MMZ- My heart beats for u E-1

Yep sriya is back exams were going on so got late sorry !! Thanks for ur support guys ???!!



Episode starts with Arjun doing jogging in the park wearing a grey shirt & track pants on the way radhika was giving balloons to the children and plays with them happily !! Arjun smiles widely seeing her !! He was lost in his own world !! When radhika comes to him!!

R: hi Arjun sir u here??

A: why can’t I be here it’s like that only u have the permission to come here !! It is a public park so anyone can come here !!

R: sorry sir I didn’t mean in that anyway I was just saying ki

Arjun interrupts her and says: I don’t care what & how u mean don’t waste my time by ur nonsense!!

He left from there angrily !!

R(in mind): khadoos humesha apne naak mai gussa leke chalta hai !!

She bid bye to the children & left in opposite direction!!


Scene 2 !

Arjun was driving the car to his home !! When a Scooter was about to dash him he applies a sudden break !! He gets up from the car!!

A: u here? Can’t u let me live peacefully ha tumhari problem kya humesha raaste ka pathar banke aa jaati ho koi kam nahi hai kya?

R: sir aap toh rehne hi do humesha naak mai gussa lekar chalte ho apka naam Arjun nahi khadoos rakhna chaiye tha !!

A: how dare u tumhara naam bhi radhika nahi raaste ka pathar hone chaiye huhhh !!

They gave death glares to each other and left in opposite directions !!


Episode ends!!

So guys how was it? If anyone has problem with Hindi next time onwards I would write in English fully !! No proof reading sorry for the typos and grammatical mistakes!!

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  1. Brin

    Interesting story, continue with it. 🙂

  2. Super pls update next part soon I have request pls write in English

  3. Sweetie

    Good one dear.. 🙂

  4. Nyc one dear

  5. interesting….

  6. _Ritu

    Nice a bit longer episode plz..loads of love 🙂

  7. Awesome, cutie pie episode. you loads

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