MMZ a different story (part 6)

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Recap : arneils propsal to rasam and rasam acceptance
part 5
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Episode starts showing both the couples having dinner making fun of each other and disscussing about their future plans . Neil informs to rasam tat in nxt 10days there clg is gonna start rasam were super excited they gave hifi to each other
SAM : chashni we will rock the clg yaaar

RADS : yee sammy

Arjun and neil were jst laughing at their childish behaviour

Both the couples completed there dinner and they all gathered in the living room
Sam sat resting her head on neils shoulder and neil was sitting on the sofa ehere sam was sitting beside neil.

Here our arjun was w8ing for radhika in the living room nesam were continously shouting chashni
Then radhika entered he hall with 4 bowls . she was bringing them in a tray the bowls had desert it had vanila icecream wid two brownies on each and few chocochips and sum choco syrup on it
Sam was sooper happy seeing her fav desert. She kissed her on the cheek and took the tray frm her hand she gave one bowl to each she was bulling neil by not giving him the bowl radhika was abt sit nxt to sam but arjun pulled her towards him he made her sit between his laps he sat hugging her frm behind .
Sam was continously coughing making them realise there presence but arjun was least bothered.

Radhika was feeling uncomfortable bczz arjun never behaved wid her like tos infrnt of others tis is the 1st tym she was tis side of arjun but she was also njoying tis side of arjun. They all were happily havong the desert served by radhika

Neil said chashni teach this sammy also how to make the brownies

Neil : sammy y cant u learn how to make brownies frm chashni

Sammy : ok

Arjun : my sammy wont cook for u neil

Neil: how mean arjun then y will my chashni cook for u even shez my princess and I care for her

Radhika pov she remembered her spl moments wid her ankush bhai her cousin bro her eyes became numb

But she immdiately composed herself and was laughing at them

Sam got up frm neils side and went and sat beisde arjun like small kid making an innocent face

Neil : till nw wen u both (arsam ) had these kind of moments somwere I had a feeling of having a sister but frm nw onwards no I got my chashni

Then radhika also went to neil sat hugging frm side he ruffled her hair and kissed her on her forehead then radhika to kissed him on his cheek .

RADS : neil I knw wat I am the most luckiest girl to have u has a bro tank u somuch neil

Neil : tats not fare chahni no tanks and no arry between bro and sis

And again they all started making fun of each other sam was continously hitting neil on his tummy wenever he teased her or srjun then slowly the topics got diverted

Rasam disscussin abt gng for shpng tmrw to buy clg stuff anf also to buy h sum clothes for there clg
Arjun and neil were getting bored listening to their girl talks

Then arneil started discussing abt their upcoming event then slowly radhika was also involved in arneils disscussion . Sam was feeling outplace then she asked arneil tat she to want to jointheir event management company

Arneil happily accepted her she was dammn happy then couples were disscussing abt the event how to decorate how to lessen the expenses and they were diving the wrk into 2 halves ardhika and took fud and music section

Nesam selected decorations part and also few other wrks

Both couples went to diff rums to disscuss abt their wrk

Ardhika in arjuns room and nesm in neils room

While discussing the couples went to deep slumber

Radhika slepts on arjuns shoulder he made her sleep on the bed pecked her forehead and was he was abt to go and sleep on the couch but radhika held his hands and asked arjun can I sleep in ur arms

Arjun was happy by hearing tis bcz he to wanted to hold his radhika and sleep but h didn’t want to make her uncomfortable soo he didn’t say it out

Then he happily jumped on the bed and radhika hugged him tightly and slept the couple slep very peacefully in each others arms

Here the picture diff nesam were sitting on opp sides of the study table they both slept of the table holding each others hands having a cute smile on there faces

Nxt day mrng 1st arjun woke up and saw radhika sleeping nxt to him

He never saw anyone so close to him as soon as he got up frm sleep he was scared seeing seeing radhika and he started shouting on top of his voice radhika woke up wid jerk and she saw arjun shouting and she also started seeing arjn shouting .

HEARING screams nesam came running to arjuns room seeing nesam ardhika stopped screaming . Nesam to gether asked radhika and arjun wat was the reason for screaming .

Radika asked arjun y did u scream arjun was a,azed listening to her ans in fact nesam were also amazed listening to radhika ans till nw she was shouting on top of her voice but she herself didn’t knew the reason for shouting .

Then nesam asked arjun y did u shout he made sum stupid reason which nesam understood tat sumting had hpnd between them .

Nesam together said U GUYZZZ ARE IMPOSSIBLE
And left the room

Only ardhika were left in the room

Arjun : radhu y did u shout ? without any reason

Rads : I saw u shouting so I got scared and even u started shouting

Rads : by the wat arjun y did u shout so loudly

Arjun : actually I never saw anyone faace so close to me wen get up . In my childhood I use to sleep wid nandu ma and poppsy but after tat I never had tis habit

Rads : arjun get habituated u shld see my scary face ur complelte life every mrng tis face is only gonna wake u up ur day will start by seing me and it will end by seeing me so its betteru get habituated
Mr Arjun Mehra

Arjun : yeah radHIKA I shld get habituated

Radhika: wat do u mean arjun tat my face is scary ( with fake anger )

Arjun : no radhika I didn’t mean tat ( with a cute face )

Rads : no arjun I knw wat did u mean

Arjun slowly came near her hugged her frm behind tucked his head between her shoulder and neck and said ur the most beautifull girl I have ever seen radhika yes I always want u beside me every n8 and every mrng I wanna close my eyes after seeing ur face and open my eyes by seeing ur face

Radhika : I love u arjun

Arjun : I love u too radhu

Nesam were having a cute nokjokh session they were romancing wid each other
Sam I love u idiot
Neil I love u too sammy
He came near her and hugged her frm behind and send sammy u knw wat wile sleeping u luk very very (sam was expecting some romantic and pampering word from him ) but neil said like a devil u luk so funny sam all hair scattered on ur face and mouth half open sam punched him in his stomach
Sam get lost neil u r so unromatic see my bhai hw cutely he pampers my babhi
And u fot for ntng only making fun of others
She was abt to leave neil caught her hand pulled hr towrds him her back hit neils frnt he plastered her to hm and kept her towards one sode and kissed her on her her shoulder slowly her turned her towards him and hugged her tightly and sam to reciprocaed the same
Tey both were like tat for sum tym
Suddenly sam remeberd her shpng plan wid radhika
She pushed neil and went to radhikas rum asking her to get ready fst tat so tat they can leave early for their shpng screen freezes there

Srry guyzz I knw its short update but I coould manage only to giv tis much I donno hw all the authors are managing to write

Ignore grammatical and typo errors

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