MMZ a different story part 12


Hello guyzz I am back wid another update may it will be short one and I donno wen I will post the nxt update . and tank u for ur lvly comments and nowadays tu troubling us a lot nah
Ok ill stop my self here is the nxt update.
The epsiode starts wid radhika and sam getting ready in radhikas room nandini and prerna are helping them in getting ready . Radhika got tears frm her eyes she wished her mum was near her as it is a very big day in her life. Nandini noticed radhika and asked her
Nandini : wat is the prob beta
Radhika : ntg ma
Nandini : u call me nah ten tell me at is troubling u
Rads : I miss my mum today
In my child mum use to always say tat hw she will get me ready on my wedding day
I jst remebred those moments wid her
Nandini : dnt wrry beta I am sure ur mum will be happy seeing u in tis bridal attire
Radhika : yes ma ( she smiled )
Nandini : u look like an angel beta I am proud of my bahus looks ( she kept kala teekha behind radhika neck and she pecked her fore head )
¬ Prerna : my bahu is also not less nandu
Nandini yes both are dils are luking like angels I am sure our sons will faint seeing their beauty
Prerna : yeah nandu donno wat will hpnd to neil and arjun after seeing radhu and sam
Sam and radhika were blushing listenig to theil MILS comments
Nandinia and prerna also got ready quickly and came out
Radhika : nandu ma nd prerna ma u both are bot luking less ah I must say u both are giving competion for us
Sam : donno wat will hpn to dad and papa I hope they wont faint seeing their beauty
Nw lets have a luk in boys room
Neil : abey arjun ye sherwani itna uncomfortable kyun hey ( y tis sherwani is very uncomfortable )
Arjun : abey hw will I knw ur asking as if I wear it everyday
Neil : haan point hey hw will u knw
Arjun : watever it is we have to carry it till evng so we have make sure we r comfortable or else girls will pull our legs
Neil : yeah
Arjun : neil I have talk to u
Neil : yep bolo
Arjun : dnt mind I am saying like tis I knw u will take care of my princess but still I am saying tis
Plzz rc of her re sjez very delicate never ever hurt her she will be broken
Neil : yeah arjun I promise u I will tc of sammy and wat rubbish ur talking we three are grown up together I knw abt her and I my dreams also I cant her
Arjun : yeah but still felt like saying so I said
Neil : dnt forget chashni is my sister I knw her fmr past 1 yr only but still I consider her as my sis of u hurt her nah I lll make u blue and black tc of her
Arjun : haan baba ill tc of her nw we will stop tis sentimental drama and call ma she has to tie the pagdi
Nandu and prerna
nandu : no need to call us we are already here beta
Prerna : cum sit fastly we will tie after tat we have a small ritual
Prerna and nandu tied the pagdi to neil and arjun
Prerna : I donno wen u grew up tis big I still remember u as a little angle who came into life to fill it wid colors
Neil jst smiled at his mum and pecked her on her forehead
Nandu : beta I donno wen u grew tis big though I did not carry u in my womb but u never make me feel like tat u liked me like ur own mum and always u were a gud son I hope u will be a gud husband to

arjun : dnt ever say ur my step mum I hate hear tat u never showed diff in ur luv for me and sam infact u pamper me more than sam I am happy and feel lucky tat u came into my life and I luv u mum
prerna : okok nw enough of our mother and son sentiment nw its tym for ritual actually sisters do tilak before before the mrg so call nd sam and radhika down tey will do arh=jun and neils tilak

nadnu : sam and radhika cum down u shld do tilak for arjun and neil

they both came down actually they were a bit nervous also to face neil and arjun
neil and arjun were lost in their beauty
prerna : see I told u knw my sons will forget everyting seeing their beauty
nandu : haan prerna they are not in there senses
prerna : my dear sons stop staring them there all urs after mrg nw plz perform the rituals so tat u can get married
boys feel little embarrased
girls feel shy
nandu : neil beta and arjun both of u sit sam and radhika will do tilak
sam : sit down aru u shld give me gud nek ok
arjun : haan baba ill giv u
radhika felt very blessed tat neil not only call her as his sister but considers her also
neil : chashni wat do u want in nek
rad : wat can I ask u more neilu I am overwhelmed wid ur luv u really consider me as u r own sister tat is enough for me

neil : chashni I told u already dnt talk like an outsider ur my family
prerna : haaan beta I dnt have daughter sam full filled tat place and nw u also came joined as sam became my dil nw
rads : tank u ma
nandu : nw do tilak we are getting late
sam and radhika do neil and arjuns tilak
boys gift them chains
geils like those chain
arjun pecks sams forehead while neil pecks radhikas
raghu and rajiv came frm outside
raghu : prerna and nandini all arrangementa are dne in the temple nw let s start or it will get late
rajiv : arey raghu w8 let us see our sons and daughter hw ttey are luking
raghu and rajiv feel very happy seeing there sons and daughter in theor wedding tey bless them and warn there sons to tc of their angels as they are very delicate
nandu: ok nw lets start

arjun sam nandini and raghu in 1 car

neil radhika prerna and rajiv in another car
thy reached the destination after 1 hr of driving

zubinand kartika were w8ing for them in the temple
both the families got down in front of the temple

zubin hugged nesam ans ardhika and wished them and complimented rasam that they are luking beautifull

radhika was shocked seeing karthika there karthika was radhikas cousin actually she was her mums relative so she was not in tat touch wid her mums side relatives as she was staying wid her dads bro and wife after her parents death .
she met her 2 yrs back in one of her ciusins mrg after tat after he didn’t meet her she only knew she left abroad as she got a job offer there didn’t get exact details of her like tat slowly they lost contach wid each other
radhika and karthika were shcked seeing each other karthika ran and hugged radhika tightly

karthika : radhu hw cum u in australia tat to in bridal wear where are badepapa and badimaaa

radhu : I left tat house and came to ausrtllia ree tats lng story ill tell u afterwords tell me how a u

karthika : I am fyn

everyone were shocked seeing them both they were not understaning anyting
then karthika noticed everyones faces and said tat we both are cousins an narratted tem everyting

radhikas I s happy as sumone frm her family
everyone felt happy zubin also felt very happpy nw his frndship wid arneil turned into a relation

nandini : ok nw lets start the marg or else muhurat nikaljayegi

they started performin g the mrg rituals
( guyzz I donno anyting abt mrg so I cant describe ant it at all )

Prerna nad rajiv does adhikas kanyadhaan while nandini and raghu does sams kanyadaan

Then neil and arjun put vermillon in rasams maang

Then get up for their pheras

After pheras panditji anounces them as man and wife

They took elders blessings

Zubin and karthika gifted them honeymoon suite passes for their 1st n8

Rasam blushed seeing there gifts while boys felt very happy.

Zubin : go guyzz njoy ur n8

Arneil gave them a death glare

Zubin : And we have arranged dinner also there we all will have dinner together then u guyzz can stay there 2n8 and we will leave

Nandu : very sweet of u beta

Prerna : haan beta tank u so much for the dinner

Zubin : aunty stop tis formaltis nw we are relatives and u always considered as ur son nw u tis formaloties

Karthika : haan chalo chalo I am very hungry

Raghu : ok lets move

After a gud 2 hrs journey they reached the hotel teji booked 2 extra rums so tat they can freshen up and have dinner

Nandini prerna and raghu rajiv said tat they will freshenup after gng to hme as they are not heavily dressed

Arneil went into 1 room and changed while teji was pulling there leg abt n8

Arneil giving him death glares

Rasam changing in one room and karthika is helping them in the meantime sam was narrating the whole story to karthika

Karthika got tears she jst went and hugged radhika tightly

And said u went through a lot radhu but dnt wrry ur in safe hands nw arjun sam and neil are very good

Sam : lets stop talking abt past lets go and have dinner fastly I am hungry
Karthika : sumone is very excited for their n8 radhu

Sam : karthika aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Karthika : haan sam mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Radhu: u both are dne nw lets go

They all gathered near the dining table

They all were seated and waiters were serving fud to them
All were enjoying the dinner

Raghu felt very happy seeing his whole family happy got happy tears frm his eyes

Even rajiv also he was silently blessing his kids to be happy always
There dinner was finished

Nandu : ok guyzz its time for us to leave u guyzz cum by tmrw e vng sam and radhika have to
perform sum small puja

Prerna : bye beta tc and gud n8

Raghu : beta njoy ( wid a wink ) gud n8
Rajiv : gud n8 hugged both neil and arjun

Elders left
Zubin: guyzz even we will nw I have to drop karthika in her room also

Neil : but its late nw u ppl also stay here

Zubin : duffer u r couples r8 nw u are married it doent mean everyine are married here hw can we both stay together tat in a hotel if I ask karthika she will kick me

Arjun : stay in diff rooms
Zubin : w8 ill inform her and cum

In the mean time neil went to buk rooms for karthika nd zubin
Karthika sam and radds were sitting and chitchatting they were njoying wid each other

Zubin : baby we will stay here 2n8
Karthika : but hw can we

Zubin : arey we will stay in diff rooms nah
K : then ok

Arjun : guyzz rooms are ready

All wished each other and left for the n8
But rasam were completely nervous there heartbeats were racing they cld not make eye contact wid arneil

Arneil understood there girls nd thought of making them comfortable

Tats it for 2day luv u all I hope u guyzz will like my epi

Credit to: natasha ( nitu)

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