MMZ : what was my fault….?? Few shots part 4


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Recap : Neil prank and scoldings from teacher in past…!


Arjun and rasam were planning to trap Neil suddenly a idea arises in Sam and she tells to aradhika these three smile devilishly and thinks: Neil your gone : )

They get ready to execute the plan while Neil was coming from teachers cabin he goes to washroom he sees a cockroach he shouts “ahhhh help help someone save me cockroach Ahhh ”

Everyone comes there ” what happened Neil why r u shouting ? ”

Neil ” cockroach…….there is cockroach ”

They shout ” where ?”

Neil “there”

They see in which direction Neil is pointing and burst out laughing while Neil was watching with wide eyes he shouted ” what’s so funny in it?”

They said ” you’re so mad Neil can’t u see it is a fake cockroach ”

Neil ” what the hell ? Who would to do it yes I got to know whose plan it is? Now I will not leave them ”

Teacher ” Neil stop right now first because of u I have to stop my work and come here so you’re punishment is clean the whole college with wiper ”

Neil ” okay mam ”

He cleans suddenly he steps on a bucket and whole water fells on him and the floor it becomes a mess mam comes and scolds him he cleans it again after two hours he finished…!

Arjun and rasam ” had fun Neil ”

Neil ” u seriously guys uff I know this must be saminder Singh ideas who will else get these waste ideas none other than her 😂”

Sam ” how dare u idiot I m stupid…stupid ke bache 😂😬 I will not leave u now ”

They both run everywhere on the ground while running Neil accidentally fell on mud water he says ” Awww chi disguising guys pls get me out of here”

Sam was laughing like a maniac ” idiot what happened now ? tell me who is stupid hahaha lol 😂 okay let me take a photo of u and send into the Instagram ”

Neil ” no no pls I beg u and when I said u stupid I was just…..

Sam” what ? ”

Neil ( stammers ) ” I was…. Ya I was just joking isn’t it guys? ”

Aradhika ” oh joking ? ”

Neil ” yup I was joking haha now pls you guys help me yaar to get out from here ”

Sam ” okay fine this is last time I m forgiving u next time if u did….

Neil “no no never promise I will never do that pls help me ”

Sam ” that’s like good boy okay get up now ” she gives him a hand he was going to hold it when she leaves he again falls down Sam takes a photo of him…!

With a caption lol 😂😂 they laugh on him loud….!!

Present :

Radhika was crying loudly remembering Arjun words she says to Sam ” u know I didn’t do anything Arjun misunderstood pls Sam get up and fix everything before it is too late pls… pls get up I can’t see you like this Sam you mean everything to be me your my best frnd my soul sister plz get up for God sake ”

Arjun goes angrily to his room and throws things here and there blood starts flowing but he didn’t care he says ” I will destroy you radhika mishra like u did with my sister this is Arjun meher revenge no one can save u now hahaha ”

Precap: don’t know


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  1. awesome

    1. Sriya

      thank u subha

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sriya

      thank u buddy

  3. Starz

    Hi…you are back….was waiting for your post…loved it… waiting for next one…

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  4. Jessie

    Nice sriya….waiting 4 nxt..TC.

    1. Sriya

      thanks jessie di awww aham looking so cute in your dp love him a lot it is of brahmarakshas na hi fi i know because i watch it and i know that u comment on brahmarakshas written updates

  5. Rossy

    Lol…missed out…when will Sam wake up?? When will Arjun know truth?? And what exactly happened?? Well too many questions now…m like this…bear it😉😉😉😆

    1. Sriya

      Have patience buddy of course I will bear u as you’re my best buddy I love your ff a lot jabra fan of yours 😉😉😬😬😊😊😃😘😂😍

      1. Rossy

        Lol jabra fan of my ff…hahaha…m glad and laughing aslo…coz someone my fan…hahaha..don’t mind 😃

  6. Sweetie

    Sriya,entamma idhi??So short update,not fair.. 🙁 Was expecting a long one from you..About this update,it is too good.. 🙂 The flashback scenes are lovely and I’m laughing like hell..Waiting for next,love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Sriya

      thanks twin………..sorry twin……lol will try to post asap… u loads….tc….

  7. Awesome, very cute episode. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

  8. _Ritu

    Sriya…amazing a request lil longer one plz..loads of love 🙂

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