Mmz: fate……. my family…… my strive…… my life…… my fate….. 3rd shot

Hey….. the third one now….. sorry I couldn’t finish this with the third one. It is going out be a ff… of a few shots. So please do bear with me and give me your reviews which are equal to boost for me…. Your reviews are secret of my energy. And silent readers please do comment…..
Here we go…….

“he is the one sam” I say confirming.
“then chasni, he is the one whom saral killed two years back.”
“mind your tongue sam, saral didn’t kill anyone. I don’t believe it. And I said I saw him just two days 15 days back and now you are telling me he was killed two years before. How is that at least possible sam?” I yelled. I couldn’t just tolerate someone calling my brother a killer. Not even sam.
“sorry chasni, this is what I got to know. Even I believe that saral didn’t kill anyone.” She apologised.
I felt bad for yelling at her. She did what I told and in return I scolded her.
“sorry sam. Its just… you know how much I love him. I couldn’t tolerate.”
“no chasni, it was my mistake. I shouldn’t have told so.”
“please sam don’t make me feel embarrassed. It was purely my mistake and I’m sorry for that. Thank you for doing so much for me. If you get any info regarding him, then please tell me. Whatsoever the matter is you MUST tell me.” I stressed the word must. I know she would hide things from me if she is gets to know I’ll be hurt.
“okay chasni. I’ll call you later.”

We held the call. All the while Arjun was staring at me with an emotionless face. I hadn’t told him about surya. I didn’t get time to tell that and even now I don’t like to trouble him with each and every matter of mine. He looked at me expectantly that I would say something but I kept quite.
“I don’t like maintaining secrets radhu….”
I was still. I didn’t know if I could tell him. No doubt he would definitely help me with this. But troubling him with everything wasn’t right. As I know he would definitely make me spill the beans……
“I said no secrets”
“Arjun there is nothing”
“then there is definitely something. Will you tell me or wait let me ask neil or sam” he said taking his phone.
“its about my brother” I said accepting the defeat.
“what about him? This lady anasuya has something to do with this right?”
“maybe. But I’m not sure. As per her letter, I can say that she knows something about his whereabouts. But I can’t tell if she is involved in this.”
“if she knows something then it does mean she is involved. Let us discuss it later. I want you to meet someone so go get ready. I have got all your clothes here as I decided bringing you here many days ago. And yeah we should leave the house within two hours. If you want you can make up your face in the car. You take a lot of time.”
I stared at him.

“I don’t take a lot of time like other girls. Mind Mr. mehra.”
“lets see”
“you see” I turned to move.
I tried turning but he held me hugging from behind.
“if you want I can help you in getting ready faster.”
“oh! Poor darling. I can help myself. If you want I will call your friend, ludo. You can help him.” I say pointing him to the dog in the neighbouring house. He fears dog.
His eyes widened as I made an attempt of calling it.
“no…… radhika you can carry on with your work. I don’t want to help you.”

I laughed. “that’s like a good kid kiddo”
“don’t call me that”
“kiddoooooo” I said running away from him.
“radhika” he called and I looked at him from the entrance of his room.
“wear sari”
“wear sari” he repeated. That was the only task I didn’t learn.
“o…. okay” I said and went inside.
Once inside all the memories flashed. I even now restpect ma. she gave me all the love that my own mom would give me. No one can fill her place. But I am angry on her for keeping me away from my dad. But whenever I saw him I saw him shooting people. I never thought he was a police officer. A part of mine still isn’t ready to trust him. But my heart says to trust him.
If she is not my mother, then who is she? I have seen her photo with dad. Our family photo. Everywhere I have seen only her face.
The letter…… it had something in it at the last. Some missing letters….. I couldn’t understand.
I felt relaxed under the hot water. I showered for more than an hour. After getting ready, I went out.

Radhika came out of my room after getting ready. I glanced at her and turned around laughing. All she did was she draped the sari like vesti. I couldn’t help laughing out loud. I could sense her passing death glares towards me. She turned me to around with a jerk. I tried keeping quiet seeing her angry face.
“shut up.”
“your fault. I had told you I don’t know to wear sari. See I know it this way and let it be. Come we’ll go.” She commanded. This made me laugh more.
“radhu… you are not wearing sari. You just draped it around you. correct yourself.” I said and ran as she lift her hand to spank me.
“stand there Arjun. I swear, I’ll chop you and will he feed the curry of yours to everyone in the town.” She yelled and ran ot catch me. She wasn’t able to be fast as her sari was loosening with each step of hers. At some instant her sari was almost off and I held her from falling. Our eyes locked and I leaned and kissed her. I made her forget herself and finished working on her sari making her WEAR it. Then I released her after realising her fast breath.
“done” I say after circling her arms around her.
She smiled, of course in shock.
“when did you do it?”
I just shrugged.

“thank you” she kissed my cheeks.
“welcome” I say and kept kissing the corner of her lips to tease her. After few more pecks and a moment of irritation she pulled me with my hair and kissed me tight. We were disturbed by a call on my phone. It was DCP dilip mishra’s call. I held it away from her not to tense her.
“radhika got get ready, we need to leave.” I said and I could see her irritated face.
“you don’t have time for me Arjun” she says in a sad tone.
“I’ll always be with radhu, but its important for you to meet that person. After that we will come back and all my time is for you.” I say pecking her forehead. It seemed to lighten her disappointment.
“really? Promise?” she asks her hand extended.

She went inside and I received the call.
“is she alright son? Her door was locked. Neil told she is with you.”
“she is fine uncle. But I want her to be fine after knowing what we are.”
“I wish the same son”
“are you people ready uncle? We are leaving in 10 minutes”
“yes son, we are ready. Mala is preparing all her favorite food. Wish she will be with us always. I’m fed up of all these hide and seek”
“everything would be fine uncle. She came we are leaving. Meet you there.”
“okay son”
We held the call. she entwined her hand with mine and we started from there. After travelling for five to ten minutes in healthy silence, she thought of breaking it.
“you stood there all night for me arjun?”
“your legs must be aching right?” she asked massaging my knee.
“I don’t love. We don’t get pain.” And the next second I bit my tongue.
“I mean…. I”
“oh… okay….. you didn’t feel sleepy either?”
“I don’t really sleep always.”
“are you nuts Arjun, you are speaking nonsense.” She says turning her face to see outside.
I smile. Later I received neil’s call.
“yup…..ho….” he interrupted me.
“sorry bro. I had to be harsh on you yesterday. She was there with us”
“hey, that’s okay I understand.”

Radhika turned to me and signed asking me who was on line. I thought of teasing her.
“that’s okay darling……. I’m not angry with you.”
She glared at me and neil laughed on the other side.
“is she with you?”
“yes, sweetheart”
“hhahhahah Arjun, you are pissing her off”
“oh darling, you laugh so sweetly….. feel like kissing you”
“yuck Arjun, sam will kill me, my gay love cut the call and spend sometime with her”
We held the call. soon she jumped on me.
“I hate you, who was that? I’ll kill her” she screamed.
“she who radhika?”
“the one you were speaking to. Give me your phone”
I stopped the car in a side. She started beating me and I tried rescuing myself.
“radhika……. Sorry…… ahhh…… ah…. Radhika it was neil…… sorry…….”

She finally stopped.
“I can’t lose you too Arjun” her voice choked.
“hey, you will never lose me. Arjun is only for radhika and radhika only for Arjun. Calm down radhika. Nothing can go wrong unless and until you have me.” I tried calming her down.
“sorry” I said and I can feel her nod her head as she rest her head on my chest sitting on my lap. I caressed her hair.

She slept after I created her a drooping environment. And I just vanished us from the car and I flew carrying her in my arms. Soon we reached dilip uncle’s villa and I make her rest in a room built for her exclusively. I fear she might get bruises on her hands as she spanked me earlier. I went to meet everyone in the court. Sam, neil, dilip uncle, mala aunty, mom, dad, everyone were waiting for me.
“where is she son?” asked dilip uncle.
“she is asleep, uncle. Are you sure you want to let her know these things?”
“we have to son, I have lived for years without her. I want to tell her that I’m her mom. I got her to this world. I want her to respect my husband as her dad. And soon we need to search for saral. Anasuya is not dead as you all know. She will create some plot to get radhika on her side.” Said mala aunty may be tears would have streamed if she was a human.
I was time for the prayer and my dad, arnav, called all of us.
“guys its time to perform prayer for reaper , we will talk later.”
We all stood side by side opening our wings and flacks joining our hands and grew up to our real size. We stated chanting.

I heard some sound more than something human ears can tolerate…. I got from a bed. How did I come here? Where am i? I just remember Arjun apologising and then, I found myself in this room. I searched for Arjun. He wasn’t there and the sound grew intolerable. The room was as big as my house. I sneaked out to find no one around. I started moving and I placed my hands on the wall. I saw some bruises on them. It ached a little. But I continued walking until I reached something like a court of some palace. I peeked through it to see something unnatural…………….

Now how did you feel this. Can you tell me whats going on in my mind? Please give me your reviews…..

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  1. Sathya

    Jnana..whats really going on in ur mind huh? The whole is episode is MARVELLOUS. Ardhika scenes are so beautiful and enjoyable. But what is this last para…are they not human? Wings, Flacks…girl u keeping mystery for every episode…

    1. Jnana

      Thank you sathya….. ?? mystery….. You’ll get to know in the next one….. Stay tuned…… Tc…..

  2. Jessie

    Jnana… unnatural…Oh god…!! Wings.. flacks….and may be human.dialogues…!!
    Vampires. … were wolves… Ahhhh… am so eager and Anusya isn’t dead… my god.. even Nesam..!! Brilliant job dear… eager 4 nxt one… fasttt…heheh…love u loads..

    1. Jnana

      Oh!!!! So eager……? Now see that in the next post……and thank you….. Tc……

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, they have wings and they turn into something unnatural, eagerly waiting to find out, what are they? 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thank you brin……

  4. Starz

    Beautiful post…loved it so much di…love you and take care

    1. Jnana

      Thank you my star…..

  5. Gauri

    Awesome Jnana …what a mystery you are building up and I all curious ….I want next chapter now now 🙂 come back soon 🙂 love u

    1. Jnana

      Thank you gauri….. I have posted the next one….

  6. Sangee

    Omg jnana… Iam shocked to the core… Wings and flacks ?…if she is human ?
    Our real size ? even Nesam present there ?radika s hand burised ?… I think I gonna faint pls anyone spray some water on me ?

    1. Jnana

      Tsh…… Tsh……. Are you alright now sangee dear. . tc……. And watch what happens next…… Stay tuned…….

  7. Wow. Amazing. Cant wait for next episode.

    1. Jnana

      Thank you dear …. Stay tuned…..

  8. Sweetie

    Jnana,I’m dead now.. 😉 I don’t know about your mind but my mind is reeling badly.. 😀 I read both the updates now,so beautifully narrated,didn’t expect Anasuya’s part for sure..Waiting for the next,love you loads.. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      ?? hold on sweetie….. Thank you sweetheart……

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    1. Jnana

      Haha…… Next one is posted dear…..

  10. Superb it very much.please update next part as soon as possible..all the best..

    1. Jnana

      Thank you dear….. Next one updated…..

  11. Rossy

    Shocked…very nice…waiting for next ?

    1. Jnana

      Thank you dear…… Next one …… Vampire diaries…… Have a look……

  12. Very interesting

  13. Awesome, wowwww jnana. …what was this…supernatural…or the souls…not human???….wings n flacks…real size….omg….it’s very intriguing n mysterious. ….plz upload next part soooooooon. ..Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡

    1. Jnana

      thank you roma…… love you……

  14. _Ritu

    Amazing Jnana… 🙂 supernatural concept..m so eager….loads of love. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      thank you ritu…. sorry was not able to reply your previous comments……

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