…. Love you so much cheri for writing this so beautifully… ???????

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhh my senorita peck wss lovely.. My cheeks r still wet.. Lol.. Thank u sooooo much for for this shower of praise for me.. M literally blushing n smiling n grinning all the time.. Yeah.. In directly sab bol diya arjun ne.. I was waiting for ur comment eagerly.. Now m relaxed.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

    2. Jewel

      sathya, plz post ur stories plz, i am missing etl and mr & mss mehra a lot…. plz post soon…

      1. Sathya

        Sorry jewel.. I was into some other stuff… Mom was unwell n then I m traveling to abroad for official purposes… So I couldn’t write anything… Vl definitely post ETL in this week.

  15. Jnana

    I don’t know if radhika is impressed…. I’m impressed by his confession…… Sooooo sweet he is….. ‘Your kind,’ I wanted to see radhikas face at that instant….. I didn’t know that what’s app chat can be described this beautifully….. A bear hug for you….. Love you…. Tc…..

    1. Dipika

      Jhana darling thank you sooooo for wonderful words.. Arjun impressed u.. Haha banda hi aisa hsi.. Lol.. Thanks darling.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  16. Loved it… Superb… Wait for next… Take care ..

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much dear for

  17. Deepu di…. HAPPY NEW YEAR…..
    Today Arjun ROCKS..!!!… loved his feelings…seems like all the motivation that he gives to poured into himself…. so straight forward …..loved this Arjun…” Everything about you Radhika..”… that’s the best part..
    Di… WhatsApp simple convo also you made so interesting with tadka of their feelings…and plzzzz end this sAral chp soon… very irritating…
    Post next one soon … anxiously waiting….?????????
    Di..the names Ichoose…Aradhana…Aarushi…Avni……Aayushi…
    I know I’m late you must have choosen… sorry…

    1. Dipika

      Asthu darling thank you sooooo much darling. I was missing u sooooo mucg.. U like whts app part.. I think it was stupid.. Don’t worry saral will not bother her much… N i lik u suggested the names.. N we put her name as Mishti.. Meaning sweet… Hows it.. Love u lots darling ? ? ? ?

      1. Mishti… very very sweet name..I loved it…???

  18. Gauri

    Dipu this was beautiful….just perfect…….Dipu it was breathtaking….you are the queen of natural emotions…and so beautifully written…that expectation of his call…the message conversation….trying to end it but can’t , the thing u wroye about smileys yea that the best way of ending a conversation….and Radhika expecting his message that stole my heart…their cute meeting and the way Arjun opens his heart ….straight forward…no flowers …yes this is real…big hug to you stay blessed love u 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Angel this is the biggest n lovelist compliment i could get.. Thank u sooooo much for alway being ther.. Ur comment is something i craved for.. Thank u sooooo much ?.. Bigggg b tight huggg. Love u lots ? ? ?

  19. Finally…I can comment now…awesoooooome awesoooooome awesoooooome. …muaaaaahhhhhh dipsssss…it was incredible. you loads. Bear hug

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