MMZ a different story part 11


Hello guyzz tanks for ur lvly comments and tanks for accepting my ff thought it was a boring episode u guyzz made me feel spl by ur comments tank u so much for ur luv and affection guyzz

Nxt day everyone woke up they all were ready and w8ing for panitji in the living room. In the mean time cook came to call them for breakfast.

Everyone went to dining hall had their break fast smiling and gigling with each other .

Then neil and sam signalled each other to start the conversation.

Sam : mom, dad, mainly chashni and arjun, ma and papa

I have to tell u guyzz sumting I am not forcing u guyz to accept me decission but this jst a small request frm me and neil if u ppl dnt have any prob then we can follow it

Rads : wat u want to say sammy.

Sam : chashni I was tinnking y dnt we have a simple wedding bcz we waste lakhs of money for one n8.

Instead of that y dnt we have a small wedding and giv a cocktail party to all the frnds . and instead
of gng for a grand wedding we can donate that amount in sum orphanage many children will get new life wid wat we spend in n8

Rads (got up frm her chair ) everyone were shcked seeing radhikas reaction

Rads : I luved ur idea sam I never thought like tis tats y I luv u soo much

Arjun : nyc idea baby I never knew my princess grew this big she turned out to be a mature girl luv u baby

Nandini prerna and raghu rajiv were also happy wid tis decission they were happy tat there children turned out to very sensibile and mature

Prerna : we dnt have any prob guyzz and actually we never thought of it . we will use tis wedding money to construct an orphanage in india .

Ardhika and nesam were very happy bcz they are becuming the reason for a noble cause

But all the credit goes to sam. She was the one who got tis idea and convinced everyone easily .

In the mean time panditji arrived

Panditji : namaste malhotra ji namaste mehra saahb

Raghu : namaste ji plz have ur seat

Nandini : jaldhi se muhurat nikaliye panditji

Panditji : there is muhurat tmrw evng but tat it is not possible bcz all the arrangements cannot be dne in a shrt notice. So the nxt muhurat is after 2mnths .

Prerna : if kids dnt have any prob y dnt we get them married tmrw evng only.

Nandini : yeah 2 mnth it’s a lng gap nah

Prerna : wat say kids its upto u ?

Arneil : we are ok with it.

Nandini and prerna laughed seeing their curiosity to get married soon

Nandini : rasam I guess u dnt have any prob

Rasam jst gave a small smile to them.

Prerna : panditji make arrangements for tmrws muhurat we want a simple mrg we will get the couples married in iskon temple.

Raghu & rajiv : we will speak to the temple authorities dnt wrry

Nandini : girls go get ready soon we have to buy wedding sarees for u

Prerna : haan haan go get ready soon we dnt have much time and u both shld apply mehendhi also

Rasam changed there clothes and came down . Prerna and nandini took them to there personal designer .

Arneil also joined them as they have to buy there sherwanis . all six of them left in two cars rasam and arneil in one car and prerna and nesam left in another car as they have to buy few moe thongs which required for the mrg .

All 6 of them reached the boutiqe she introduced designer kushboo to them . nandini introduced rasam to kushboo and said that they are gng to manage glitzz after there mrg . kushboo wrks as a designer for glitzz .

Rasam started selecting the sarees they were confused wat to buy as they have many options in front of them prerna and nandini were busy in selecting the jewellery they themselves were confused wat to buy for their DILS.

Then they caleed arneil to help them arneil shortlisted few sarees for them radhika and sam decided to buy red color sarees and a gold color dupatta.

Arneil selected dupatta and saree for them wid a gr8 difficulty it took almost 2 hrs to select sarees for nesam in the mean time prerna and nandini purchased jewellery for rasam . they liked the sarees which arneil selected for their dils

Nw its tym to bur sherwani forarneil . rasam were helpin them in selecting their outfits both of them

Both of them chose same colors both chose gold color sherwani . they were luking like pg 3 models in those sherwanis . Then ardhika and rasam left for dinner while nandini and prerna left to buy sarees for them seleves.

Inesam and ardhikas car

There was an awkward silence in their car they did not knw wat to talk mainly radhika and sam they were not even lifting there heads up they were continously blushing

They boys cld not take it anymore so they took inriative to start the convo.

Arjun and neil asked girls tat where do they want to go for honeymoon.

Sam immdiately shouted shimla .( actuallly sam wants to visit india but she never went there so this time she literally requested arjun and neil and she asked radhika does she have anyprob gng to india )

Rads : no sammy infact I was also abt to ask to arjun to take me o india I am really missing india.

Arjun cld find sum unknw pain in radhikas voice wen she was talking abt india he gently pressed her hand .

Neil : so everyone are ok to go shimla r8

Arjun : yes

Sam : yes

Radhika : yes , not only shimla ill take u to all the nearby places here ill even take u to rishikesh

Arjun : but ur family radhika
Radhika : arjun I dnt have any prob gng to rishikesh bcz they disowned me tat doent mean tat I cant njoy my life I have many memories wid tat place infact my moms and dads samadhi is there only I want to u to cum there and I want to take blessings frm them
Sam : only aru wat ant me and neil

Neil : u frgot ur neilu chashni its not fair

Rads : arey no baba I was abt to take ur names but u ppl are not giving tym for me talk also

Neil : so wen shld I get the buking dne

Sam said 1st we will giv cocktail party here then we will leave for india .
I want to go for a lng trip. I jst want enjoy each and every place there its my childhood dream to



Arjun : tmrw evng its mrg nah
So after 2 days we will giv the cocktail party

The very nxt day we will leave to india

Wat say

Rads : ok I dnt have any prob

Sam : yeah ok

Neil : ok

So ill get the tickets buked after 4 days frm nw
Trio together said ok

The couples reached a restaurent to have dinner they all were giggling and having the dinner

Rads : guyzz did u buk anyplace for the cocktail party

Arjun : no

Sam : no

Neil : no

Rads : then hw will we ccelebrate u buddus do sumting fastly

Arjun : y dnt we buk ZEUS PUB

Neil : tats a gud idea

Arjun : manager is our frnd only so we will not have any prob in buking also

Neil : but arjun whoz gonna incite all our frnds . they will kill us if they cum to knw we are getting married wid out telling to them

Mainly tat zubin I am scared of him

Arjun : yeah I dint tink of this neil even I am scared

Sam : stop tis scared scared drama giv me ur phn ill call zubin and inform him after all he is our bff
he shld cum atttend our marg and we will ask him to ijvite all other frnds to the cocktail

Neil : ok gud idea

Sam dailed zubins number

Zubin: hi sam remembered me after a lng tym

Sam : hi man ntg like tat ill tell u sumtng dnt freak out ok

Zubin yep tell me

Sam : me and neil are getting married even aru is getting married u knw u met a girl in mr
khannas event

Zubin : yeah yeah I remember radhika nah

Sam yes

Zubin : but wen is ur mrg

Sam : tmrw

Zubin : wat

Sam : yeah its tnrw

And listen plzz dnt feak out get kritka also wid u

Zubin : ok but where is the mrg venue

Sam : queensland isckon

Zubin : guyzz u will pay for this later u r telling one day befpre ur mrg tat ur getting married

Sam ; sorry re ill tell u the stry once I am free ok

Sam : and listenafter 2 days we are arranging a cocktali for all our frnds so its ur responsibility to
invite all our skool and clg frnds

Zubin : ok where is the cocktail

Sam : zeus pub

Zubin : gud

Sam : bye dear ill text ut he adress of the mrg venue ok

Zubin : yeah ok bye

Sam hung the call

Sam : wrk is dne

Neil said guyzz its late we shld leave

Arjun sam neil and radhika left to their guest house

They went o their bedrooms

None of them were unable to sleep they all are excited for their weddingthey all were twisting and
turing on the beds . but slowly they went to sleep

Nxt day mrng

Nandini and prerna went to wake them up

Nandini woke up radhika and sam while prerna woke up neil and arjun

Rasam and arneil woke up freshed and came down for the lunch they took elders blessings

And started getting for their wedding as their wedddig venue was a bit far

Precap : their wedding and radhika getting shhcked seeing kritika

Credit to: natasha ( nitu)

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