Mmz -Falling in love with a devil… (part- 4 Continued)


Part 4 cont.
As many of you said it was short so here is the extended part of part 4 . Soon part 5 will come

Radhika’s POV
I shouted at both, “Guys please stop it. Neil don’t fight for me. You are only hiurting yourself”. Neil stopped the moment itself. Arjun gave a dark chuckle and said “Stop your drama”. Radhika shouted this time,”I am not a traitor mr. Arjun Mehera. I don’t care what you think about me.”I had enough of drama. My heart and mind both told to fight for my right and voice against people to stop them accusing me for a crime which I never committed.
My vision was blurring due to tears, I closed my eyes in frustration and opened my eyes. I hugged Saral bhai, expressing my happiness to meet him bhai also returned the same affection and said,” How are you baccha?”
I was about to answer when Arjun interfered ,” Enough of your drama miss radhika , just get out of my sight! . My anger was on peak I looked at him and said ,” I am not here for you its my friend’s marriage function and I am the event manager of it!!!!”

Arjun’s POV:
Her confession made me shock! She was the event manager! I have to stop her. I don’t want a traitor to attend my bestfriend’s marriage. I declared that I was going to talk to Apoorva uncle about it. I said ,” I will make sure u don’t attend the function.”
My heart was feeling guilty for saying this. But my brain was telling I did right. I don’t want radhika here. Her presence breaks me!!!

Saral’s POV:
I looked at Arjun , I was angry how could he talk like this with my sister . I said , “ If you want me happy, let baccha attend my marriage! I looked at radhika who had a shocking expression, Nesam had the same reaction. I was confused if Aarushi had told my name or not.

Radhika’s POV
We three were equally shocked as the news breaked. The groom was my brother! How unlucky I am I can’t even attend my brother’s marriage as his lil sister but as bride’s close friend. My voice choked in my pipes. I was getting breathing attacks, which I get often when I am exhausted. I faced shortage of air my vision was fading away my mind stopped working my temple had sweat beads and finally everything was black out .

Neil’s POV
We were shocked suddenly I saw radhika who got breathing attack, damn it . sam also saw it, Arjun stood unaffected . I caught radhika who was breathing heavily , sam was searching her pump frantically!!! Saral rubbed her palms. Sam got her pump but it was let radhika got unconscious.
Arjun said, “sprinkle water on her face she will get up”, we did but it was useless. I started panicking, laste time she got the attack she was unconscious for 2 days. What will happen now. Suddenly aarushi came. she was shocked seeing radhika unconscious. She quickly dialed hospital within half an hour we were in hospital.

Sam’s POV:
My fear came true. I was pacing in the corridor everyone stood there in tension. Suddenly Arjun asked “from when she started getting this attack? In childhood she didn’t got such attacks.” Aarushi was all confused with arjun’s statement. Saral also said, “yes, Radhu never got such attacks!”
I could see a pang of jealous in aarushi’s eye when she heard saral calling radhika Radhu and that he knows her from childhood.
I decided to answer Arjun’s question , I looked at neil he gave me a nod, I said “ the answer to your question is..” I looked at him , his eyes showed eagerness to know , I continued , “ After she was disowned by her family and her best friend for a lame situation . she got more shock when her best friend said he didn’t want to believe any word of her she was broken. I and neil took her with us to Mumbai to change her surrounding to heal her broken heart.” I looked at saral heis eyes was full of tears, while arjun gave a dark chuckle and said, “ she must have commited a crime then only her best friend would have accused her because a friend doesn’t love to accuse his bestfriend without any reason!”neil answered him back.

Neil’s POV
After listening to Arjun’s statement my blood boiled. How can he say that to her? She always supported him even in his absence always defended him. He wasn’t and cannot understand her.
I decided to answer him, “ She was unlucky in bf part, he never understood her. Instead expected her to be perfect . He always took her help but never helped her back. Her bf can’t fulfill the friendship,” he was all angry he said , “ he always fulfilled his promises , she is the one who broke all her promises, she was not loyal to her friend!” I said, “enough and Saral she got this attacks when she lived in depression!”
At that time Doctor came and asked about her family I and sam came forward , Saral was coming but was held back by Arjun . I felt bad for him. Arjun has turned into an emotionless Devil.
I sighed. Aarushi accompanied us , we left them both in corridor. Doctor said she would be alright by morning and nothing was serious. We asked whether we can meet her or not. He nodded in positive.

Radhika’s POV:
When I woke up I was in a hospital room. Within few mins 5 people entered my room seeing the 4 I was happy but seeing Arjun I frowned. Suddenly I felt a light slap then continuously two I looked at Aarushi sam and neil and asked why they slapped when Aunty said , “ They only slapped you I want to pull your ears”. I gave her sheepish grin. She continued, “you are a daughter to me , don’t take somuch stress take your own time and do the wedding preparations.” I looked at arjun with a winning smrik!. I said , “sure”.
Ok guys the part ii of chap 4 completed will soon come with part 5
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