MMZ – Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan (Shot 7)


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Butt up

“that’s ten…keep going….”

Just like any other day, Aarav kept boosting my morale . I was giving my best. I had a role to play in our victory against the imaginary opponents.

“butts up….butts up…ma’am…you are falling down…”

I struggled to lift my body and finish the last few mountain climbs. My speed dropped with every subsequent climb. Yet, I focused on lifting my behind and pulling my knees up to touch my elbows with all my strength. At one point, I felt my arms didn’t have the strength to hold my body and that any moment I would fall.

“keep going ma’am…just five more to up is not a choice ..not when you are this close….”

I went for another one…

“that’s your mouth and breathe…open your mouth, ma’am…”

I inhaled and exhaled from mouth as I made another climb…just then my arms fumbled and I struggled to hold myself falling.

“Recall your mission..Die!! but don’t surrender!! And you should have to die, then I say die beyond the finish line..” he roared like my commander in a war.

His words fuelled me with aggression. And I don’t know how , but I landed up quickly finishing my set and dropped my body on the floor in order to relax… by the end of the first circuit, my face and T-shirt both drenched in sweat.. my heartbeats had gone up. I was panting heavily. I continued to breath in and out from my mouth. When Arjun extended his hand for a high-five, I couldn’t even lift my arm,

I just smiled…a satisfied smile…a smile of having achieved something and making Arjun proud..

He brought his palm down, closer to my hand. With his other hand he opened my palm and then high-fived.

That was so damn cute!!

That tap was as if I passed out our challenged to him. It was his turn now. As I watched him perform the circuit, he pulled himself up and moved to the next exercise. I focused on his posture and his temperament. I derived motivation from him. I wanted to perform the way he performed. I noticed his chiseled body, full of muscle, without any fat, as it began to glow with swat under the white gym lights..

“You have to boost me up too…I need motivation!!” he demanded the moment his favorite song ended.

I could clearly see he didn’t need any motivation and he was doing very good without it..but by asking me for it I reminded that he wasn’t my coach at that moment, but my team mate.. yet thought of boosting his morale tickled me.

“come on boy!! Five more to go…” I roared imitating Arjun at the same time trying to control my laughter.

It was funny that I was calling a guy elder my age “boy” , while he would call me madam. But , hell, I enjoyed calling him this way!!

I noticed his posture when he was doing the mountain climb. Precisely, his ‘butts’ easily he mentioned my ‘butts’..i smiled. It was easy to say all this in the gym.

As I watched Arjun’s butts I realized he too would have watched mine!! I bit my lower lip. I suddenly shouted, “butts up, Arjun..butts up!!”

He looked at the side mirror to verify his posture as he continued with his repetations.

“ma’am …huh..the law of gravity…huh..would not to take my butts up any more…huh…” he said gasping for breath..

I burst into laughter…

When Arjun finished his circuit, for the first time. I became the first one to initiate a high-five!! One battle was won..there were two more to go. We took a break before we kick-started the second round, it turned out to be even more difficult than first..

The moment I finished round two, my heartbeats were racing so fast that I could feel thud it my chest without even placing my hand over it. It was shaking my entire body. And then suddenly I felt weak and sleepy.

“I told Arjun “am I going to faint?? I guess I am..” worried I checked as I stopped walking and held on to the machine….

“Did you eat well this morning?” he asked..i nodded

“don’t worry then..nothing will happen…it’s the shortage of oxygen supply to the brain. Your body is buring oxygen three times faster than usual..that’s the reason you are breathing through your mouth to inhale more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide from your body..”

“you are genius!!” I said patting my trainer’s broad shoulders.

He grinned “that’s I am, madam..”

“Can I request you something?”


“can you please stop calling me madam?”

“Aa…sure…I can ..try…” he stammering with shock by my sudden request.

“Cool…” I said smiling..
Later that day, we completed our circuit rather I should call our task with flying colours…and we defeated that non-living things who were challenging us..

“We won RADHIKA!!!!!” he said raising his arm to give me high-five….As he called my name, shiver run down from my spine..i felt butterflies in my stomach…it was so different to listen my name from his mouth…It was magical feeling….like first time I liked my name very much when it came from his mouth….I was very happyyyyyy….more happy than I completed the task but he called me by my name….it was soooo sweet!!

After the workout I went to shower in the gym. I recalled how he called my name, how he motivated me. Under the running shower, I imitated his action of giving me that cute high-five..the next instant I was laughing at my stupidity, splashing the water falling over me, up in the air, back at the showerhead.

As I changed into my usual cloths I came out from washroom and headed towards the juice bay to continued our post workout talk with was always fun spending time with him.

As I was about to reach at juice bay, I saw Arjun talking with man and lady..From appearance they looked like couple…married couple..they were discussing something with arjun..i saw at juice counter, there wasn’t the vender or anyone having juice..why this place was vacant….

When I stepped to go near arjun, I heard the man asking something to arjun which made me freeze at the place where I stood.

He asked “ can you plz tell some excersie to my wife to increase her stamina…during night……you understand…what I mean na…”

With that words I stopped dead..God why I have to witnessed this…Now I got to understand why anybody wasn’t there..may be Arjun would have asked some personal space to talked with that he was the trainer of them, they could share their problem with that mean I shouldn’t be there to hear their personal talk..i was the intruder…..unwanted audience to their talk..

Before Arjun could answer anything,suddenly , I dropped my gym bag on the floor which make three of them to turn their heads at me….With that I could see shocked expression on their faces with widen eyes…..especially that lady was very embarrassed, she wasn’t looking at my face but floor..i could see sweat on her forehead..

God, My bad timing and stupidity still doesn’t have any competition….

I guess I need that harry potter’s magical coat to get disappeared from here….

Somehow, I recovered from that shocked and quickly grabbed my gym bag from the floor and ran to the exit..As I came to my car and recalled the incident I burst into laughter….God that was hilarious incident I ever witnessed…

But later the evening….One thought was disturbing me now that “Tommarrow…. How I gonna face Arjun….”…what would have he been thinking about this incident????

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  4. Brin

    Outstanding episode, love it to the core, Dipika you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. ?

  5. Aayushi

    Amazing loved it

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  10. Gauri

    Excellent !!!! this was the first thing that came to my head….Dipu what a shot….’Butts up’ that made me laugh….and then Radhika motivating him was so cute…. the butterflies when he called her by her name…so beautifully depicted…and then the couple OMG….I was like really …..does this really happen…but then anything can happen in this mad world 🙂 😀 …Sathya baby you have killer ideas….and Dipu you nailed it completely with the killer idea 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Lol Gauri, that was a real incident chica… happened with me when i was in bangalore 😛 😛 😛
      Couple came and he was asking the gym incharge to increase his wife stamina by giving some excercises…lol good that the incharge was a lady 😀 😀 😀

      1. Gauri

        I fainted !!!

  11. Rossy

    Omg….dipx…what was that…totally hilarious….god we should switch our heads….upto the Himalayas now…lol…i am sure I must be jingle…Arjun butt up..n down…awwww….radz thought are awesome…superbly narrated…gosh I need to learn some tactics from her character….and that stamina part…lol…that’s surely an embarrassed moment for that lady…oyeeeee sissy from where did you got such ideas…lol…harry potter invisible cloaks…guess u made my interest double up now to see hp again…haha….queen fly….that was fantastic my natural writer…see u at…our site???

    1. Sissy, that’s not an idea..its a real incident happened with me when i was going to gym in bangalore. But good that the gym incharge was a lady and the couple was discussing that with her. At first i was not understand why he was asking that..then later i understand what was that and it was hell embarrasing for me since my trainer and my akka was with me too… 🙂 face palm…. 😛 😛 😛

  12. Gianna

    Lovely shot Dipu, enjoyed reading this very much, u made me laugh so hard. Am so loving this story.

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    post next one you di….muahhhh 🙂 🙂 🙂

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