MMZ a different story (part 4)

Hello ppl tank u so much for unconditional love and support I am blessed to meet ppl like u guyzzzzz guyzzz I am sorry but I have to end tis ff by next part first I thought of writing only 3 parts but I prolonged it to 5 pats bczz I dnt want to dissapoint u guyzzz but I am really very sorry I cant give more than 5 parts sooo plzz forgive but I promise u guyzzz whenever I get free tym ill write 1 episode stories on ardhika and nesam . And nesam fans shld forgive me bczz I cant write more scenes on them bczz I am die heart fan of ardhika so I am bit partial towards them. So sorry to nesam fanzzz

Ill stop my blabbering here its time for u guyzzz to bear my torture and forguve for my grammatical errors and typos I dnt have a habit of typing bcz of that I eat up few articles and spell if u wrds wrong soo bear it
Happy reading guyzzzzzzzzzzzz

The sunrose rasam were in deep sleep while
arneil were sitting in the living room by reading newss papers . They were w8ing for their lady loves to get up 1st radhika woke up and came to living room by holding her head . Then neil started blabbering tat chashni . I never saw tis side of urss and I didn’t expect this frm u chashni not badahhhh radhika was not understanding anything she was having a very bad headache she was holding her head and trying to recollect wat hpnd in the last n8 but she z unable remember . Then slowly sam came to living room neil started to act as how sam was behaving in her drunken state arjun was also not less he was also telling how sam talked and radhika behaved he didn’t tell about the kissing part because he didn’t want to embarrass himself and also radhika infront of everyone. Neil asked rana kaka to get lemonade for rasam so that there hangover will reduce. Rasam were feeling very embarrsed in front of arneil . After sumtym rasam left to their rooms to start there day as sam had sum work outside she asked arjun to take her purchase some stuff outside she asked radhika to join them .

but radhika was having a bad headache she told sammy u continue I am having a bad headache sammy asked her rest and pecked her forehead neil gestured arjun tat he will take sam and u spend tym wid radhika arjun also made some silly reason and asked neil to take sam outside neil was also very happy so tat he can spend sum alone tym wid his sammy . nesam left for shpng ardhika were alone in the home then arjun asked radhika did u remember wat u did last n8 .She asked what did I do ? wid a big question mark on her face. He said u tried to kis me radhika turned pale she asked did we kiss arjun said no no we didn’t but u pecked me on cheek.She said tank god and she tanked arjun also for not taking advantage of her . HER respect for him increased even more. Then suddenly a client called arjun to give a contract for them the cleint asked hi to cum immediately so they can finalise everything . Arjun asked radika to join him as she is also a part of their company nw Radika asked him 2minsss she said she will change and cum.Arjun was w8ing for her in living room she came dressed in pink color long skirt and white sleeveless shirt and pink white scarf around her neck she was luking breathtaking in tat dress.

Arjun got mesmarized seeing his lady luv like tat . he composed himself and asked radhiika for her hand wid out tinking radhika jst gave her hand to him . Then arjun understood tat she also feels same for him then he decided that ill never ver leave her hand ( u knww guyzzz sumtyms we understand others feeling jst like tat the same hpng here) Arjun like a gentle man opened the door for her made her sit in the car the he sat . He sat beside her as they both were tierd arjun asked his driver to drive the car . radhika and arjun were discussing sumthing as there clients place was a bit far frm there plce radhika slept in car arjun noticed tat smiled ten she fell on arjuns shoulder . Actually radhika did tat wantedly she also likes arjun she feels tis is the safest place for her then arjun also keppt caressing her hair. They reached the place then arjun slowly woke her up by patting her cheek softly then they shared an eye lock and composed themelves and went to meet the client . Client said his requirements radhika also gave her suggestions there deal got finalized as it was afternoon the client insisted them to have lunch and goo . Ardhika accepted their invitation and left frm their they started their journey to their place. Ardhika and nesam arrived in 10 minzzz gap then sam got an idea to take revenge frm arneil soo she said her plan in radhikas ear radhika also smiled and accepted her plan then rasam told to arneil tat today I and radhika decided to cook the food arneil were excited to taste their lady loves food they both knew rasam are very good cooks so they were excited neil started giving his ever ending list. In the meanitime arneil were disscussing about the project and how to propose their ladies theey made plan which was super duper.

Rasam were making food they added salt in sweet lot of spice in curry they made the worst food for the boyzzz they also made sum food which was gud so that they caan serve to the boyzzz after they taste their bad food Because they didn’t want to starve them for the sake of their revenage. The girls called them for dinner boyzz were excited to have dinner. They sat rasam told them to taste the fud they made wid so much of effort Arneil tasted the fud they dropped the spoons frm their hand and ran to the sinks to spit the the food rasam gave an hifi to each other the boyzz said together wat hpnd to u guyzzz everytime u make very tasty fud wat on earth made u ppl cook like this the girls said to gether tis is revenage u guyzz pulled our legs in the mrng nw we did the same so tit for tat .

Boyzz made sad faces and said wat will we eat nw we r hungry girls said dnt get worried we made proper dishes we can have them but boyzz were not ready they said tis tym if the fud tastes bad u ppl shld the whole fud and we both will eat from outside. Girls said ok nesam and ardhika sat to eat the boyzz were happy as the food tasted gud . Boyzzz praised their cuking skills as rasam were tierd they both left to sams room as they want to have sum girl tym together . They kept discussing about girl stuff about their clg etc etc .
Here arneil were disscussing how to propose their lady luvs they decided how to decorate the location how to make arrangements how to eing theor lady loves to the location they were all set to excute their plan .

Then tey wanted their parents to knw about tis as they are very close to their parents arjun called nandini and neil called prerna .

There parents were shocked to listen to their sons

PRECAP NANDINI AND PRERNAS reactions on their sons selection of their life partners

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  1. awesome episode dear …………….. salty sweets and spicy curry ………….poor arneil ………….update nxt soon

    1. tank u priya nxt epi ill update tmrw

  2. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. ull get nxt ypdate tmrw darling as i did not type the nxt one ill type it ton8 and post it .
      tank u luv u tc

  3. awesome dr..cute and funny epi…waiting 4 nxt..take care

    1. tank u ritu

  4. U r too fast Than my imagination…natty it is very good ff…u started n ending is soon…like a short sweet story…giv those kind of story more n more…??

    1. tank u so much rosie dhi sure dhi illl give sweet stories like tis more and more and yes i am bit fast i knw hw eagerly the readers will w8 for new epis i dnt want to dissappoint them so i type them whenever i am free and post them

      1. tank u so much rosie dhi
        iil update short stories like this whenever i am free

  5. Really it was awesome…. I love it….
    Plzzzzzz update next soon….

    1. tank u neha dear ill post nxt one tmrw

  6. Awesome girl 🙂 keep writing 🙂

    1. tank u so much dhi

  7. Awesome 🙂

    1. tank u dear

  8. Hey Natty 4 episodes back to back in a day ???????????? A big thank you from my side……… which class are you studying ???????????? loved all the four chapters………Rads at party was shocking…………….rasam food was very funny…………….Natty I have a suggestion…….plzzzzz separate into paragraphs…..esp the conversation part………I feel that you are in a hurry…..plzzz make it slow………everything happens soooooooooo fast……plzz describe more………..
    are you going to end it soooooooooooon ????????? plzzzzz don’t…………if you are, then plzzz give us more of such treats……………

  9. actually the prob is i want to end tis ff in 5 epsiodes so i want to give as many scenes as possible in these 5 epsidos soo i am typing in a hurry
    as this is my 1st ff i am getting confused so many thoughts are overlapping in my mind and i want them to pen down them fast that i wont skip any thought of mine so i type them in a hurry and i dnt have a habit of cross checking of epi after typing i jst post them like that
    bcz of that u can see many typo errors i spell few words wrong i miss few articles and i dnt have a habit of typing i becum restless after typing 2 paras but even though i manage to give big updates i am lazy to give inverted commas for conversations plzzz manage like tat if i do everyting systematically like tat i cant even give 1 update in a day also actually i thought of writing only 3 shorts for tis ff but i wrote 5 episodes therefore i am in a hurry to compl this ff asap so that i can concentrate on my studies as i am in 12th standard this is the life deciding year of a persons life and preparing for many entrance xams toooo so i am in shortage of tym actually i also wanted to write an ff by seeing these ppl here so i jst took a small effort in writing it
    i promise once i am dne wid my studies or during my vaccation tym ill give you nyc stories in systematic manner
    and plzz dont be srry u said what u felt ur jst like my sis dear
    tank u for ur suggestion

    1. V know tat dear…we know ur pressures..but u hav to study too.. no one can study in ur we understand…its also good tat u tried once .. u know wat…i get scolding from tu frnds like sathya di and rosie di sometimes and dipika di sometimes for not commenting but as we stay connected its not a probs.. iam such a lazy head..i like writing short stories but due to my lack of confidence i didnt post it here..and rosie di reminded me to try once..again lazy head..i didnt do it evn whn i was r far far better…i itself wonder how i got tis much percentage whn i think of my…u r far better dear..and ya..u hav pcm as ur u really hav to work probs tat u r concluding it.. u will hav ample time next year for one month aftr more thng..dear if u r cbse student..plz dont follow just ncert for math.. try othr books lik rd sharma or pradeep.. u cant do anythng wid ncert for math..and develop interest in subject too… well..iam telling smthng else..u might b thnking y iam telling tis na…coz this is wat i faced.
      Evn whn i managed to get a high percentage i can c ppl playing around without seriousness.. and our life turning points will b a disaster for us..and u may not b able to change no probs dear hard.. write short stories whn u r free.. relax by coming to tu.. u can connect us too in hangouts …and thn enjoy for rest of the life… u..

      1. tank u so much feby drlng and guiding me for my studies i am preparring frm rd and pradeep both and dhi how to conect in hangouts are u talking about google and hangouts ? and dhi i am telling u shld also post ur ffs plzz do post ur stories i am very happy to meet ppl like dipika dhi rosie dhi and others tank u somuch for ur support feby darling actually u knw wat i am only child for my parents i miss the sibbling relationship but after meeting u ppl i am not missing it at all

      2. Its ok natasha…i felt soo good reading ur msg and tat u consider me as ur sis..and studies.. u can ask me any doubts dear..i enjoyed studying physics and favourites..and ya..its in hangouts tat tu frnds r togethr..ok..if u give me mail id i will ping u thr dear..and abt posting i dont thnk i can coz i am lik jumping frm city to native and native to city..coz of my admission and othr stuffs…and dear..use only one reference book…using two books at same time will cause stress..u atlast will not hav any satisfaction tat u completed anythng as the thngs mentioned in it r soo just use one..dont load up with soo much books..and ya..tu frnds r golden hearted..really… they inspire us a lot..and..i lovd the way u told me tat u got siblings here..ya..we wil b.. well…i hav an elder sis almost 9 years older than me..she is associate professor in engineering college..she is evrythbg for frnd, my mom, my mentor,evrythng..she is my backbone..i miss her a lot now..but still i am happy coz she still is wod me in my evrystep..and i got my younger sis too sis..ya.dont forget to give ur mail u…muahh..

      3. Dhi u told u ppl r in touch in hangouts is it tu one or gugle hangouts ?

      4. oh its gugl hangouts i dnt have my email id ( it sounds funny nah frm childhood i had a habit of submitting mummas or daddas email id ) mujhe kabhi zarurt hi nhi padi soooo i cant join u guyzzzzzzz abdluck ill give it u once ill get my own email id i cant giv my mummas for hangouts nah
        soo koi nhi ill text u in tis comment box only
        think mmz diff a story part 4 as our mode of communication tikhe
        u want to tell me anyting or i want to tell u anything we will inbox here
        dhi if u dnt mind tell me in which place do u stay ? i am jst asking u out of curiosity
        letme me tell u mine i stay in delhi recently we shifted here before tat i use to stay in hyd. actually i am a southindian i dnt like delhi at all in hyd i use to have soo many frnds in my locality but here all are bachcha party 5 – 6yrs age grp children i get bored soo i spend my free tym in mmz tu chalo i blabberd a lot dhi cya gn

    2. It’s all right dear……conc on ur studies……….I know how it is to be in 12th coz I just completed it………..I only have one thing to say lil sis………….don’t procrastinate…… your daily portions that day itself………..otherwise it will become very heavy……….I had this habit………due to God’s grace my percentage didn’t go very low………..which entrance r u taking ???????? med or engg ???????? whatever it is conc on both……..don’t waste a single second………….but enjoy 12th to the max…………………..coz its the last year teachers will nag you to study………………… u little one……………….TC…………….muah………….

      1. ok astha dhi i am preparing for engneering
        luv u dhi

      2. Lol…aastha .. true tat it was last year tat teachers nag us to study…hahaha..u know our class was called girls hostel with 36 girls and just 15 boys and all gents teachers..we used to b soo naughty tat v used to do lots of fun wid teachers..ya..enjoyed to everythng soooo badly..

      3. love u too little one……….

      4. feby drlng u knw wat in our class there are 22boys and 5 girls imagine aour situation in the class

      5. in my class there were only 14 girls and rest 34 wre boys…….

      6. atleast u were 14 nah imagine we were only we use adjust in 2benches

  10. Natz whats this dhamaka is four times today..back to back update..Sunday is reserved for you i guesd..cominh to epi..its marvelous my cute sis..Rasam revenge was superb..haha..bechare boyss hv to taste the spoil food..hahs..good one..looking for

    1. tank u so much dhi luv u tc muah

  11. no worries babes…After being engineer…try to write ff…okay…Insha Allah I am waiting for it…god may bless you and full fill all your wishes…All the best…I am waiting for next epic…This epic was amazing….love you…take care

    1. Tank u so much afa
      u bought a huge smile on my face dear
      luv u tc muah

  12. Loved it……

    1. tank u

  13. awesome episode….

    1. Tank u subha

  14. Awesome episode, loved it very very muchhhh. ..arneil teasing rasam…then rasam took revange that was really awesome. . .rads start working with arjun. …lovelyyyyyy. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads….muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

    1. Tank u roma luv u tc muah

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