MMZ a different story (part 10)


Hello guyzz I am back I hope u ppl remember my ff I am really very sorry for not uploading all these days

Nw ill stop blabbering and get to the point tis ff is a gift frm me to dipika di and roma di

Dipika di sorry I knw ur bday wsa 0n 4th but it took a lot of tym to complete tis ff and roma di I delayed only 1 day itna na tho chaltha hey I guess

Plzz ignore typos and grammatical mistakes as I type in haste

The episode starts wid guests leaving and family members njoying the meal then panditji arrived every one were wid question marks on their faces

PANDITJI : namasthe mehra ji namaste malhotra ji

Raghu rajiv : namaste panditji

Nandini and prerna : namaste pandit ji we were w8ing for u only

Panditji : hoo the reason for calling me

Nandini and prerna : actually plz tell us an auspicious date so tat we can get our sons married

Panditji : ho wow tats gr8 news ill try to find a muhurat as early as possible

Neil and arjun were having a soft drink wen they heard abt mrg they spit there drinks out
Sam and rads laughed seeing boys reactions

Then boys asked girls to cum to garden .

Arneil were w8ing for the rasam in the garden as soon as rasam came boys were asking them are u
ready for this mrg girls said y not we are ready we dnt have any prob in getting married to u guyzz y
do u have any prob .

Arneil were like y dnt we njoy few days like y to get into mrg kind of stuff tis early .

Rasam do u think we are a responsibilty to u dnt u guyzz luv us

Arneil ur getting us wrng I was saying y dnt we ppl get settled in our lives and get married

Rasam we dnt have any prob but we leave the choice to u ppl but u shld take the blame on urselves wen prerna ma and nandini ma asks us

Nandini and prerna were hearing there convo they understood tat thre sons are scared of this mrg tinh=g suddenly so they decided to talk to them and make them realise tat they are not kids anymore nw they shld take an imp steo in their lives

Prerna called arneil to the study room even nandini was present there

Prerna and nandini explained the boys and convinced thme to get married soon and eventually arneil accepted to get married . Then they wished gud n8 to each other left to their respective rooms

Arjun silently tip toped into radhikas room and was mesmeraized seeing his lady love sleeping
peacefull he went to her and started caresing her hsir unkowingly there was a smile on radhikas face she whisperd arjun in her sleep .

He smiled tat she can even feel his touch wen she was asleep aslo . Then she got up frm sleeping position and sat beside arjun by resting her bdy on his body . Arjun smiled and kissed her on her

forehead . she kissed him near his heart . they both were silent like tat for sumtym and were jst

oying the moment . there hearts were speaking to each other .Then radhika broke the silence and

said arjun no need to take tis mrg decision In hase we will njoy like tis for sumtym and then get

married . NW arjun was sacred tat she may deny getting married nw .

He said y to w8 radhika nw I cant controll my self more to make u mine forever and ever.

Radhika blushed listening those wrds frm him and hid herself more into his chest.

RADS : but arjun mrng u said tat we will get married after few more mnths hw cum u changed ur
decision so soon

Arjun : bcz I realised I was foolish at time and nw I realised tat mrg is not a resposibily but it a
beautiful thread which ties 2 ppl 2 souls and 2 hearts forever.

Rads : smiled at his confession .

Rads( wid a pout on her face) : arjun I heard ppl saying tat husbands change after mrg . Will u also change

Arjun : my buddu hw can my luv deacrease for u infact it keeps on increasing day by day and yeah

promise tat we will stay wid eachother like this for forever and will f8 all the problems together.will
njoy all the beautifull moments together . celebrate each other success toogether.

Rads : luv u arjun

Arjun : luv u too my sweet heart

Then they both kissed each other it was very smooth and very gentle they were lost into a diff world .

After the kiss rads hugged arjun tightly he understood tat she was feeling shy but he didn’t knew y bcz tis was not there 1 st kiss. But even though she gives the same reaction to him wenever tey get cosy wod each other .

Arjun : ok baby gud n8 its late nw we have to sleep early and get up early as tmrw panditji will cum and announce the mrg date

Radhika : yeah arjun gudn8 and luv u

Arjun : luv u too sweet heart

Radhika and went into deep sleep as the day was very tiring for her wid engagement stuff and everyting

In nesams room
Neil also tiptoed into sams room

She was sitting and listening t music ehle eating a choclate like a kid

Neil came and sat hugging her frm behind

Sam knew it was neil so she jst threw herself on him .

Neil : so sammy ready for mrg

Sam : wat u said u want to noy ur bachelor life more nah u said me tat I am a responsibility for u and u dnt want to take it very soon

Neil : sorry sammy I didn’t mean tat I am really very sorry

Sammy: it k buddu

Neil : TMRW panditji will cum and anounce our mrg date sammy be ready to becum mine

Sammy blushed nd hugged him tightly

Neil and sam kissed each other tis kiss was also slow and beautyfull they were njoying the moment

They broke the kiss and started disscussing abt mrg

Sam : neil I have to tell u sumting

Neil wat samMY

Actually neil y dnt we go for simple mrg in a temple or a register mrg bczz I personally feel its waste of money . we ppl spents lakhs of mone on mrg which is of no use instead of tat we cn do a simple
mrg and giv a small cocktail party for our frnds to celebrate wid them .

I dnt have any prob sammy but we sheld ask arhika also r8 .

Ill ask aru and chashni tmrw .

I feel its waste of money spendind 50 – 60 lakhs fr n8

I feel luv is imp in mrg more than grand party.

Yeas sammy ur rs said neil.

We will use that money for ab orphange so tat those children can get all the necessaties .

Sam : gud idea neil we will do that

Neil ok sammy its late nw sleep tmrw again panditji will cum

Sammy: gudn8 and luv u neil

Neil ; gud n and luv u sam

Precap : ardhikas and elder reaction on nesams desicission

Sorry for thi boring and idotic epi I tthough of writing sumting but ended up in writing sumting tanks for reading

Will post nxt epi as soon as possible till then luv u guyzzz

Episode dedicated to ; DIPIKA DI AND ROMA DI

Credit to: natasha ( nitu)

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  1. Jessie

    Nice… waiting 4 nxt one.. sam’s thought abt spending money on marriage s appreciative.!

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  2. Aasthu

    hmmmm nyc tot…….I mean Sam’s………….do update soon and if possible make it long……

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  3. Sammy

    Hey Natasha was missing u ..update was nice but where were you ..and update this one soon 🙂 🙂

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  4. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

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  5. Nitu u back at right time..don’t worry…ur chapter is good..i enjoyed it

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  6. Sweetie

    Hi Nitu..Episode is awesome as always..Lovely thoughts of Nesam,even I have the same ideology..Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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  7. Rg2015

    Hi it’s nice, not boring. Pls continue.,,l

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  8. S.v

    Nitu finally back. Cute episode update next one soon.

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  9. Suga

    Superbbbbbbbb one nitu 😀 loved it 😀 arjun’s explanation abt marriage is so nice dear 😀 nesam part cute 😀 loved it 😀 love u 😀

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  10. amazing episode.eagerly waiting next

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  11. Dipika

    Wowwww My darling Nitu Thank you sooooo much for giving this lovely n previous gift to me.
    .sach me i had tears…Whn i see my name is mention n i got surprised… Its never late darling… I loved the epi having such beautiful n lovely moment of aradhika n nesam..i m blessed to hav u my darling lil cute sis…most i like the way arjun confess abt the marriage.. Its connect to hearts n soul..loved it..n sam suggestions abt simple marriage… Superb..its true we spent lakhs n lakhs just for show off..nice message.. N its not boring at all..samjhi…thank u for making me feel spl…

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR LOVELY GIFT..Tons n tons of love for u..n bear hug…

    1. ur welcum di and i am happy u liked it
      luv u

  12. superb nitu…I enjoyed it…happy to see u back..hows ur classes going???

    1. tank u di
      my classes are gng gud

  13. Kavina

    Loved it

  14. Awesome episode nitu my sweeeeeet darling….thank you soooooooo muchhhhhh for you dedicating this episode….I’m so glad to have so much love from you my sweeeeeetheart. …feeling so blessed n fortunate. …..muaaaaahhhhhh….bear hug to you sweetie……the episode was awesoooooome….ardhika n nesam both splendid…I love this cute story so much. …keep it up honeyyy love you loads, lotssssss of hugsssssss n kissesssss. ..muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 ♡♡♡

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