MMZ a different story (part 7)

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The epi starts wid sam and radhika getting ready to go for shpng . They came to the living rum as soon as they got ready . There neil and arjun are having sum boy time together they were watching an intresting football match they were in full form wid shorts coke tins and popcorn to watch the match

But the girls came and asked them tp take them out for shpng as their clg is abt to start and they shld buy a lot of stuff even ey are worried abt the dresss code of the clg they were not supposed to wear short frocks they were only supposed to wear on spl occasions soo sam is realy very worried bczz she have buy soo many jeans shorts and t shirts
Radhika shd also buy bczz radhika most of the time wears skirts and plazos wid scarfs its her style of dressing

Both rasam requested the boys to take them but they were least intrested in taking tem out. Slowly rasam made a plan and they were ready to excute it remote was on arjuns lap radhika slowly seductively went to arjun she was acting as she was gng to sit on his lap and she took the re ote frm made funny face to him she switched of the television and she hid the battries of the remote
Neil and arjun were shocked seeing radhikas act nw girls asked them to change cum fastly as tey dnt have much tym to waste . Unwillingly and reluctantly arneil went and chnged into jeans and t shirts and took the girls to city centre . They drove for 30 mins and reached the city centre they asked rasam to continue their shpng and they will w8 in the food court .

The girls went to diff stores finally after 3 hrs they chose their clothes wid great difficulty rasam were dne wid the shpng they went to arneil they saw them both sipping and disscussing abt their upcoming projects.

Radhika nd sam went and sat beside arjun and neil tey both were hell tired arjun and neil were shocked seeing theur shpng bags they asked did they leave anyting in the store or they purchased the whole store rasam were not in the state to giv them reply also arjun went and brought cofee for the girls radhika jst grabbed the cofee as it was very much needed for her relax her slf she took cofee frm arjuns hand kissed him on his cheek and started sipping the cofee arjun was surprised seeing radhikas act as she never shows her love in public but he enjoyed it even sam was also sipping cofee and telling everyting wat she bought and hw onfused she was while choosing her stuff neil was simple njoying her talk and finally the couples reached the home after a tiring day radhika was abt to go in the kitchen to preapare the dinner but neil stopped her and said chashni controll aaj bahut hogya kaam chup chap room mein jao fresh hoke ajao ill order sumting frm outside radhika was abt to protest even arjun told the same to her. Radhika and sam went to their rooms changed into n8 clothes andthey came down to have dinner neil and arjun were w8oing for them to have dinner they odered pizzas and garlic breads for them they had their dinner sam was njoying each and every bite as the pizza was frm sams fav pizza house

She was lost in her own world then all 4 of them gathered in sams room girls started the displa of their clothes arjunand neil were jst simply nodding at them complementing their choice ang girls were sooper happy suddenly sam liked radhikas top she asked radhika can she exchange her top she can choose anytinf frm her stuff and radhika and sam started exchanging theur clothes they were more like sisters than frnds .
The boys were hapy seeing their affection towards each other .

Then the boys gave their gifts to the girls neil gifted best of luck champ to sam and radhika whereas arjun gifted limited edition oarker pens to radhika arjun all the 4 had a grp hug and were abt to leave to their rooms then neil suddenly got an idea of a watching a ,ovie all 4 four settled in the room switched of the l8 brought snacks frm kitchen and sat down watching Neerja movie all the four started crying by watching the bravery of the flight attendant arjun and neil were contolling their tears but rasam were continously crying . the mivie eneded after 2 hrs . then all left for their rooms .

Next day arjun asked them to get ready asap bcz day after tmrw there is an event for them so they have to ake care of the arrange ments everyting was managed by the boys only but fornamesake their taking rasam for checking the arrangements before the day of their event. Next day all 4 got up the were dvided into pairs for proceeding their wrks srdhika left in arjuns car and nesam left in neils car

On the way the couples were taking contiously radhika placed her head on arjuns shoulder and arjun placed a kiss on her forehead they reached the destination they were checking everyting whike checking arjun never left a chance if romancing wid radhika and radhika was continously blushing she was hitting him on his stomach mist of the tym to co troll or him and she was calling him shameless . They both were dne wid the arrangements they were leaving to home but radhika asked him to take her somewhere so tat they both can spend sumtym . They both were gng to some restaurent they stop their car in petrol pump in to get the filling dne arjun asks radhika to sit in the car he will go get water bottle radhika was w8ing for him in the car meanwhile his phn rings 1st she thought of ignoring it but the phn was continously ringing then she saw the display name it was written as sweetheart arjun saved nandinis num as sweetheart which radhika was not aware she became furious seeing the name. Radhika attentded the call then nandini picked the phn nandini was not ware it was radhika so she asked who is tis

RADS : I shld who is tis not u ?

Without stopping rads was throwing questions n her she was asking

Then nandini realised it is radhika tats y she asking many personal questions

NANDINI : hello dear I am not arjuns gf I am his mum nandini I hope he told u abt me

RADS : oops srry aunty I didn’t realise it was u actually he left his mibile in the car and went to get sumting illl inform to call u after reaches

NANDINI : I was abt to call u only radhika

RADHIkA ; any prob aunty

NANDINI ntg I jst called to invite u to our get together which is on tis weekend as my arjun chose u so u will becum part of my family shortly so I want u to join neil sam and arjun

Radhika : sure aunty I will join them

NANDINI ok bye beta tc ]

Radhika : bye aunty u too takecare

Radhika was super happy as arjuns mum was very friendly wid her she informed arjun abt her convo wid his mum and she hugged him tightly even he did tat. She informed it nesam also they were also happy

Precap get to gether in BS farmhouse

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