MMZ a different story part 13


Hello guyzz I am back wid another update

Happy birthday sammy this episode is a small gft frm my side I hope u will like it
And yeah tis 24th its my b day so even I am asking u a b day gift u shld post a big epsidoe of

The episode starts wid everone leaving to their room ardhika and rasam getting nervous

Arjun and neil forwarded there hands to rasam the girls smilingly gave there hands their husbands
While walking to their rooms the couples didn’t talk anyitng wid each other they were jst silently walking . After reaching there rooms they wished each other gudn8 and entred into the rooms .


The room was decorated beautifully ( I donno hw to describe the room guyzz u jst imagine and I am very bad in writing wen it cums to romance )

Sam was spell boung seeing the room and there was card kept on the cofee table of the room

Its written congrats MR annd MRS .MALHOTRA

Sam had an unknwn smile seeing tat

She thought to her self frm today she is mrs. Sam neil malhotra she isnt miss samira mehra anymore

Neil observed sam seeing the card and smiling and asked sammy did u like ur new name

Sam : haan mr malhotra I liked it

Neil came and hugged her frm behind

Neil : wen did idiot turn into mr malhotra sammy

Sam: ur my hubby nw so hw can I call u idiot Ill call u suniye ji ( she was teasing neil )

Neil : sammy are u serious

Sam : haan ji

Neil : sammy plz dnt behave like a daily soap bahu . u call me neil or wid any stupid name which
cums into ur mind

Sam : neil ji is ok nah ( she said wid a naughty smile )

Neil understood shez teasing him

Neil : haan ji samaira ji I am ok wid neil ji

Sam and neil looked at each other started laughing

Neil : sammy u became very naughty shld teach u a lesson nw which u’ll remember forever nw

Sam nei…………l

Before she cld say neil he lifer her in a bridal style and placed her on the bed

He placed her on the bed gently and he came over her and said

Neil : nw tell me wats my name

sam : idiot

Neil : wats ur name sam

Sam : (she was feeling shy ) samira neil malhotra

Neil kissed her on her fore head and they consumated their mrg and sam surrendred herself to neil completely
The l8’s of their room were turned off

Ardhikas room

Arjun and radhika both entred the room together . they both were spell bound seeing the arrangements of their room it was simple but it was luking beautifull

Radhika was a bit nervous arjun observed tis and went to radhika

Arjun : radhika are u alr8

Radhika : yeah arjun I am alr8

Arjun : I luv u radhika

Radhika : luv u tooo arjun

Radhika came and hugged arjun tightly . He pecked her n her fore head and said I luv u radhika I
luv u for eternity

The couple had a liplock then arjun lifted her in a bridal style and placed her on the bed

Radhika pecked him on his cheek wen he lifted

Arjun : are u ready mrs mehra

Radhika : yes mr mehra

Then he placed gently on the bed and the couple consumated there mrg

Both the couples consumated there mrgs .

Nxt day mrng

It was around 7 o clock

Ardhikas room

Radhika woke up frm sleep

She found herself in arjuns arms she bllushed tinking abt the n8 . she felt very shy remebring abt her last n8

She ten slowly made her way frm arjuns arms she went to take the shower she took shower and came out .

She was dressed in a yellow color lng skirt and a pink color sleeveless top

She dressed and sat next to arjun to wake him up

Radhika : mr husband plzz get its already 8 o clock

Arjun pulled her by her waist

Arjun : lemme sleep whole n8 u did not lemme sleep biwiji

Radhika : wat do u mean ur were the one ok and even I didn’t sleep wid u nah nw be a gud boy go
freshen up and cum

Arjun was still twisting and turing on the bed . nw radhika gave him a serious look and arjun got up immdediately and ran into washroom to take shower.arjun took shower and came out by tieing is towel.And he saw tat radhika was settinh his clothes. He came and hugged her frm behind .

Radhika : arjun leave me dnt u have shame mrng mrng u started again.

Arjun : shame ! FOR WAT I AM jst luving my wife is tat is considered as shameless ness then yes I am shamless

Radhika : ur impossible nw dress up ill be w8ing

Arjun : ok sweetheart

After 20 mins came out wearing a ripped jeans and green t shirt

Radhika was shcked seeing his looks for a min she felt very proud tat arjun is hers she is very lucky to have a handsome husband like him.

Arjun : radhu stop checking ne out ok I am all urs I will not run away anywhere

Radhika jst smiled at arjuns commments

Arjun : radhika I guess u have to use a neck poiece or sum scarf to cover the mark which is on ur neck

Radhika : oh shit arjun y did u do tat on a visible region nw I have to cover tis .if neil sam zubin or

karthika watches it te will not stop teasing me

Arjun : arey baba tats y I am asking u to cover nah .

Radhika : I knw stop saying wat to do

Radhika took out a yellow scarf frm her bag she wore it to cover the luv bite which arjun gave to her

Arjun : nw its not visible radhu

Radhika ; I knw
Ok lets wake up those sleepy heads call them for bf ask them to get ready in 1 hr and cum

Nesams room

Sam woke up sumwhere around 6;30 am usually sam is a bit lazy but today she wanted to get up early as her frnds will tease her abt the n8 so she already set an alarm in her mobile before she sleep

Ten she noticed she was sleeping wid neil she recollected her n8 and she blushed like a rose recollection there consumation she tried to get up frm the bed but she found an havy w8 on her stomach it was neils hand

She slowly got up frm the bed went to washroom took a shower and changed into a plazo and a high neck kurti

She also wore heavy jhumkas which were matching her outfit .
Then she went to wake up neil .

Neil like a gud boy woke up as soon as sam woke him up but he was very lazy to go and take
shower he was finiding all the reasons to delay the shower but still sam was not ready to get convinced she send him forcefull into the bathroom .

Neil came out after 20 mins he came out in towel sam . sam turned back seeing neil in the towel

Neil smirked at sam

Neil : y are feeling shy sam yestsern8 we removed all the barriers between us nah stilll ur feeling
shy to see me in an towel

Sam : jst shutup neil put ur clothes fastly

Neil : yeah

But he came frm back hugged her and gave her a peck on her lips and then went to dress up.

After 20 mins neil came out wearing jeans and a lemon yellow t shirt

In mean time sam called radhika to call her for bf while radhika called karthika and sam called zubin for bf

They all met for bf sumwhere around 9’o’clock

1st ardhika came and they were w8ing near table then nesam joined them the couples gave greeitng to each other

Neil : mr and mrs mehra

Sam hit him on his shoulder

Sam : gm chashni gm aru

Radhika : gm sam gm neilu

Arjun : yeah a very gm mr and mrs malhotra

Everyone laughed at that they occupied the table and they were w8ing for zubin and karthika

But they were late yesterday whole n8 they were sitting in lawn holding each others hands and were talking

Thwy went to there rooms sum where around 5o clock in the mrng and took a very short nap .

Zubins eyes were literally red in colour they both also came joine them

Zubin nd karthika wishd everyone and sat for the breakfast . there bf arrived at the table they all were njoying the bf

Karthika : radhu and sam wow ur faces are glowing wid out facials re

Zubin arjun and neil laughed at it while sam and radhika blushed even more

Radhu : I knw we are glowing but tell me y u and zubin are luking tiered u both did not get up till we wake u up

Sam : very bad karthika

We are married but u both ah u cld not w8 untill ur mrg also

Zubin : sammy stop it ya u girls stop pulling each ohers legs we were late bcz yesterday n8 we both went were sittinng n the lawn as cool was there to take fresh air sat ntg hpnd as such

Sam : hmmm lawn, cool breeze not bad ah zubin

Radhika : yeah not bad

Arjun : soo if ur dne pullling each others legs listen to us

Neil : o guyzz we will leave as soon as we have lunch. So will reach hme bye evng nnd sam and
chashn will perform sum rituals there mum said

Zubin : guyzz I invited all our frnds to the cocktail

Neil ; tanks a lot bhai u helped us a lot

Zubin : stop it yaar neil

Arjun : so wat will we do till afternoon there is a lot of time for luch nw

Sam : yeah wat shall we do

krithika : I heard there is sum flower garden near by y dnt we go there

Neil : yeah lets go there

Radhika : ok

Zubin : ok chalo then lets make a move
After sum 30 mins they reached the flower garden

They njoyed eatching the flowers there . girls were running around boyss were shocked seeing there lady loves as kids

They were giving weired poses for selfies and few normal pics and zubin became there photographer .

Then slowly they divided into couples


Arjun took her behind sum pillar and started romancing her

Rads : arjun stop it nah not nw if they will see we both are dead

Arjun : no one will watch us radhika as hey themselves are busy in pampering there ppartner s

He shows her nesam who are stiing on a bench and sam resting on neils shoulder and zubin nd krithika who were lost in each other eyes

Radhika : hmmmmmmm nw stop wasting ur time in staring me and give me a gud kiss

Arjun : u became very bold after our mrg ah

Arjun kissed radhika it was a soft and beautifull kiss which has only luv


Neil and sam were sitting on the bench sam was resting her head on neils shoulder and catching
each others hands

They were sitting and talking wid each other

They were discussing tat hw to change the interior of the house . maily sam was exlpaing him hw there bedroom shld be .

Zubin and krithika were lost in each other they were jst staring each other there silence is taking a lot

The scree freezes on zubin and karthika

Precap : couples reaching there house , gruhapravesh of rasam , and cocktail party

Credit to: natasha ( nitu)

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