Mmz -Falling in love with a devil… (prologue)

Hi guys as you know I was writing hold my hand till the last breath I wasn’t happy the way it was as it was a copy of a novel but today I m going to share my own creation. So here is the prologue for Falling in love with a devil…
It’s not a same concept story you always read but a different kind. So here we go?

Shalimar Heights:
A girl is sitting near the window with a cup of coffee in her hand and in other an old album. Old school days and of course their gang of 4. At last she saw a pic of college days where she is looking at the boy with a smile and the boy is looking at the camera. She remembers that the photo was clicked accidentally and she took it from the photographer.

Few drops of tears falls from her eyes. She thinks”Radhika mishra u r all alone in this world, u were just doing everything to save your friendship with him and he just broke all the ties in just few moments . Three years of this exile , nobody trusted me. I didn’t made the crime but everyone found me criminal except Sam and Neil. I tried to read his brown orbes to find trust but it was nowhere to find. She sighed and looked outside the window.

A boy came and stood near her. Without turning Radhika said”what happened Neil , u look so worried? He said ,”chashni, why you are scratching your old wounds by seeing our childhood photos???” She smiled and turned towards him and kept her left hand on his cheeks and said ,” Because I loved the cute Neil.” He pouted and said”u meant by my girly look”.

Just then Sam entered all angry and exhausted ,she demanded a cup of
coffee from Neil but he argued why should he. She also argued , they fought like kids.

Rads smiled to it. Just then her phone buzzed , the name flashed aarushi (her colleague), she picked the call . The girl squealed in happiness and said,”Radhika please come to my marriage on Oct 22 “. Rads smiled on it she asked only she was coming? Nesam stopped their fight and stood their rapt attention towards radhka’s convo.

She said the trio had to come all smiled on it.(it was on speaker)Rads asked the venue . She said shimla , her face fell down.

Sam said they all are coming and would reach on 18 Oct.
Guys sorry fir not writimg the proluge . Guys it will depend on your reactions . Happy belated birthdays to all whose birthday went in my absence. Bachi samajh ke maaf Marco??
Love you all . Negative and positive comments both are respected.
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A gift for all the lovely ladies from my side . Gauri di Rosie di, Myra di,sv di,shreedi, (sorry to do those whose names are not mentioned but it is for all) Thanks for inspiring me to write . Love u all

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  1. Jessie

    Nice Bhabya.. !! Do continue this and the other ff of yours… waiting 4 nxt one.. TC n loads of love

    1. Bhabya

      Thanx Jessie ok I will surely start my other ff too.

  2. Brin

    Good starting, continue with the story. 🙂

    1. Bhabya

      Thanx brin di. Love you a lot.

  3. S.v

    Superb one bhabya missed u and ur ff do continue coz u started a curiosity in the llot wanna know who is the one gonna get marfied to aarushi. Love u so much

    1. Bhabya

      Sv do thanks for commenting . Love you will surely continue both ff

      1. Bhabya

        It was di typo mistake

  4. Starz

    Nice start…

    1. Bhabya

      Thanx stars.

  5. Myra

    Bhabya….awesome start….please do continue ☺

    1. Bhabya

      Thanx Myra di

  6. Gauri

    Awesome Bhabya 🙂

    1. Bhabya

      Thank you di

  7. Rossy

    First of all bhabya I was missing u…kouthi thila ete din…plz come back…missing ur old stories and ur comments…nupur b khoju thila…au gote Katha mu ama odia history au heritage upare gote story lekhuchi…seita Ku dekhiba…eita bada bhauni Ra request..okkk

    Au ei story…adha ru chadibani…nahele badeibi…lol….superb dear…awesome

    1. Bhabya

      Thank u Rossy didi Tamara story padhibhi pakka. Mummy au papa no internet zone punishment deithile . Mu pakka continue karibi

  8. Hemalattha

    awesome and interesting intro dear.miss you so much.

    1. Bhabya

      Thank you hemlatha di

  9. Sweetie

    Interesting Bhabya,do continue.. 🙂

    1. Bhabya

      Thank you sweetie di

  10. Fanficoholic

    Hey bhabya. I lived the prolouge. Plz do start tis. I am eagerly waiting.

    1. Bhabya

      Thanks for loving it

  11. _Ritu

    Its lovely Bhabhya…bt I want to read ur previous ff as well…plz do continue dat along wid dis one…loads of love. 🙂

    1. Bhabya

      Ritu darling thank you will surely continue it

  12. Awesome, wowwww bhabya…you back with a baaaanggg…..missed u so much honeyyy. …prologue is very interesting. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Bhabya

      Thanx Roma di love you

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