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I was waiting for my Sammy near of the room we left hours ago. After the turn on we got we were embarrassed to face radhika. We knew we would get out of control but still we couldn’t just probably hook out. Arjun tried his best cooling us. I was satisfied that we didn’t growl our awful growls in front of her scaring her more. But as I sense we scared the shit out of her.

Now I’m tensed at the reaction she would give to sam. Sam masked them from us and I knew she would do this. So I thought of asking her not to do that before which she kicked us out. I just can’t stand the tension so I started pacing. Don’t know about what these girls speak so long. I knew sam was setting things right. But taking too much of time is just freaking me out. I never usually get that frustrated but this time I don’t know…… like I don’t like to see sam unhappy, tensed….. I had had enough watching her face. Sometimes her eyes bled showing how frustrated she was. Sam was a calm person before things took a turn days ago. Lady’ Anasuya was the root cause. Her power of being able to turn as a human was sinking cause of which that werewolf started a drama of her death. She didn’t think twice about her decision as she passed out soon. She needs two human years to recover before which I guess we should clear all the things right to radhika. I have just made their pious drink unavailable for them with teji’s help so that she doesn’t get one when she wakes up. Till then the things would be handled by her right hand Lady’ Bonnie. This bonnie isn’t as clever as anasuya but couldn’t be ignored. She was the one who came up with the idea of the pact because of which mishras had to stay away from radhika.

I need to apologise to radhika for having hid things from her. Hope she forgives me. she is the best friend one could get and that I got her I don’t want to lose her. Sam was also worried about the same. Sam didn’t get close to anyone other than me till we met radhika. Not even her parents. And not at all to her brother. She feared him. I even now don’t know the reason, but I want to correct distance between them. Knowing the reason from her may cost her emotions, I need to ask Arjun for that. There couldn’t be a reason like she had hurt someone badly, coz she could never do that.
I was knocked out of my thoughts by sam when she pecked me. I hadn’t paid attention at the sound of the door while deeply thinking. She seemed more than happy. I smiled at her. She was giggling all the while.

“what’s making my baby giggle so much?” I ask her pulling her towards me and locking her in my arms.
“haha….. nothing really……” she says still giggling. Awe….. I love that giggling sound of hers. She was rolling her fingers around one of my shirt button as if planning to dig a hole right there while the other rested on my chest.
“there’s definitely something… maybe I think I should know it too….” I say being obvious.
“oh!! Really Malhotra? I don’t think so….” She says and walks past me after freeing herself from my grip. She enters our room where we have wall size portrait of ours just behind the king size bed. She hops on the bed and starts jumping, clapping her little hands.
“Sammy….. this isn’t fair. You just need to tell me what’s wrong with this little head of yours. Besides I didn’t even ask you not to mask.”
“as if I would have not done that if you would have said.” She says nonchalantly.
I drag her to myself and jump her down the bed. I pull her close circling my arms around her.
“I bet, you wouldn’t have….” I whisper in a husky tone.
“you always cheat me being close…..”

“so you accept I’m irresistible?” I ask proudly.
“your face” she says trying to get free.
“ neil….. leave me…..” she says hitting me with those little hands.
“darling, do you really think you can hurt me with these little hands?” I ask her holding her hands with one of mine.
“well, I know you have buffalos’ skin…. And I do know that I can’t hurt you with these hands of mine. Besides I wouldn’t hurt you at any cost.” Now her voice loses the pitch.
“I know that Sammy…. Now, tell me what made you giggle so much and what the hell did you speak with radhika masking your thoughts?” I ask her avoiding the upcoming emotional talks.
“and what would I get for that?” she ask her tone mischievous.
“you have me isn’t that enough. What else do you need?” I ask her questioningly.
“I have you all my life, but I want something…. You know like….. maybe shop…..”
“oh!! No…” I shout before she ends her sentence.

“a vamp doesn’t shop Sammy.” I say faking an annoyed tone.
“don’t you tell that you can’t spend some pounds for your beloved wife Malhotra.” She warns me.
“no…. I didn’t mean that….”
“enough now, so we are gonna shop and that’s final. Now I’ll tell you what I spoke to radhika….”She says and I nodded.
“well radhika doesn’t want bhai to know about it for now, as we hid our relation from her. She didn’t tell me this though. I read her mind. What do you think about it?”
“I guess we should keep this to ourselves. We won’t inform whatever her decision is, to Arjun.”
“okay, I would tell everyone together in the living hall, lets go there.”
“okay”. We walked past many rooms and strolled down the stairs. Everyone were gathered speaking about something. As even Arjun was here, I signed sam that this wasn’t a correct place.
“what’s that neil?” asks my BIL, concerned.

“that’s….. nothing really. We were just smiling.” One advantage we had was he couldn’t read my mind. He had tried many times to get nothing as a result. Arnav uncle says because I can read feelings, none could read my mind beside my mate. They all can read minds, not emotions. That’s where they fail at times.
“yeah…. Okay…” he responds still unconvinced.
“what are we speaking about?” I asked as I saw sam trying to peek into the matter.
“that’s about saral child.” Dilip uncle answers.
“what about him uncle?” sam asks being curious.
“we are half a way planned. We just cant yet again start with that. If you want you ask someone later on. Got it?” Arjun roars.
“stop biting Arjun, she’s your sister.” My MIL scolds him. I wonder why he is harsh towards her.
My wife’s eyes had inconsolable pain in them. She was very good at masking her emotions. But it was too late I had noticed her your he. Its okay Sammy…. Just don’t take it to heart…. I say her through mind and she nods at me.
“sorry….. I just freaked out it happens when she’s around….. where were we?” Arjun continues.
I could feel the colour change in my eyes. They grew darker. Sam pressed my palms to cool me down. I didn’t want to cause any scene due to which she’d be blamed later. I calmed myself.
As if it then flashed him, Arjun saw sam and sternly spoke.

“what did you speak to radhika? And why the hell did you mask your thoughts?” he shouted at the end.
“I wouldn’t ask you when you do the same. Do I? then why do you want me to tell?” sam asked sounding offensive.
“you…. learn speaking to elders first.” Arnav uncle pointed his pointer finger at her.
“well she needs to be tutored in lot a way. Clumsy little idiot.” Arjun glared.
“enough now. As soon as I married her both of you have lost you rights of speaking to her in that tone. Arjun watch your words before you speak. And yeah…. Can you just move out for some time? I have something important to be spoken. And its better if you go out as it doesn’t involve you in discussion.” I said more rashly. I had enough of this. I just freaking want to know what the hell is the matter. They just don’t turn my words down as I’m Arjun’s best friend, and he respects my words. He throws a glare at sam while walking out.
“eyes on the floor Arjun” nandini aunty warns him again.
“what really is their problem? What are they fighting for?” I just spitted the questions at them.
They shrugged unknown of the answer.
“okay…. Uncle I thought you would at least not freak out at her.”
“sorry son, it’s just I love him more…. So just got carried away…”
“so this means sam stands nothing for you?” I asked seemingly surprised with the answer I got.
“he wouldn’t give a damn neil. Just let me spill the matter now.” Sam said interrupting him when he took a chance to speak.

“look…. I have had enough now. I will come to the point.” Sam started and everyone seemed interested. I masked us from Arjun as she forgot to do that. I felt Arjun frown at this.
“radhika is trying to get comfortable with the things going on. She has given us a time of around two days to make her feel happy. Its just she wants to be familiar with everything and everyone.” She stressed everyone glaring at her father. Of course he is sweet but sometimes, a nut case.
“its just like she is giving us a chance to make up. I don’t want to lose her so I try my best. It depends on us to make her feel wanted. We have hurt her enough. She has struggled enough. I’m not asking you people to spill the bean about anything and everything hidden from her. Just make her feel happy.” She said and clutched my hand as we walked to the door.
“and yeah….. you can do anything to please her. Don’t let bhai know anything regarding this. Coz this is what she wants. She wants him to convince her his way.” She says and we walk out to the porch.
We sat by each other. Her head resting on my shoulders and hand in mine as I played with her fingers. She shook many times. Finally thought o speaking.
“I feel it was good if I were a human sometimes. Its just too hard to control. I could have cried my heart out. I don’t know why he hates me so much while I love him. Neil please speak to him. I don’t want him to hate me for no reason.” she says quietly. I would have done that without her asking. Now that she has asked, I will definitely help her get through this as soon as possible.


We see a house away from the city. A man and his someone special lives there. This someone special of his just comes in his dreams, or so he thinks. But surely there is a girl taking care of him since the vamps came to know that he is the person they are searching for. She’s like an angel. She would save him from anything and everything.
The morning bliss stays non-bothering to his sleep. Soon comes a call to his phone. He receives and hears the most melodious voice for his ears, scolding him to wake up.
“get up from the bed this second and go shower and call me back immediately.”
“please…. Its Sunday and I don’t have to work today, so please let me sleep for some more time.” As soon as his eyes drop again, the scream reaches high.
“do you want me to come there and shower you?”
His eyes flew open.
“ew…. I’m grown up.” He says disgusted.
“then get your ass off the bed and go shower, I have set a date for you.” his heart stops at this.
“what did you just say?”
“what you just listened. Now up, shower and back to orphanage. Soon.”
Once near the door of the orphanage, he opens his wallet and caresses a pic.
“love you people. bless me.”

The white gate of the building opens at the horn of his car. We see a number of kids playing, studying and of course some quarrelling around. He smiles seeing them. Getting out of his car, he moves towards the huge house marbled white. He salutes the jesus statue nearby and keep moving past a room when a sound reaches his ears from the same room.
“saral, here I’m.”

Hmmmm guess who’s the lady. Bye everyone….. until maybe last week of this month. Wish you people miss me. bye….bye…. bye…..

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