MMZ – Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan (Shot 12)

Hello Darlings!! Here our Arjun greeting Happy valentines day..So this occasion i posted lil bit intense and tell me how’s it is??


I lift my top revealing the previously hidden skin underneath it..there is no dire need for me to do so…Yet, I do it because i want to.

“ Let’s do it..” I tell Arjun… the two of us are back again in the confined space of the BMI room..

“You Sure??” He double checks, recalling my reaction on seeing the measurement tape on that very desk , some six months back..but I have come long way by now..

I wanted my measurement precise..

“M-m-m….hmmm…” I nod twice with confident smile..

Yes. Inside I am trembling….its just not my skin… I want to bare my heart to this man…As my flat stomach is now visible to him, whirlpool of emotions builds up in the ocean of my heart…it’s shaking me, while I fight to not fall…I somehow managed to conceal it: or atleast what I think..

“what’s on your mind, Radhika?”
Arjun asks holding the two ends of measurement tape, which is hanging from his neck…below his twinkling eyes, a mysterious smile has flown in and is perched on his lips..

I don’t want to talk to much..all I want is for him to proceed

“ hip-to-waist ratio!!” I am crisp with my answer..i was good at pretending. I wasn’t stammering while speaking…it’s just the eye contact I am having problem with ..i fail to maintain one with him.

“That’s it??”

“That’s it!!”

“Competing with Sam??”

“Learning from Sam…”

“Fair enough!! All right then…”

He inhales and exhales deeply after which he steps closure to me…he looks into my eyes and runs the tape across my back . the skin of his hand rubs against my waist, which makes me loose eye contact again with him..i so relish his touch..A chill ran down my spine..

The next thing he latches me in the grip of his measurement tape…being captured in this circle never felt this liberating..

I wish he pulls the tape, with jerk, towards himself..i want to fall over him..Damn!! I want this so badly…his proximity has never been so hypnotizing…weakness buits in my knees..

But he is too busy to read my mind..he bends down and squats to check the reading..i shiver..he notices it…

“ you okay??” he looks up and asks

I notice how his gaze first stopped at the border of my top and then my face…I realize I am holding my top too close to my body and that his eyes are at a vantage point..i pull my top to block the possibility of line of sight to the curves of my bra..

The build up anxiety made me breathless..Numerous tiny beads of sweat are budding upon my skin and turning moist with every passing second.
“Yeah!” I said..but my eyes don’t breath too join them to convey otherwise..

He continues to look up and hold eye contact…I can see in the black deep eyes of him, that something has changed in them..the way he looks at me now!! It’s not his usual way..Then, I sense his finger on my waist and my back. I feel them more at this particular instance than before..i breathe heavily.

Neither of us takes eyes off from each other..some sort of contagious stance infected both of us..

I feel the beginning of so many changes in my heart plumps blood faster than ever..Loud and clear, I listen to my pulsating heartbeats echoing in my eardrums..i feel they gonna consume me..

The tips of his figure have made way for his whole palms..My waist soaked in my sweat in the grip of his hands. And sandwiched in between the layers of our skin is the measuring tape..

Oh god!!

Arjun makes me feel attractive even when I am sweaty, even when I am not wearing make-up, even when I am wearing the best of my clothes…it’s the raw me!! The very who I am!!
Touch is the some sort of power granted to trainer. And with this power Arjun awaken so many feelings in me that I hadn’t experienced..My hormones started to play a game of their own. My body begins to manifest this very change..i am losing myself..i feel his palms parting my damp body.

He tries to focus on the measurement tape..a few inches separate my naval and his eyes…a drop of sweat drips down by ribs on to my naval and slowly acquires the tiny humid place within it..i sense this happening..i sense him seeing this.

He fights his heart to overcome his intensions..he looks at the reading on the measurement tape after which he slides it down to measure the hip..i don’t move..i don’t realign myself..only he does..when he is done..he gets up avoiding any sorts of eye contact with me..
He tries to regain the composure and pretend as if nothing has happened ..the next moment when he re-establishes eye contact, it is only for a microsecond in which he says

“ We are done!!” his voice is husky..i can notice the change in his voice.

I acknowledge with the question

“ how many inches ??”


“Hip to waist ratio!! How many inches..”

“Oh yeah…….”

But he fails to recall..

It is short..i know..but my tiny brain come with this only….
share your reviews…
love you

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  1. Lovely it was. But as you mentioned it was quite short.I really wanted to read more of this chapter eager to know how Arjun reacts … And Radhika expression. Please write soon. A Long one pleaàaaaaaaase….For next chapter. And yeah happy Valentine’s day.

  2. Brin

    That was indeed a very intense episode, love it to the core, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  3. nice one. loved it

  4. Kavina

    Loved it

  5. I loved it di.eagerly waiting for arjun’s you di take care

  6. Wow…poor arjun…full of emotions.. I really want them to realizes their feelings for each other…..

  7. Dipika… Awesome…. They begin to feel each other…. Loved it… Waiting for next…. Pls update next soon….

  8. arti viswanathan

    Dipika darling superb,excellent,outstanding,nice, awesome,fantastic,fabulous episode….. I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes…. I liked the way arjun touches radhika and she shivers a lot and sweat a lot……tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u…….

  9. Sulbi

    Darling darling darling….i wanna kiss u….yes tons of kisses to uuuuu…. you have some magic in ur fingers… the way u pen it down was so lovely… awww… cute… Arjun and Radhika falling for each and other… it is intense chapter…. ahhh feel hot yaar…. lol… seriously The Great Perfect Trainer missed to note the ratio… wow… falling for Radhika… i loved it to the core… now more curious to know about next chapter… love you aloads and bear hugs to uuuuuuu sweetheart…. muuuuuaaaahhhh… tc and stay happy darling 🙂

  10. Gianna

    You know I had to read it again and I just couldn’t stop myself from commenting here too. You shined bright like a diamond with this update Dipu, what a way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Ardhika chemistry is just to die for. Love you loads dear. ????????

    P.S. My friends always whines about not finding the right guy aftrr reading this am going to suggest her to join the gym. ?

  11. Awesome. .marvellous. .read it again……. and get the same feel as first time….ardhika’s magic is very tempting. …and dipssss….u made it very splendid. ….this story is really outstanding n superbbbbb. ….wanna read arjun’s pov in this story as well….how he is feeling for rads from beginning……i hope they realize n confess their feelings….wowwww awesome….keep it up honeyyy love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hugssss my lovely sissy dipssss ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉 🙂

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