MMZ a different story (part 1)

Hi guyzzzzzzzzzz this is natasha finally I am writing my own ff guyzzzzzzzzz tis my 1st ff sooo I guess u ppl will like it .forgive me for my grammatical errors please curse me if u dnt like . plzz do give me ur views

Sooooooo ill stop my self here happy reading guyzzzzzzzzzz
My story starts wid a girl eloping frm her wedding.She belongs to a rich conservative family of Rishikesh. she is none other than our heroine radhika . She lost her parents when she was 13yrs old then her uncles and bought her to their house . She is pamperd by everyone infact we can say she is an apple of everyones eyes they all take care of as if she is their own daughter. They gave her freedom but their family do not permit love mrgs . So she had to elope frm the wedding . YES she is in luv wid her clg frnd .Currently he stays in Australia Queensland

Now lwts have a luk at our hero a tall handsome hunk for his luks any girl will fall easily he is our hero Arjun he stays in queensland australia wid his step sister Samira mehra actually arjuns mum died wen she was giving birth to arjun so his father rajiv married nandini and the couple gave birth to samira for namesake nandini and sam are his stepmum and sis tey luv him a lot infact nandini pampers him more than sam yes arjun is mummas boy and sam is dadys girl they are happy family

Rajiv and Nandini run an add agency in melbourne . They own an add agency named BIRDSONG it is a very successful agency in Australia. Actually BIRDSONG owned by Rajiv and his bestfrnd Raghu . Raghu and Rajiv are best frnds they have 2 branches one in melbourne and the other one in Sydney . Raghu is married to Prerna the couple has a son named Neil . Neil Arjun and SAM stay together in queensland . Both the families meet monthly once in their farmhouse they have a small get togther arneil run an event management company and sam is doing mba while staying wid her bro and her best frnd neil . Children stay away frm there families bczz they want to stand on their own legs . As Sam cannot stay away frm her bro she to shifted wid him by giving a reason to her parents tat she want to do mba so there parents also did not restrict her frm following her dreams.

Ok now lets go back to radhika she eloped wid her sis help . Wid out her notice radhikas sis keerthi packed lots of money and clothes so that she can trave easily wid out any trouble. Radhika started her journey to australia to meet her bf
Precap : ardhika meeting

Guyzz plz let me knw hw is the ff
If u dnt like say it to me ill stop my self here
By dearies luv u tc muah muah muah

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  1. Finally Natasha your ff is here …as usual we have already red it ..and it is awesome ..pls update next chappy tomorrow πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. sammy whn r u gng to updte dead patient nd my lost story

      1. Zota lost story by tomorrow and dead patient by monday

  2. Superb πŸ™‚

    1. tank u dear

  3. Good one Natasha πŸ™‚ waiting for next πŸ™‚

    1. tank u dhi

  4. lol…finally u posted natasha….. good going…u r grt girl…keep going..we r wid u..and story intro is awesome dear…i always have seen u in comment section pestering others to post their next part me!!!…lol… radhika’s bf arjun…god!!!…tc…love u…….

    1. hi feby dear tanks for reading my ff ur comment brought a huge smile on my face

    2. tank u feby tank yo so much

  5. Hi natasha its gud start nice one pls do continue. ….. πŸ™‚

    1. tanxxxx gayathri

  6. tank u so much sammy yes ill update nxt chappy by tomo

  7. nce natasha i lkd it

    1. tank u zoya

  8. Super awesome natasha. Next one a bit longer dear pls. All the best

    1. yeah sureee actually i dont have a habit of typing so i could not type for more tym sorry dear
      and tanxxx for commenting

  9. Yay….natty dear u r here finally…looks like my wish getting fulfil little by little…if each n every commenters write a ff how awesome would that…a great applaud for u dear…n I loved your ff…thanks for writing…

    1. tank u rosie dhi ur comment means a lot to meee and i am blessed to have frnds like u ppl
      tanxxx for commenting dhi

  10. Nice start Natasha, am looking forward to the nxt update. Stay blessed

    1. tanx gianna ill post nxt update to n8

  11. Nice start Natasha..Please continue.. πŸ™‚ I’m up for every FF based on MMZ.. πŸ˜€

    1. tank u sweetie

  12. nyc ……………..

  13. awesome dr..plz continue..waiting for nxt..take care

  14. It is really awesome story πŸ™‚

    1. tank u dear @ priya @brin @ritu

  15. Hey ite awesome….. loved it

    1. tanks deeva

  16. Great start ….,.totally different plot….keep rocking dear……love u lot …

    1. tank u susi

  17. awesome…….

    1. tank u subha

  18. Awesome, wowwww Natasha it’s lovely plot n interesting story. ..keep it up….love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh πŸ˜€

    1. Tank u roma

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