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I managed to catch my breath and apologize. “ I…….I…..I am sorry…I don’t know what that is..Is it some kind of test? “ I was scared that it had something to do with needles.

“We do a body composition test to find out the things such as mass, fat mass, percentage of body water and waist to hip ratio in one’s body. ” Arjun answered

“And you don’t need ……a….my….i mean….my blood sample fot it..Right????” I stammered.

“ What?” Arjun looked at my frightened face. “No!!” he chuckled

I sighed with relief.

He laughed “ No Blood. No Urine. No clinical stuff..Relax!! It just involves taking physical measurements..It’s like the way you measure your weight….” He clarified

“Oh..I see! No..I never taken this test before…..”

“Let’s take it then and get you started? we can utilize the brief time I have with me before my next session….” Arjun said and waited for my first response.

“Sure…” I smiled . I still wasn’t comfortable but I guessed there was no way out of it.

He began to walk. I had to follow him.

On our way we passed the men’s and ladies’ rooms. And right next to it was tiny secluded room, which appeared more like an office space.

ON the way to god knows where, he asked me when I had had my last meal and if I was yet to do my warm-up

“I ate breakfast about an hour and half back..I yet to do my warm up…”

“Great….” Arjun said pushing the wooden door of tiny room on his left

“But why would you ask”

“An already warmed up body or meal taken too recently will lead to incorrect results…” he explained opening the door and holding it for me, without looking at me..I was impressed

As soon as I stepped inside the room, the door shut behind me.

And suddenly , I felt disconnected from the rest of the gym, the crowd outside. To be in that little closed room with Arjun had instantly made me conscious. I was in the close proximity of a man I barely knew.

“Okay..” I said..My nervousness clearly visible in my tone, he must have noticed it but he didn’t bring it up…I was grateful for that.

“ That’s the body composition machine , Madam..” Arjun said pointing towards the technical looking machine. There was a panel and platform over which I was expected to stand. It had left and right footmarks labeled over it. Two metallic arm emerged from underneath this panel ( Guys this kinda machine we can see with Harbal life volunteers..many of us seen that….I guess…)

I looked around. There was a table to my left..two chairs placed on either side of it. Some papers and files were lying on it. Arjun went and sat on one the chairs. Then he got busy looking for something. My eyes fell what he had pulled out from the door. It was measurement tape. Shit!! He did talk about measurements!! And the waist to hip ratio stuff!! Ohhh God!!!

Did he mention bust??shit…shit!! He is going to measure my body!! In this small room with no one else present!!!

“ Excuse me! Isn’t there a female instructor in this gym?” I blurted. I was too nervous.

Arjun gave me puzzled look.

“Aaa….Yes!! there are two!!” he said after taking a moment

“Okay…..” I said, but I was unable to convey my thoughts clearly. I hoped I dropped a hint at least.

“You want to meet them for anything specific?” Arjun asked

“Ah…Perhaps……..I think….I can…..Take……their…….you ….know…for…the…measurements…” I hesitantly said looking at the measurement tape on the table.

Arjun shifted his eyes from my face to the tape that he had just pulled out of the drawer

“ you want measurements?” he asked looking back at me.

I could make out what he meant when he asked that

“You pulled out the tape…” I pointed out

“Ah!!” he laughed and said “ I was pulling out things from the drawer in order to find a pen…”

I laughed nervously. This was embarrassing.

Radhika, run out of the room!! Right away!!!

“Ohh.Yeah..” I said and made a poker face to hide my embarrassment at my stupidity.

“But outside you did mention na, didn’t you?” I tried to sound intelligent

“Yes..your height and weight..” he answered but then he stopped “ are you all right , madam?”

“Yes!YES!YES!! “ again I repeated. Quite consistent with my stupidity.

Arjun asked me to remove my shoes and socks and make me stand by me leaning on the wall.

“and you height is,….Five ft..six…no Five….inches….”

He asked and then pointing at the body composition machine.

“ Can you plz step up on this machine, Mam?”

I carefully placed my feet on the footmarks on the platform. The display panel immediately revealed my weight..i did not get the option to subtract it by 2 point something kg ( or round it off to 3). Arjun punched my recently measured height..And not enough of having series of my embarrassing moment..curser blinked at the age field…

“Your age Madam?” arjun bluntly asked without having hesitation in his voice.

For some unknown reason I decided to punch it by myself. My body language demonstrated the oh-allow-me-to –take-the-pain-and-finish-these-little-task.. perfectly..not only I tried to hide my age what I was punching in as if it was my ATM PIN at the same time I pretended as I didn’t intend to hide it at all….I tried to act smart looking at the display panel. In that panic hit me as what I forget to keep in my mind that display screen revealed all that I had punched in…

Radhika..Stop embarrassing yourself…Please not more stupidity…You fulfilled the stupidity quota for the day.
So one more thing got added to my list of stupidity things done for that day. Arjun had witnesses it, and yet again like a gentleman, he didn’t react and saved me from the embracement. He allowed me to be in my stupid space. Or at least I chose to think so.

Was there a possibility of the trainer declining to train his client because she was too dumb? Dis this ever happen in here?

“All right, Mam, we are done. Let’s go out and discuss this report….” Arjun said his eyes on the paper shit.


Once out of that tiny room, we took the chairs surrounding the juice bay. Arjun explained to me the details from my report.

Some of it made sense to me and the rest I knew I would understand with time. But arjun continued explaining me everything.

In the end he said “ lets set your goals now..hmmmmm?”

“Sure…” I replied

“So what’s your goal?”

It was sophisticated gym with English-speaking trainers who knew about the technicalities like BMI. So I chose the words that sounded intellectual.

“Fitness….” I said “ Fitness is my goal….” At the back of my mind I was happy that I had been able to speak in straightforward way.

“And what’s your definition of fitness?”

“Fitness…hmm…to ….me…”

Can I leave Now….

“To…be…fit….? I finished and shrugged. I kinda avoided eye contact with Arjun.
Such a simple word but hard to explain.

Somebody please call me on my phone and drag me away from this discussion!

“wow…that help’s” A smile broke out on Arjun’s lips while he nodded his head
This time, I could not hold myself back at his reaction. And for the first time, I let go of my embracement and laughed at myself. And then I laughed at all that I was up to that day.

The best part was Arjun joined me too. And when that happened, I said “ I can add more to it:

“then do it” Arjun offered

I felt so relived so I talked more “to look fit. And to feel it….” And resumed laughing.

Arjun showed me the thumps up..with both hands!!

“That’s me…What’s your definition of fitness, Mr Trainer?”

“Well, it’s certainly not as profound as yours, Mam…I therefore fear it may not sound as interesting of yours as yours appeared to me…

When we settled down I said “Yes!! My stupidity doesn’t have competition!!”

We laughed some more at that.

“No..but seriously..what’s your definition of fitness .” I insisted

Arjun recovered his demeanor and answered my question “ its ability to carry out daily tasks and routine physical activities without undue fatigue….”

I realized how deep and correct definition he said. My would be trainer didn’t only possess a great body but also had a great mind. Quite impressive!!

“That was scientific simple words being fit should mean not getting breathless soon…” He added

I liked his approach having scientific reason..

Arjun began to explain the components in exercise.
I listened, but a part of me was also looking at him- the way his eyes crinkled, the way his expressions changed, his body language, soft but firm, and then his voice…

Shut up Radhika!! Pay attension!!!!

That afternoon, on the chairs surrounding the juice counter, Arjun and I discussed and set my goals. I explained to him what I was looking for. My wedding was about 10 months away. I wanted to lose weight and look gorgeous by then. I also told him that I was fast heading towards XXL in my cloths and I hated it. I wanted to reduce and go back to the weight of my college days.

Arjun happily gave a name to my goal.. Size M. he called it. “ in ten months” he wrote underneath it on the back of BMI report…

After discussing my short term goals to achieve my long term goal, we planned my diet.

“I will see you tomorrow then..” he said and stretched his hand.

I extended my hand for handshake. The next BMI was planned a month from now. I’m sure I will be in a better position.

As I walked out and said bye to Arjun, he looked up from my papers and smiled that SMILE…OHHH GOD!!!
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  1. Wow akka.shall I call you like that?this arjun is totally different from other ff.and eagerly waiting for next.thank you you take care

    1. Dipika

      Chashni darling thank you sooooo much for amazing words.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  2. Starz

    Awesome di….

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much starz dearyyy.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  3. Jessie

    Ohhh god!!!!!!! AM SO LOST….wanna read again……fitness. I see….JB…the best!!!! Measurements… blood…no clinical stufff…….!!! Arjun…you brought it out so real and perfect…size M…i see….

    1. Jessie

      Deeeepzzzzzzz…..see..what happened….girl…you taught us abt fitness and gym terms but not how to contr our smile….I just blushed…smiled…..and what not to control my excitement reading this in my breakfast table….and my grandpa gave weird looks finally shocking me saying…need to get her married soon….lol…..

      Arjun ke wajah se

    2. Jessie

      Deeeepzzzzzzz…..see..what happened….girl…you taught us abt fitness and gym terms but not how to contr our smile….I just blushed…smiled…..and what not to control my excitement reading this in my breakfast table….and my grandpa gave weird looks finally shocking me saying…need to get her married soon….lol…..

      Arjun ke wajah se……Judwa behena…… tight teddy hug for this fantastic shot….so lovely…..I just loved Radz to the core…my god…I felt as if am with them…like really…all so realistic…..the tape part…Ah..anyone would guess so…and Arjun’s attitude…the feel we get at the sudden familiarity with a guy…a stranger..but still he will be guiding and all around us would behave normal.with him….that feel…!! Well brought out….and his calmness and calling her as Maam to make her feel comfy…Super….that’s a very common feel among all girls and we will generally tag ourselves as stupid…heeh..isnt…so lovely deepz….I feel so connected…like my friend is saying all this to me…..the goal…!! Seriously sophisticated gym…!! The way you had described…wow..!! Loved your writing style….last part is my fav of all.. from the fitness part…he made it na…!! And the way he explained…what is fitness…being fit..haan….I too thought…????the same…. late realisation…!! Hahaha….loved it to the core…u made it absolutely fantastic……who told that fitness explanation to you????? I want the answer…am so love with this story….JB..waiting for next one…TC and loads of lobe

      1. Dipika

        Judwa behena ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I’m laughing like anything yarrrr…. Ohhh god dadaji did say that???? Lol.. I m imagining it.. Hahahaha.. N u knw i actually went thru it.. N guessed tht if this test needle n all.. Hahahaha… After reading your comments i lived the part again.. Hahahahaa.. I m soooo happy that u enjoyed every bit of the story…. Thank u sooooo much my judwa behana… Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      2. Dipika

        N yesss that definition was told by google baba… Lol… Actually gym trainer did telll. Me abt it but in simple words but i search on Google to write here.. Lol….

  4. Waarewah!! Deepu.. Too good yaar.. Radz nervousness and stupidity reflected mine? ‘my stupidity doesn’t have competition’ it’s indeed my line..superb plot.. Luv u darling.. Post the next one soon ..

    1. Dipika

      ? ? ? ? ? chinmayi darling seems we r alike… Hahahah.. I always do this kinda stupidity always.. Thank u sooooo much darling.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  5. Sulbi

    Deepu… i am falling for this ff… u explained about BMI so clearly and the embracement of Radhu… so silly about her.. but its true girls never like to share abt thier age and weight… XXL to M in ten months dats cool… i love this sweet Arjun… lovely episode… post nxt one soon dear… love u deepu darl… :-* :-* tc..

    1. Dipika

      Sulbi darling thank you sooooo for thid lovely words… Yeah we always feels offended whn someone ask suddenly abr our age.. Hahaha… Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

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  7. Kavina

    Loved it

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      Kavina darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ? ? ?

  8. Gauri

    Ok Dipu now you reminded me of my dieting and fitness… Body composition…well I fainted looking at my resutls have to work hard. About this one…sooooooo cute….Dip you write so naturally…I felt sitting write in the room observing Radhika’s discomfort and Arjun’s amusement….frankly I am dying to see two in love…..just beautiful 🙂 loads of love

    1. Dipika

      Awwwww angellll you are perfect darling no need ro shed ur weight.. U knw my bmi report is like marksheet of buddhu students..hid it possibly.. Lol… Thank u sooooo much for Awsome words darling..right now m. Smiling widest.. Lol.. Love u lots angel ?
      ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  9. Sathya

    Dipu darling….what to say? Serioussly i am out of words for this wonderful chappy. lol. She followed to the corner room and found her with a stranger once he closed the till then she did not notice it …:P:P:P and she gets awkward seeing him having tape and asking for female trainers….lol you know what dipu, i will tel you an incident. I told you na me and my colleague went to GYM and got our trainers, but measurements n all we didnt take but we took our hip size, i took for her and she took for me…lol it was watching by the trainer…his eye balls was moving from me to her and her to me. Oh god i too have a long funny memories when i was in gym trying to set goal…bla blah…understanding the gym terminologies also need a class yar.

    I am so in love with this ff and i love this cute, softy arjun a lot. You are tempting me to join gym but i will go to the gym who has the trainer named Arjun, otherwise i wll not. LOL

    DIPU darling, you just set some target to all of us to reach it by your writings on WOS and KYM…you are rocking girl and your phrases and framing are all out of the world.

    LOVE YOU 🙂 muaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

    1. Dipika

      ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? god satzzzyyyyyy i m. Laughing like anything.. What incident yarr.. U hav experience such a hilarious incident.. Lol.. I can imagine ur trainer looking to u n thn to ur colleague.. Lollll… God… N wht u will. Joim the gym if thy hav gym trainer name as arjun.. Lol.. I tooo will. Join it with u majja aynega…

      THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR POURING YOUR LOVE on me darling.. I m. Speechless whn i read tht big words from you… U inspired me dear.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      1. Sathya

        Dipu, i have more funny scenes happened in Gym especially while doing with the machines…horrible it was…specially on Tredmill, i always go on minimal speed, one day he saw just walking slowly on the mill, he came from nowhere and was talking to me nicely then suddenly i felt like i am running and that stupid trainer was increasing the speed without my knowledge, i literally begged him to stop, i was like running in olympics…my colleague that akka was laughing badly seeing me sweating all over, i was like taken a sweat bath. All laughed at me in the gym…two days i dint speak to him only..because i dint go to gym 🙂 🙂 🙂 gym story is full of funny only

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    Dipika very excellent, awesomely written episode… I loved it… I liked the scenes of radhika’s foolishness of the measurements of height and weight….

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      ? ? ? u lik it na.. Thank u sooooo arti darling….. I m. So happy.. Love you loads ? ? ? ? ? ?

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    Awesome episode, I really enjoy reading this ff, the best part was when she was asking Arjun if he was going to use a needle for the blood test in the gym, that was very hilarious, Dipika you nail it, well done, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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      ? ? ? brin darling thank you sooooo much for supporting me….. M sooo happy tht u enjoyed it.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

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    deepzz each time u steal my heart with ur natural flawless writting <3

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  16. Jewel

    Dipika, I am so happy now…. U dedicated this to me yeee…. Thanku dear… When I read this chapter in wattpad, I feel like this rads is very similar to me, if I am in that situation I will do the same stupidity that she done. I wanted to comment bt I was in travelling, and net was not working properly, so I couldn’t….. Rads, and her mind voices, I loved that… When he asked about definition of fitness, her thought ‘ can I leave now’ really dipu, if I was there in rads place this first thought coming to my mind will be this only…. When I read the chapter I was smiling and laughing, I don’t know what the other people siting around thought about me…. Ur writing is really really beautiful dipika, and I am in love with this story, this story makes me smile always…. I loved this rads, her nervousness, everything, and Arjun he is so sweet…… Waiting for the next… And thanku for the dedication…..

    1. Dipika

      Awwww jewel darling i was soop eager to knw ur view abot this… Thank u sooooo much for loving me this much…. M. Soo overwhelmed yarrrr.. Ohhh u read it during travel.. Lol…. Don’t care abt tge world.. Lol… This story going to be more funny as it progress.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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      Kk dear thank you sooooo much for supporting me.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

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    Hey Dipika!! It was a wonderful chapter!!I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!! I mean, I could relate to Radhika like no one else did!! The discomfort that she had, nervousness while in the room, explaining fitness, being conscious about her age and what not!! And, Arjun be the sweetest trainer in the world!! The raw emotions that you penned down here shows how well you observe different people and analyse them in the best way possible!! I would really love it if you give Arjun’s POV for all his encounters with Radhika!! Please post the next one soon!! And take care happie day!! Loads of love to you!!

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      Viprida darling thank you sooooo much for supporting me n loving…. M sooooo overwhelmed by ur words…. Abt arjun’s pov.. I will think.. But i made it on last part…. But i will try to make it soon… Love u lots ? ?

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