Mmz -Falling in love with a devil… (part-3 & 4) double dhamaka

Radhika’s POV:
I got a call. I picked it up it was from Apoorva uncle he requested me to take the contract for Aarushi’s wedding. He thinks I have the best taste in fusion as Aarushi has praised about me a lot infront of uncle which I never liked and have told her many times not to do so.!!!
I couldn’t even say no to uncle as they were very close to me I thought to take this contract. But I requested uncle not to pay me and in return I got a good scold from aunty and an advice to mint money from uncles pocket on which we all laughed.
Arjun’s POV:
Apoorva uncle informed me that he had selected one of the best event manager of india and I don’t have to worry about it. I looked at Saral he seemed lost in some thoughts.

Radhika’s POV:
Nesam irritated me a lot for packing after listening Shimla. We got ready and started our journey. The next day evening we reached Shimla , my heart started pounding faster and faster as we reached the station. I started sweating profusely.
Although in the cold season I was sweating it was strange for neil then he realized I was nervous. He hold my hand and squeezed it reassuring me. We three got down and as the station was crowded we were pushed forward and I was about to fall down I felt a pair of strong hand around me.
My eyes went towards the person and met to a gentle man. Those honey brown orbes met my hazel brown orbes, he pulled me straight and said in a mocking tone,”look like people can’t even walk properly”. I wanted to answer back just then neil pulled me towards him and asked whether I was alright or not?

Neil’s POV:

Radhu was acting all strange , she was about to fall when arhaan caught her , Arhaan mocked her. When realization dawned me that she was angry and things can go out of hands I quickly pulled her and asked whether she was alright or not? Oh by the way arhaan is aarushi’s brother.
Radhika and Aarhan never went good along. They always fought like tom and jerry.
Suddenly my eyes fell on sam she was looking at Arhaan in a strange manner which I couldn’t understand.
Seems like my girls have gone mad. I was taken into a bone crushing hug by Arhaan cause whenever I meet him we both drink and party together(ok ok after the fight with ARJUN , otherwise Aru was my partner in everything I wish things get settle down as fast as possible).

Sam’s POV:
I saw someone familiar near the gate over the shoulder of Arhaan. Arhaan’s voice took me out of my thoughts. He said ,”on the earth sam, have you got someone to love” and he winked at me.
This guy always flirted with me even after getting a hard slap from me as well as radhika knowing that I was not interested him. Neil never knew about this. I made a boring expression. Uncle scolded Arhaan for wasting our time.
Quickly uncle escorted us to the car and we reached to the hotel. Radhika and I were in same room whereas Neil was all alone in another room. Radhika went to freshnup.
Suddenly I realized that the man was known other than Saral: Radhika’s elder brother.
(A/N: pata hai shock lag gaya hai lol! Saral-Radhika bro-sis hai.)
I wanted to tell it to her but seeing her already tensed I didn’t want to increase it more so I moved to fresh myself.
Aarushi’s POV:
Radhika one of my best friend has came to arrange preparations for my marriage I was very happy. She always helped others. Each passing days I was getting all anxious to know whether my would be husband loves me or not. Because I have never seen those warm feelings for me in his eyes. Saral I love you a lot.
I sighed and move towards my parents room as I wanted to spend my remaining time with them more and more. On the way I met arjun who passed a gentle smile to me. I found saral beside me who also gave me a warm smile for the first. I returned a smile to both of them.

Saral’s POV:

I looked at Aarushi and thought to return her a smile as my sis radhu had told me to pass smile to everyone. It will atleast give the people infront of you a reason to smile.
Apoorva uncle informed me that the event manager wanted to meet me to know about my taste and all for decorations. So me and arjun were heading to her room.
Uncle told me that she was a close friend of Aarushi so it will be a great help for all of us.

We reached to her room ,suddenly sam opened the room I and arjun we both were in utter shock as well as sam. M y eye moved toward to see a girl sitting and writing something on her notepad.
Sam’s POV:
I was all shocked to find Arjun and Saral at our doorstep and to my great displeasure neil was not there to handle the situation as well as Radhika. Saral told me the reason of their arrival on our foot step. My heart started pounding faster as I saw Arjun’s face which was calm as hell.
It was like a sign of storm!!!
Arjun’s POV:
I saw sam their then uncle’s word came in my mind that the event manager was Aarushi’s friend and realized that it was sam. I gave her a smile , her expression was like as she had seen any ghost!
I waved my hand infront of her to make her aware about my presence.
Sam’s POV:
I had no otherway but to ask them to come in and holy shit at the same moment radhika turned to say something to me.
Radhika’s POV:
I turned to see who were there with whom Sammy was chatting so long, I got the greatest shock of my life Arjun Mehera and beside him was my brother. My conscious told me not to fear as it was not my fault. I saw Arjun’s face it clearly saw anger . My heart started beating very fast as if it will break my rib cage.
Just then neil made an entry who had a confuse look on his face.

Neil’s POV:
There I saw two men whose back were facing to me suddenly the tall man shouted,” you cheater how dare you came here?” I realized it was Arjun . He went and stranguled Radhika’s neck. I quickly went and departed his hand from her neck.
Radhika was breathing heavily whereas I saw Saral started reassuring Radhika. Sam gave Arjun an anger shot. I barely could stand Arjun. I pushed him hard on the floor. Arjun gave me a smrik and said ,”why neil ? why so much for a traitor?” I gave him a look and said “she isn’t a traitor, it’s you who took her wrong.”
A/N’s POV:
Now Arjun and neil started fighting like mad bulls. Suddenly they heard a voice. It was of radhika’s she shouted ,”Guys please stop it. Neil don’t fight for me. You are only hiurting yourself”. Neil stopped the moment itself. Arjun gave a dark chuckle and said “Stop your drama”. Radhika shouted this time,”I am not a traitor mr. Arjun Mehera. I don’t care what you think about me.”
Ok! I have tried to show all the characters pov. NOW vaishnavi di and Roma di for not commenting on episode previous. Hope you guys love it. And I am really very sorry for updating so late . Please tell how much you liked the Episodes. Luv u all.

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