MMZ : what was my fault….?? Few shots part 3

Hello guys I m finally back with next shot sorry for the delay ff today evening pakka promise okay so hope u love it too???

Happy reading ????

Recap: reason revealed why Arjun did so much bad things with radhika and his hatred for radhika….!!


A girl is seen sleeping peacefully and beside her another girl is sleeping hugging her tightly alarm starts rinGing and one girl who was dreaminG of her Prince Charming falls down on the floor with a thud because of the alarm and the another girl pushing her !” She woke up and rubs her eyes and she gets a clear view and shouts like hen for waking another girl in her ears and the girl within no time gets up with a jerk and she shouts.

” pls someone help help earthquake is cominG the whole house will be shaken and I will be spot dead then I would become a Ghost with white hair and blood coming from me no no ahh pls help someone Ahhh”

She stops shoutinG when she listened the other girl laughing like a maniac holding her stomach and rolling down on the floor !

The girl says” Sam (in a louder voice ) ahh how dare u I will kill u today no one can save u from my hands”

She start throwing pillows on her Sam says” chasni stop it ahh pls I m sorry I will never do it again and ya u also pushed me from the bed so tit for tat miss radhika mishra
and winks at her !”

Radhika says ” fine this time I m leaving u next time if u repeat it no one will be able to save u from me”

Sam ” okay goddess kaali maa and runs to washroom and shuts the door !”

Radhika palms her head and gives a unbelievable look and smiles at her gesture she also go to another washroom and freshened up !

They have breakfast and left for college together !!


Rasam came to the college and saw their GanG and gone towards them !!

Rasam ” hi Arjun where is Neil ?”

Arjun ” hi rasam Neil u know he is late latif always comes late and gets scolding from our maths teacher ”

Rasam ” yup u r right no one can change him he is same like always a idiot and late latif !”

(Note: Arjun Sam are brother-sister and Sam lives with radhika as she is stayinG alone and Arneil and rasam are best buddies )

As these three were gossiping and pullinG of legs of each other one person comes at super speed and does round and round around them and whole mud spits on Arjun and rasam faces and clothes !

Whole college says yuck and run to their classes ! While their class teacher comes she sees Neil doing his bike round and round and glares at Arjun and rasam !!

She shouts ” Neil stop it how dare u is this a colleGe or what ? u always come late and now doinG these with u r own frnds who always cover up you’re mistakes chi shame on u now park ur bike and come to my cabin right now understand !”

Neil says ” yes mam I will ”

Teacher says ” and say sorry to you’re friends ”

Neil ” sorry everyone”

Arjun and rasam ” sorry ke bache how dare u do this u have to pay for it now it’s payback time mr Neil malhotra wait & watch”

Seeing them Neil gulps in fear and ran away to the teachers cabin !!

Precap: Arjun and rasam plan for trapping Neil in past and present emotional and hatred scenes !!

So guys how was the past I tried to cheer up you guys as in present u know for now more emotional hatred and revenge scenes are to come hope you’re enjoy reading these shots !!

Q1- how many of u are tamilian cause I see many people are writing Tamil I don’t know Tamil I know some words only cause my mother tongue is telugu !

( note : sorry if I hurt u guys if u don’t want to tell its okay I won’t mind )

So bye everyone take care love u dearest sissies friends !

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    1. Sriya

      Oh hi Jessie Akka ( di ) bagaunnanu nope u r right thanks a Lot glad to know you’re tamilian love u loads ????…! Take care xoxo !!

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  9. S.v

    wow nice past rasam and arneil were best buddies but what has happened to sam which made arjun think that was the reason was radhika god next part soon u have increased the curiosity lovely cute yet small update next part big. Love u

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