Mmz -Falling in love with a devil… (part-2)

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A magazine was on the table. when saw its closeup it was of a handsome greek god’s photo. He was non other than Arjun who would be getting the best Buisness tycoon of the year 2k16. Now we slowly move towards a shirtless man with flaunting his perfect torso. It is revealed as Arjun. His Buisness Partner cum Best friend Saral comes ( +ve character) , he says”congrats bhai, finally your hardwork has bore its fruit” . Arjun smiles and says,”chotte this is not the end further success is remaining. Arrange for a party as well as call media today I will announce about your marriage with Aarushi Mehta. Saral gave him a fainted smile and took his permission and came to his room.
Saral’s POV:
I came to my room and opened my cupboard where my diary was kept , I took out my lil sister’s photo. Her smile was my stress buster. Although she is away from me I will adore her as much as I used to do her when she was nr. me. I don’t know when a lone tear escaped from my eyes. I was marrying Aarushi only for buisness , i don’t love her its only Arjun who finds her to be perfect for me.

Arjun’s POV:
Finally my friend is going to marry, this will also be profitable to us. Oct 22nd just waiting for the day! Suddenly my eyes fell on the date it was 13 oct the day I was betrayed by my love. The one whom I thought to be my bff but she turned out be a betrayer. I don’t know why Sam – neil believed her. Whatsoever is the reason but I can’t forgive her. Betrayer Radhika Mishra my mind screamed but somewhere my heart didn’t want to accept the truth. I won’t blame her family, they are very good people they supported me instead of their daughter. I should forget about I said to myself . I closed my eyes to find her image, I wanted to scream but it my voice was choked in my throat. I just went to have shower to calm my nerves.

Author’s Pov
Arjun after having shower came to his room and got ready for his office. He reached office , everyone congratulated him for his success mean while his female employs where busy looking at his body. He loved female attention, immediately his lips curled into a s*xy smirk a smirk to die for. He moved to his cabin . His secretary came inside and said to him that Mr.Apoorva Mehta wanted one of the best event manager of their company to have a taste of both indian and western fusion for Saral and Aarushi’s engagement. He cocked up his left brows gesturing him to continue… He said we don’t have the one having this two taste fusion combine. Arjun sighed , it was his bf ‘s b’day and it should be special. He ordered to heir India’s best event manager.

Radhika’s Pov :
Have you guys gone mad or what? i questioned nesam. Neil said ,”Throw sand on your past and try move radhu”.Sam also supported him, I was speechless even after knowing things happened 3 yrs ago they want me to go with them to shimla. I sighed at it. They are insane, i wanted to register their name in guiness world record for most irritating people on earth. At that time my phone rang.
———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————GUYS I M NOT SATISFIED THIS CHAP BUT WILL TRY TO COMPENSATE IT WITH THE 2 PART… SORRY 🙁

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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, what did Radhika do, that Arjun is angry at her, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Bhabya

      Thanks brin , soon it will be revealed.

      1. Bhabya

        thanx brin di love u a lot

  2. Jnana

    Nice…… Waiting for the next….

    1. Bhabya

      Thanx Jnana

  3. Sweetie

    Cool update but the bang on dialogue was Radhika’s..She wants to register NeSam name in Guiness World records,haha.. 😀 Waiting for next,love you loads.. 🙂

    1. Bhabya

      he he he … thanx sweetie di

  4. Jessie

    Superb Bhabya!! Saral is positive here.. cool!! eager to know abt past.. So ARdhika gonna meet there.. and saral’s sister?!.. wonder what Radhika did.. me in thinking mode.. Loved it.. Authors note..hahah we will wait.. love u next one soon

  5. Bhabya

    Thanx Jessie di . love u di a lot

  6. Gauri

    Awesome Bhabya loved it

    1. Bhabya

      thanx gauri di

  7. Good one !!

    1. Bhabya

      thanx neetz

  8. Rossy

    Superb dear…suspense rahigala baki…waiting for next…ei story ta pura superb ru upar…misunderstandings achi na…kebe clear haba…? ्

    1. Bhabya

      Thank you rossy do. Jaldi misunderstanding clear haijiba

  9. Fanficoholic

    Hey bhabya. Nice episode dear. Well saral doesn’t love aarushi? R u gng to create love in them in future? And what did radhika do such that even her family stood against her? Why is arjun si angry with her? I am sure she is innocent. Pooor girl. And so they bth r gng to meet in shimla? Coooollll. I really hope the cool temperatures of shimla cool arjun down. And saral is positive. Well i am looking fwd to his positive shade. And who is his sister? Do post nxt one soon.

    Love u loadsss

  10. Awesome, bhabya. …story getting more interesting. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

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