MMZ a different story (part 2)

Hey ppl I hope u ppl liked my ff firstly I shld tank sammy a lot I posted my 1st ff in her comment box only tank u so much sammy and tanks to others also who commented for me ova there. And one thing I shld tell u ppl this is short one it end in very few episodes if anyone of u want to continue my ff they can do it bcz I am only prepared for 3 โ€“ 4 episode s I dnt mind if anyone will continue tis story in fact ill be very happy

Nw ill stop my self here happy reading guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Radhika reached Australia queens land here Arjun is in a hurry to reach airport actually he is already late as the flight frm india landed 10mins ago . Radhika was walking out of the airport to meet her dream bot and arjun is running towards the airport . In hurry they both dash each other and radhikas bag fall down she was abt to shout on arjun but he jst told her a small sorry and went to pick neil frm the airport .and radhikas bf Rahul came to pick her . ( I guess u guyzz thought arjun was her bf but no he is not rahul is her bf) Rahul and radhika were colg mates they luv each so she eloped frm her wedding to marry him in australia as he owns an IT company in australia . so she eloped to australia . after tat rahul and radhika left to rahuls house and arneil left to their house . After few days rahul and radhika decided to get engaged and this event is organized by arneils company this is their 2nd event so they were taking care of the arrangements personally instead of leaving it on the assistants.

The event took place wid out any problems under the supervision of arneil. We can say that the event took place ver smoothly under supervision everyone had praised them for their work . Finally all the guests left the hall nw its tym to settle the bills Arneil went to radhika to settle the bills she told that rahul went to see off his frnds near the car he will be back in 2mins so plz w8
So arneil were w8ing for time passed like tat they were w8ing for more than 30 minss arjun asked neil to leave as sam is alone in the home as per arjuns wrds neil left to home .
Arjun asked radhika letzz go parking ill finalize the bills there itself so ardhika left to the parking as soon as they left for parking ardhika so sumting which shocked them to the core radhika turned numb she was not in her sense even arjun was shocked to see that Rahul was caught romancing wid a girl

Radhika jst hugged arjun and cried tightly arjun lost his control tat how can he cheat girl so he gave left and r8 to rahul .

Rahul was abt to explain to radhika but she gave him tight slap told tat dnt show ur face to me . Then in anger rahul left her there in the hall itself now radhika lost her seneses completely she was cursing her self tat y did she elop frm her wedding if she would have listened to her uncles and aunts she wld have been happy by now .

Seeing the situation arjun also did not ask her for money he tried to console her .He offerd her lift ask her to tell her address tat he can drop her home safely. Radhika jst stood blank ova there Then took her to a coffee shp he asked her to jst relax and tell me the whole story . Then slowly radhika narrated him the whole story. Arjun asked her hw can she be so foolinsh tat she went against herfamily tat to for tis jerk.

Radhika started crying again she was cursing her fate.Arjun asked her to cum to his home but radhika was not ready accept his inivitation .
Arjun told her tat she can trust him bczz wid me even sisters stays then radhika got convinced and left wid him to his place but she was still in shock to divert her mind arjun kept on blabbering sumting but she was lost on her own thoughts. Finally they reached to arjuns place they reached to a big mansion radhika was shcked to see his house . then sam came running to her bro arjun she doesnโ€™t call him bhai she calls him aru she came running shouting aru aru in excitement but she was shcked to see radhika wid him. sSHe started scolding him tat hw can he bring his gf home wid out even telling her once .

she said aru I never knew u have a gf she started hitting him wid questions she was not even giving a chance to arjun to explain her the situation . Then neil came frm back and said let aru explain the situation . Then arjun started to narrate the story neil and sam were shocked. Then sam went running to radhika and jst gave tight hug to her and told tat donโ€™t scared we are wid u we will punish tat jerk together then neil gave her side hug and told tat donโ€™t get scared dear we r here . she said tank u neil . He jst smiled ruffled her hair asked Sammy to take her inside and let her frenshen up . A week passed on like tat then radhika adjusted in their house nycly sam became her bfff they were more like soul sis now she asked sam to help her in finding job so tat she can manage her expenses and shift to hostel continue her studies sam was not ready to accept her shifting plan then in the night while having dinner she told the same ting to arjun and neil due to radhokas behavior neil started call her chashni . he calls her chashni bczzz radhika prepared gula jamuns one day trio tasted them they luved them so nei started calling her chashni frm tat very movement arjun has few feelings for radhika . But he was scared to confess to her as he was not sure about her feelings towards arjun.

PRECAP: trios reaction on radhikas plan

Guyz I knw this is a very boring chapter chapter plzzz dnt curse mee and my ff will finish in other 2 to 3 epis if anyone want to continue it u guyzzz can continue tis jst plzz inbox me who want to continue tis.
Bye ppl and tank u so much for ur lvly comments

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  1. nice chapter ………………….

    1. tank u dear

  2. lol natasha…ek ka asar khatham nahi hua ki doosra bhi a gaya….grt…but y r u finishing it in 4 chappy itself..u continue na….wat r u doing??? well…it was awesome too….love u…muahhhh….

    1. feby darling actually i am in 12th standard r8 nw and tat to my subjects are pcm so its difficiult to write it regularly so i am tinking to complete it nxt 3 – 4 episodes srry for dissappointing u

      1. ya..i understand…more than anyone!!! sleeping for just 3-4 hours…being insomaniac… books around u all tv.. no hangouts wid frnds..and one grt challenge for me was my transfer in 12th.. moving on in new atmosphere!!my god!!!now free…got good results and waiting for admission…u r lucky atleast u got tu here tis time..i got and found tu whn in nov whn my pre boards started..and i became sooo close to all tat i cant expalin in words…rosie and abha di was my strongest support..god…horrible 12th class…..ya..u r not dissapointing me..u must work hard..u dont know??? supriya is also of ur age dear… and if u r preparing for engineering..dear plz study as if u r doing for entrance…plz..u might not know…entrance pressure will b bigger than anythng else..more than boards….and they will consider tat results too for admission…do well…study well…sometimes i feel like scolding all 12th ppl here…but as i know the pressure..i relax coz its a relaxation place too…but do well dear…love u….

      2. tank u so much feby dear

  3. Nice update.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. tank u

  4. Wow i loved it… update the next one soon…

    1. tank u
      sure darling

  5. Will u plzzz stop saying that this is boring???this something interesting…very well…this showed us that we should listen elders…very good concept…in my opinion u only u should continue it…take ur time,no problem but the thing is everyone thoughts are different…if u will continue it I will be happy…just my pov…

    1. hey Rosie dr..when will u update ur ff..waiting for that

      1. Ritu dear m waiting for ur update…lol…mine will be little late…sorry

  6. tank u so much dhi ok ill only try to continue dhiii but it will take sum tym
    luv u tc muah

  7. awesome dr..i loved it ..wanna punch that Rahul hard…waiting for nxt u ..take care and plz continue it..

    1. hohooo yeah we have to punch tat idiot

  8. Natasha my cute lil sis i never ever thought whn you said u can write such amazing story when u said you r searching for storyline.. honestly it is awesome n beautiful..i m upset with u..u didn’t told your di that u r going to post a story.. just kidding.. just reads both part in one go..really it is superb concept..Aradhika accidental meet, nesam accepting her as frnd n all is just i want you to continue this story for 300 epi…pls…done say that it is boring.. love you babe. stay blessed.. post nxt one soon.

    1. tank u so much dhi ur comment means alot to meee
      infact i was w8ing for ur comment dhi
      and i am really very sorry i cant continue it because i am in 12th na its difficult to manage both dhi sooooo i cant write more episodes and i dont want to be irregular while posting sooo ill end tis one soon and start a new one once iam free

      1. dipika dhi only 1mnth lefr for ur bday tis is my b day gift for u i am giving ot in advance
        hope u liked it

      2. you r in 12 th thn i can’t force you through i want to..but promise that you surely will continue aftr you will free..Eger to read

  9. Wo very interesting ff Natasha

    1. tank u dear

  10. Who said it boring, it’s actually interesting, hats off to you for coming up with a good story. Well done, waiting for the next update. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. tank u brin

  11. natasha….Please don’t end it please yaar….and who told it’s boring…epic was just amazing…love you lotzzzz…

    1. tank u afa but i am really very sorry i have to end it soory for dissapointing u

  12. Natasha darling its really nice ๐Ÿ™‚ not at all boring please continue ๐Ÿ™‚ loads of love ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. tank u gauri dhi

  13. Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thank u dear

  14. Natasha it was good …pls continue for atleasrt 10 chappy .. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. sorry dear i wrote tis ff for nly 5 episodes
      illl not end it completely nxt mnth ill post tis ff again if i am freeeeeeee

  15. Mindblowing dear…..

    1. tank u dear

  16. Nice update

    1. tank u so much

  17. awesome

    1. tank u soo much

  18. Hey dearrrr, Natasha it’s not boring at alll in fact very lovelyyyyyy. ..keep it up. ..we all r loving it…love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh. .. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. tank u roma
      luv u tc muah

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