MMZ – Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan (Shot 4)


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The First Touch

It’s my first day of workout with Arjun…

After about seven minutes of brisk walking on treadmill, my body has warmed up. I am ready to exercise. At the juice counter, Arjun has been reading newspaper, waiting for me.

I walked up to him. I am excited. I look forward to executing what we had planned a day before.

“Ready to go?” Arjun asks me the moment he notices my arrival at his table.

“YES!!!” I nodded in enthusiasm.

“Great!! Let’s begin then…” he stands up, folds the newspaper and places it back on the stack from where he had picked it.

“Come with me….” He commands

I followed him to the other side of gym, towards the functional area.

“After the warm-up before the workout, it’s important to stretch…..” he says and goes on to explain how it safeguards the body from any muscle injury during the workout.

I listen him carefully and registered it in my mind.

“This is TRX” Arjun tells me he holds the belt in his fists and demonstrates what he supposed to do.

He places his left foot ahead of his body, stretches his arms out, nicely parallel to the floor, and leans in his upper body to the front.
His feet are firmly placed on the ground.

The next moment, I follow suit.

I try to stretch my chest muscles. But then my posture isn’t exactly what Arjun wants me to hold. He takes the belt from me and shows me how to do it one more time.

I fail to do it, one more time.
I am not sure what exactly is wrong. It looks fairly simple when he does it.

In order to help me, Arjun places himself behind me.

“Ma’am don’t drop your elbows…” he says and the same time he places his palms underneath my elbow.

I sense his touch on my skin. A chill runs through my spine, which I tried hard to conceal. This is first time Arjun touched me. I didn’t see it coming. I wasn’t prepared for it.

Arjun’s hands on my arms disrupt my focus. I am not used to a man’s touch. Not of ones aren’t a part of my family or not even going to extended family for that matter. This is strange feeling.

No, it’s not bad touch at all. In fact, in the life situation am in, It is a much needed one. It’s the touch between the trainer and his client. But then, it also between a man and a woman. And I am aware of it. I can’t say about him.

Arjun continues to explain something to me. But the voice has become background sound now. Nothing register in my mind., except the consciousness that I am being touched by a man I haven’t known for long.

Still, it’s not an uncomfortable feeling. But I am not perfectly comfortable either.

What it is then? ?It’s something complicated.

Something that’s not normal to me.It’s different. I am not sure whether it is positively different or negatively. Arjun is not at fault. There is no fault here. He is doing only his job. I am the who asked for his service. I am the who needs to upgrade my mindset. I realize I have to get used to it.

“Do you feel it, Madam?”

Arjun’s slightly lauder voice brakes through my thoughts and I have to pay attension. I guess he has repeated himself this time.

I nod my head in acknowledgment, worried that I might say something.

“You should feel the stretch in your upper chest, close to your shoulder….” He tells me

I focus on the said anatomy part and realize that I am indeed feeling the stretch. “Yes, I am” I say this time.’’

After holding the posture for ten seconds, Arjun drops his hands…

“Relax….” He says..

My body does. My mind can’t.


As I am about to get down from his car, after our dinner, Saral held my hand. I stopped opening the door and looked into his eyes. He caressed my hand and placed his hands on my cheek. Then he leaned and kissed my cheek. That’s’ how Saral was.

“Good Night Radhu..” he said and looked at his phone to check it. It means now he did said good bye and I have to get down from the car. It was always the same routine. Good bye kiss. This time I forget this ritual.

Probably, it was his way of saying that he loved me. Once again, it didn’t matter what I wanted.

As got in to my room, I went to bathroom and flash some water on my face.

I wipe my face and rested my back on the soft bed.

For a while, I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts went to the gym, to Arjun. I recalled the way he had touched me earlier in the day. How that too had come unannounced, just like this one. Yet, unlike the very recent touch of my fiancé , that gave me goose bumps. Even though I had felt conscious at that moment, that touch wasn’t against my wishes.

The intensions behind these two touches of the two different men were very different. And they triggerd completely different response in the depths of my heart.

The non-sensuous one aroused me and the one that was meant to be sensuous was…….Dead!!

Then my thoughts took me in another direction.
Was this the right way to think? Am I turning into a bad woman? The characterless one?

This sudden introspection disturbed me. I kept comparing the two different touches, while guilt continued to spill on my thoughts and spoil the fun. I don’t remember when exactly sleep took over me.

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