MMZ a different story part 15


Hello guyzz srry for the late update I keep pestring other authors but u myself post the ffs once in a blue moon . happy independence everyone. Ill stop my blabbering here and let u all read the update

Happy reading everyone

The epidoe starts wid the couples entering the airport they unload their luggage frm the car they collect their boarding passess and will be w8ing in the w8ing area as their was still 20 mins for their boarding .

Meaninwhile sam keeps asking radhika abt inida hwz tat place is it really like hw they show it in movies .

Rads: yes sam

Neil:stop irritating us sam we will reach their by tomo n8 nw keep quite

Sam : hmm yeah I am excited

Arjun : guyzz its tym for us to board

Neil : haan haan cum lets go

Sam : hurry !!! finally am gng to india

Radhika : yeah finally ;(

Everyone were happy except radhika tey were sum un known fear in her she z jst pretending to smile but not smiling frm her heart . The past came in frnt pf her eyes while she was walking . Her parents death, hw her god parents took care of her ,hw she thought she fell in luv wid a jerk , hw he ditched her after cuming to australia

Arjun saw her and understood wat wass gng in her mind he jst squeezed her hand assuring tat everyting will be alr8 . sam gave an assuring smile to her while neil gave her an arm hug

Neil : chashni watsoever hpnds we all are wid u nah dnt get worried

Sam : haan u dnt knw abt my husband and my aru they are one man army for us

Rads laughed for sam’s dialouge


They boarded the plane it was 4 seater so both the couples sat in single row . Tey were searching for their seats meantime neil and sam are f8ing for the window seat

Neil : sammy lemme sit

Sam : idiot plzz u willtravel often then me nah lemme sit for nw

Neil : sammy I luv window seat

Sam : even I luv neil . i hate u neil u r not all caring u never try to adjust its mee who always adjust in tis relationship

Neil : xcusme me sammy tis is the 1st tym we are f8ing after our mrg frm where this’’everytym ‘’ came in btw

Sammy : we never fought bcz I always adjust ok

Neil : oh plz sammy stop acting ur such a fightercock

Sammy : shut up idiot ( wid angry face )

Neil : ok I dn want to argue wod u u only sit

Sammy : yeah ill only sit

Sam neil radhika and arjun sat in a row

(Actually me and my cousins f8 for the window seat in the plane and being the younger one I always win but srsly wen we are tavelling in a plane and dnt get a window seat I feel like jumpin frm the plane I prefer only window seat while traveeling in a plane)

Sam sat wid pout on her face


Sam: shut up dnt talk to me

Neil : baby srry nah

Sam gave neil one cold glare

Sam : u said I am a f8er neil

Neil : baby srry nah I am such an idiot

Sam : yes u are ok for nw I am xcusing u

Neil : tank u sammy and kissed her on her cheek

Mean tym ardhika were jst observing them

Rads : arjun dnt u think we are taking 2 kids wid us

Arjun : yeah they both are kids see hw they are f8ing for a seat

Rads : they are so cute together nah

Arjun : yeah afterall shez my sister

Rads : xcusme me MR mehra its my bro who handled the situation properlly

Arjun : oh plzz he was the who started to f8 wid my sista

Rads : no my bro didn’t start

Nw arjun and radhika started f8ing defending neil and sam they both realised wat they were dng and laughed till their stomachs pained

The plane took off sam leaned on neils shoulder and fell asleep while
radhika slept on another shoulder off neil .

Neil jst smiled at his position one side his sister and the other side his wife slept . while arjun slept holdind radhikas hand

Neil also slept off in tat positon

They woke up wen the air hostess came wid their food packets

Arjun was the qst one to wake up he woke 3 of them and gave tem their fud trays

Arjun : guyxx get up and have fud

Tey all had their fud and dozed off again

Nxt day they landed in india

Sammy : omg I cant believe I am in india (she was jumping around )

Neil : sammy stop jumping like a kid u will hurt ur self

Arjun : baby controll nah we have 1 full mnth to raom aroud

Rads : lets collect pur luggage

They collected their luggage

There was a person w8ing wod name board near the entrance gate holdind a name board mr and mrs mehra and mr andmrs malhotra

They headed towards him

Receiver : helllo sir hello ma’am I am Teja ur manager

Arjun : hello mr tejs meet my BIL neil my wife radhika and my sister sam

Teja : sir a car is w8ing for us lets move

Teja : lemme brief u the plan sir me and my assisstant will help u out in visiting the places sir we have arranged everyting as per ur requirements

As ur plan is for 2 days 1 st we will reach ur hotel u can rest for sum 2-3 hrs then illl show u the local places like charminar ,cyber towers ,golconda fort and sumtym for shpng is also alloted

Tmrw we will visit ramoji film city as it will take one complete day t visit it

Teja : by the way meet my assisstant priya

Priya : hello everyne I am priya

Everyone greeted her wid a gr8 smile

Mean while tey reached their hotel

Sam and radhika started clicjking their pics

They checked inn and went to their respective rooms they freshed up and came and gathered for breakfast .

Guyzz ik its short update but I cld manage to giv tis only I am reallly srry for tis pacca nxt update will be a bigger one and ik I wrote a very stupid update I dnt want to post tis one also plzz bare tis my story and tanks for reading plzz dnt forget to comment

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