Mmz: fate……. my family…… my strive…… my life…… my fate….. 1st shot

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This story is not that balanced I guess. But it just stroked my mind. This is a three shot. Please help me with this…………

“go away…… I said just go away…… I just don’t want to see your face Arjun…. You are a cheat….. a big cheat… you used me for your work…… to get a promotion, you played with my feelings….. I just don’t want to see your face…. just get the hell out of here…….” I shouted……. My life had nothing but tears, sorrow, pain…… I just wanted to run somewhere and shout till my throat dries that I’m done with everything…… everyone here just uses me….. none care about my feelings….. maybe….. none really cares….. when I got Arjun I thought I got someone to care for me…. But even he is the same……
He left. I was waiting to hear him say that he didn’t do it. But he went away without even giving a turn.

Now I am travelling in the same road where I got to know that this person Arjun, used me. I can see few boys over there…. Maybe of the same age…. Same as me… now they circled me… laughing….. making me get irritated badly…. But still I smile at them…..
Me: seems you people are very happy to get me. But I tell you, you will later very badly regret.
A boy among them laughed.
The boy: seems you have the habit of giving lectures is it?
Now it was my time to smile.
Me: seeing the way you talk I can say you don’t have much experience in life.
Another boy from the team spoke up this time: as if you have….. if you have then, please do share with us…. We all will take it fully from you, isn’t guys? He questioned and others chuckled.
His words did have inner meanings but all I could see was the ignorance in them. They were four in number, strong and good looking too. But they lack in knowledge. I don’t say I have a lot of knowledge regarding that. But I have got a little. May be way too much for my age.
I laughed: now can say it fool proof to call you people fools. Hmmmm…… let me guess…. You people are dropouts. Nothing went in your head in your school and nothing goes now. But as I have observed, that guy, the one at last, you seem to be silent. But who knows after joining them maybe you are also the same. But I tell you once people leave all these and change yourself, you will the best in the world. My brother did the same mistake and I don’t want you to do the same. After all these its your choice. I say trying to escape from them. The last guy called me again.
The guy: excuse me…. Are you saral’s sister? I feel I have seen your pic in his phone.
Me: yes. I’m his so called sister. And by the way how do you know him?
I was curious to know.
The guy: I’m surya. His friend. Like best friend.
My brothers friend!
Me: and how do you know me?
Surya: I know you as I had seen pic of you both as his wallpaper before he met sadha.
Me: sadha? Who is this? Were you with him when he went abroad?
Surya: yes. That is where I met him.

Finally……. Finally I will get to know something about my brother. Its been years I have seen him.
Me: you know where is he right. Please take me to him. I have not seen him since years. I just want to meet him.
My voice choked. My eyes teared up.
Surya: don’t cry radhika. Saral will feel bad if he comes to know that you were crying. I will take you to him when time permits. I promise.
He promised. My heart asked me to trust him. And this time I would listen to my heart.
Me: fine. Were they all with you? I questioned pointing others.
Surya: yes. They were with us.
He confirmed. I now was very angry. My brother’s friends shouldn’t be this way. Maybe their friendship changed him.
Me: don’t you people feel shame about yourself? How can you speak to a girl this way? Don’t you have mother, sisters in your house? Will you speak to them in the same way?
Maybe they felt shame. They bent their heads.
Surya: ask her pardon.
The guys: we’re sorry.
I was somewhat contented.
Me: never do that again. They nodded.
We walked together for a while. They dropped me at my home and went without visiting ma. I called them but they didn’t come. Today I may have a good sleep. I got to know that there is someone who knows about my brother. I went inside the house to see my mom waiting for me at the dining hall. I was already half past nine. I smiled at her and she replied me with an angry face. She stood up aand turned around. I smiled and hugged her from back after reaching her. She struggled.
Ma: leave me choti.
Me: sorry na mala darling.
Ma: you also won’t listen to me.
Me: okay from tomorrow I’ll be on time.
Ma: not on time, in time.
Me: okay meri ma, will you feed me?
she turned to look at me.
Ma: come I’ll feed you.
We smiled at each other and she fed me.
Even after being an employee of a company, I liked being fed by her. After losing my brother I am her everything. Not exactly losing my brother, I know he is alive somewhere.
I asked my mother to take rest as she might be tired after working from morning and I came to my room to have a nap. But sleep has left me long ago. I could just dream of sleeping for hours.

Me and my brother saral Mishra were very small when our parents dilip Mishra and mala Mishra were separated. My father was a criminal. He had killed many innocent people for his hungry towards money. My brother would not involve in these matters before, but later he joined him after my father got his court rights and custody. I used to love my brother so much. Even he would die for me. Though we were separated at a small age our relation remained the same. He used care for me a lot… my father sent him abroad for his higher studies. And the night before was the last that I spoke to my innocent brother.
After returning to india, he did not even think of meeting me once. My father always hated me just because I was a girl. He thinks that having a girl child means, losing everything to her in laws in the future. Girls aren’t capable of doing things that guys can do. He used to even manipulate my mother. He used to torture her physically and mentally. And that is the reason she decided to get away from him. But this fellow took everything from her. Even my brother who wasn’t willing to go with him. I refused to go with him. And maybe he was happy about my decision. He didn’t think of asking me twice. Even I was happy about the matter. I and bhai used to meet each other at school. We did share a very good bond. After his twelfth, dad thought to get him educated in US and the thing worked.
After returning, he changed himself. Maybe he changed himself before coming back. He didn’t meet ma, not even me. I was told that he killed someone so he was jailed for two years. But after two years he should have come to meet us. But no, he didn’t. so I doubted my father. Not doubting, I am sure that he is the one who has done something. I went to speak to the prison authorities nd got to know that bhai wasn’t arrested. If he wasn’t arrested then where is he? Is he alive or that bastard has killed him? I need to know about these things as soon as possible. Mom says that she thinks that bhai is dead. But somewhere, in a corner of my heart I feel he is alive. If he is alive then I would definitely strive to get him off the clutches of my blo*dy father. The best to find about my brother is to find details od this surya and others. I cant do this alone. I have to take the help from sam. My friend. Samaira neil Malhotra. She works in the CBI. I can take her help in this. Her husband neil is also a CBI officer. They will definitely help me. I looked at the clock. It is half past eleven. I may disturb them, but I’ve to call her now. I dialled her number and at the fifth ring she received.
“hello” she said in her sleepy voice.
Me: hello sam. I could feel her flew up the bed as soon as she heard my voice at this time.
Sam: radhika, something wrong? You called me at this time. Where are you? Everything is fine with you and aunty right.
Me: yes, sam. We are fine its just I need a help from you.
Sam: yeah, sure.
Me: sam I want to know the details of a guy surya. He finished his MS in mechanical at Stanford five years before. I want every detail of him.
“who’s that Sammy?” I can hear neil growling. I felt bad for disturbing their sleep.
“its radhika’’ I could hear sam answering him.
“radhika, something wrong?” he asked maybe grabbing the phone from her.
Me: nothing neil. I chuckled.
Me: just wanted some information. And I repeated he same.
Neil: I will give the details within 24 hrs. but who is he?
I told him what happened after I met those guys.
Neil: interesting. And how come those guys listened to whatever you blabbered with out even touching you.
Me: they were dumb enough. I tried manipulating their mind and was succeeded half way.
We chuckled.
Neil: hmmmm……. How’s your love story going on? He questioned.
I didn’t know if I had to mention about Arjun. Before I could answer I hear a cracking sound. I turned to see my mother who fell unconscious. “ma” I shouted running towards her. Soon after arranging her on the bed I called for doctor. Soon he arrived along with nesam. They might have heard me shouting. Sam seemed panicked. She was carrying and this wasn’t good for her health. I tried cooling her down whereas neil went to doctor who just came out after checking ma.
Neil: how’s ma doctor?
Doctor seemed tensed.
Doctor: she is half paralysed. Right side. I had informed you people not to stress her. I don’t think she will survive more than fifteen days.
Shit….. shit…… shit…… now everything was my fault. I should have seen around before I spoke to them. Whenever she thinks about bhai, or hears about him she falls unconscious. She already had three heart attacks. “Ma I’m sorry even you don’t leave me. Please……… “I begged sitting next to her. She didn’t respond. Nesam tried consoling me but I wasn’t listening to them. What will be my state after she leaves me alone in this world. Urgh…….. I don’t know what to do. I just wanted to scream aloud. God why are you so cruel? Please don’t make me an orphan. Please…………

Its been ten days. Ma cannot speak properly. I had to do all the chores. I started spending most of my time with her. I would work from home. She said she wanted to drink water. And I got it from kitchen. Sam called me regarding surya’s matter. I spoke to her after getting some details about the other friends of his who were in the group that day. I entered ma’s room. She was turning the other side. I went to her.
Me: ma, see I have got water for you to drink.
She remained silent. I doubted. But convinced myself.(hope you guys understood. I don’t feel like saying that so just mentioned about the doubt.)
Me: ma, water.
I heard her whispering choti… my heart cooled. I went that way, towards her.
Me: ufff…… you scared me ma.
“be careful choti” she whispered.
Me: I’ll be careful ma. Come’on dink water. I said and took her in my arms. I fed her water. She drank some. Later water just started flowing out. I feared.
Me: ma…..
No answer…….
Me: ma…… answer me……
I kept her down and touched her arms. She was growing cold. I started rubbing her palms and feet. I called up neil and informed him about mom not responding. They arrived in minutes. Doctor too arrived. He was checking her.
Me: neil lets go out. He is checking her.
Neil nodded a no. sam’s eyes were fixed on ma. She was shivering, sweating…..
A shiver ran down my spine thinking about that. No nothing is wrong with ma……..
Doctor turnred to me: radhika, be strong. She is no more.
My world turned around. No no no…… nothing is wrong with her. How dare he?
I gripped his collar.
Me: don’t lie….. ma is fine….. nothing is wrong. You are a liar. You are lying to me. Ma is fine, see.
I went to her. I shook her vigourously.
Me: ma get up. Tell this doctor you are alive. Sam ask her to get up. Ma….. get up…… please…… I will die without you. Ma…… I will be on time….. no no no…… in time. I will come home at six. Ma please…… ma….. ma……
I scream…..she did not budge. How can she be so cruel? Ma should be with me always. How dare she leave me. I can feel sam trying to support me. I turned to her.
Me: sam see na. ma has become so cruel. She is not getting up. Ask her to get up sammy. Please…… beg you……
Sam: chasni please control yourself. Ma is no more….. accept the fact.
I feel on my knees. No she was lying. The last hope I had was neil. I turned to him but my hope crashed as soon as he shook his head. I am devasted now.
Minutes turned into hours. People visited ma. They sat there speaking about my life which myself wasn’t aware of. I saw two men at the doorway. I was furious seeing them there. They were one of the main reason for my state today. They had the nerve to enter my home. I got up and pushed the door close.

Ufff….. done with the first shot. Hmmmm….. two more left. Waiting very badly for your reviews. Please do comment. Silent readers please comment.

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  1. So emotional ..u just made my eyes wet 🙁
    Super epi

    1. Jnana

      Aweeee……. Thank you neetz…..

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    Very interesting story, waiting for the next OS. 🙂

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  3. Starz

    Jnana dear…it was awesome…..really heart touching….my eyes became moist reading it…so beautifully written,all the feelings… waiting eagerly….and who are the two persons….post next one soon….are you studying…school?or college?? you and take care

    1. Jnana

      Thank you my star…… Yup I’m doing my final year m tech……tc…..

  4. Dipika

    Awesome story janha…u penned it splendidly

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  7. Gauri

    Jnana this was so emotional and heart touching …very well done dear 🙂 pls post the next one soon 🙂 loads of love

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    2. Jnana

      Thank you gauri…… Here you go with he next one……

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    Nice dear…emotional…post next one soon

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  9. Sweetie

    Look who’s here!!Jnana ji,how are you??Very emotional shot,the two men are Saral and her father,right??How could Rads’s father behave so cruel!!Okay,now waiting for the next shot,post soon.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      ?? sweetie….. I’m not that fine…… Like internals are never fine…….. Hmmmmm next on is posted….. And thank you dear….. Hope you are fine……..

  10. Sathya

    Semma episode Jnana. Very very emotional. I feel bad for Radhika. Oh no poor girl..she has to suffer a lot. But What arjun did to her and why she scolded him? post next soon

    1. Jnana

      Thank you sathya…… Next one posted……

      1. Sathya

        i read that commented too :)…expecting next one soon 😛

  11. _Ritu

    Wow..Jnana…d story is thrilling…bt How is Arjun connected wid it…m all curious…going to read d nxt one…loads of love. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      Thank you ritu….. Next one is posted have a look…..

  12. Ohhh…jnana it’s really very heart wrenching n emotional story. heart shattered. …u narrated very beautifully….rads very broken n now lost her maa…ufff it’s so painful. ..I’m crying too….nesam were really very helpful n sincere to her…..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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