MMZ a different story (part 5)

Hey ppl this is the last episdoe for nw I donno wen ill write nxt update bczz I this mnth and next month I have my exams soo ill give a happy ending in this epi whenver I am free ill continue the story frm this episode . as u guyzzz don’t want to end it I am asking anyone of u to continue it I dnt mind if u guyzzz continue my story in fact ill be very happy that my story is continiung guyzzz I am srry for last epi there are many typing errors and I skipped few wrds while typing soo guyzzz plz bear me for that and I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very happy u guyzzz liked my ff ( I am assuming u guyzz liked it ) u gave me very warm welcum in my 1 st ff only u guyzz beared my mistakes and praised my efforts a lot tank u so much for tat guyzz luv u all and I requst other silent readers and the ppl who write comments to write their own ff tank u so much every one for the luv u ppl gave me I am very happy to join the family of mmz .
Happy reading guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Recap arneils call to their mums
Arneil called to prerna and nandini they made a con call and kept the phn in speaker prerna was on cloud 9 for neils selection but nandini was not that happy bczz she didn’t see her once also. She is happy that her son selected a girl of his choice but shez doubtfull wether that wether the girl deserves her son or not bczz arjun is a diamond she wanted another diamond for his son (this is bczz she didn’t see radhika )
Finally they both were convinced and wished them luck and blessed them they both were happy and they started to plan for theor wedding also ( u knw hw mothers get excited get excited for their childrens mrg)
Finally the day came before n8 wat arneil did was neil went to radhika and said he is gng to propse sam tmrw so he is organzing a small private for party for 4 of them radhika was very happy to listen that she jumped and hugged neil and wished him gud luck. The same hpnd in sams rum arjun went to her said that he luvs radhika he is gng to propose her tmrw and is organizing a small private party for 4 of them . Sam was super happy she always wished her babhi to be as her sister and a best frnd. Then she made a puppy face and asked Aru will u frgt me and giv more importance to radhika .Then arjun jst smiled at her and said pagli no one can replace u in my life ur my princess and ull always remain my princess are bond will never fade and remember ill never let u go to ur in laws place also ill ask ur future husband to stay In our house only sam jst blushed then arjun kissed her on her forehead and wished her gud n8 and left t his room but both sam and radika were not aware tat what surprises are w8ing for them.
They woke up nxt day the girls and boyzz coudnot sleep in n8 as they were very much excited here radhika was excited for sam and sam for radhika . Arjun and neil got dressed up in tuxedos while rasam wore white and cream tube gowns the girls unexpectdly wore almost same shade colors they complimented each other and walked to the living rum to join the boyzzzz . Boyzzzz complimeted the girls and they left to the cars as sam thought it was ardhikas day she asked ardhika to go in 1 car and she said she will cum wid neil . Neil felt happy for tat even ardhika were happy. On the way sam was super excited she was completely blabbering tat she is very happy for ardhika and she was telling to neil tat they make a perfrct couple together .Here the same hpnd in ardhikas car . Radhika was excited like anyting she was jst jumping in eat she was very happy for nesam she was praising their pair even arjun also smiled wen she was praising his sister and neil . He felt proud on his selection as shez finding her happiness in his families happiness.
Both the couples reached the location they were prasing the arrangements there radhika and sam were super excited butterflies were flying in their stomachs theywere two dinner tables there nesam on one table and ardhika on the other table both the couples had yummy food . The girls were eating like lil kidds while boyzz were smiling luking at them then suddenly both boyzz gestured to each other they took the girls in between hall suddenly both of them went on their knees an both and asked
ARJUN : will u marry me radhika
He took out a diamond ring frm his pocket
NEIL : will u marry me sam
He to took out a diamond ring frm his pocket
Both sam and radhika were speechless they were shocked bczz they never expected tis sam thought aru is gng to propose chashni and radhika thought neil is gng to propose sam
Then water statred flowing frm radhikas eyes she she asked arjun to stand up she made him stand and sam also did the same
Sam without thinking for second she nodded her head wid a huge smile and said
SAM: yes idiot
And gave him a very tight hug
This was observed by ardhika thhey felt happy seeing them now it was ardhikas turn
ARJUN : I am still w8ing for ur ans radhika
RADHIKA: ARJUN I am not crrct for u deserve the best
Arjun : who told ur not best ur the best radhika and I love u frm bottom of my heart
RADHIKA : arjun but I already got engaged tat n8 and it is broken tat n8 nly nah y do u want me to luv u u deserve all the happiness in the world
ARJUN : my whole world revolvs around u radhika wid out I am ntng
Radhika was touched by these words she then hugged arjun and kissed him on his chest
ARJUN : radhu I am still w8ing for the ans
Radhika blushed and said u still want to here the ans
RADHIKA : yes arjun
Then arjun lifted radhika and made turned her around nesam were clapping their hands in happiness
NOW both arjun and neil made them wear the rings both the couples congratulated each other
Then neil said its tym for a dance guyzzz they played raabta song and both the couples started dancing.
Arjun held radhikas waist very tightly and close to his body while radika kept her hands on his shoulders and they both joined there fore heads while dancing.
Nw the couple were lost in their dream world
Neil also held sams waist tightly and pulled her close to his body while sam kept her hands on his shoulders they dancing according to the music very gracefully.
Then radhika asked arjun to take her for a long drive. Then ardhika wished the couple and left for a long drive while sam wanted to spend sum alone tym wid neil in tat place only
Radhika said arjun u knw wat I am the most luckiest person to have u
Arjun also said the same radhika said plz dnt leave me in anykind of situation if u leave my I cant even imagine my life it will turn out to be hell
Arjun jst placed a finger on her lips and pecked her forehead giving assurence tat he will never leave her
Then couple strted driving arjun took her to their farm house Radhika was super excited seeing tat house she was jumping around in the garden like a kid then they both sat on the bench she reseted her head on his chest and kept staring the stars in the sky and even arjun was doing tat . Then sudddenly she asked arjun will ur family accept me even after knowing my past then arjun said I already told my mum about us she was happy she said dnt hav any prob wid even she was also cheaed by her 1st luv That also left her after their engagement .He left my mum for sake of money my mum was broken at that tym . Then she was married to my father after tat nw they are very happy couple. Arjun said radika u shld know a big secert of my life . Because frm we both r gng to share our whole lives wid each other so u shld know it actually nandini is my step mum and sam is my stwp sister I lost my mum while she was giving birth to me. I never saw my mum my father married nandu ma when I was 2 yrs old till then my father bought me up then my dadi forced my dad to marry nandu for my sake then agreed to marry her . She took care of me like my real mum 1st she said doent want to have secont child as she is having me she said I cannot share my arjuns share of love to anyone she loved me tat much then on 5th b day I asked her to gift me a lil sis or bro as all my frnds are having a sibling then she gave birth to sam she is best ting hpnd to me in my life . We both share a very close bond wid each other actually we both r like bffs more than bro and sis .
Radhika jst smiled at him
Her got numb she said evven my fate as snatched my parents frm me wen I was 13 . Then my god parents tats my fathers elser bro and his wife took me to their place and brought me up . They luved me like anyother ting on the eart they never made me feel that I didn’t have my own parents but even thought I had betrayed them how stupid I am but one ting was gud if I wld not have eloped I wld have not met u . arjun said dnt wry radhika ill ask my mumma papa to talk to tem and I knw my will convince them then we can go and meet them and stay wid them for few daysss even w e will take nesam wid us sam loves india so much
Radhika smiled at his love and care towards her then suddenly radhika stood up frm the bench asked arjun also to stand up .Arjun also obeyed her like a gud boy (then guyzzz guess wat here our radhu is very bold) she went on her toes to match arjuns height and surrounded her hands around his neck and pecked his lips then arjun was shcked by this sudden attack he immdiately wid out wasting tym tym wrapped his hands around radhikas waist and kissed her very softly as it was their 1st kiss it was 1st for both of them for radhika and also for arjun even though radhika was in relationship wid rahul but she never allowed him to kiss her nor he tried knowing about radhikas family. After the kiss radhika felt shy and hid her facein arjuns chest arjun jst hugged her tightly nw the couple left to theor house as it was getting late arjun asked his farm house driver to drop them to their place as he sa tierd on the way radhika was sleeping on arjuns sholuder.
Both of them were remembring their childhood dayss they both were talking very sweetly and romanticly then suddenly neil kissed her she too kissed him back and the couple left to their house as it was getting dark neil was driving while sam was resting her head on his shoulder .
She was blushing continously remebring her 1st kiss

1st nesam reached the house the couple went to theiir rum changed into comfortable colthes and came to living rum . They sat on the sofa and neil said he will order food frm out sam nodded her head
Then ardhika came to the house then the couples smiled seeing eachpther sam asked them to fresh up and cum the food will reach in nxt 10minzzz
Ardhika smiled and left they also dressed up comfortably and came to the hall the fud arrived. Neil collected the fud parcels and handed to rasam both the girls arrange the fud they were enjoying the fud pulling each others legs talking sum xyz topics.
Guyzz tis is not the end ill continue my ff wenever I am freee but I cant post regularly I am srry for tat .I ll be posting once in blue moon
Thank u guyzzz for ur amazing love and excepting these boring and nonsense chapters frm me tank u tank u tank u so much

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