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I felt soft hands on my shoulder. I turned but my vision was blur from tears to see the person. My heart told me it was someone close to me. I leaned towards the person wrapping my arms around. I felt comfort. Due to the bangle sound I could tell it was a girl. But who? I wiped my tears and broke the hug. I saw the girl and she was sadha. I stayed there shocked for a moment. I pulled back suddenly from her.
“saral….” She calls me. her voice so smooth as always.
“stay away….” I warn her, trying to get better of my voice.

“god!! Why should you always behave weird?” she asks me. here you go now, I’m behaving weird. Well, I didn’t even open my mouth other than warning her, and she is judging my behaviour. I turned my back to her.
Cleaning up all the tears that were on my cheeks I tried concentrating on my watch. It was 7 now, I had spent three hours crying. Surya should have come by now, but there’s no clue of him getting into the house. So it does mean that he didn’t come yet.
“saral…” she calls me again annoyed by my drifted attention.
“will you just get off from here?” I shout.
“saral, listen to me first. There’s a reason behind everything. I came to meet you in the prison after that. But you weren’t there. I know everything was my..”
“will you please get the hell out of here? Or wait let me show you the way…” I say motioning towards her.
“no need… I’ll go myself…” she says with her hands in the air after a pause. She was out the next minute.
I sigh. Maybe even now, if I were fair with her things could get better. Maybe we can stay together again and find my sister too. Sadha might have been here to tell me about radhu’s wellness. I should stop her. I thought to myself and ran to the door. She was about to open the door. I didn’t want to stop her. But still I wanted too. This blo*dy heart always wins and again the same now…..
“sadha wait…” I say without looking at her. Her name felt different now. my pain was gushed but still my love won over. I look at her anyway then. She was sobbing but there was no single tear flowing down her eyes.
“have you been here for a while? Like when mom died?” I ask her shutting her mouth as she opened to say something.

“yes…. I was here…”
“do you know where radhika is, now.?”
She gulped. Her fear was sensible, but she didn’t sweat, nor her eyes did show any emotions.
I told you there was something wrong…. My heart said.
But I don’t sense it even now…. my brain retorts.
You never sense anything unless you suffer a loss yourself…. My heart comments. Now my brain remains a bald. Once after listening to my brain I had lost her. Not again I thought.
“how have you been saral?” she breaks the ice.
“not good at all…” my eyes tearing up at the care of her words.
“it hurts leaving away from your family and loved ones.”

“you missed your family too much… I could sense it.”
“didn’t you miss me?” I whispered to myself, but her ears were sharp enough.
“I did… I really did miss you… if I had not been threatened by your mom, I wouldn’t have let you go from my life…”
“my mom threatened you?” I ask her shocked.
“yeah…. The day we were supposed to tell about our relationship, you mother came over to my house and threatened me to kill my parents if I don’t do what she says….”
“my mom would be happy with me being happy…. Just don’t blame my late mother for your idiotic behaviour.” I said. I just said it but soon my brain wandered around the chits I was left with in the room.
“she came over to you that day?” I ask her remembering that mom had told that she had some important work that day and she would meet her DIL later on.
“yep, and… I didn’t know what to do… so I just did that to save my family.” Her voice shallower.
“then?” I asked to drag out some more information which seemed necessary right then.
“I was supposed to leave new york once and for all without meeting you. I even came to police station to meet you but I was shoved away by surya….”
Surya…. Why would he do this to me? he was the best of everything I had since being away from my family.
“surya?” I asked more to myself to confirm it was him.
“hmmm…. he with some people had come to my house that day.” oh!!! I remember, surya was gone for few minutes while the lawyer was bailing me out.
“They killed my father and asked me to play a trick on you and get out of your life…. It seems the werewolves…”
She stopped amidst.

“were… what?” I asked her. I did hear her mumbling werewolf. Were we playing around here?
“no… its nothing…. I said my clothes…. The clothes am wearing are too thin…. I’m getting cold…..” she stammered in between.
It did seem satisfy able. She did wear clothes that were too thin.
“oh!! I heard something else….” I said.
“how have you been….?” I asked her, unable to control.
“I don’t know…. I’m just… you know…. Living all along. My family was completely destroyed by surya. Its just I’m trying to heal myself now….” she said. Her filled with pain.
I felt the sudden urge of hugging her and without a second I strode towards her wrapping her in my arms.
“I know how it feels losing a family.” I said. I did lose my family now. none was around me. I don’t know where dad is. I don’t know where radhika is. If she’s better now or not. I didn’t know anything about them.
She wrapped her arms around me.
“you should trust me saral, I’m saying the truth…” she says and I break the hug pushing her away.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea though.”

“saral…. I love you…”
“its purely a lie…. You don’t know what I have experienced in my life, how I struggled facing people. how humiliated I was when I stepped into the police station. It was all me who suffered. I don’t trust anyone now. I have had enough of nonsense in my life. I don’t want to suffer anymore. This is what my state had been and this would be same.” I really had seen enough in my life. Maybe I don’t have strength to see nonsense any more.
“saral please I don’t have anyone other than you… I don’t think I can live without you…”
“that’s what you have done in these years right… why would you feel bad now huh?” I asked gripping her shoulders’ way too tight that it may leave some bruises over there.
“saral, I wasn’t supposed to meet you then… I was warned…. I really love you…. I had not cheated on you… please.. trus…”
“I don’t trust you damn, I just don’t… you understand…?” I asked her pushing her away. I wanted her to cry… I wanted her to apologize n times so that my heart felt better.
“what do you want me to do?” she asks me after a pause.
“I don’t know….” I say back. Well I really didn’t know by then. Maybe some hugs and kisses. Maybe few words… I just didn’t know anyway.
Everything was as planned. Sadha was turned into vampire just to locate saral. Since radhika had given nesam details about the guy surya, they were working on finding his identity. For some reason, there was a doubt of him being from a werewolf clan. It was difficult to find few werewolves that changed their smell. Not every werewolf can do it but a rare, gifted one could do it. and such werewolves couldn’t be traced anyway easily by the vampires. One such was surya, the gifted one. As saral was completely unaware of things around him, the werewolves could play with him. Dilip had seen saral off the night before saral told that he would introduce his girlfriend. Dilip was surely happy for his son. She was a human and in no way she could hurt saral.

the vampires were engrossed in radhikas matter for too long to make a mark on saral’s surroundings. Before things got to place with radhika, saral had been taken away from newyork. Arnav couldn’t even get his scent as they had crossed a water body. That’s where they lost the track. Arjun had known about the girl, so, he had asked sam about her living status. Sam’s view promised them that she was in a traceable distance. Since arnav could trace her through her scent, they had reached to her soon.
There she was on a white bed in a hospital. Her breath was taking toss while she struggled gasping for air more and more….
“dad do something….” Sam whined.
“like..?” arjun asks.
“maybe, turn her into a vampire?” she suggested.
“we can’t do it without her permission Sammy, it may hurt her more then.” Arnav replied.
“but she would be with her love once and for all when he’s found.”
“but sam, what if she’s not happy with her life later on or if saral wants to leave her forever?”

“dad, she can ask volturi’s for her mercy death then. we can get information about him. Maybe helpful” she suggested.
Both father and son accepted it. now what they wanted was finding saral. Once the mission is accomplished, they can do something about her. Arnav sighed and whispered a sorry near sadha’s ears. He slowly bit her near her throat. He sucked in the blood carefully not letting her die with the loss of blood. Vampires need to have a great control over human blood while turning them into vampires. Arnav had it full for himself. He had dilip turned by himself. He was the one who turned sam into vampire after the loss of blood through her uterus after her delivery 120 years back.
Sadha hissed with pain, struggling for her life. Though she wouldn’t die once she was conscious, there was always a chance of her dying just before she got to her senses. All the vampires had arrived till now and the nurse over there was unconscious. The vampire clan were waiting for sadha to get to her senses. Neil had sams hand clasped in one of his while the other was around her shoulders. Arjun was fidgeting his fingers. Nandini was busy strengthening mala while dilip stood silently. Everyone had their gaze fixed on sadha.

Her breathing narrowed for a second and with that the vampires stopped breathing, in fear, of losing the most important life in their mission saral. Soon she caught her breath and moaned in pain. Blood in her body was replaced by venom. She struggled opening her eyes, the sunshine was too much for the new born vampire. Sam chucked it with the screen. Sadha finally opened her eyes and the vamps’ breath out a sigh of relief. That’s how she was transformed. Sam took her for her first hunt after sadha was told about change in herself. Later she was explained about the things she should be doing. She accepted gladly. She would do anything to get saral in her life again, her true love.
Nesam came with a proof that surya was a werewolf and since then they were keeping an eye on him. After tracking from the signals sam traced saral and sadha was sent over to him. Now, getting him back in india has made their work easier.
As sadha was void with powers they had the electronic gadgets in use. Sam had bought few Bluetooth devices in her last shopping. Everyone had one now.
Sadha was sent to saral. She had to bring him here first and later they would tell him about their state. Mala and dilip were tensed. They would have soaked their clothes with sweat if they were humans.
When sadha phrased out about werewolves sam hissed and asked her to concentrate properly.
“you some brains sadha…” she said through the call, to gain his trust.
There were some arguments and later saral stopped arguing while here sam and arjun’s eye turned red of embarrassment.
“what happened?” asked neil.
Sam had got the vision while arjun read their mind, and as none of the others could do it, they were unaware of it.
“oh my mad…” neil chimed as sam helped him through the vision.
“did they just ki…” sam stopped him half way closing his mouth.
“whats that kids?” arnav asked.
“nothing dad, saral will be here soon…” she said still her hands on neils mouth while his eyes wide open.

Werewolves can’t reach Mishra mansion now; it was vampires venom that would intoxicate them. They were safe for around 12km radius. And that’s the reason surya had left saral halfway.
Now all sadha wanted to do is getting saral unconscious and getting her imprint to mehra’s court.
Radhika’s POV
Its been 13 hours…. 13 long hours since I asked them to apologize to me. no one showed up since then. I don’t know if this good boyfriend of mine knows about the condition or not. It would be better if he doesn’t. idiot!! He could read minds. I shouldn’t think about it when he’s around. The second I thought this I would be thinking the same in the next. He can catch me easily. I strolled around my room being angry on these mad people of mine. Huh….. impossible…. How could everything happen this way…. I don’t know… will I turn into a vampire being with them? My instinct told me otherwise.
“ma’am you can have your lunch over there…” a good looking chinese vamp came over to me and pointed towards the dining hall.
“no… I’m fine…. i don’t need anything….” I said. But this stupid stomach made a loud noise that made him laugh out loud.
I galred at him….
“arjun…” I called to give him a hint about what I can do.
“sorry ma’am…” he says his head hung down. I smiled at my win….
I walked along with him down the hall way. I mansion was beautiful, flawless. With the white marble all around, it had its shape perfect. Pillars, pure white, paintings hung over. There were beautiful sculptures too. Some carved some models. I touched the walls all along feeling its coolness.
“do someone paint here?” I asked him smiling at a beautiful portrait of sam hung in front of me.
“nandini ma’am does and sometimes, mala ma’am also….” He said smiling back at me.
So mom paints. The smell of her food was all over the mansion, signing that she was a great cook too.
“what do you people feed on?” I asked curiously.
“usual food itself… but from mid-December to end of February we feed on animal blood.”
“where will you get it?”
“we hunt”

“oh!! Can I watch over?”
He chuckled.
“maybe if sam and arjun sir allows you to.”
“huhh…. My boyfriend is annoying…” I huffed making him laugh louder.
Everyone except arjun were seated and were waiting for me. I made my strides shorter.
“come child….” I heard nandidni auntie call me.
“huh…” I turned my face away.
“you are still mad at us?” neil asked annoyed.
“of course…” I said winking at sam. She tried not to smile.
I sat in the chair next to sam.
“oh! You people have started without me!” said arjun who just came.
as if he’s the VIP over here…..

“yes, that I am.” He said making his way towards me. I huffed.
He should not sit here…. I begged mentally.
“yes darling, I would sit next to you….” he said smirking at me.
Idiot!! Elders are here…..
“haha… they don’t mind…. Do you, dad, uncle?” he asked them. What embarrassed me more was their smile while they shook their head…
A big stupid you are… I cursed him..
“thanks for the compliment…” he laughs.
“oh no!!!” sam shouts immediately. Everyone had their gaze at her now. she told something which was not at all audible to me…. they speak secrets in front of me and I can’t do anything.
When I was turning my head away, I saw a neem tree outside the window. The leaves were fresh, green I colour. I smirked. I called the Chinese vampire guard.
“hey!! Come here…”
“ma’am…” he said after reaching me….
“your name?” I asked… calling him hey would be rude.
“what kind of name is it? anyway…. Go get some leaves from the neem tree, grind them, make a thick paste out of it and also some juice.”
“what?” he asked shocked.
“just do it man.”
He nodded and went to get it.

My vampire family now had stood up.
“we will have our food later on….” Everyone said together.
“why? Will you not have your food with me?” I asked innocently, which I was surely not. I blinked my eyes at them. They sat down after a second. I smirked.
“I told you…. I trust my vision more….” Sam said huffing.
I cocked my eyebrows smirking. I smiled at her sarcastically.
Here begins their first punishment….
So hows it? please do give me your reviews….. silent readers please comment…. Bye everyone…. Have a god day ahead…..

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