MMZ a different story part 14 ( return gift )


Hi guyzz I am back wid another update actually I am free now a days daily not wid studies but yeah .My english isnt cuming frm last 1 week so we are gng to computerlab in her period so I am getting ample of time to write my ffs I jst hope she doesn’t cum back so tat I can write ff and post it regularly but the sad part shez gonna cum on tis Friday I wish tis Friday never cums . and tis is a small return gift frm my sode to all of u u ppl made my bday ver very spl tanks a lot for tat and I luv u all tis is the most memorable b day for me
Nw ill stop my nonsense here
All three couples reached to the hotel went to their rooms refreshed and came out wid their bags they had lunch and checked out their rooms and left to their house
Zubin and krithika also accompanied to them to their house
Prerna and nandu were w8ing for them in the entrance of their house they asked them to perform all the rituals which a new bahu will perform before cuming to the house . then they entred the house by kicking the rice kalaash .
Prerna and nandu and asked them to make sumting for them has they shld cook sumting as a shagun .
So sam and radhika decided to make payasam together
They served the payasam to everyone . As usual there food tasted awesum. Eleders blessed them .
Raghu : beta its tym for nek
Rajiv : remove 2 envlops frm his pockets he gifter sam and money shpng coupons
Raghu : he also gave vouchers to them and asked select wat kind of interior they need for theor bedroom
Nandu : she gave jewellery boxes to sam and nandini
Prerna : she also gifted jewellery to them
Radhika nd sam : tank u everyone
Everyone sat in the living room they were njoying talking wid eachother they were having perfect family tym
Nandu : so zubin wen are u getting married
Zubin : aunty u got 2 bahus not enough ah y do u want to get tis junglee to the house
Krithika : haan aunty zubin thinks I am junglee nah so I am tinking to break up wid him
Zubin : baby sorry I jst said it for fun
Krithika : but I m serious zubbu
Prerna : u too are really kids u both will never change
Ok so wat u all planned for ur cocktail party
Zubin : everyting is arranged aunty. Its jst they have to decide their costumes
Nandu : dnt take tension kushboo is gonna get few designs to ur house krithi sam and radhika will select their dresses
Krithi : aunty y to do all these I already have few gowns ill wear sumting frm tat
Prerna : we jst dnt consider zubin as our son we mean it
Nandu : hw can I ask my choti bahu to wear an old dress on such a big occasion so keep quite and choose ok
Krithi : tank so much aunty
She went and hugged both prerna and nandini and they to reciprocated the same

In mean time kushboo came she brought many designs wid her for boys as well as girls
Kushboo : I bought very selcted once and these are sply designer for u ppl u jst try them if any alteration are to be dne plz inform me
Sam : ok
Rads : ok
Krithi : ok
Kushboo handed a purlpe gown to radhika , peech to sam , darkgreen to krithi
The girls went and tried those outfits .
Asusual the boys were blown away by the beauty they forgot there senses wen the girls came out to show there outfits nandu and prerna liked those outfits so those gowns were finalized for the girls nw its tym for boys
She handed almost same shade 3 piece sets to boys there blazers were made up of velvet material which gave a royal look to them
Snuff color purple blazer for arjun
Darkgreen for zubin and brownish peech colour for neil
These were matching to the girls dresses
The boys wore them they were luking like pg 3 models in those suits there dresses were also finalized .
Everone went to their rooms for n8 asual radhika dn sam were abt to go to their rooms.
Prerna : darling I think u forgot both are married lemme remind u
Sam : oops srry ma I forgot
Rads : me to mom
Prerna : its k beta go fastly
Rads and sam went to their rooms took changed into their n8 clothes went to arneils rooms

Ardhikas room
Arjun was standing in the balcony radhika entered the room and went to arjun and hugged him frm behind arjun pulled frnt and both jst stood there like tat in tat postion and were leaving the moment
Rads : arjun I love u
Arjun : I love u too radhu
He kissed her hands
Ok nw lets decide sumting abt the room interior I dnt us f8 infront of the designer for silly tings
Rads : oh yeah
Arjun : wat will be the theme of our room
Rads : ;ets keep it classy or funky or french
Arjun : hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I am not sure y dnt we make a fusion kind of thing
Rads : lets have a fusion of colors like black white and grey
Arjun : ok but we will loose wooden furniture it wil luk diff
Rads: ok but dnt u tink it will becum too boring is its black white and grey
Arjun : yeah lets add sum colors to it
Rads ; yeah
Arjun : ok nw its late tmrw we will decide after designer cums nw lets go and sleep
Arjunand radhika went to bed they both hugged each other and slept
Nesams room
Neil : sammy 1st let us decide our bedroom seeing few designs frm internet or else we will f8 like to and jerry infront of all
Sam : yeah idiot even I was tinking the same
Neil : so lets keep our room with brown and wooden furniture
Sam : no it sld be colorfull jst like us
Neil : point eh as we are colourfull our room also shld be colourfull
Sam : Neil I knw wat we want

Ok show

Sam : hwz it
Neil : its gud but dnt u tink its too loud
Sam : yeah
Neil :lemme see

Neil : hwz tis
Sam its gud I liked it
Lets finalize tis but we will add summore ting to it like our studytable a couch and all after the desinger cums
Nel : as u wish and gud n8 sweet heart tmrw we have a big party lets rest nw
Nxt day mrng the couples woke there day was normal all of them had lunch and the desinger came the finalized the rooms wid her
They wen completley diff wid wat they have decided yesterday n8

Tis is nesams room

Tis is ardhikas room
They were happy wid the designs
Nw it was afternoon all the girls and boys went to get ready fot the cocktail in the evng
By evng 7 they came out well dressed complimented each other luks
They wished their parents and went to the party
Tis is the most happening party in the town all celebraties many media ppl came to the party
Ardhika and nesam posed in front of the media radhika was a nervous for all this but arjun made her comfort
They gave a small interview to the media ppl
Then famous ppl came to wish the couples gud luck many arjuns and neils frnds came sams frnds came very few fnds of radhika also came tey all njoying the party
Music was loud ppl were drinking and having fun the played truth or dare the party was on full swing .
Nw it was tym for a couple dance all the couples were gathered on the dance floor
Raabta song was played ardhika nesam and zukri were centre of the attraction of the dance floor
They danced ver gracefully . nw the coulle dance tym was finished nw dj played sum random dance numbers it included bith hindi and english everyone were tired by dancing the party went like tat till midn8 2 o clock slowly evreyone wished arhik and nesam and sarted dispersing frm the party
At last only ardhika and nesam were left in the hall
After that tey also left to their house
Nandu and prerna were shcked seeing them like tat they went like models and cameback like junglee ppl arjun removed his blazer neil untucked his shirrt
Sam tied her hair into a a messy bun and radhika removed her heels and caught tem in her hands.
After tat the couples went to deep slumber they woke up late nxt day mrnd radhika woke up sum where around 10 sam at 11 arjun and neil slept till 12 ;30
Radhika apologies them for yesterdayn8 nandini said its k but y are u saying sorry u were not drunk also nah
Rads : but still maa we were late nah
Prerna : stop it baby tis is common dnt behave like a typical bahu even we to njoyed like tis in our days
Sam also joined them ladies were njoying there girl time sitting and discussing abt some random tings
In the mean time all the men got up 1st arjuns father woke up and came to the living room
Raghu : hi ladies wat r u goddiping mrng mrng
Prerna : bhai its not mrng its afternoon nw
Raghu : oh I had a long nap then where is rajiv ?
Nandini : rajiv didn’t wake up yet
Prerna : hez becum sucha lazy head nw a days I think I shld becum old ans strict prerna wid him
Rajiv : no dear no need to becum I woke up
Nandu : our kids got married nw but still u did not stop ur nokhjok
Everyone laughed at it
Prerna : I guess nw we have to wake arjun and neil its afternnon nw
Nandu : yeah they shld sumting nah
Prerna : sam and radhu go wake them up nah
Sam : ok mom
Radhu : ok ma
Ardhikas room
Radhika entered the room she saw him sleeping like a kid is mouth was open and was sleeping on his stomach
Radhika slowly went near arjun and was tring to wake him up but arjn was like radhu plzzz 5 mins more
Radhika : arjun its 12;30 nw get up have sumting and sleep nah
Arjun woke up wid a jerk
Arjun : u shld have woke me up nah
Radhika : u were tired yesterday so I thought of letting u sleep
Arjun : hoo wow lvly caring wife ah
Radhika : nw put a break in ur mind I knw wats gng in it u will not get anyting go get ready fastly all are w8ing for u
Arjun : hw mean and by the tell me wats gng in my mind nah ( with a smirk on his face )
Rads : arjuunnnnnnn ( with a glare )
Arjun : do u tink Ill get scared of ur cold look

Rads : yeah y wont u get scared
Arjun was walking towards radhika and radhika was walking back
Arjun : oh really ( with a smirk )
Rads : yeah
Arjun pinned her to the wall
Rads : arjun plzzz
Arjun : lemme punish u for u angry stare
Rads : dnt u dare touch me before u brush up ill kick ur a**
Arjun : radhu is tis u takling very boldly
Rads : yes its me ( with attitude on her face )
Arjun : then I shld really get scared of u
Rads : arjun ( wid a smile )
Arjun : dnt call me tat cutely I cant controll my self
Rads : nw plzz go and freshen up and cum nah plzzzzzzzzzz
Arjun : ok baba I am gng
Rads : gud and she gave him a peck on his cheek
Arjun went to freshen up in the mean time rads was packing their bag . Shez confused wat to pack and wat not to and moreover nandini asked her pack arjuns bag also.
In the mean time arjun came out of the washroom
Rads : arjun tell me wat all are imp stuff for u so tat ill pack them
Arjun said wat all he needed
Arjun : radhu shall I help u
Rads : tank god u asked me I was abt to ask ur help only plzz select which all clothes u want to carry to india
Arjun : yep
Atlast they both packed their bags and were romancing each other
Nesams room
Sam : idiot get up nah its afternoon nw
Neil : sammy 5 mins plzzzzzzzz
Sam : idiot plz get up nah we have to pack our bags also we have leave for an early mrng flight tmrrw
Neil slwly waking up
Neil : yeah I forgot abt it jst gimme 5 mins ill freshen up and cum
Sam : gus I thought u will trouble me a lot for getting up but u made it easy
He pecked her on her forehead and went to bath
Sam smiled at him and she went to her room to get the stuff frm her room
Sam bought her stuff and kept on their bed and started romoving neils stuff also
Neil came out
Neil : sammy we will pack together w8
Sam : oh yes
They both packed their bags and leaving no chance to romance while packing
After packing both the couples came to the living room
Nandu : finally u both woke up
Neil : yes mom finally
Arjun jst smiled
Rajiv so guyzz which all places u included in ur trip
So tat ill arrange everyting according to it
Neil : I dnt have any idea chashni shld suggest us bczz she knw abt india better than us
Rads : ok tell me wat kind of places u wanna visit and hw long our trip is
Arjun : 1 mnth
Sam : wow 1 mnth
Neil : yeah 1 mnth
Rads : then we will land in hyderabad nah
1 we will stay in hyd for 2 days and visit ramoji flimcity famous ammusement park in asia
2 then we will go to mysore for we will say for 1 day there we will see the mysore palace
frm there we will go to mumbai stay there for 1 week visit all the near by places
mahabaleshwar lonavala and shirdhi ( there sai baba temple is their its world famous nah

3 . frm there to delhi 2 days we will visit all local places there
4 Then 1 day in agra
5 Back to delhi
6 Frm there we will fly to rishikesh stay thee for 5 days it will include places like haridwar dehradun and mussorie we can visit these places in 3 days they all near by only
7 Then to sammys dream place shimla we will stay there for 3 days
8 Then to kullu manali 4 days
9 Again back to delhi we can stay there for 2 –3 days shop suting and fly back to australia
Hwz the plan
Arjun : I am ok wid the places
Neil : mee too excited to have hyd biryani
Sam : wow I browsed all thise places they are very beautifull
Even I am ok wid the list
Rads : so plan final
Raghu : dnt take tension abt booking and all I ll get it dne I have very dear frnd of mine jst email ur plan to me ill forward it to him he will do the buking acc to ur plan and arrange the cabs for u
Arjun : ok dad
Neil : sure papa
They all had lunch sat and chitchatted for a while
Nandu : dnt forget to get hyd pearl sets for me and prerna they are world famous
Rads : not only hyd pearl sets ma ill get all famous thing frm there
Sam : yes mom

Nw it was time fpr the couples to catch their flight
They went to their rooms dressed up and came and left for the airport wishing their parents

Precap : their plane journey and landing in hyd

Tats it for today

Credit to: natasha nitu

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